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June 30, 2010

June 30, 2010

Zhao Wei is reportedly returning to Gordon Chan’s follow up to Painted Skin but Chen Kun is said to have declined to participate. (21cn)

Hong Kong media reports that Jet Li will begin shooting Tony Ching Siu-Tung’s White Snake in August and then in September he will join in Tsui Hark’s New Dragon Inn cast. Polybona is said to be willing to pay Jet who earned no salary for Ocean Paradise a hefty US$12M fee. Zhou Xun, Chen Kun and Guei Lun-Mei have already been attached to the $300M yuan project. Donnie Yen is said to have turned down a role as he was busy and did not want to reprise his role. [And maybe a feud with Jet Li?] (21cn)

CRI: Jet Li Nets $12 Million for New Action Role

CRI: First Poster of ‘Orphan of Zhao’ Released

CRI: Cecilia Cheung, Tony Leung to Star in Chinese Version of ‘The Illusionist’

The film, entitled “Da Moshu Shi” (”Great Magician”), is a story about two childhood sweethearts set during the early part of the twentieth century. Yee had intended to keep the film a secret until it was discovered by the Guangzhou Daily. Information about the film was found on the Web site of the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT).

Tony Leung is set to play the role of the intelligent illusionist, while Cheung will play a concubine to a warlord.

SG: Cecilia slims down for her return

Earlier Cecilia had attended actor-director Stephen Chow’s CJ7 2 press conference and the two was reportedly discussing plans for a sequel to King of Comedy.

Zhang Jiabei’s latest film, Midnight Hearbeat or Midnight Pulse, is inspired by classmateTakashi Miike’s horror stylings. The film stars Simon Yam and Francis Ng. Currently in post-production in Japan after completion in February, the supporting cast also includes four rising female stars: Yao Di, Li Nian, Liu Yuxin and Yang Yuyu. A synopsis says the film is about bizarre murders in a hospital ICU. A September release is planned. (Sina)23 [Thanks, to V]

Francis Ng

Simon Yam plays a surgeon (Sina)

Midnight Pulse’s Liu Yuxin

Li Nian (Sina)2

CRI: ‘Aftershock’ Releases IMAX Trailer

Feng also informed the press that pop diva Faye Wong sings the closing music for the film.

Local comedy Welcome to Shamatown made RMB22 million ($3.2 million) at the box office in China over six days after opening on 22 June.

The success of the debut film by Li Weiran confirms the marketability of actor Sun Honglei. Peter Lee’s  romantic comedy My Fair Gentleman (aka Dirt Rich in Shanghai), also starring Sun, was a moderate hit last year grossing $3 million. Shamatown also stars Taiwan supermodel Lin Chi-ling.

Gillian Chung, Alex Fong Lik-Sun promote Fantastic Water Babes (Sina)

Andy Lau heads to studio to begin shooting What Women Want

(lit. I Know A Women’s Heart)

Andy Lau and Hu Jing play husband and wife

Chen Daming directs


Charlene Choi featured in an advert for urban tree planting

Charlene denied reports her contract with Emperor had expired. She said that she is signed until she is 32 years old (2014) (Xinhua)

Angelababy performs facial massage for Biotherm

Angelababy says she feels Japan, Europe, Mainland China and Taiwan (so, anywhere but Hong Kong?) are safe places when quizzed about Fiona Sit’s paparazzi underwear photos. (Sina)

Angelababy meet with fans and showed photos from her new photo album to prove that they are not vulgar.

She will be at Harbour City July 24 to promote the new book. (Sina)

Theresa Fu will take to the shopping malls to promote her photo album since hers is among the books banned from the Book Fair by the TDC. (Sina)

Lynn Xiong/Hung Doi Lam’s manager denied rumors by Ming Pao that hint that she is involved in the Chongqing hotel ‘immoral transactions’ scandal brewing. (Sina)

SG: Eason Chan: David Tao’s album is not good enough

After the [Golden Melody] awards show, the disgruntled Eason was spotted having supper with fellow Hong Kong singer, Karen Mok, who also lost out to A-Mei on the Best Female Singer award.

While Karen tried covering up her disappointment when interviewed, Eason could hardly keep his discontentment to himself.

