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February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CRI: Keanu Reeves’ Tai Chi Movie Starts Shooting(CF)

Keanu Reeves

Tiger Chen, Keanu Reeves

Yuen Woo-ping (Sina)

CF: Flower of China on Oscar Carpet–Li Bingbing

Before her dazzling appearance at the event, Bingbing accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV News.

Latest posters for Raymond Yip’s “Blood Stained Shoes”

Kara Hui

Monica Mok (Mo Xiaoqi)

Ruby Lin

Mabel Ye Xiqi (Anna Kay)


Cartoon posters for Herman Yau’s “Love Lifting” starring Chapman To and Elanne Kong. Release is set for Mar. 8, International Women’s Day.


SGYahoo: Lynn Hung and Aaron Kwok argue

MSN: Kelly Chen is pregnant with underweight foetus

MSN: Gaile Lok to quit modelling

MSN: A-Mei said to be holidaying with new beau

February 28, 2012

February 28, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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FBA: Joyful Reunion review

Patchy but lightly enjoyable foodie film, boosted by veteran Rose Kuei’s full-on performance.

FBA: The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven review

Radical refurbishment of the ’60s cartoon classic looks like a newly minted coin.

TimeOutHK: Barbara Wong interview

TimeOutHK - Aarif Lee interview

CRI: Vicky Zhao Officially Announces Her Directorial Debut Work

CRI: Biopic “Hsui-shen Tsien” to Hit National Screens

CRI: Zhang Yimou Promotes “Flowers” in Taiwan

CF: Promotional Poster of Guan Hu’s “Design of Death” Unveiled

The film stars Huang Bo, Simon Yam, Yu Nan and Alec Su. Like his previous film, “Cow”, “Design” is described as a black comedy set during wartime.

Guan Hu

Simon Yam, Huang Bo, Yu Nan, Alec Su, Liang Jing

Simon Yam, Yu Nan


Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu skills and his masterful ability with Nunchucks are world-renowned. In memory of the legendary figure of Chinese Kung Fu cinema, the action flick “Nunchaku” is set to be released on March 2.

CRI: Actress Bai Jing Killed by Husband: Police

Chinese mainland actress Bai Jing was killed by her husband on Tuesday at their home in eastern Beijing’s Chaoyang district during a quarrel, police in the Chinese capital city confirmed.

WSJ: Actress Li Bingbing on the Oscars You Didn’t Get to See

Li Bingbing describes her “Oscar Tour”

Li Bingbing at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party

With Michelle Rodriguez

Milla Jovovich

Natalie Portman

Wendi Deng Murdoch

From the Elton John Aids Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

Lana Marks (HunanTV) (Sina-slideshow)

A1: Hollywood beckons Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing would be working with Fast and Furious star Paul Walker in the upcoming science- fiction film Six.

MSN: Miriam Yeung suffers from pre-natal depression

MSN: Christy Chung spotted with new man

Eight months after her divorce from second husband Jon Yen, Christy was spotted with a new man. The man named Andy, is, reportedly, a wealthy real estate billionaire from Beijing, China and is about 40 years old.

MSN: Michelle Reis and son celebrate husband’s birthday

February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CF: ’LOVE’ Performs well in North America

Doze NIU’s Love has turned out to be a strong performer off a narrow platform release in North America.

New posters and stills from Carol Lai’s “The Second Woman”

Shawn Yue

Shu Qi


Zhao Wei, producer Stanley Kwan, writer Li Qiang and author of the original story, novelist Xin Yiwu, met with the Bejing press to announce the casting of Mark Chao in the lead for Zhao Wei’s directorial debut film “Farewell To Our Past Youth”. Without revealing the name, Zhao Wei said another important role would be played by a pop idol leaving the audience in suspense.

Stanley Kwan

Zhao Wei

Li Qiang, Zhao Wei

Xin Yiwu (c) (Sina-gallery)

Zhang Ziyi, wearing Elie Saab, attended the Elton John Aids Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party


MSN: Cherrie Ying angry at Chinese actress for being third party

In a post published yesterday afternoon, Cherie wrote, “If any women still dare to send Mr Chan any weird text messages or photos, I will post your name and telephone number on my microblog! Did I make myself clear?”

