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May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011

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CRI: First Poster of “The Great Magician” Released

Another poster previously posted…

CF: Newest Poster of “White Vengeance” Out at Cannes

Starring a slew of famous actors Leon Lai Ming, Zhang Hanyu, Liu Yifei, Feng Shaofeng, Anthony Wong, Jordan Chan and Andy On, the film has aroused great interest of foreign film companies.


CF: Weinstein Holds Yacht Party for “Wu Xia”

CF: Sundance Int’l Film Festival Lauds Chinese Film Last Train Home

CF: ‘Piano in a Factory’ Scheduled to Hit Cinemas

[There seems to some sort of controversy involved over a title change and posters have been released without a title but only with a question mark. Since winning best picture prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival, the investors want to change the Chinese title, "Steel Piano", to draw a better domestic box office, against the wishes of the director. Actress, producer Qin Hailu also objected to the name change and asked to have her name removed as producer if it is changed. Dozens of suggestions from the internet, including "Crazy Piano", have been suggested.] (Sina)23

Simon Yam will team up with Gianna Jun (Jeon Ji-Hyun), Kim Hye-su in a Korean film called “Thieves”, a diamond heist story. It will begin shooting June in Seoul and Macau. Choi Dong-hun (Tazza: The High Rollers) will direct. (Sina)

First concept poster for Stephen Fung’s Tai Chi from Huayi Brothers

Wang Zhonglei and Stephen Fung (Sina)

FBA: Chinese director Gao is jailed

Chinese film director Gao Xiaosong, whose My Kingdom showed to buyers in Cannes this week, was jailed on Tuesday for six months by a Beijing court.

New poster for the horror film, No. 32, B District, shot entirely with hand-held video camera. Opens June 3. (Sina)2

Wang Lanfei, Gu Youming

Poster for Love Finally (billed as male version of Sex and the City) opens June 17

Perhaps most notable for having Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang in the cast


CF: ”A Beautiful Life” Premieres in Hong Kong

Liu Ye was inexplicably absent, however Shawn Yue was in attendance


Charlie Young and Aaron Kwok appear for TSL brand jewelry (Sina-slideshow)

The pair was spotted on the same flight earlier this month

Seems like all the rumours about marriage troubles for Christy and Jon are unfounded after Taiwan media reported yesterday that the so-called girl seen with Jon was actually veteran singer David Huang’s manager cum girlfriend. It was also revealed that David was the one who took a photo of the pair (Jon and his girlfriend) CNA: Christy Chung’s rumoured marriage woes prove false On the catwalk (Sina-slideshow)

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