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February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010

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What will happen in Hong Kong’s entertainment scene this year?

More problems for Chen Kaige’s Zhao’s Orphan. Lead actress Song Hye-Kyo will not be starring in the film as previously announced. Prior to the announcement, Song Hye-Kyo denied participation in the film. It turns out her performance fee was never agreed to. This leaves Chen in a bit of an embarrassing predicament. (Xinhua)

Jiang Wen

Jiang Wen is revealed to be in the cast of Snow Flower and The Secret Fan. He plays a butcher and later Jeon Ji-Hyun’s husband. (Xinhua)

Book Features Korean Film Renaissance

“South Korean Film Renaissance: Local Hit Makers, Global Provocateurs” written by Choi Jin-hee in English probes how the Korean film industry turned an economic crisis into a cinematic renaissance through globalization based on historical reviews of the industry.

Josephine Siao Fong Fong most trusted Hong Kong celebrity

In a survey commissioned by Ming Pao last October, Josephine Siao was ranked #1 as the most trusted celebrity out of 80 candidates. Chinese University of Hong Kong Vice Chancellor Joseph Sung came in second. Siao is the founder and president of the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation. Chief Executive Donald Tsang was fourth from the bottom and Jackie Chan placed last. Rating was based on trust and credibility. A professor of Applied Social Sciences said that the results showed that Hong Kong people have a high degree of trust for those who serve the community. Firefighters as a profession topped the list while fortune tellers ranked last. (Sina) (bbc)

Happy Birthday to AngelaBaby who turns 21 (Feb.28)

Looking forward to going to Las Vegas casinos, she was turned away when she was 18.

Celebrating the ‘A-Z’ Chocolate Art Fair’

(Sina) (Xinhua)

Nic Tse endorsing sunglasses in Shanghai

Nic with two models (Xinhua)

Oops, Coco Lee and Lynn Xiong appeared at the Africa themed Hong Kong Cancer Foundation Charity Ball wearing the same dress.

(Xinhua) (Sina)

Twins attend Emperor reception and dinner at Macau’s The Venetian

Gillian Chung

Charlene Choi

Nic Tse

Joey Yung (Xinhua)

Hong Kong Football Association held a ‘Wan Chi-Keung Memorial Cup’ match in front of a crowd of 3000. A memorial service is planned for Mar.9 at Hong Kong Stadium.

Aaron Kwok

Nat Chan

Lee San-San (Sina)

February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010

Restored treasure “Confucius” on screen during International Film Festival

Screenings of director Fei Mu’s lost classic, “Confucius”, in its initial phase of restoration last year met with overwhelming response. The film in its second phase of restoration will be unveiled in the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) together with other works of the great director, including the masterpiece “Spring in a Small Town”. As a contribution to the HKIFF, the Hong Kong Film Archive (HKFA) has organised a retrospective “Fei Mu, Film Poet” to showcase the work of one of the greatest filmmakers of Chinese cinema. (Original article, NYTimes)

CRI: “Little Big Soldier” Makes Over 100 Million Yuan at Box Office

Review: ‘Little Big Soldier’ Innovative for Chan

Chan’s new movie also shows that it’s possible to be creative within the often-soulless genre of the big-budget Chinese epic that has come to dominate the local industry.

CRI: “Mulan” Nominated in Hong Kong Film Awards

No mere copy: A Woman, A Gun And A Noodle Shop

Sometimes the punchlines were culturally specific and were delivered very quickly. They do not translate well and result in hard-to-catch subtitles. The quick fire comedic exchange between Wang’s staff for instance, left non-Chinese speakers puzzled as the subtitles zoomed by.

Dante Lam’s Fire of Conscience opens Apr.1

Leon Lai plays a hot, violent detective, Richie Ren/Jen a gentle anti-drug cop


Jacky Cheung

Crossing Hennessy will be opening film at this year’s HKIFF.

