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September 30, 2010

September 30, 2010

To mark the 100th anniversary of the International Women’s Day and changes of role of woman in modern society, 10 Mainland films made by women filmmakers over the past three decades will be shown in the “Chinese Film Panorama 2010: A Feminine Perspective” from October 14 to November 7.

FBA: Mei Ah takes Grand Master rights

The Grand Master, which takes another look at Ip Man, the martial arts ace credited with teaching the wing chun style of kung fu to Bruce Lee, is tentatively set for release at 2011 Chinese New Year (Jan-Feb).

CRI: ’Aftershock’ to Grab Oscar Entry

The blockbuster film, “Aftershock,” which is the most successful film ever made in China, has been chosen to compete for the nomination at the 83rd Academy Awards next February.

Entertaining but throwaway whodunit set in Ancient China.

Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing and Winston Chao celebrate as the movie “The 1911 Revolution” started filming in Fuxin City of northeast China’s Liaoning Province on Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Winston Chao


More on Stephen Chow’s New Journey to the West. Chow has personally invited Maggie Cheung to appear in his film. In addition, Will and Jaden Smith may be guest stars. Taking advantage of the Monkey King’s legendary 72 transformation, Chow will use this as a premise to cast many celebrities and guest stars. (Xinhua)2 [I can see Maggie now as Princess Iron Fan!]

Josie Ho, Jude Law

Josie Ho was tight-lipped about working with Jude Law in Contagion but met at an event in Hong Kong. (Sina)

CRI: Cherrie Ying, Jordan Chan Publish Uniform Wedding Photos

Liu Ye in a fall/winter fashion shoot for GQ

(Sina-slide show)

Vivian Hsu

Vivian Hsu at a recent magazine promotion event (Sina-slide show)

Jet Li attending the unveiling of his wax (un)likeness at Hong Kong’s Madame Tussauds

(Sina-slide show)

Elaine Ng

Elaine Ng was in Hong Kong for a skin care brand yesterday. She resides in Shanghai and is a former actress most well known as the mother of Jackie Chan’s “Dragon Seed” daughter who is now 11 years old. Still unmarried, Ng says her daughter knows who her father is but they rarely discuss it. (Xinhua)

Fuzzy Photos Dept: Faye Wong recently celebrated husband Li Yapeng’s birthday in Beijing. At one point, Faye coaxed friend Zhao Wei on stage to join her for a karaoke rendition of a Karen Mok song, ‘He Doesn’t Love Me’.

Faye Wong, Zhao Wei (Xinhua)2

Carina Lau

Carina Lau recently posted a collection of photos from her 7-day ‘Roman Holiday’ on her micro-blog. (Xinhua-gallery)

George Lam, Sally Yeh

Despite regular rumors of divorce, Sally Yeh appeared at George Lam’s recent Hong Kong concert. The concert was recorded and will be released later as a DVD. (Sina)

Patrick Tse showing off his ‘guns’

“The Chinese Jack Palance”

74 year-old Patrick Tse was seen with girlfriend Coco (47 years her junior) at Shanghai Airport. (Sina)


Rosemary was officially charged with 3 misdemeanor counts for her auto accident involving the Reno arch: hit-and-run, illegal right turn and not having insurance. The trial date for these charges will be on Dec. 8. The court hearing date for the more serious felony drug possession arrest is on Oct. 19. (Sina)

Hong Kong model’s Reno trial set for Dec. 8 for crash into landmark arch

Stephen Chow’s mother

Young Stephen and family

Resigned to a bachelor son, declares Stephen Chow’s mum (Sina)2

September 29, 2010

September 29, 2010

HK Film Archive shows Mandarin and Cantonese classics to celebrate Cathay’s 75th anniversary

Hong Kong media reports that Cecilia Cheung will join Raymond Wong’s Lunar New Year film costarring Donnie Yen, Louis Koo and Carina Lau. New Year films are always fun, popular and an easy role for a mother like Cecilia. That, and the stellar cast were given as reasons for Wong’s ability to lure Ceci back. Besides the Hong Kong and Beijing premieres, Cecilia will not be required to participate in the normal publicity tour of cities. (Sina)(Xinhua)

New Westward Journey will begin filming in October. The Stephen Chow produced and written prequel to his earlier Monkey King films will be directed by Derek Kwok Chi-Kin. Casting was not announced but Chow has been recruiting new actors recently. (Sina)

Posters for Distant Thunder

Zhang Jiarui’s (Red River) new film is described as a mainland ‘Rouge’ (Sina)

CRI: Tang Wei to Drive Racing Car in New Movie

Tang Wei has signed up to join Hong Kong director Jingle Ma’s new film, “Race Car” .