June 29, 2010

Love in a Puff (Variety review)

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Love in a Puff
Chi ming yu chun giu

(Hong Kong) A Media Asia Distribution release of a Media Asia Films presentation of a Making Film production. (International sales: Media Asia Distribution, Hong Kong.) Produced by Pang Ho-cheung, Subi Liang. Executive producer, John Chong. Directed by Pang Ho-cheung. Screenplay, Pang, Heiward Mak, from a story by Pang.

With: Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yue, Cheung Tat-ming, Maio Felin, Chui Tien-you.

A lighter-than-air yarn about two cheerful nicotine enthusiasts, Hong Kong romancer “Love in a Puff” is an unfiltered delight. Pang Ho-cheung gets the balance exactly right with this well-realized vehicle for Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue, which also plays like a poem to that most cinematic of vices, smoking. Garnering a harsh censorship rating due to profanity and excessive tobacco use, pic had a sluggish local opening in March but has since grossed a semi-respectable $1 million. Further afield, Pang’s growing fest following should take this effort beyond the usual Asia-buff route.
Pic opens with an enjoyable shaggy-dog story that turns out to be a dramatization of around-the-ashtray banter on a street corner. Amid the puffing throng, advertising exec Jimmy (Yue) nonchalantly lights a cigarette for makeup salesgirl Cherie (Yeung). Brief flirtation drifts into definite attraction, but when Jimmy joins a bored Cherie and her friends at a raunchy-themed karaoke night for what he thinks will be a first date, he finds Cherie already has a bf.

Cherie considers leaving her boorish current squeeze, and pic deftly maintains momentum, its pendulum swinging between comedy and drama, as the wannabe lovers try to decide whether or not to begin a relationship. A semi-comic climax, pivoting on the government’s decision to raise cigarette prices, prompts a clever and funny twist on the romantic-comedy trope of the frenzied last-minute dash.

Gentle, genuine perfs have an authentic ring. Yeung effortlessly moves from coy to in-command and back again, while Yue hits the right note as a guy who’s never quite sure when it’s his turn on the love-go-round. The leads’ tangible rapport is evident in the dramatic scenes, but best demonstrated in a hilarious sequence in which the pair pose as innocent tourists when a cop busts them for smoking in a no-puff zone. Seamless supporting perfs buttress the central romance to create a street-smart view of Hong Kong singles.

Pang’s helming achieves an easy intimacy as he uses Jason Kwan’s wobbly lensing to create an eavesdropping effect. Interview sequences with various characters, lensed in 16mm with deliberately visible boom mikes, are superfluous but charming enough appendages. Despite such low-budget affectations, tech credits are pro.

Camera (color, widescreen, HD/16mm-to-35mm), Jason Kwan; editor, Wenders Li; music, Alan Wong, Janet Yung; production designer, Man Lim-chung; art director, Leung Sze-wan; sound, Tu De-che. Reviewed at Sydney Film Festival, June 11, 2010. (Also in Hong Kong, Seattle film festivals.) Running time: 92 MIN.

June 29, 2010

City Under Siege poster

Film opens in Hong Kong Aug.12 (Sina)

THR: Daniel Wu hopes to export HK success to Hollywood

“I find that Americans still have a very big stereotype toward what Asians are, and I don’t feel a need to perpetuate that stereotype. So when a good character comes along, I’m all for it. I’m ready. I’d be very open to it,” Wu said.

Variety: Love in a Puff

A lighter-than-air yarn about two cheerful nicotine enthusiasts, Hong Kong romancer “Love in a Puff” is an unfiltered delight. Pang Ho-cheung gets the balance exactly right with this well-realized vehicle for Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue, which also plays like a poem to that most cinematic of vices, smoking.

CRI: “Shanghai”

Hollywood producer Mike Medavoy said that a good film should touch people emotionally. It was proved in his latest work “Shanghai”.

FBA: Welcome to Shamatown (決戰剎馬鎮) (6/10)

Goofy treasure-hunting comedy is a cross between Crazy Stone and A Simple Noodle Story.

Taiwan musician Giong Lim held a press conference last week in Beijing to promote the background music for Jia Zhangke’s “I Wish I Knew”, a dedicated film for the Shanghai World Expo 2010. [hkmdb]

Liu Ye plays a well-off man who is bored with his married life until he bumps into his first love played by Gao Yuanyuan.

Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan

A press conference for the action thriller “Triple Tap” was held in Beijing on June 28th. (Sina)

Beijing premiere

Li Bingbing

In the film, Li portrays a manager at a financial company. When Yee was asked to describe Li in real life, he said Li was strong, but inside she was a tender woman. As soon as the voice faded, a tear came out of Li’s eyes. “It’s very touching that the director understands me,” explained Li.