Amphetamine from Taiwan will be the closing film.

(Sina) (HunanTV)

CRI: ‘Hennessy’ to Open HK Int’l Film Festival

Connie Chan and mother, Gung Fan-Hung (Sina)

Gung Fan-Hung (c) with Lydia Shum, Nancy Sit, Connie Chan

Connie Chan’s adoptive mother and mentor Gung Fan-Hung died after suffering chest pains while attending Connie Chan’s concert at Hong Kong Coliseum on the evening of Feb.24. She was 98 years old. In 1953, Gung and her husband Chan Fai-Lung opened the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Academy and nurtured talent such as Ng Kwan-Lai. (Sina)

Connie Chan performed last night despite her grief. She was greeted with warm applause by fans.

Earlier, Connie told the media, ‘Mommy, since childhood, taught me everyone should play their part and perform their duties.’ (Sina)

Connie Chan held a brief press conference and said she would announce funeral plans after completing work.

(Sina) (2)

New Swordsman from Yuen Wo-Ping featuring Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming? (Xinhua)

Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming are also rumored to be leaving Huayi Brothers when their contracts expire to join Peter Lam’s Media Asia. (Xinhua)

HK singer Gigi Leung’s family disapprove of her beau

Cherie Chung

Cherie Chung shot new photo adverts for a collagen center promoting the ’secret of youth’ (!)

(Sina) (15)(Sina) (Xinhua)

Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting’s new slimming advert (Sina)

February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010

Fire of Conscience formerly Fire Dragon - Richie Ren

Leon Lai


Gillian Chung

Ronald Cheng

Once Upon a Chinese Classic

CRI: Gillian Chung Returns to Big Screen (Xinhua)

CRI: Nicholas Tse Practicing Hard on “Shaolin” Set

Tse is also working hard on his image in the film, hoping to create a brand new character completely unique from his previous works.

Tony Leung’s surgery disrupts filming for The Grand Master

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi’s screen time in the film will also be greatly reduced. The 31-year-old was recently embroiled in a donation fund scandal for not giving the full amount of one million yuan she promised to remit to the Sichuan earthquake.

And that is not the end of the development hell for the film project. The crew was not given the green light to shoot in Foshan, China, and had no choice but to relocate to Shenyang. As filming conditions in Shenyang were undesirable, the schedule got further pushed back.

Tony Leung’s surgery causes further delays in ‘Grand Master’

In 2004, Leung, who plays Ip Man, was slated to begin martial arts training for his role in the film. However, Leung suffered a ski injury and had to rest for six months, causing filming for “The Grand Master” to be pushed back.

THR: Hong Kong cinema gets HKIFF spotlight (AP)

“Hong Kong Auteur, Lung Kong” at HK Film Archive

A visionary and an exceptional director of Hong Kong cinema, Patrick Lung Kong was ahead of his time in farsighted portrayals of neglected issues and bold confrontations of sensitive social topics. He left an indelible imprint as one of the most original and uncompromising auteurs of the 1960s and 70s. His unique approach to filmmaking might have been met with mixed reactions but his influence is long-lasting.

Chen Kaige’s Zhao’s Orphan set to begin filming at the end of March has been delayed due to delay in constructing the set. This puts the target for next year’s Lunar New Year in jeopardy. (Sina)

Wang Xiaoshuai, Gao Yuanyuan, Fan Bingbing (Sina)

CRI: Chinese Filmmaker Wang Xiaoshuai Receives French Knighthood

Joey Yung, Charlene Choi

Charlene Choi

Joey Yung

Raymond Lam

Emerald Pearl/Jade Pearl has been shooting in the forest in the cold, rain and snow. (Xinhua)

February 24, 2010

February 24, 2010

CRI: Tang Wei Returns to Mainland Screens

Ang Lee Protege to Return to Chinese Screens

Hot Summer Days: A hunka-hunka burnin’ love

Forget “Valentine’s Day” and head East instead. From directors Tony Chan and Wing Shya comes the Hong Kong take on the star-studded rom-com, “Hot Summer Days”.