The model’s microblog entry sparked speculations on her relationship problems with Aaron Kwok

February 24, 2012

February 24, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CRI: Li Bingbing Confirmed to Attend Oscar

Besides Li Bingbing, Chinese actress and singer Laure Shang posted her “Oscar Schedule” on the microblogging site Weibo. She was invited by domestic media outlets to broadcast live from the red carpet.

CF: ”Love in the Buff” Goes into Top Nightclubs

The romantic comedy “Love in the Buff” unveiled a batch of new still photos in the run up to its release on March 30th. Male lead Shawn Yue was featured having fun in the top nightclubs with a group of trendsetters.

CF: Poster for “Joyful Reunion” Out

Huo Siyan tries cooking at Chengdu press conference (Sina)

CF: Sino-U.S. Co-production to Film Tangshan Earthquake Blockbuster

The movie tells the true story of more than 200 prisoners risking their life to save people during the disaster only to spontaneously return to prison afterwards. Following their heroic acts, the prisoners were granted amnesty by the government and were released from prison.

CF: Lineup for Hong Kong Int’l Film Festival(FBA)

Jia Zhangke

Jia Zhangke, posting on his Weibo, wondered if fans would accept it if he cast Takeshi Kitano in his martial arts actioner “In the Qing Dynasty” (aka In the Manchurian Dynasty). During difficult financial times, Kitano invested in three of Jia’s early films, “Platform”, “Unknown Pleasures” and “The World”. (Sina)

Speaking at the Beijing press conference for “Crazy Stupid Thief”, Francis Ng said that he was overwhelmed with multiple roles, not only involved in script writing, casting, editing and design, as well as directing the MV, but he only took a paycheck as actor.

Wang Taili, Teddy Lin (Lian Jin), Ying Er (Liu Ying), Lam Suet, Francis Ng, Peng Bo (Sina)2

(Feb.20) Vivian Hsu and Zhou Dongyu attending Burberry’s Fall and Winter Fashion Week in London.

Vivian Hsu, Zhou Dongyu

Zhou Dongyu

Vivian Hsu (Sina)2

In Milan, Gao Yuanyuan attended a Valentino Flagship shop opening, Gucci Fall/Winter 2012 and below, Max Mara Autumn/Winter 2012

Valentino Flagship store opening (Sina)

February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CF: ”Blood Stained Shoes” Set to be Released on Mar. 31


CF: New Stills of “A Simple Life” Released

The heart-warming film “A Simple Life” has had released a new batch of still photos prior to its release on the mainland screens.

CF: Mainland Box Office in the 7th Week

Huayi Brothers’”Love” led a raft of romance flicks by pulling in $13.91 million and caught the second spot in weekly B.O. chart. Directed by Doze Niu, “Love” caught the eye at first because of its all-star cast, including young actors, such as Ethan Ruan, Mark Zhao and Eddie Peng, and veterans, such as Shu Qi and Zhao Wei. Set in Beijing and Taipei, “Love” told the story of three couples whose lives are intertwined, but in the end all characters found their own answers to what love is: namely courage and forgiveness.

Mainland director Sun Zhou presented “I Do”, a comedy that concentrated on the lives of 30’s -40’s single ladies. It is the first commercial movie for the artistic type director. Thanks to Valentines’ Day, the first commercial entry of Sun Zhou got a strong record of $6.31 million over its second week run.

CF: Actress Zhang Xinyi Poses for Photo Shoot

Zhang Xinyi recently poses for the photo shoot to showcase her charisma. The film “An Inaccurate Memoir” she leads is set to hit big screens during the Labor Day [May Day?] holiday slot.

Andy Lau has turned his shooting diary on “A Simple Life” into a book


The star believed that seven was his unlucky number and exchanged his tag for his friend’s, which had the number 5654, but maintained he did not swap out his own electronic chip – which records the time taken for the wearer to complete the marathon.


Edison Chen promoted shoes at Causeway Bay on the 22nd. Pals Sam Lee, Scottie Hui, Kevin Poon, MC Yan joined in to assist.

