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February 28, 2009

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Gillian Chung reveals face, people shout: Naïve Jiao!

The Cecilia Cheung Interview On iCable (video)

Cecilia Cheung lashes out at Edison Chen over sex photos
Cecilia Cheung Talks about Her Sex Photo Scandal on TV

Cecilia Cheung

So fake and didnt even say sorry, Cecilia Cheung scolded that Edison Chen is a hypocrite

Edison dons schoolboy look for Carl’s Jr appearance in Singapore
Responds to Cecilia’s interview: “From beginning to end it’s my mistake. I understand
she has her pressure. If she scolds me and it relieves her pain, I am willing to endure more.”
Asked about future plan, Edison is not clear but future earnings in entertainment will go to charity.
Today’s earnings will go to Jet Li’s One Fund.

No plans to return to showbiz for now, says HK actor Edison Chen
Reopening the Edison Files
A look back at the Edison Chen sex photo scandal and how it impacted all those involved

Ang Lee to head Venice film festival jury

Jackie Chan blasts sale of looted statues
“It was looting yesterday. It is still looting today.”
Plans new movie about the theft of cultural relics
How much are those bronze heads really worth?
Christie’s auction hurt the feelings of the Chinese people

Michelle Yeoh Presides 3rd Asian Film Awards

Hong Kong films aim for Mainland
Chinese business thrives despite economy

Andy Lau’s bride-to-be Carol Chu at 19

‘Sufei’s Diary’ a hit in China
Interactive online program captures audience

Miss Hong Kong 2008 Edelweiss Cheung dubbed “laziest in history”

Car giant Mitsubishi signs up for electric trials

February 27, 2009

The Sniper opens March 24 at HKIFF

HKIFF preview

‘Shinjuku Incident’ to Open HK Film Fest

Ip Man - Taiwan review

HKIFF press conference
Simon Yam and Zhang Jingchu star in Ann Hui’s Night and Fog as man and wife

Zhang Jingchu

With Ann Hui

Shinjuku Incident’s Fan Bingbing, Daniel Wu, Xu Jinglei

Xu Jinglei

Jackie Chan

Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are The One plagiarized from novel Chongqing Stewardess?
Many similarities between lead character (played by Shu Qi) and plot
Huayi Brothers had previously tried to buy film and television rights

Jackie Chan says HK govt ignored museum plea

With Quake Film, Feng Xiaogang Wants More than Tears

Future Cops’ Tang Yifei and Wong Jing mimic 007 for magazine

Gillian Chung first project back in TV series would challenge her in role as mother and daughter

Cecilia Cheung breaks down and reveals inside story of Edison Chen

Director Charlie Yeung debuts at upcoming HAF

Movie and media empire Shaw Brothers’ privatization deal approved

Taiwan Pop Stop

Andy: It’s tough for the woman behind me
On working with Wong Kar-Wai

Jay Chou’s ‘Pandamen’ new female lead Cao Yan revealed

‘Soldiers and Their Commander’ in Focus
Reprises cast of last year’s TV hit Soldiers Sortie

Coco Lee, No.15 Sexiest Pop Divas in the World

Huayi Bro. or Sony Music? Question for Jane Zhang

February 26, 2009

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Forever Enthralled Japanese premiere

Leon Lai, Zhang Ziyi, Masanobu Andou

Shijuku Incident Hong Kong press conference
Jackie Chan, Xu Jinglei, Daniel Wu and Fan Bingbing
Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu

Xu Jinglei, Jackie, Fan Bingbing

Old Partner
The old man and the cow
A low budget tale of bovine-human love captivates South Korea
Low-budget doc stampedes South Korean box office

Maggie Cheung has finished filming Inglorious Basterds

Michel Gondry set for ‘Green Hornet’

Oscar upsets: unexpected win for Japanese film Departures

I spy: Stephen Chow

Bullets mailed to four NHK offices

February 25, 2009

Zhao Wei as Mulan
Zhao Wei - Mulan

Zhao Wei’s Portrayal as Mulan Unveiled

Jackie Chan returns to Chinese film with gang thriller Shijuku Incident

Photos of actress Tang Wei at Reading University in England were recently uploaded to the internet

Hu Jun in sci-fi comedy Kungfu Cyborg

Ning Hao to begin shooting new film in March 無人區(Uninhabited Region)
Regular cast members Huang Bo and Xu Zheng will join Wang Shuangbao, Ba Duo
Yu Nan

Director Ning Hao

Hong Kong East Week is reporting that Andy Lau is planning to marry longtime girlfriend in April.
According to reports, Andy bought a HK$7M home in Malaysia as a gift to her parents. The bride is the long rumoured Carol Chu/Zhu Liqian. April 6 is one speculated date as it is Carol Chu’s 43rd birthday. Last year, Andy sang at the wedding of  Carol’s sister. Photos of the couple making plans with her parents in Malaysia were published.