Like its American counterpart, “Hot Summer Days” follows the intertwined stories of various couples as they embark on the arduous journey to find true love - giggles, tears and “Aww …”

All’s Well Ends Well Too 2010: Happy endings

All’s Well Ends Well Too 2010″ may not be the most profound movie but you can’t deny its entertainment value (what, were you expecting Shakespeare?). Starring some of the biggest names in the Hong Kong film industry, it knows not to take itself too seriously and go straight for the funny. It’s a fine blend of mischief and mayhem that is guaranteed to generate more than its fair share of guffaws.

72 Tenants of Prosperity: Prosperity you can do without

Loosely based on an older version of the film, “72 Tenants” has a plot that is scattered, disjointed and, at times, completely haphazard.

New characters and developments spring up randomly, and the jokes often go beyond slapstick into the realm of the ridiculous.

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss “Little Big Soldier” as yet another war epic set in ancient China. Any movie produced by Jackie Chan, however, is bound to generate a few giggles.

Vincent Kok will direct Sandra Ng and Louis Koo in a martial arts comedy produced by Peter Chan. Tentatively titled ‘Heroine’, Chan described the story as similar to The Incredibles and, hopefully, reminiscent of A Touch of Zen. Filming will begin soon at Hengdian. (Sina)

New Shaolin Temple - Nic Tse, Benny Chan

Nic Tse training to face against Andy Lau


Corey Yuen, Benny Chan (HunanTV)

Miriam Yeung, Alan Tam

Here Comes Fortune Hong Kong premiere last night

Ella Koon


Jay Chou’s image from True Legend was used without authorization for marketing beer. In the film, Jay plays Drunken Master Beggar So’s mentor.


Gillian Chung’s 2008 film Fantastic Water Babes, after a two year delay, is slated for a summer release. In addition, Gillian will possibly work on a mainland drama ‘Ling Zhu’. Albert Yeung reported paved the way for Gillian’s return by donating RMB$40M to various charities. For her part, Gillian resigned with Emperor through the year 2020. (HunanTV)

Variety: China Film Group set to float in 2010

China’s state-run film colossus China Film Group will seek a stock market listing this year, with revenue likely to grow at 40% annually, according to its vice-prexy Shi Dongming.

An emotionally wrenching portrait of migrant workers in China, Last Train Homehas already become one of the most acclaimed Canadian documentaries in recent years.


Cherie Chung

At the Taipei National Palace Museum buying souvenirs (Xinhua)

Charity premiere of Nine - Lau Ching-Wan, Amy Kwok

(HunanTV) (Sina)

Also Marsha Yuen, Pau Hee-Ching, Monica Chan (Sina) (CRI)

19 year-old Gong Mi signed with music label Amusic,

the same label as Leon Lai, Miriam Yeung and Janice Man. (Gong Mi first became famous for her resemblance to Cecilia Cheung when she competed in the Super Girl contest.)


Grieving Hong Kong actress Michelle Yim may finally fulfill her late boyfriend Wan Chi Keung’s longtime wish to marry her.

The actress is considering arranging minghun, or a ghost marriage according to Chinese traditions, to formalize their relationship, said reports. (Xinhua)

Her suspicious were aroused after she discovered that her jewellery worth an estimated NT$1 million, diamond watch, and other valuables were left intact, except for a missing laptop kept in her Louis Vuitton handbag. She also revealed that the intruder also left traces and went through her personal documents.

February 23, 2010

February 23, 2010

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Poster for Nana’s War of the Roses starring Xie Na


Street featured in Echoes of the Rainbow is facing demolition and redevelopment. Now with the success of the film there are renewed calls to preserve Wing Lee Street. (Sina)

Berlin movie hero in real-life heritage plea

Much of Wing Lee Street, home to original architecture from the 1960s, has been lined up for demolition under the government’s 25 urban renewal plan laid down in 1998.

