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May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

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Louis Koo - Triple Tap

CRI: Louis Koo vs. Daniel Wu in ‘Triple Tap’

CRI: Sophie Marceau to Star in Wang Xiaoshuai’s New Film

THR: Chinese producer unveils ‘Monkey King

Three-part, 3D Monkey King announced

Two Mainland versions of Pang Ho-Cheung’s Cat. III Love in a Puff will be released in June. Neither version will have any scenes deleted. Rather, both Mandarin and Cantonese (for Guangdong Province) versions will be redubbed to eliminate foul language and Hong Kong slang. This means that there will be three versions of the film, Mainland Mandarin, Mainland Cantonese and Hong Kong Cantonese. On a post by the director on his micro-blog: “So excited to tell you, Love in a Puff will be released in June. La la la la. The most exciting thing is, Guangdong Province Cantonese version will be shown, yo yo yo yo. Happy, happy, happy, happy.” In the past, foul language was ‘beeped’ out but this was found to be too distracting for viewers. According to anonymous sources, Pang originally tried to edit the scenes with bad language but the results were unsatisfactory so the redub approach was taken. (Xinhua)(Sina)

Producer Manfred Wong announced that Karen Mok and Tony Leung Ka-Fai would play Bruce Lee’s parents in the Bruce Lee Biography. Aarif Lee Chi-Ting was previously announced as playing Bruce Lee. Shooting would begin in June, in time for a November release to coincide with Bruce Lee’s 70th birthday. Simon Yam and others are expected to guest. Peter Chan is to direct and Raymond Yip to deputy direct. (Sina)

The First Adventures of the Three Gangsta Bears

Poster for an early short work of Pang Ho-Cheung.  On his micro-blog, Pang says he is having underground screenings. A description of the film where it has a surprise world premiere at Udine Film Festival.

Tsui Hark at first trailer release for Detective Dee

Deng Chao plays an albino detective in a body-burning case

Poster unveiling, September 23 release planned (Sina)2

Simon Yam in Taiwan to promote Echoes of the Rainbow


Simon Yam dismisses death hoax rumours

Zhang Jingchu - Shanghai World Expo

Zhang Jingchu helped to raise funds for China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation (Sina)


After missing her expected Mother’s Day delivery date, Cecilia Cheung has checked into the hospital and is expected to deliver her baby tomorrow. The family has reportedly selected an English name already, ‘Focus’, to match the ‘-cas’ in brother Lucas’ name. (Xinhua)

More baby news. Due to her recent hard stance against having a baby, Michelle Reis’ husband has reportedly offered her HK$500 million if she will agree to undergoing artificial insemination. Regardless of the success, she would reap the benefit. (Xinhua)

Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting unveils the HTC Desire


CRI: Beautiful Director Xu Jinglei in Magazine


Lin Chi-ling on Takuya Kimura: Handsome but not for me

Japanese TV series co-star

Mark Chao flaunts physique

Aaron Kwok’s Singapore concert (Sina)

Aaron Kwok wows!

The highlight of the spectacular show was, naturally the much-talked about indoor revolving stage that entered the Guinness World Records for its sheer size - a 10m by 9.44m translucent platform (about the size of two squash courts). Cavorting on a 450 degree revolving manner, the stage took Aaron Kwok back and forth while he sang and danced, as it revolved vertically and horizontally.

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