CRI: ’Just Call Me Nobody’ Wraps up Shooting

Just Call Me Nobody” features Taiwan actress Kelly Lin and well-known Chinese mainland comedians Zhao Benshan and Xiao Shen Yang.


FBA: Hot Summer has its Day in US theatres

Hot Summer Days gets limited release in New York, LA

FBA: Pinoy Sunday (台北星期天) (7/10)

Vignettish “road movie” about two Filipino workers on their day off in Taipei is slim but likable.

Interesting note: As well as many filmmakers and delegations, foreign industry guests at the 12th Pyongyang Festival included Hong Kong producer Shi Nansun (with a new print of Tsui Hark’s classic 1984 comedy Shanghai Blues)(FBA)

The cast of Legend of the Fist held an event in Beijing to celebrate its box office success during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday period.

Shu Qi

Anthony Wong on harmonica

Andrew Lau, Ryu Kohata

Andrew Lau, Shu Qi, Huo Siyan, Chen Jiajia, Anthony Wong, Ryu Kohata

Director Lau  revealed that in the first cut the original ending was eight minutes longer and that he hoped the scene would be used to open the sequel. (Sina-gallery)(Xinhua-gallery) With her string of successful films on the mainland since Confession of Pain, her films Blood Brothers, If You Are the One, Looking For a Star, and City on Alert have been big box office earners, Shu Qi’s being dubbed Queen of the Mainland. Elsewhere, it’s been reported that Shu Qi recently bought a 14M yuan villa in Beijing.  (Xinhua)

Zhou Dongyu

Shawn Dou Xiao

Yu Xinbo

Zhang Yimou returned to visit his alma mater, Beijing Film Academy, with the young stars of Under the Hawthorn Tree. (Sina-gallery)

Jennifer Tse promoting Breast Cancer Awareness (Sept.29)

(Sina)(Sina-slide show)

Vivian Chow

Vivian Chow, Kay Tse and Gong Xinliang attend a Piaget event. (Sept.28)


Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying took retro photos for their upcoming November wedding banquet invitations.

Reminded me of this one with Fan Wei and Zhang Jingchu from The Road. (Sina)


Rosemary and boyfriend Jason return to Hong Kong from France where she’s been hiding out since mid-September after her Labor Day arrest in Reno, NV. Her demeanor was reportedly better now that her legal situation has somewhat eased. (Sina)

Hong Kong model’s Reno trial set for Dec. 8(HKStandard)(msnbc)

SG: Battle of the Queens: Shu Qi, Vicki Zhao, Zhou Xun

Edison Chen makes pop-art debut

September 28, 2010

September 28, 2010

CRI: ‘Wind Blast’ Unveils Final Trailer

Francis Ng


CRI: Winston Chao Works on 4th Portrayal of Sun Yat-Sen in The 1911 Revolution

CRI: Chen Kun Sings Theme Song of His Latest Film ‘My Ex-Wife’s Wedding’

FBA: Hong Kong, China unveil Oscar nominees

FBA: San Diego Asian Film Festival (21-28 Oct)

The 11th edition of the San Diego Asian Film Festival (21-28 Oct) is set to kick off next month with the US premiere of Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen.

Yuen Woo-Ping and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA at Austin’s Fantastic Fest

Yuen Woo-Ping’s Lifetime Achievement Award


Chang Chen as Chiang Kai-Shek in The Founding of a Party (Sina)

William Chan Wai-Ting, gigolo

Pat Ha, William Chan, Carrie Ng

Michelle Ye

2nd left: Pat Ha, Michelle Ye, Carrie Ng, Candice Yu

William Chan plays a gigolo in Calvin Poon’s Derailed Women. Michelle Ye and Candice Yu are also in the cast which began shooting yesterday. Candice Yu plays Chan’s mamasan. The cast includes Chapman To and Lawrence Cheng with a script by Yeung Yee-Shan (All About Love, Women For Sale). (Sina)2

Kent Cheng

Kent Cheng just finished shooting a TV series in Inner Mongolia and is now going to Nanjing to start work on  a new series. (Sina)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung is Hong Kong’s highest earning celebrity mum

SG: Nicholas Tse’s son Lucas in tears

Carina Lau: It’s a beautiful misunderstanding

September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

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THR: ‘Legend of the Fist’ and ‘Ip Man 2′ get North American release

The companies are also bringing the popular Asian action pic “Ip Man” to select theaters starting Oct. 1, with an exclusive run at New York City’s Cinema Village theater, to be followed by a combination of traditional one-week runs and special one-off screenings for fans.