Lee Chak-yue, whose Wai Che Printing Company has rented a unit at Wing Lee Street for almost 30 years, echoed Law’s call. “The people can move out because it’s not safe to be here, but we should keep the history somehow so the next generation will know about our times,” said the 81-year-old.

(Related article) (More photos - Flickr album)

Daniel Wu (Sina)

CRI: “Hot Summer Days” Blowout Over “Avatar”

CRI: Snow Flower Director: Zhang Ziyi’s Exit due to Neck Injury

Andy Lau’s Hollywood encounter

The Heavenly King revealed that he signed with a Hollywood agency in 1992.

“I was a Hollywood star earlier than Jackie Chan and Jet Li. For three years, I flew to America every three months to look at movie scripts.”

“I was told very clearly that even in the next 10 years, there would be no more than five scripts that are about Chinese. One of the better scripts I’ve seen is Year of the Dragon (1985), which starred John Lone.

CRI: China Has Second Largest Number of 3-D Screens in the World

Annie Yi’s home burgled, paparazzi suspected

The police have also stated the crime was not a simple burglary as no valuables were stolen except for the notebook computer.

Many believe this burglary might have been the work of paparazzi who are looking to find details on Yi’s private life by going through her notebook computer.

HK actress Kathy Chow vows not to marry again

Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow has revealed that she regretted her marriage to actor Ray Lui during an interview with a Hong Kong website.

Chow, who turns 44 this year, secretly wed Lui who is 12 years her senior in the United States in 1988. At the time, she was just 21 years old.

Anita Yuen

Nick Cheung

Appearing for Lancome (Sina) (Xinhua)

Gigi Leung shot a Japanese skin care advert and also handed out hong baos to staff. (Xinhua)

John Woo

John Woo who suffered from high blood pressure and liver problems while filming Red Cliff and is now producing Reign of Assassins did not appear markedly improved a year later when spotted leaving a restaurant recently. (Xinhua)

Two belated Valentine’s Day stories from China Hush:

12 years of reading of another woman’s love letter wakes her husband up from coma

Liu Hong, a 40-year-old woman in Minquan, Shangqiu City, woke up her husband from a 12-year coma by repeatedly reading her husband’s love letter from his period of puppy love for the entirety of the 12 long years when he was in a coma.

Beijing guys hitch-hike all the way to visit one’s girlfriend in Berlin

Two Beijing guys spent 3 and a half months hitch-hiking over 160,000 km across 13 countries to see one of the guy’s girl friend in Berlin, Germany. Altogether they took 88 hitch rides, including tricycle, tractor and carriage. Their journey was dubbed “the most romantic hitch-hike in history” by netizens.

February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

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72 Tenants of Prosperity leading All’s Well Ends Well Too 2010 in box office by HK$7.4M to $5.2M.


Stephen Chow to begin filming English movie ‘Tai Chi’ in June

Renowned comedy film-maker Stephen Chow will begin shooting his new film “Tai Chi” which features prominent Hollywood stars Jack Black and Anne Hathaway in the United States in June this year, said Hong Kong media reports.
“Tai Chi” will be based on the 1972 film “Way of the Dragon” starring Bruce Lee. It tells the story of a Chinese migrant in the US (played by Chow) who works as a dishwasher in Chinatown and hides his skills as a Tai Chi master. He is forced to stand up to gangsters who oppress his fellow migrants and later gets invited to start martial arts schools to share his knowledge.

Echoes of the Rainbow

HK film hits jackpot at end of rainbow in Berlin fest

Hong Kong’s small to medium budget films are elbowing their way into the international arena with help from the Film Development Fund.

Echoes of the Rainbow, which won the Crystal Bear for best feature film at the Berlin Film Festival, is the second film partly bankrolled by the film to garner critical acclaim.