Sam Lee (Sina)

The Taiwanese multi-hyphenate was rumoured to be a difficult person to work with on set

It is rumoured that the 38-year-old is trying to increase her cash assets to handle the costs of raising her daughter and financing her mother who has zero income and a gambling addiction.

February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

THR: 10+10 review

Taiwanese shorts anthology is a mixed bag.

CF: Ning Hao’s New Project in Post-production

Ning’s new project has been a closely guarded secret ever since shooting began, an ambitious move from a director who hasn’t seen the big screen in 3 years.

CF:”Scheme With Me” Premieres in Beijing

Richie Jen and guest, actress Zhao Ming

Tengger, Zhao Ming (Sina-slideshow)

“Scheme With Me” character posters


Richie Jen

Jiu Kong

Steve Yoo Seung-Jun

Yvonne Yung

Xiong Naijin  (Sina)

“Crazy Stupid Thief” (Chinese title) opens March 1. Shown below, Francis Ng and Ying Er (Liu Ying). Lam Suet, Dong Lifan, Teddy Lin and Peng Bo round out the cast. Two screenings of the film were held at the Harbin Snow and Ice Film Festival earlier this month.

Dong Lifan

Ying Er (Liu Ying)


CF: Charming Zhou Xun Graces BAZAAR Magazine

A1: Fiona Sit’s betting on new role

In the slapstick comedy Mr and Mrs Gambler, which opens here on Thursday, Sit and rotund funnyman To are Flora and Manfred, a pair of boorish compulsive gamblers who find themselves falling in love with each other after being held captive by loan sharks.

SGYahoo: Gigi’s husband is ok with sex scenes

SGYahoo: Andy Lau for Hong Kong Chief Executive(CNA)

Netizens in a forum have sounded out their hopes for Hong Kong’s multi-talented star Andy Lau to register himself to be in the running for the position of Hong Kong’s Chief Executive.

MSN: Andy Lau to raise daughter in new home

Hong Kong singer Andy Lau is sparing no efforts to ensure the best for his unborn child.

10+10 (Hollywood Reporter review)

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by Jordan Mintzer

A collection of five-minute shorts, commissioned by the Tapei Golden Horse Film Festival, celebrates “the uniqueness of Taiwan” on its 100-year anniversary.

10+10 doesn’t quite add up to 20 in this varied collection of Taiwanese shorts by some of the island’s leading filmmakers. Commissioned by the Tapei Golden Horse Film Festival, each movie was given a five-minute running time to speak about “the uniqueness of Taiwan” on its 100-year anniversary, with the results ranging from more accessible genre fare to minimalist mood pieces to commentaries on local politics and pop stars that only aficionados will grasp. A Berlin Panorama slot, plus the participation of Hou Hsiao-Hsien, should ensure further fest bids and a small-scale DVD release.

As a rule, short film collections tend to have their highlights and their low points (just think of Paris, je t’aime or its weaker New York sequel), and 10+10 is no exception. Perhaps one advantage to this ensemble piece is that with a max of five minutes per film, in the very least the bad ones fly by quickly enough, while the more memorable ones manage to leave their mark. On the other hand, to the non-Taiwanese specialist, many of the references of at least half the works may be lost in the shuffle.

Two of the anthology’s more sensational works are also pure genre exercises: In Bus Odyssey, a dreary rainy-day commute is cut short by a sudden act of violence, with documentary filmmaker Shen Ko-shang (Baseball Boys) using taut editing and gritty black-and-white images to introduce genre tropes within a hyper-realistic setting. Another thriller-type tale is present in Chung Mong-hong’s Reverberation, where a teenage bullying episode spirals into a gruesome, Haneke-esque home invasion plot, buckets and baseball bats included.

Viewers unschooled in the conflicted history of Taiwan (aka the Republic of China) may better digest such purely visceral fare than they will some of the film’s more metaphorical pieces, including Chang Tso-chi’s kitschy war drama Sparkles, which cramps a Saving Private Ryan-style flashback narrative into five overblown minutes of nostalgia and mayhem. Much better realized, if somewhat obtuse to the ill-informed, is Cheng Yu-chieh’s film shoot spoof Unwritten Rules, which has an amateur movie crew confronted with an unexpected obstacle: the Taiwanese flag (also the official flag of mainland China until the Communists took power in 1949).

