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January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010

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CRI: Zhang Yimou Eyes Another Suspense Comedy

Though its name is as yet unknown, it has been revealed that the new comedy will borrow a similar structure to the 2005 Oscar winner “Crash”, thereby telling the story of several unrelated characters, who become entangled in an unlikely event.

CRI: Jackie Chan Targets Kids with Low-Budget “Spy”

Biopic shows Confucius has new status in China

Hong Kong film development council to promote 3D movie making

Taipei Times capsule reviews

20th Century Boys: The Last Chapter - Our Flag

The final installment in this manga-sourced Japanese trilogy of kiddie-induced apocalyptic madness arrives in Taipei to a ready-made audience. Part 3 concentrates on the final stages of the attempt by doomsday cult leader Friend to destroy the world. His long-time opponents — a rock star and his female relative — attempt to frustrate him both within his organization and from the outside. It’s worth noting that this intriguing and sometimes disturbing mixture of cults, children, terrorism, pop music and religion could never have been made in the US.

Crazy Racer (瘋狂的賽車)

Frenetic Chinese action comedy involves a disgraced cyclist whom fate further mistreats by ensnaring him in a mish-mash of drug-running, spouse murder and even more nefarious activities. There’s action to spare and some innovative elements, too. Perfect for getting crazy on a brainless night out on the town. This is a follow-on of sorts from director Ning Hao’s (寧浩) Crazy Stone (瘋狂的石頭) in 2006.

The Warrior and the Wolf (狼災記)

Chinese director Tian Zhuangzhuang (田壯壯), who made the fine drama The Blue Kite (藍風箏), is a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, this strange, messy film may not enhance that reputation. Maggie Q (Die Hard 4.0) is a luckless widow, Japan’s Joe Odagiri (Air Doll, which also opens today) is a warrior and Taiwan’s Tou Chung-hua (庹宗華, from Lust, Caution) is a fallen general in this cosmopolitan action fantasy set thousands of years ago. The film offers two pieces of advice among the battles, rape sequences and pretty vistas: (1) Don’t fornicate with wolf-women and (2) Don’t assume eclectic Asian co-productions will make money.

CRI: Zhang Ziyi Sues Newspaper, Vivi Nevo Issues Statement

Zhang Ziyi strikes back at rumour mongers

Faye Wong’s comeback gets a little help from Botox

Faye’s back after five-year hiatus

Edison’s women slow to bounce back

Gigi Leung appearing at an art event (Xinhua) (15)

Zhang Yuqi at a shoe event (Xinhua) (11)(Sina)

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Jay Chou, Lin Chi-Ling, Monga, Elva Hsiao, et al.

Struggle aka Loan Sharks features Sam Lee, Eddie Cheung, shot in Malaysia

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