The first, Claustrophobia by director Ivy Ho Sai-hong, saw Karena Lam Ga-yan win the best actress award at last year’s Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul.

The fund started off with a bang - its first beneficiary, McDull Kungfu Ding Ding Dong, was a mainland box-office hit in July.

Taiwan film wins at Berlin

“Au Revoir, Taipei” on Saturday beat 11 other Asian entries to win the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival (BIFF) 2010

Variety: About Her Brother (Otouto)(Japan)

Any resemblance between Yoji Yamada’s 81st feature “About Her Brother” and Kon Ichikawa’s 1960 masterpiece of the same name is purely incidental.

I could’ve been a yakuza: Japan film maker Takeshi Kitano

Lin Chi-ling to star as Takuya Kimura’s lover in Japanese drama series

CRI: Doubts over Cao Tomb’s Authenticity

AngelaBaby before plastic surgery in a photo discovered by a netizen.

Meanwhile, AngelaBaby was discounting rumors of secretly meeting Huang Xiaoming in Shanghai.


February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010

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Screen Daily: About Her Brother (Otouto)(Japan)

Family melodrama has rarely been as shamelessly tear-jerking, nor as insipid, as in About Her Brother,a featherweight offering from veteran Japanese director Yoji Yamada.

Erhu soloist added heartfelt tone to ‘Up in the Air’

Wang Quan’an


CRI: “Tuan Yuan” (Apart Together) Wins Silver Bear for Best Screenplay

Aarif Lee, Alex Law, Mabel Cheung (

“Echoes of the Rainbow”, directed by Alex Law and produced by Mabel Cheung, won the Crystal Bear for the Best Feature Film in the Generation section of the 60th Berlinale 2010, as announced at the award ceremony of Generation section of Berlinale this afternoon (February 20, 2010, German time).It is the first time that a Hong Kong film wins the award. (Source)

Berlin Film Festival Winners

Hong Kong premiere of Little Big Soldier, Albert Yeung and Jackie Chan (Sina)


Lin Peng and Jackie Chan at Little Big Soldier premiere in Tsimshatsui (Sina)

72 Tenants of Prosperity - Jacky Cheung, Anita Yuen, Eric Tsang

Jacky Cheung, Eric Tsang

Linda Chung

Bosco Wong (Xinhua)

Cherrie Ying, grandmother and Jordan Chan

Cherrie Ying

Jordan Chan, Cherrie Ying and Eric Tsang (Xinhua)

Michelle Yim (Mai Suet), Wan Chi-Keung’s nephew Edmond Leung

Wan Chi-Keung was cremated yesterday in a low key ceremony due to the Chinese New Year. (Xinhua)

“Kowloon Noir,” is a homage to Hong Kong film maker Johnnie To and more particularly the movie, The Mission (1999). The theme is a tip to film noir with a dramatic undercurrent. Nate Radley on guitar and Ratliff on trumpet give the track a dark visage that is upped by the languorous lines of Michael Attias on alto saxophone and Beth Schenck on soprano saxophone. The spell is riveting and nails the feeling marvelously. (Source)

February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010

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Maggie Q to star as CW’s “Nikita” remake

The pending hire of Maggie Q would mark the highest-profile series role for an Asian actress on a broadcast drama series and the highest-profile CW minority casting in the network’s four-year history.

THR: Jackie Chan says new film 20 years in making

Shoot for 100th movie to last until late 2011

Chinese movies go 3D

Uproar in Heaven, Aftershocks (Tangshan Earthquake) among upcoming titles.

Love in a Puff John Chong, Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yu and Pang Ho-Cheung celebrate New Year together.


Elton Loo (Law Kwan-Chor) performing as Lydia Shum.

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of Lydia’s passing. (Sina)

Karen Mok denied rumors of affair with Zhang Yadong (Sina)

Lisa S.

Lisa S. formally announced that she was withdrawing from the modeling industry but she will continue hosting and television work.