WSJ: Hong Kong Legend Yuen Woo Ping’s ‘Fantastic’ Past, Future

After four decades choreographing and directing some of the best-known martial arts films in contemporary Hong Kong cinema, Yuen Woo Ping is making the first American film festival appearance of his career.

Variety: Red Nights2

The funky pleasure of femme-vs.-femme intrigue, assassins and dragon ladies is undone by an ersatz fusion of giallo and John Woo-ish Hong Kong gunplay in “Red Nights.” Glossy, dumb item offers evidence that Gallic co-directors Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtland are fans of the genres in question, but their handling is utterly ham-fisted. Too many lethargic passages undermine the pic’s deep-midnight S&M weirdness and star Carrie Ng’s over-the-top camp appeal.

FBA: Under the Hawthorn Tree (山楂樹之戀) (8/10)

A striking change of pace for director Zhang Yimou, with a sensitive love story during the Cultural Revolution.

THR: China takes first stake in Hollywood firm

It’s finally happened: a Chinese entertainment company has bought a piece of Hollywood.

FBA: Chinese conglomerate makes Hollywood foray

FBA: TVB the centre of acquisition talk

CRI: ’Assassins’ Premieres ahead of Sept. 28 Release

Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok in Life is a Miracle (Xinhua)

CRI: Zhang Ziyi Mixes Happy and Sad in ‘Tale of Magic’

Tony Leung Ka-Fai as Bruce Lee’s father Lee Hoi-Chuen (Sina)

My Ex-Wife’s Wedding poster

The rom-com directed by Lee Kung-Lok features Chen Kun, Lu Yi and Yuan Quan, opens Oct.22 (Sina)

Francis Ng, Li Nian

Francis Ng

Simon Yam

A passionate love scene in Midnight Pulse between Francis Ng and Li Nian may be cut. In addition, an ambiguous scene with Simon Yam and Yang Yuyu who play brother and sister may also be cut. No exact release date has been announced yet for Midnight Pulse but a November timeframe is expected. (Xinhua)23

Chow Yun-Fat and Aaron Kwok have been reported to be signed on for Filmko’s 3D version of The Monkey King. Chow will play the Jade Emperor and Aaron Kwok the evil Bull King Demon. Donnie Yen was previously announced in the role of the Monkey King.  (Xinhua)

CRI: Faye Wong Practices for Upcoming Concert

Previous reports suggest that besides Beijing and Shanghai, the concert will also be taken to various cities including Taipei in January of next year.

Simon Yam and Qi Qi donated a limited edition photo book for charity in Shanghai (Xinhua)

Getting an early look

Zhang Jingchu will be attending the Bally 2011 Spring Preview in Milan for Fashion Week in October. (Xinhua)

Angelababy - Cosmo photo shoot

(Sina-slide show)

Kelly Chen at a recent fashion event in Shanghai

(Sina-slide show)

Chrissie Chau has no worries about her safety when she goes to Japan next month despite recent Sino-Japanese tensions. (Sina)

Liu Yifei’s graduation photo


Red Nights (Variety review)

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Red Nights
Les Nuits rouges du Bourreau de Jade

(Hong Kong-France) A French Connection/Red East Pictures production, in co-production with Artemis Productions and Cine. (International sales: Films Distribution, Paris.) Produced by Ada Wu, Alexis Dantec. Co-producers, Philippe Carcassonne, Patrick Quinet. Directed, written by Julien Carbon, Laurent Courtland.

With: Frederique Bel, Carrie Ng, Carole Brana, Stephen Wong, Jack Kao. (French, Cantonese, Mandarin dialogue)

The funky pleasure of femme-vs.-femme intrigue, assassins and dragon ladies is undone by an ersatz fusion of giallo and John Woo-ish Hong Kong gunplay in “Red Nights.” Glossy, dumb item offers evidence that Gallic co-directors Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtland are fans of the genres in question, but their handling is utterly ham-fisted. Too many lethargic passages undermine the pic’s deep-midnight S&M weirdness and star Carrie Ng’s over-the-top camp appeal, restricting specialty item to DVD shelves.