Triple Tap: Intriguing premise but uneven delivery

Unfortunately, “Triple Tap” could not capitalise on this intriguing premise. Yee made his big reveal somewhere in the middle of the film, completely shutting down the suspense of finding out what actually transpired during the robbery and who was behind it.

Cecilia Cheung - Shanghai

Cecilia will begin work on Derek Yee’s film with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai in February.

Endorsement appearance

(Sina)(Sina-slide show)

Stephen Fung - Fantastic Water Babes

Alex Fong Lik-Sun, Stephen Fung

Stephen Fung (Sina)

Alec Su (left), director Zhang Fanfan during a media visit to the set

Alec Su

Alec Su, Pace Wu

Pace Wu in character

The Hidden Chamber of Secrets, a mystery film about serial murders, stars Alec Su and Pace Wu is currently filming in Beijing. He plays a novelist, she plays his wife. The story of horror takes place within 24 hours in a locked house with 8 people. One by one they die. Zhang Fanfan directs the film scheduled to open Oct. 29. (Sina)

Fan Bingbing

Rian Dundon: Behind the Scenes with Fan Bingbing(CF)

Li Bingbing - Trends Health cover

CRI: Cover Girl of 10-year Anniversary Edition of “Trends Health”

CRI: Faye Wong to Perform 5 Concerts in Beijing This Fall

Hong Kong celebrity Michelle Reis in the family way

Ex-Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis was seen coming out of the gynaecologist’s office recently, leading to speculation that she was preparing to get pregnant, according to a report in U-Weekly.

June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

Lessons from ‘The Karate Kid’ — Japan out, America down, China on the rise

Meat Grinder (Thailand)

Imagine Joerg Buttgereit’s early movies remade by Wong Kar Wai and you’re halfway there.

Pic introduces its title character — plump, middle-aged Buss (Mai Charoenpura) — when a young guy from the country arrives to meet his fiancee, Aoi, who’s been working at Buss’ noodle shop. Buss tells him Aoi ran off with her husband; after inviting him in, she chops off one of his legs, nails him to the floor by his fingers and then stuffs him, still alive, with herbs…Original Thai title roughly means “Carve Before Tasting.”  (Variety) Now available on DVD. ;D

THR: China media regulator cited for misuse of funds

SARFT named China’s second-most corrupt agency

  • On Monday, an online chart illustrating the annual audit and naming SARFT — and the No. 1 and No. 3 offenders, the State Bureau of Survey and Mapping and the Ministry of Culture — had disappeared from the China Daily’s Web site, apparently nixed by censors.
  • SARFT and the Ministry of Culture both already are under international pressure to loosen their control of the import and distribution of cultural content. The pressure comes largely from the Motion Picture Association and the World Trade Organization, which in November ruled China was in violation of free trade.

Shu Qi and Aaron Kwok in City Under Siege (Sina)

CJ7 The Cartoon posters

Movie opens July 9 (Xinhua)

Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow and Xu Jiao have been quietly filming commercials for CJ7: The Cartoon.

While in Changsha, Hunan Chow reportedly visited Mao Zedong’s former home. (Xinhua)

Edison Chen is Disney-friendly

Edison Chen’s Clot and Disney collaborate in Shanghai on a new line of clothing.

Commerce makes for strange bedfellows.


Looking like they just stepped out of an advert, Michelle Reis and her husband, Julian Hui, were spotted hand in hand in Macau celebrating her 40th birthday. (Xinhua)

Chrissie Chau

Attending a breast cancer self examination event Chrissie called the Book Fair banning by the Trade Development Council hypocritical. She said she considered appealing the ban but softened her stand.


Gillian Chung’s appearance was ‘disappeared’ from the popular Changsha, Hunan TV program ‘Happy Camp’ broadcast. The program which also featured fellow Fantastic Water Babes’ Jeff Lau, Stephen Fung and Alex Fong Lik-Sun deleted all references to Gillian. Taped earlier, all traces of her were eliminated according to reports despite official previews saying that Gillian would appear for a few minutes. According to  those involved in the taping Gillian introduced the film plot, and performed a dance. There was no mention of the ‘photo-gate’ incident so the reason for her removal were not clear. A call to Hunan TV’s chief editor was not returned. (Xinhua)

Cecilia Cheung spotted at the Hong Kong International Airport heading to Shanghai (Xinhua)(Sina)

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai posted a photo showing his 48th birthday celebration at home.