Lisa S. is the longtime girlfriend of Daniel Wu. (Xinhua)

Connie Chan (Sina)

Nam Fung and Connie Chan pray for blessings for upcoming series of Cantonese opera concerts at Hong Kong Coliseum. (Sina)

February 19, 2010

February 19, 2010

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Drug probe at HK actor’s film firm

Taiwan police are looking into a film production company partly owned by the son of Hong Kong kung fu star Sammo Hung Kam- bo as part of an investigation into a possible drug syndicate.

The investigation involves Tian Di Ren He film company in Taipei jointly operated by Jimmy Hung Tin-cheung, who is also an actor, and Taiwan singer and movie star Vanness Wu.

Vanness Wu’s film company involved in drug scandal

Li Bingbing, Hugh Jackman

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan has been shooting in Shanghai secretly for three days. (Xinhua)

Jackie Chan tickles at Berlin film fest

Jackie also put on his serious front when speaking at a gala dinner the same night to celebrate the three Taiwanese films, Au revoir Taipei, One Day and Monga, at Berlinale. He said the three Mandarin-speaking regions of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan must work together for Chinese cinema to return to its glory days in the 1980s.

Aaron Kwok is considering marriage

Miriam Yeung

Miriam Yeung revealed wedding is scheduled for late November. (Xinhua)

Kelly Chen (Xinhua)

Simon Yam returning to Hong Kong from Berlin (Sina)

February 18, 2010

February 18, 2010

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HK Magazine: Hot Summer Days

I’ll tell you why the film is really enjoyable: Angelababy.

THR: Apart Together (Tuan Yuan)

Bottom Line: Drama about a family separated by civil war has universal resonance but skims over deeper historical and psychological trauma.

Screen Daily: Little Big Soldier

Compared with Jackie Chan’s usual frenetic extravaganzas, Little Big Soldier is almost low-key, a reflection on the pointlessness of war, even though reflections have not traditionally been action star Chan’s strong point.

Variety: Little Big Soldier

An “Odd Couple”-cum-martial-arts-road movie set some 2,000 years ago during the end of China’s chaotic Warring States prior to unification, “Little Big Soldier” is a Jackie Chan vehicle without any surprises.

Variety: Au Revoir Taipei

Far from the closeted capital of Asian anomie so often portrayed in Taiwanese fest fare, Taipei becomes a warm, romantic city, peopled with likeable oddballs, in Boston-born American Chinese Arvin Chen’s immensely likable feature debut, “Au Revoir Taipei.”

Formosa Betrayed: New movie ties Taiwan’s messy politics to a Bay Area murder

Jay Chou can be an action star: Yuen Woo-ping

CRI: Jackie Chan Brings ‘Soldier’ to Berlin

Taipei Times: ‘Monga’ wins special incentives

Monga grossed more than NT$200 million at the box office during its first two weeks of release in Taiwan, entitling its producers to hefty incentives, said Chen Chih-kuan, director of the Government Information Office’s (GIO’s) Department of Motion Pictures, at a GIO reception in Berlin.

Chen said that under the government’s program of special incentives for the film industry, any locally produced movie with box office receipts exceeding NT$50 million entitles its makers to receive 20 percent of its revenues as a subsidy for the company’s next production.

HK Magazine: Paula Tsui interview

Actress Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee kicked out of boyfriend’s home after split

The reason for their separation is rumoured to be Cheung’s bad temper. Many said Tsang could not put up with Cheung’s behaviour and ended their relationship.

Cheung’s close friend claimed Cheung’s bad temper could have been the result of the rare Grave’s Disease which Cheung contracted five years ago. The autoimmune disease can result in an overactive thyroid which makes the sufferer irritable.

Michael Miu admits there was a ‘third party’ during marriage

Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok attended New Year’s festivities at Harbour City yesterday. (Sina)

Jimmy Lai interviewed on CNN about animated news

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