One of the most striking shorts is Hou Chi-jan’s Green Island Serenade, an elegant cinematic poem mixing images of past and present to the melodies of the 1954 song. Such plotless fare plays well when it showcases the director’s visual skills, even if the story is sacrificed in favor a certain underlying ambiance. Unfortunately, not all of the mood-pieces are as easily digested, and Wei Te-sheng’s Debut – in which first-time actor Lin Ching-tai heads to Venice for the 2011 premiere of Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale – is a cringe-worthy bit of self-promotion that combines a weepy voiceover with the 5-star mundanities of a film festival.

10+10 is bookended by two shorts which perhaps best reflect the collection’s overarching theme of old vs. new, tradition vs. modernity: While it isn’t one of Hou Hsiao-hsien’s more noteworthy works, La Belle Epoque features regular star Shu Qi receiving a gift passed down through generations, and then posing for a pleasant family portrait. More on the clever side is Wang Toon’s opener The Ritual, where a trek to a secluded shrine becomes a satire on religious practices in the age of the 3-D blockbuster.

Tech credits range from sleek widescreen to home video-style HD, though the overall package is pro.

Venue: Berlin Film Festival (Panorama Special)
Production companies: Tapei Golden Horse Film Festival
Cast: (The Ritual) Tsai Ming-hsiu, Hsieh Chi-wen; (Bus Odyssey) Nikki Hsieh, (The Orphans) Chang Fang-yi; (100) Cheng Chin-shan; (A Grocery Called Forever) Li Hou Lou-yuan; (Destined Eruption) Kou Chia-jui, Jenny Liao; (The Debut) Peggy Tseng, Doris Wang, Chen Yu-hsun; (Green Island Serenade) Chi Lu-hsia, Jian Man-shu, Huang He River; (Debut) Lin Ching-tai; (Hippocamp Hair Salon) Lee Lieh, Ko I-chen, Laurence Ko; (Sparkles) Cheng Shih-hua, Wu Li-yuan; (Key) Kwai Lun-mei; (Old Man & Me) Lai A-jie; (The Dusk of the Gods) David Chang; (Unwritten Rules) Kao Ying-hsuan, Huang Jian-wei, Chang Chieh; (Reverberation) Jack Kao, Lu Yi-ching, Leon Dai; (The Singing Boy) Kuan-yi Lee, Qiu Qin-quan, Matt Wu; (Something’s Gotta Give); ZaiZai Lin, Era Wang; (Lane 256) Joseph Chang, Angela Chang, Eugene Suen; (La Belle Epoque) Shu Qi, Mei Fang

Directors, screenwriters: (The Ritual) Wang Toon; (Bus Odyssey) Shen Ko-Shang; (The Orphans) Chu Yen-ping; (100) Ho Wi-ding; (A Grocery Called Forever) Wu Nieh-jen; (Destined Eruption) Wang Shaudi; (The Debut) Chen Kuo-fu; (Green Island Serenade) Hou Chi-jan; (Debut) Wei Te-sheng; (Hippocamp Hair Salon) Chen Yu-hsun; (Sparkles) Chang Tso-chi; (Key) Leon Dai; (Old Man & Me) Cheng Wen-tang; (The Dusk of the Gods) Sylvia Chang; (Unwritten Rules) Cheng Yu-chieh; (Reverberation) Chung Mong-hung; (The Singing Boy) Yang Ya-che; (Something’s Gotta Give) Hsiao Ya-chuan; (Lane 256) Arvin Chen; (La Belle Epoque) Hou Hsiao-hsien

