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March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

People saying stupid things, or, “I apologize if anyone may have been offended”:

Tokyo governor apologizes for calling quake divine retribution

UCLA Student Who Posted Racist Rant Online Receives Death Threats

Pondexter apologizes for tweet about Japan

I’m not even going to mention Gilbert “Aflac!” Gottfried, unless I do.

Vivian Hsu, who launched her career in Japan, has donated NT$1 million to disaster relief for Japan

100 Taiwan artists are participating in a telephone fundraising concert effort Friday night. (Xinhua)2

Donate to American Red Cross and select the International Relief Fund option.

Variety advert purchased by Nanjing Heroes producer Zhang Weiping congratulating Christian Bale on his Oscar award (Sina)

AP: Kevin Spacey’s Chinese film clears censors

The director of Kevin Spacey’s Chinese production “Inseparable” says the film has cleared the country’s censors and its financial backers are discussing release dates with local distributors.

Jackie Chan’s 100th film gets Sept. 26 release (CRI)

HKFA: “All for One and One for All: Union Film”

Union Film stands out in Cantonese cinema’s “golden era”, along with its famous motto “All for One and One for All”, taken from the classic “In the Face of Demolition” (1953).

Twenty-two productions by Union Film will be shown during the HKIFF from March 20 to April 5 and the full catalogue of 44 films will be shown from April 9 to May 29.

Scene location for “Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind” and other films.

Choy Lee Fut starring Sammo Hung opens April 2 (Sina)

(Mar.16) Alan Mak and Felix Chong released duo versions of the trailer for The Lost Bladesman and the MV sung by Jing Tan at a Beijing press conference. The theme song is entitled, “Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles”.

Alan Mak, Felix Chong

Jing Tan

Jing Tan sings the theme song (Sina-gallery)

Chen Kun, Jacob Cheung

Jacob Cheung’s Rest on Your Shoulder will not be completed in time for the Cannes Film Festival. Cheung’s film was in post-production and he was collaborating with Joe Hisiashi in a Tokyo studio on the soundtrack but the Sendai earthquake has disrupted the schedule.(Sina)

Rosemary appeared at public event for the SPCA, the first time since her drug arrest last year. Kitty Yuen Siu-Yi and Gigi Fu Ming-Hin also attended.


Kitty Yuen Siu-Yi

Rosemary, Gigi Fu Ming-Hin (Sina-slide show)

Jackie Chan and the New Seven Little Fortunes filmed a series of public service videos recently.

Jackie talkied about public welfare and charity. (Sina-slideshow)

China Love Report: ‘Leftover women’ look for younger men

For example, one ‘leftover woman’, Shu Qi, is reportedly carrying on an online romance with Olympic hurdler Liao Xiang. The two are flirting back and forth unabashedly on the weibo according to this report. (Xinhua)

CNA: Sammi Cheng’s mushy love declaration uncovered

MSN: Ronald Cheng rumoured to wed in October

Not long later, Ronald started dating 31-year-old news anchor Yu Simin. Recently, it was reported that Simin had already quit her job, in preparation for her marriage to Ronald.

MSN: Selina Jen might wed in October

Selina and Richard were initially going to wed on Apr 1, but the wedding is now reportedly moved to the singer’s 30th birthday, which falls on Oct 31.

CNA: ‘Jang Ja-yeon Letters’ prove to be fakes

Korean authorities said recently uncovered letters allegedly written by late Korean actress Jang Ja-yeon, who took her own life in 2009, have proven to be fake, reported Korean media.

Zhao Wei and husband

Zhao Wei’s 35th birthday March 12.


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