Wife Carina Lau was recently implicated in a developing real estate scandal in Chongqing. (Xinhua)

Adrien Brody, Zhang Ziyi - Los Angeles


June 26, 2010

June 26, 2010

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CRI: “Welcome to Shama Town” Promotes in Chengdu

Stanley Tong’s Vanguard will star Donnie Yen and Zhang Ziyi and begin filming next year it was announced yesterday. The film is a military action drama and the script has been three years in development. Rumors of Song Hye-Kyo and Wentworth Miller of Prison Break joining the cast have not been confirmed. Vanguard is the first project of a new company, Big Pictures Film Group(?), formed in collaboration with Eric Tsang announced at the SIFF. (Xinhua)

Eric Tsang, Stanley Tong - Shanghai


CNNGo: Chrissie Chau kicked out of the Hong Kong Book Fair

Chrissie Chau (Sina)

More banned authors! (Sina)

Rosamund Kwan and other celebrities appeared for beauty brand Lancome

Josie Ho

Anita Yuen


(Xinhua-slide show)(Sina)

Zhang Zilin - Miss World 2007

26 year-old Zhang Zilin will shoot her first film, Ding Sheng’s ‘Tough Guy 2′ with Liu Ye beginning July 1

(Sina-slide show)(Sina)

Global Times: Happily never after? Reality behind “perfect” celebrity marriages

Taipei Times: Pop Stop,

Jay-Jolin, Sammi-Andy, Huang Xiaoming-Angelababy, and more, including Jolin Tsai’s shrinking breasts (2)

CRI: Jay Chou Wraps up in Shanghai

June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010

Flirting Scholar 2 poster

The poster features Zhang Jingchu in a play on Painted Skin, Huang Xiaoming mimics ‘Wolverine’, Fan Siu-Wong as Captain Jack in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Richie Jen from ‘Transformers’. The film opens July 9. (Sina)

Director of “Welcome to Shama Town” talks about latest production

With a long list of TV and film commercials for some of the world’s leading brands under his belt and the only Chinese director to win a prestigious One Show Gold award for excellence in advertising, Li Weiran is considered by many as the best in the business. He sat down with the Global Times to reflect over his 10-year career and talk about the future.

Sun Honglei at Guangzhou promotion for Welcome To Shamatown (Sina)

Danwei: A Beijing sex shop makes a revolution

Interview with Sam Voutas, director of the new film Red Light Revolution

CNN: Sex, toys, action! Comedy spotlights China’s adult shops

Now that he has finished filming his latest movie, director Sam Voutas doesn’t know what to do with the boxes and boxes of sex toys he has accumulated during the course of filming.

CRI: “Driverless” Premieres in Beijing

The film was shot by many pop, film and TV stars, including Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan, Li Xiaoran, Chen Jianbin and Wang Luodan. It is composed of three separate stories in modern society. The complicated relationships of the main characters in each story present “not beautiful but real life.”

Shu Qi in crying scene for City Under Siege


Zhang Jingchu bath scene - Flirting Scholar 2


First concept poster for A Chinese Ghost Story released hints at the role of the Tree Demon in the film.

Liu Yifei prepares to fly in Chinese Ghost Story

The official launch press conference will be held in Beijing July 1

Louis Koo has just been announced as joining the cast, not in the scholar role, too old at 40 he admitted, in the Wu Ma swordsman role. Yu Shaoqun (New Shaolin Temple) will play the young scholar.


Gong Li and husband, Huang Hexiang (1996)

Rumors that Gong Li and her husband, a Singapore businessman,  have divorced resurfaced again recently. Over the years, besides Zhang Yimou, Gong Li has been romantically linked to Sun Honglei, Sun Zhou (both of Zhou Yu’s Train), Collin Farrell (Miami Vice), a French photographer, and John Cusack (Shanghai).  (Xinhua)

Rumours of Gong Li’s divorce rife

Gong Li says she became Singaporean ‘for her family”

George Lam and Sally Yeh have an open marriage

SG: Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui getting hitched?

According to a Hong Kong magazine, Andy Hui has broken up with girlfriend Michelle and is actively trying to win his ex-lover’s heart back.