Producers: (The Ritual) Hu Hsin Yi; (Bus Odyssey) Li Meng-chien; (The Orphans) Lin Sheng-kuo; (100) Hu Chin-hsin; (A Grocery Called Forever) Cheng Nien-hsiang; (Destined Eruption) Jeyi An; (The Debut) Eason Ko; (Green Island Serenade) Aileen Li; (Debut) Huang Chih-ming; (Hippocamp Hair Salon) Tsui Tung-chien; (Sparkles) Gao Meng-jie; (Key) Liu Wei-jan; (Old Man & Me) Chuo Jiun-hua; (The Dusk of the Gods); Atyn Lin; (Unwritten Rules) Lin Shih-ken; (Reverberation) Song Ming-chung; (The Singing Boy) Wang Min-li; (Something’s Gotta Give) Hsiao Jui-lan; (Lane 256) Liu Wei-jan, In-ah Lee; (La Belle Epoque) Liao Ching-sung

Directors of photography: (The Ritual) Mahua Hisn Hua Feng; (Bus Odyssey) Chien Yu-tao; (The Orphans) Pun Yiu-ming; (100) Jack Pollock; (A Grocery Called Forever) Wang Chun-ming; (Destined Eruption) Huang Tien-jen; (The Debut) Jake Pollock; (Green Island Serenade) Kwan Pun-leung; (Debut) Liao Ching Yao, Huang Hung-chi, Wang Yen-ni, Chian Yi-ning; (Hippocamp Hair Salon) Sam Hu; (Sparkles) Li Jian-hung, Chang Yi-ming; (Key) Chang Hsiang-yu; (Old Man & Me) Chang I-feng; (The Dusk of the Gods); Joshua Lin; (Unwritten Rules) Liao Ching-yao; (Reverberation) Chung Mong-hung; (The Singing Boy) Chou Yi-hsien; (Something’s Gotta Give) Lin Tse-chung; (Lane 256) Yu Fisher; (La Belle Epoque) Yao Hung-i

Editors: (The Ritual) Lai Meng-jie; (Bus Odyssey) Huang Kuan Chun; (The Orphans) Chen Po-Wen; (100) Jack Pollock; (A Grocery Called Forever) Lin Yung Yi; (Destined Eruption) Chen Hsiao-tung; (The Debut) Chen Hsiao-tung; (Green Island Serenade) Liao Ching-sung; (Debut) Chan Hsiao-tung; (Hippocamp Hair Salon) Wei Hao-chih; (Sparkles) Chang Tso-chi; (Key) Chang Hsiang-yu; (Old Man & Me) Chang I-feng; (The Dusk of the Gods); Sylvia Chang, Sky Dominic; (Unwritten Rules) Hsu Hung-yuan; (Reverberation) Lo Shih-jing (The Singing Boy) Chen Hsiao-tung; (Something’s Gotta Give) Fem; (Lane 256) Arvin Chen; (La Belle Epoque) Liao Ching-sung

Sales Agent: Huayi Brothers International
No rating, 115 minutes

February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

CRI: ”Fushan Mountains” Wraps up Shooting

The movie will enter its post-production stages. And the release date has yet to be confirmed.

Variety: Keanu Reeves to deliver masterclass in Hong Kong

Ning Hao’s big bank robbery caper film has been given an English name, “Guns N’Roses” (previously aka Robbing the Gold/A Big Gold Robbery/Gold Mystery Case). It was revealed in the teaser trailer that was recently released. A summer release is planned.

Ning Hao

Ning Hao guesting as a police officer (Sina)

“Scheme With Me” (aka “Tales of Two Cities”), starring Richie Jen, shares a similar storyline of a big gold robbery and opens February 24.


Monica Mok (Mo Xiaoqi) plays a young village woman in Manfred Wong and Raymond Yip’s “Blood Stained Shoes”. Kara Hui and Ruby Lin costar.

Working in a distillery


CF: Actress Shu Qi on Figaro Magazine

A1: HK’s Liu Kai Chi to star in Singapore production

CNA: Edison Chen’s marathon results voided amidst fraud allegations

MSN: Did Michelle Reis and Kelly Chen abandon their family for money?

These female artistes became the talk of the town recently, after it was reported that one female celebrity, with the initials ‘K’ had left her husband and daughter, in order to marry into a rich family.

February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

FBA: White Deer Plain review

Potentially epic peasant drama, with a fine cast, is undercut by an uninvolving approach.