Opening 10 minutes establish Ng’s evil Carrie as a connoisseur of sadism, taking a gal pal to a lavishly designed lair, encasing her naked body in latex and killing her with giant claw-like fingernails. A silly plot ensues involving a valuable jade object, dating back to China’s first emperor, that Carrie wants and French femme fatale Catherine (Frederique Bel) has. Once Carrie gets her way, more sadism is delivered in pic’s only memorable scene, involving a perfectly mixed martini and a gruesomely tortured victim care of those killer claws. Ng Man-ching’s lensing in dramatic Hong Kong locations and Horace Ma’s lush production design dress up this empty exercise.

Camera (color, HD), Ng Man-ching; editor, Sebastien Prangere; music, Seppuku Paradigm; production designer, Horace Ma; costume designers, William Fung, Claire Fraisse. Reviewed at Toronto Film Festival (Midnight Madness), Sept. 15, 2010. Running time: 98 MIN.

September 24, 2010

September 24, 2010

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Andy Lau

CRI: Andy Lau’s Latest MV: ‘Teardrop of an Orphan’

The music video is directed by Ann Hui, a well-known Hong Kong director who collaborated with Andy 30 years ago in the film “Boat People.” Lau spent 2 days shooting the video, in which he plays an orphan, in a suburban area of Beijing.

SG: Andy Lau as Charlie Chaplin in new MV

This year’s HKAFF runs from October 22 to November 8. Actress Karena Lam’s film “Lover’s Discourse” and Hong Kong actor Juno Mak’s “Fuchouzhe Zhi Si” (translated as “The Death of Avenger”) will be the opening films.

The focus on Hong Kong local productions reflects the recent growth in quantity and quality of Hong Kong cinema, of which the critical and boxoffice reception in the first half of 2010 proved a shot in the arm for the industry, Broadway Cinematheque director Gary Mak told The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hawaii International Film Festival (14-24 Oct) will open with Under The Hawthorn Tree .

You have to be a much more patient director to work in Hollywood. When I was shooting “The Flock,” there were unions, so many meetings to attend, and I had to repeat myself a million times and be specific about everything. I wasted so much time talking bullshit there.

I like the Hong Kong way better—the director is the king.

AFP: Chinese rom-com brings Bordeaux to big screen (with ‘To Love’)

Li Yapeng

Xu Jinglei (Xinhua)

Li Bingbing and Andy Lau attend a shopping mall event in Tsimshatsui.

The HK premiere of Detective Dee is tonight (Sept.24). (Xinhua)

Anthony Wong made a surprise appearance at Jay Chou’s concert in Hong Kong


Daniel Wu wants you to know: OK, for the last time…I am not mixed.

Former actress Cherie Chung wants to focus on love

September 23, 2010

September 23, 2010

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Variety: Late Autumn2

Suspended between the leisurely and the lethargic, slow-burn romance “Late Autumn” revolves around an unlikely crossing of paths between a female convict on temporary leave and a frivolous young gigolo.

CRI: Tang Wei, Hyun Bin Meet in ‘Late Autumn’

FBA: The Stool Pigeon (線人) (8/10)

The main cast of Dante Lam’s Beast Stalker reunites in a tense, more character-driven crime thriller.

CRI: Zhou Xun Displays Bizarre Habit in New Thriller

The “Perhaps Love” starlet leads a thriller short entitled “Legend of Four Nights: The Nail Trimmer’ which is currently shooting on location in Beijing,

Lawrence Chou, Zhou Xun

Derek Tsang, Lawrence Chou, Jimmy Wan Chi-Man

(Sina-slide show)

The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman poster (Sina)

Tats Lau, Liu Kai-Chi - Shanghai Bund

Liu Kai-Chi broke his wrist while filming Shanghai Bund (tentative title) in Central. Liu fell down some stairs and landed awkwardly while shooting a fight scene. He is currently recovering at home. (Sina)(Xinhua)

CRI: Fan Bingbing to Star in Korean War Epic ‘My Way’

The film will tell a story of a Korean solider who was recruited by the Japanese army to fight for the Germans during World War II. Fan stars as a Chinese woman who falls in love with the Korean solider after meeting him in China.

“Pregnancy is really too time-consuming. You have a big belly and after delivering the child [you] have to regain your figure. It takes about two years.

September 22, 2010

Late Autumn (Variety review)

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Late Autumn
Man chu

(South Korea) A Boram Entertainment/MandFC production in association with Film Workshop, M&FC, North by Northwest Entertainment. (International sales: Boram Entertainment, Seoul.) Produced by Jooick Lee, Nansun Shi, Cho Sung-woo. Executive producers, Steven Nam, Yong Duk Kim, Rich Cowan, Michael Peyser. Co-producer, Eunjung Yoo. Directed by Tae-Yong Kim. Screenplay, Kim, based on the original 1966 screenplay by Ji-Hyeon Kim.

