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December 24, 2009

December 24, 2009

Hot Summer Days Poster (HunanTV)


CRI: Treasure Hunters Jay and Chi-Ling in HK HD Slide show (13) (Sina)

Lin Chi-ling On Her Guards Against Men Yet Worries of Not Being Loved

NYTimes: Reimagining a Pivotal Year in China

Big, star-studded ensemble casts with their many egos are notoriously difficult to handle, and for Teddy Chen, the director of the Chinese blockbuster “Bodyguards and Assassins,” it was no different.

CCTV: “Bodyguards and Assassins” sweeps big screen

Cast members promote movie “Bodyguards and Assassins”

Tony Leung Kar-Fai, Fan Bingbing

Taipei (Sina)

Lee Lik-Chi, Zhang Jingchu, Huang Xiaoming


Flirting Scholar cast send Christmas greetings, HD slide show (7)(Sina)

Top 10 movies of this holiday season in China

CRI: Ink-splashed ‘Zhang Ziyi’ in Trouble ?

CRI: Comedian Zhao Benshan to Create Pop Band

Have a Merry Christmas! (Xinhua)

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