It was said that Andy has been visiting Sammi Cheng’s father regularly, even converting to Christianity in a bid to gain favour. Sammi was reportedly so touched by his moves that she agreed to Andy’s proposal.

When quizzed about the report, Sammi denied said allegations and emphasized the point that they are not back together and a patch-up would not be happening anytime soon.

Scandal star finds marital, screen bliss

Cecilia Cheung, Liu Zhu, Sister Lotus, Sister Phoenix and Sora Aoi

June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010

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New Triple Tap poster

Also a cool new dynamic flash poster inside. This must be the latest trend, if you recall the 31 Degrees North Latitude poster from earlier this month. (June 9, 2010) (Sina)

Poster for ‘36 Love Traps’ (36 Manoeuvres of Love)

Cast includes Chie Tanaka, Daniel Chan, Wu Jing and Qin Hailu in the love comedy which opens this summer.

Chie Tanaka (Sina)

Huang Yi at the Hong Kong premiere of The Legend is Born

Yip Chun is congratulate on his Best Supporting Actor award in Shanghai (Sina)

Winging it with Ip Chun

“This is the first and last time I’m acting in a film,” he announced heartily.

Break Up Club

FBA: Local films score despite World Cup challenge

A micro-blogger posted comparison photos of Liu Yifei and Joey Wang in anticipation of the new upcoming Chinese Ghost Story. The Liu Yifei images are from the TV series Return of the Condor Heroes.


Young Mao Zedong?

Insiders at the China Film Group press conference hinted Liu Ye will play a young Mao in The Founding of a Party.

Liu Ye, Zhang Jingchu (Xinhua)

Last Airbender from M Night Shyamalan

(Sina-slide show)

SG: Cecilia Cheung’s big return to the silver screen

Rumors of Cecilia Cheung returning to the screen has been rife and reports now confirm that she has accepted director Derek Yee’s offer.

With regards to a previous article that reported Derek’s interest in casting Cecilia’s son, Lucas Tse, for a fee twice his father’s, Derek said that he had seriously discussed the prospects with Cecilia before.

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei is back to work, filming a mobile phone advert for a reported 7 figure fee. (Xinhua)(Sina)

Kelly Chen

Kelly Chen, Angie Chiu and Raymond Lam appearing for a watch brand in Hong Kong. (Sina)

Adam Cheng condemned as unfair the photos of Fiona Sit in apartment.

Adam and Liza Wang will hold a series of concerts in August. Daughter Joyce sent him a text message for Father’s Day. (Sina)

Fiona Sit feels violated

Fiona Sit and mother snapped by paparazzi at home (Sina)

SG: Fiona Sit in tears over paparazzo’s hounding

Because it’s Cherie Chung Dept.

Cherie Chung was spotted dining and shopping in Central with a friend (Xinhua)

June 23, 2010

Shanghai (Hollywood Reporter review)

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By Elizabeth Kerr

HONG KONG — “Shanghai,” a would-be World War II epic romance with a chaser of intrigue, comes with a boatload of production gossip because of China’s refusal to allow shooting in the country and an editing process that lasted nearly two years.

The film, which finally made its debut at the Shanghai International Film Festival, is no game-saver for the Weinstein Co. as it lacks the stylistic and narrative punch needed to separate itself from the pack.

In Asia, pan-continental stars Gong Li, Chow Yun-fat and Ken Watanabe will generate interest. Domestically, the film will face its biggest hurdle in its undetermined release date. Boxoffice prospects look middling at best, if not outright bleak.

In an overstuffed mash-up of “Purple Butterfly,” “Lust Caution,” “Witness” and a touch of “Hanover Street,” the story begins in late 1941 with American spy Paul Soames (John Cusack, not nearly cynical enough) being interrogated by occupied Shanghai’s Japanese security chief (Watanabe). The latter wants to know where to find a missing woman, a question Soames can’t answer.

Soames is in Shanghai at the behest of his boss (David Morse) to look into the murder of his colleague and best friend, Connor (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Soames gets pulled into cloak-and-dagger Resistance action when he’s compelled to cozy up to local gangster and possible collaborator Anthony Lan-Ting (Chow) and his beautiful wife, Anna (Gong).

“Shanghai” does not suffer from poor production or ineptitude: Production designer Jim Clay (”Children of Men”), costume designer Julie Weiss (”Hollywoodland”) and cinematographer Benoit Delhomme (”The Proposition”) have each proved more than capable of elegantly and vividly rendering select times and places onscreen. Despite its Thai shooting locations, “Shanghai” has a nice hard-boiled vibe and a sense of semi-exotic danger.