Andy Lau to Marry Carol Zhu in April?
Andy Lau - Not Married, No Kids, No Plans to Work with Gillian Chung

‘Dragonball’ fans fired up over manga movie

Chinese pop star hopes to move on from nude photo scandal (video)
Edison Chen says some sex photos were taken by the girls

Unaffected Gillian Chung Plans Comeback after Edison’s Hearing

Hong Kong pop star Karen Mok bound for Canada to protest seal hunt,hong-kong-pop-star-bound-for-canada-to-protest-seal-hunt.html

Vivian Chow Two Months Pregnant?

Doctors to man: you’re no Andy Lau

February 24, 2009

Empire of Silver (Variety Review)

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Empire of Silver 

Baiyin diguo 
(Hong Kong-China) A Crystal Clear Pictures (Hong Kong)/Polybona Films (China) production. (International sales: HanWay Films, London.) Produced by Peggy Chiao, Christina Yao. Executive producers, Jeremy Thomas, Yu Dong.
Directed by Christina Yao. Screenplay, Yao, Cheng Yi, based on the book “The Silver Valley” (Baiyin gu) by Cheng.
With: Aaron Kwok, Zhang Tielin, Hao Lei, Ding Zhicheng, Lei Zhenyu, Jennifer Tilly, King Shih-chieh, Hou Tongjiang, Tien Niu, Lu Zhong, Shi Xiaoman, Shi Dasheng, Wang Deshun, Chang Lantian, Jonathan Kosread, John Paisley, Hei Zi, Li Yixiao, Du Jiang, Wang Shuang, Guo Tao, Wu Fang, Chai Jin.
(Mandarin, English dialogue)


Oscar Night partying - Vivi Nevo and Zhang Ziyi

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CRI English - more photos

Michelle Yeoh says China’s Oscar day to come
Yeoh says ‘Slumdog’ critics should lighten up

Jackie Chan Not a Hero in New Film

“The Shinjuku Incident”, starring Jackie Chan, will be premiered as the opening for the upcoming annual Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Chow Yun-Fat sought plastic surgery to retain good looks

Gillian Chung heeds White Dragon King’s advice in solo comeback
‘Be My Guest’ stage version considering to invite Gillian Chung as guest

Vivian Chow - loose clothing sparks pregnancy speculations

Film star had deleted sex photos from computer, court told
Edison Chen Testifies in Canada

Chinese film star Edison Chen appears in B.C. courtroom in sex scandal case

February 23, 2009

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Chow Yun-Fat contemplating Hu Mei’s upcoming Confucius?

Cherie Chung asked if she would consider coming out of retirement



February 21, 2009

Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing rivals in love in Perfect Life

 Six Flavors of Hong Kong
The six shorts from The One Days: HK are deliberately short and indefinite, enough to intrigue but never time to stop and explain.
DVD available here (thanks, to David Wells):

APA Top Ten: Female martial artists in Asian film


February 20, 2009

Chow Yun-Fat In The News - Eleven Years Ago

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 Reprinted from HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office (February 18, 1998)

Chow Yun Fat is linked to the underworld by the U. S. government

        After Stephen Chiau Sing Chi’s immigration application was rejected
by the Canadian authorities, Chow Yun Fat was also reportedly facing the
same problem with the American Justice Department — he is suspected to be
involved with the underworld simply because he worked for Wins Entertainment.


February 20, 2009 (Dev #2)

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Fan Bingbing and Zhang Ziyi featured in film (非常完美/Very Perfect/Perfect Life)(formerly Sophie’s Revenge) this summer

Men Behind the Sun:  Hong Kong’s First Cat-III Film Premiered on the Mainland!
Sex and violence in mainland Chinese cinemas


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