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October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009a

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Taipei Times: Face review

Tsai Ming-liang pays tribute to Francois Truffaut in the first movie made under the Louvre’s new filmmaking initiative.

Taipei Times - Short Takes

Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction
Hong Kong’s China-market-friendly (read: suffocatingly naive) version of Michael Bay’s Transformers series holds back until late before the action kicks in. A policeman must look after a cyborg that has joined the force, but romantic complications between the robot and “his” colleagues take the plot hostage before an evil cyborg can do his thing. As the title suggests, there’s more love stuff in this one, but the reviews are even worse than for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which at least had splendid effects. Note: The English title is reversed in some markets. Directed by Jeff Lau (劉鎮偉), perhaps best known for Operation Pink Squad (霸王女福星) and its sequel from the late 1980s.

Khalil Fong (方大同) is definitely not your average pop singer. With his less-than-sculptural face, mop-top hair, black-rimmed glasses and waifish body, Fong looks more like your high school geek than a singer on MTV.

October 5, 2009

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Gong Mi

Gong Mi, the shan zhai Cecilia Cheung, was hurt badly while filming a TV series at Hengdian Studios. The actress was struck by a camera crane while suspended in the air by wires. Gong Mi was still conscious but taken to the hospital for injuries to her chest and abdomen. (

NY Times: China Looks to Create Its Own Media Empires

CRI: Comedian Zhao Benshan Looks Well after Surgery

CRI: Comedian Zhao in Stable Condition (Oct.1)

Exec: China’s anniversary film set to break record

BBC: Communist China’s founding lauded in film

The cult of Mao may be dead, but celebrity power is helping the Great Helmsman receive a Hollywood-style makeover.

WSJ: Sixty Years of Propaganda

What ‘The Founding of a Republic’ says about China today.

Impressive film of Mao and the Chinese Revolution

The Founding of a Republic is a propaganda film but not one that you would expect. It takes an almost documentary approach to the Chinese Civil War and the formation of the Republic and there is a sense of honesty about it.

THR: China marks 60th anniversary on TV

Variety: China celebrates 60 years of communism

LA Times: With tanks, troops and kitsch, China celebrates 60 years of communist rule and its new power

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