However, Mikael Hafstrom (the moderate art house hit “Evil” and Cusack’s “1408″) and writer Hossein Amini (”Jude,” “Killshot”) overcook the rice. There is a simplistic nature to the narrative and archetypes that gum up the works. Some of this stems from “Shanghai’s” schizophrenic personality. The film tries to be a romance, political thriller and historical drama but winds up merely muddled and scattered.

Cusack and Gong generate little in the way of sexual tension. The all-important kiss-or-fight sequence has zero erotic charge, coming off as a spat between siblings. Watanabe, one of Asia’s most dignified actors, is forced to maneuver around unwieldy stereotyping.

Chow could do a duplicitous Triad in his sleep, but his sketchy character doesn’t really pop until he gets a moment to channel “Hard Boiled.” In a microscopic role as a key witness/love interest, Kikuchi Rinko (”Babel”) does … not much.

It has been a while since an old-fashioned wartime spy thriller graced screens, so “Shanghai” tries hard to squeeze every single element that made the greats great into its frame. In the end, “Shanghai” is a long way from “Casablanca.”

Venue: Shanghai International Film Festival (The Weinstein Co.)
Production company: Phoenix Pictures
Cast: John Cusack, Gong Li, Chow Yun-fat, Ken Watanabe, David Morse, Franke Potente, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Rinko Kikuchi
Director: Mikael Hafstrom
Screenwriter: Hossein Amini
Producer: Donna Gigliotti, Barry Mendel, Mike Medavoy, Jake Myers
Executive producer: Arnold Messer, David Thwaites, Steven Squillante
Director of photography: Benoit Delhomme
Production designer: Jim Clay
Music: Klaus Bedelt
Costume designer: Julie Weiss
Editor: Peter Boyle
No rating, 104 minutes

June 23, 2010

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THR: Shanghai

The film, which finally made its debut at the Shanghai International Film Festival, is no game-saver for the Weinstein Co. as it lacks the stylistic and narrative punch needed to separate itself from the pack.

FBA: Deep in the Clouds (碧羅雪山) (4/10)

Loose, ethnic-minority drama is a step backward dramatically for director Liu Jie after his tight, city-set Judge.

“Clean” Mandarin version of Love in a Puff rated 87/100 by audience in small survey in Beijing. Not bad since the edits loss some of the humor and clarity of the plot. (Sina)

Backstroke’s Qi Wei


Liu Ye taxi fight - actual photos this time

That looks like director Zhang Yang in the background.


Sammi Cheng

Sammi Cheng promoting her new CD and denying rumors of affair with Shawn Yue


Global Times: Huang Yi’s exclusive confession on marriage and her recent divorce

SG: Nicholas Tse resorts to ’selling’ son out for money

According to sources, Nicholas has plans to migrate to China and set up a media company there.

Nicholas will not be extending his contract with his company when the term ends later this year. Instead he’s planning to set up a media company in China with his former manager Chow Chun Fai.

While the couple was originally unwilling to let their son, Lucas Tse, go under the spotlight, they are now open to taking up endorsements deals for Lucas too.

Gaile Lok

Jung Woo-Sung (Xinhua)

They apparently managed to photograph the 29-year-old actress in just a T-shirt and underwear at home with her mother.

Photos of Sit in the midst of picking her nose and other situations have also made their way to the pages of publications in Hong Kong.

June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010

Guei Lun-Mei’s sexy pole dancer scene was cut from Ocean Heaven. (Xinhua)

HKMagazine: Break Up Club

The real heroes of this film are the two leads—Jaycee Chan and Fiona Sit, regardless of whether they were an actual real-life item before (as the tabloids claim), they are the one of the most convincing on-screen couples we’ve seen in a long time…Who would have thought frigging Jackie Chan’s son would turn out to be a bit of an actor after all?

Variety: Once a Gangster

The directing bow of “Infernal Affairs” scribe Felix Chong, “Once a Gangster” covers familiar Hong Kong genre turf, but does so with a wacky comedic eye, if less overall success. Centered around a mild restaurateur with mob connections who’s forced to head a Kowloon Triad, the script shows brief flashes of wit and intelligence, and plays hit-and-run with local genre conventions in a way that will amuse Asiaphiles but leave others scratching their heads.