With: Wei Tang, Bin Hyeon.

Suspended between the leisurely and the lethargic, slow-burn romance “Late Autumn” revolves around an unlikely crossing of paths between a female convict on temporary leave and a frivolous young gigolo. Latest remake of a 1966 Korean classic, Tae-Yong Kim’s (”Family Ties”) film is cleanly shot and devoid of cheap sentimentality. Yet the gradually lightening tone can’t much leaven a long sit that doesn’t necessarily reward patience. Stateside-shot S. Korea production looks to be a commercial longshot overseas, despite the marquee value of “Love, Caution’s” Wei Tang and Korean tube heartthrob Bin Hyeon.

Having emigrated from China as a child, Anna’s (Tang) adult ill fortunes culminate in her killing an abusive husband. After seven years’ imprisonment she’s allowed 72 hours to attend a parent’s Seattle funeral. On the bus en route, she gets unwanted attention from brash Hoon (Hyeon). Later after the funeral, the two accidentally meet again. Meanwhile, stubbornly carefree Hoon shrugs off word that a client’s jealous husband wants him dead. Tang plays the lead as withdrawn to a monotonous fault; Hyeon is livelier, but one never quite buys these characters’ attraction to one another. Pacing is pokey, packaging smooth.

Camera (color, widescreen, HD-to-35), Kim Woo Hyung; editors, Steve Choe, Jin Lee; music, Sung Woo Cho; production designer, Ryu Seong Hi; art diretcor, Trae King; set decorator, Rachel Thomson; costume designers, Sankyung Cho, Ronald Leamon. Reviewed at Toronto Film Festival (Contemporary World Cinema), Sept. 19, 2010. Running time: 113 MIN.

September 22, 2010

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Late Autumn poster - Hyun Bin, Tang Wei (Xinhua)

The film has also broken new ground with its moon cakes tie in. After a limited edition of 3,000 boxes of hawthorn fruit moon cakes sold out, more were produced and are expected to create significant income for the Zhangs’ Beijing New Picture Film company.

“The Founding of a Republic” tops the best film nominees list for the 30th Hundred Flowers Awards.

Winners will be announced after a final round of voting during the 19th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival scheduled from October 12 to 16 in Jiangyin, in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province.

The Island (formerly Adventure Island) opens Oct. 12 and stars Lam Suet, Huo Siyan and Liu Hua.


Miriam Yeung helps launch new Nokia phone

Miriam has been exercising three hours a day preparing for her concerts and has lost 10 pounds in three months. (Sina-slide show)

Gong Mi is ready for the Mid-Autumn Festival

(Sina-slide show)

Zhao Wei performing in rehearsal for tonight’s CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival broadcast

(Sina-slide show)

SG: Gong Li’s “busty” seduction

HK actress Vivian Chow says no to kids

September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival edition of poster for Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

The Vincent Kok-directed, Peter Chan-produced film is set for a 2011 release. (Sina)

Who Killed Paul the Octopus? poster

Inspired by the World Cup match-picking German octopus, the film opens in theaters far from you Oct.22 (Sina)

Virtual Recall poster

Tang Yifei and Stephen Fung

Tang Yifei

Directed by Cheung Hoi-Cheung (Devil’s Vendetta), the romantic thriller also features Cherrie Ying and opens Oct.12. (Sina)

CRI: Xu Jinglei, Li Yapeng in New Romantic Film ‘To Love’

CRI: ’Legend of the Fist’ Has Gala Premiere in HK

Anthony Wong

Shu Qi

Anthony Wong, Huo Siyan, Donnie Yen, Shu Qi, Andrew Lau


FBA:  Taiwan’s FTPP declares 25 projects

Taiwan’s Golden Horse Film & TV Film Project Promotion (FTPP) project market has announced 25 projects from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, France, USA and Taiwan.

Cherie Chung - Taiwan

Cherie Chung made her first trip to Taiwan since her husband died. (Xinhua)

CRI: Chen Kun Poses for VOGUE

CRI: Cecilia Cheung in New York(Xinhua-gallery)

CRI: Michelle Reis Admits Pregnancy(Xinhua-gallery)

Michelle Reis posts picture of her baby bump on Internet

Raymond Lam denies hospitalisation was publicity stunt

Christy Chung’s secret to looking fabulous at 40

Japan pop group SMAP calls off China shows amid row

HKStandard: Eight deadly blunders

Eight blunders were spelled out yesterday in the Manila tourist bus bloodbath in which eight Hongkongers died.

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