CF: ”Love” Presented at Berlin Film Festival

CF: Bullets Sweeps the 24th Harbin Film Festival

The awarding ceremony of the 24th Harbin Film Festival was held on February 16th. “Let the Bullets Fly,” the top grossing blockbuster in 2010, and “The Piano in a Factory” swept the festival and obtained three awards respectively.

Leon Lai Ming, Charlie Yeung, Kara Hui, Feng Shaofeng and directors Daniel Lee, Huang Jianxin were spotted on the red carpet of the festival.

TimeOutHK: Simon Yam interview

Synonymous with Hong Kong movies by appearing in seemingly half of them, veteran actor Simon Yam tells us about his thespian secrets – and why he never gets tired of playing cops.

CRI: Final Posters of “Nightfall” Unveiled

Award-winning actor Simon Yam unveiled the two movie posters featuring Nick Cheung and himself in the run up to the film’s much anticipated release.

Simon Yam

Janice Man (Sina-gallery)

CF: Poster Released for “The Second Woman”

The movie will hit national screens on March 8th. Actress Shu Qi and actor Shawn Yue were featured as leading roles in it

CF: Promotional Poster for “An Inaccurate Memoir” Unveiled

Featuring Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Yi and actress Zhang Xinyi, the film is currently in an intense post-production stage.

“An Inaccurate Memoir” poster


Stills from Herman Yau’s “Love Lifting” starring Chapman To and Elanne Kong. Chapman To plays a house husband to Elanne Kong who hopes to fulfill her athletic dreams.

Herman Yan, Elanne Kong and Chapman To at the Harbin Ice and Snow Film Festival (Sina)2(Poster)

“Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” held a press conference after they wrapped up shooting in the National Museum in Beijing recently

Andy Lau, Zhang Jingchu, Lin Chi-Ling, Tong Dawei, co-director Bob Brown

Co-director Sun Jianjun (l)

Four leads - Tong Dawei, Andy Lau, Lin Chi-Ling, Zhang Jingchu

Lin Chi-Ling

Lin Chi-Ling, Zhang Jingchu (Sina-gallery)

CNA: First ever ‘4D’ Hong Kong adult film in the works, says HK film producer

Hong Kong film producer Stephen Shiu Jr, who had worked on the Hong Kong adult film “3D Sex and Zen” which made waves across Asia last year, recently revealed that he plans to release a ‘4D’ sequel to the film, reported Hong Kong media.

CNA: 64 injured at Faye Wong concert after spectator stand collapses

Faye Wong’s concert in Chongqing on Friday was abruptly cancelled, after a section of the spectator stands suddenly collapsed, leaving 64 people injured, reported Chinese media. 
MSN: Faye Wong utters 36 words at concert

The Chinese singer moved her fans to tears when she went beyond her usual “Thank you” at her concert

February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

CF: ”New Dragon Inn” (1992) Back to the Big Screen

Compared to the original poster featuring Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung, the updated version also features Kung Fu megastar Donnie Yen.

“White Deer Plain” poster (Sina)

White Plain Deer” hits the red carpet in Berlin last night

Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Wang Quan’an

(Sina) (Sina-slideshow)

“White Plain Deer” reception

Sylvia Chang, Shi Nansun

Tsui Hark, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Wang Quan’an

Kitty Zhang

“Glory Days” posters unveiled at Berlin International Film Festival

Now in post-production, a summer release is planned (Sina)2

The cast of “Crazy Stupid Thief” in Harbin

Francis Ng, Ying Er

Lam Suet

Peng Bo

Wang Taili, Francis Ng

Starring Eva Huang, Yang Zi and Li Man, the tragic romance film tells of the downfall of a young and beautiful girl, portrayed by Huang, as public opinion turns against her in her small hometown. 

Photos from the Hong Kong premiere of Wong Jing’s “Mr. and Mrs. Gambler” last night.

Fiona Sit, Law Kar-Ying

Chapman To


Michael Wong promotes his new “MW” leather brand. Jennifer Tse Ting-ting helps him out.

Both singers share a passionate kiss together on stage, surprising many in the audience

Eason’s wife, Hilary Tsui, and daughter, Real Ting, Miriam Yeung’s husband record the event (Sina)

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