FBA: The Karate Kid (功夫夢) (5/10)(Chinese version)

Beijing-set remake of the 1984 film looks lush but is dramatically bland and culturally problematical.

Wong Kar-Wai’s Grand Master is said to have completed filming and now entered the editing phase. Ultimately, Brigitte Lin did not make a comeback appearance. Zhang Ziyi’s role is said to be that of a female killer. Zhao Benshan and Song Hye-Kyo also appear. A Lunar New Year opening is still anticipated despite some delays. It will compete against 4 powerhouse films: Chen Kaige’s Zhao’s Orphan, Zhang Yimou’s Love Under the Hawthorne Tree, Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly and Feng Xiaogang’s You Are the One 2. (Sina)

First look: ‘The Green Hornet’ trailer (THR)

CRI: Jay Chou in ‘Green Hornet’ Trailer

A new trailer for “The Green Hornet” has offered an early peek at how Jay Chou passes as the Green Hornet’s sidekick.

Kwok plays a circus clown who accidentally inhales a chemical gas while treasure hunting on a mountain. The gas left by the Japanese army in World War II turns him into a giant, mutated Orc-like creature from the movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

This year’s Golden Horse Awards Ceremony will shift to Taoyuan County and be held on 20 Nov 2010.

Vivian Hsu, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Ma Ju-Lung

Vivian Hsu

(Sina-slide show)

Charlene Choi - Shanghai (June 20)

Charlene Choi was is Shanghai to promote her new Mandarin album ‘As a Sa’. She said Twins was not disbanding and the duo would release an album next year. (Sina-slideshow)2

HK actress Charlene Choi tired of comedies

Charlene Choi revealed that she is tired of doing comedies and hopes to some day do a romantic tragedy, reported Chinese media.

“A lot of people approach me to do comedies and I generally don’t turn them down, but I hope a director will ask me to do a romantic tragedy,” she said during a promotional event for her new film “Jade Pearl” - yet another comedy - in Shanghai on Sunday.

“In almost every film, the director asked me to dress like a man,” Choi lamented. “Maybe I just look like one.”

Edison Chen to make comeback by October

Controversial Hong Kong actor Edison Chen has announced his plans to return to the music scene by October. He revealed this in an interview with Sina after performing John Lennon’s Imagine at Hong Kong rapper duo Fama’s recent concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Sammi Cheng spotted with ex-squeeze

Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui have fuelled more speculation that they are back together, after they flew back from Taipei together.

Hui, 42, who was the first to be seen in the arrival hall of the Hong Kong International Airport on Thursday, was adamant that he had gone to Taiwan for business - to get a director for a new music video, he told Ming Pao Daily News.

Lin Chiling expressed her disappointment over the dismal ratings of her Japanese drama serial “Moonlight Lovers” and revealed that she hopes to take some acting classes next year, reported Chinese media.

Speaking to reporters while attending the high-profile Royal Ascot horse races in the UK, Lin was evasive and said, “Could we not talk about the ratings (of “Moonlight Lovers”)? Frankly, I am a little depressed at the moment.”

SG: Cecilia Cheung plans return for mom

One month after giving birth to her second son, Cecilia was reported to be on the prowl for opportunities to resume her acting career. Cecilia is believed to need to supplement her mother’s expenses.

It was reported that Stephen was offering Cecilia the leading role for the upcoming sequel to his widely-successful King of Comedy, a 1999 comedy in which Cecilia’s turn as a club girl propelled her to fame.

Stephen Chow is the second director who has approached Cecilia for movie roles - director Derek Tung had previously indicated his interest in casting both Cecilia and her son Lucas in a movie.

SG: Michelle Reis’ 40th birthday ’surprise’

Michelle Reis was celebrating her 40th birthday at a restaurant with husband Julian Hui, billionaire and son of Hong Kong’s shipping and property tycoon Hui Sai Fun, when she ran into her old flame, Joseph Lau…Just the day before Michelle had put up a picture of her in a bikini on the Web, apparently in a bid to dispel rumours of her pregnancy.

Michelle Reis’ 40th birthday

SG: Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng continues to evade rumours

Jean Todt, Michelle Yeoh - Moscow

June 19, Montblanc Moscow White Nights Festival (Xinhua)

Huang Xiaoming Harbour City appearance for UNICEF (Sina)

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