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HKMDB Daily News http://hkmdbnews.com Like a cart of dim sum, sometimes sweet, sometimes savory, and sometimes chicken feet Tue, 18 Feb 2014 20:14:39 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en Beijing Love Story (Variety review) Beijing Love Story FEBRUARY 16, 2014 This romantic-comedy roundelay gets better as it gradually moves away from comedy toward more sentimental material. Dennis Harvey Taking a rather blatant page from the Richard Curtis playbook of romantic-comedy roundelays, “Beijing Love Story” serves up a chocolate box of disparate narrative sweets, offered in episodic rather ... http://hkmdbnews.com/?p=8767 Ice Poison (Hollywood Reporter review) Ice Poison 2/15/2014 by Elizabeth Kerr The Bottom Line Another deliberately paced but largely engaging portrait of the grim economic and social realities of modern Burma. Burmese director Midi Z’s latest proves the third time is lucky by turning in his strongest feature yet. With just a few features under his belt, Burmese-Taiwanese filmmaker Midi ... http://hkmdbnews.com/?p=8764 Sweet Alibis (Hollywood Reporter review) Sweet Alibis 2/15/2014 by Elizabeth Kerr The Bottom Line A standard action comedy that’s an diverting mixed bag at best. Lien Yi-chi’s second feature marks a rare foray into genre entertainment from Taiwan. A chocolate eating dog, a protective police chief, a movie star’s felonious twin brother and Taiwan’s answer to Walter White are ... http://hkmdbnews.com/?p=8761 Black Coal, Thin Ice (Variety review) Black Coal, Thin Ice FEBRUARY 13, 2014 Scott Foundas A dissolute former detective, a trail of dismembered human remains, and a widow with a dark secret set the stage for a bleak but powerful Chinese film noir. The spirits of Raymond Chandler and James M. Cain course through “Black Coal, Thin Ice,” a bleak ... http://hkmdbnews.com/?p=8758 Black Coal, Thin Ice (Screen Daily review) Black Coal, Thin Ice 12 February, 2014 By Dan Fainaru Dir/scr: Diao Yinan. China. 2014. 106mins The unadorned, unflattering, raw and lifelike portrait of a mid-size Northern Chinese town in winter, all frozen and covered in thick layers of snow, is the best thing in Black Coal, Thin Ice (Bai Ri Yan Huo), the ... http://hkmdbnews.com/?p=8749 No Man’s Land (Screen Daily review) No Man's Land 13 February, 2014 By Jonathan Romney Dir: Ning Hao. China. 2013. 117mins Widescreen sepia deserts, lashings of Spanish guitar and highway mayhem a go-go - Chinese actioner No Man’s Land (Wu Ren Qu) milks them for all they’re worth, and more so. This boisterous entertainment by Ning Hao - director of ... http://hkmdbnews.com/?p=8746 Black Coal, Thin Ice (Hollywood Reporter review) Black Coal, Thin Ice 2/12/2014 by Deborah Young The Bottom Line A fascinating exercise in style that will entrance the critics and leave audiences scratching their heads. Chinese director Diao Yinan sets a stylish film noir among ordinary people in the provinces. Perhaps the most innovative of the Chinese films creating buzz in Berlin, Black ... http://hkmdbnews.com/?p=8740 Beijing Love Story (Hollywood Reporter review) Beijing Love Story 2/13/2014 by Frank Scheck The Bottom Line Chinese audiences will flock to this moving if awkwardly rendered portrait of multi-generational romance. This spin-off of the hugely popular Chinese television series presents a complex series of intertwined love stories. Demonstrating that sappiness recognizes no international borders, Beijing Love Story belies its title by ... http://hkmdbnews.com/?p=8737 The Rice Bomber (Variety review) The Rice Bomber FEBRUARY 11, 2014 Maggie Lee An intrinsically fascinating true story of a Taiwanese ecological activist prevails over director Cho Li's dry but well-meaning narrative approach. Like wet dynamite, “The Rice Bomber” has trouble achieving the desired explosive momentum with its potentially incendiary history of Taiwan’s downtrodden farmers. Recounting the early ... http://hkmdbnews.com/?p=8726 Blind Massage (Variety review) Blind Massage FEBRUARY 10, 2014 Maggie Lee This tactful drama about sight-impaired masseurs and masseuses is one of Lou Ye's more absorbing films in recent memory. Non-conformist Chinese auteur Lou Ye has always trained his sensuous gaze on outsiders, and in “Blind Massage,” he explores the fringe existence of sight-impaired masseurs and masseuses ... http://hkmdbnews.com/?p=8728