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July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009

Storm Warriors limited editon posters released at Anime Festival

Ekin Chen, Ma Wing-Shing (original manga illustrator, writer), Aaron Kwok

Variety: Coweb review

Variety: Chaw review

Yu Shaoqun, Liu Yifei Tapped for another ‘Chinese Ghost Story’

bc Magazine: Overheard reviewed

Taipei Times Film Review: ‘Empire of Silver’ short changes audiencesThe world of finance is barren ground for a good story in ‘Empire of Silver,’ a big-budget period drama about the Wall Street of imperial China

Taipei Times Film Review: Sons are for fathers the twice-told tale in How Are You, Dad
Best known for directing Hoklo and Hakka films, Chang Tso-chi shot a movie in Mandarin as a response to his late father’s wishes

Two Chinese Films to Vie for Golden Lion
Venice Film Festival unveils lineup
Hong Kong helmer Yonfan’s “Prince of Tears,” set in Taiwan during the 1950s anti-Communist period known there as “White Terror.
Cheang Pou-Soi’s thriller “Accident,” [previously Assassins] produced by Johnnie To
Yonfan’s Prince of Tears to compete at Venice Film Festival
[see May 19 entry for additional background]

‘Taking Woodstock’ Premieres in New York

Premiere photos

From farmer to A-lister: Wang Baoqiang’s unchanged smile
Blind Shaft earned him 1,000 yuan ($146), and a Best New Performer award at the Golden Horse Awards.

Star-studded film to open for 60th anniversary of PRC

Children Of Workers: 24 City

Life in China through a foggy lens

Meng Yao, Nick Cheung and Monica Mok attend launch ceremoney for To Live and Die in Mongkok

Korean stars take their shot at Hollywood
Supporting roles seen as opening door to larger parts

Li Bingbing Denies Rumors of Foreign Boyfriend

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
Eason Chan, A-Mei and so much more

Zhao Wei reported to be marrying Singaporean businessman

Kelly Chen ruffles mother-in-law’s feathers

Shu Qi ambassador and Hou Hsiao-Hsien executive director attend press conference for 2009 Golden Horse awards

Zhou Xun shampoo advertising photos

Zhao Wei

New Zhao Wei pictures

July 7, 2009

July 7, 2009

Aaron Kwok, Janine Chang/Cheung Kwan-NingMaggie Cheung Ho-YeeEkin Cheng and two of the Grasshoppers
Hong Kong premiere of Murderer
Photo Gallery
Aaron Kwok: New role boosts acting credentials

‘Overheard’ a Crime Thriller
Stills from Overheard released

Michael TseRon Ng, Sammul Chan
Laughing Gor cameos by Ron Ng, Sammul Chan

New Sophie’s Revenge poster

Ani-men in 3-D, it turns out, is directed by Tsui Hark

Chen Kaige Braces for Battle of Impressions

‘Spying Rose’ Yu Na

Yu is currently filming an espionage thriller called “Die Zhan Mei Gui” (”Rose in the War of Spies”).

Louis Koo, Huang Yi

Stills from Derek Chiu’s new film (All The Way With You)

John Woo, CFG uncage Tiger film
Aviator pic in early stages, to be shot in Yunnan
John Woo plans Flying Tigers movie

bc Magazine: 24 City review
HK Magazine: 24 City

bc Magazine: Roy Chow (Murderer) interview

bc Magazine: Wai Kar Fai (Written By) interview

bc Magazine: Jia Zhangke (24 City) interview

HK Magazine: Gillian Chung interview

HK Magazine: Jeff Lau interview

HK PICKS (HK Magazine)
Oppai Volleyball
(Japan) Japanese comedy about a young teacher who promises to show her “oppai” (breasts) to the geeky, all-male school volleyball team in an effort to spur them into winning the big game.

Thirst to Premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia
PARK Chan-wook’s acclaimed vampire-thriller Thirst will have its North American premiere screening at the 13th Fantasia Film Festival, running July 9 – 27 in Montreal, Canada. The fest will screen over 100 feature films mainly from Asia, the United States and Europe.

Thirst became a Korean-American co-production when Universal Pictures boarded the project while in production. It is to be released in the United States in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco on July 31, with a release in Canada through Alliance-Vivafilm also planned.

It is PARK’s second film to win a Cannes competition prize, taking the Jury Prize at this year’s festival, following a Grand Prize win in 2004 for the director’s international breakthrough, Old Boy.

The Fantasia Festival audience originally discovered PARK Chan-wook in 2001 with his first Korean hit, Joint Security Area followed by Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance in 2003, the first film of his « Vengeance » trilogy.

Korean Line-up at Fantasia Int’l Film Fest
North America’s largest genre film fest, the Fantasia International Film Festival boasts an impressive line-up of notable Korean films this year; among them the North American premiere of PARK Chan-wook’s Cannes-winning vampire drama, Thirst. Held annually in Montreal, Canada, the event will run from July 9 – 29 at several theaters in the city.

Along with PARK’s latest is Crush and Blush, a film he produced for debut director LEE Kyoung-mi. Two int’l festival favorites, NOH Young-seok’s micro-budget but acclaimed debut, Daytime Drinking, and JANG Hun’s Rough Cut will screen. Both films have had their Canadian rights bought by Canada’s Evokative Films which plans to release Rough Cut in Canadian theaters in January of 2010.

Rotterdam winner Breathless by YANG Ik-june will screen along with sleeper hit of 2008, The Chaser by NA Hong-jin. LEE Yoon-ki’s Seoul odyssey, My Dear Enemy and KWAK Jae-young’s Japanese made Cyborg, She, were also invited. Other films in the program include the more commercially made Korean films Private Eye, The Divine Weapon, Portrait of a Beauty, and GoGo 70s.

Fan Bingbing Wins ‘Plastic Surgery’ Case

Charlene Choi
Charlene surrounded by fans

Charlene Choi completes six performance run on stage

A-Mei promoting new album in Shanghai

I spy: Faye Wong shopping for an iPod in Beijing

APA Top Ten: Asia’s Ode to Michael Jackson

Korea Times: 19% of Actresses Forced to Provide Sex for Career

June 5, 2009

June 5, 2009

Sek Kin with daughter and wife (married in 1933)
Kung fu star `Bad Guy Kin’ - loses his final battle at 96
With Gordon Liu
HKTopTen: Stars remember Sek Kin

New York Times: 24 City

Taipei Times: Love lost in Kunming
The Equation of Love and Death’ shows why Zhou Xun is one the best actors working in China today
The Equation of Love and Death – Li-mi’s Guesses

Jun Ji-hyun Shines but ‘Blood’ Disappoints
The title “Blood” should be a clue for how much blood and gore is in the film, but much of the violence seems gratuitous. Do viewers really need to see a close-up of a man gruesomely slashed in half? How many scenes of demons being killed does the viewer really need to see to get that Saya is a fierce fighter?

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi - The Great Cause of China’s Foundation

Shanghai Surprise
China’s largest film festival has become an unlikely ambassador for international cinema

The Magic Aster features voice of Leon Lai, Lin Chi-Ling (
Leon Lai voices animated feature [The Magic Aster] but his children won’t know
Yao Ming dubs voice of father, will donate fee to charity

Yao happy to slam-dunk one for kids in need

Thanks, to Fan:

Today’s Apple Daily reported Richard Li and Isabella Leong has confirmed their first child born in April 2009 Toronto, the baby boy is named Ethan. The Chinese name is “長治” (Cheung-Chi) given by the grandpa.
The 42 year-old father is the second son of wealthy businessman Li Ka-Shing. No current plans for marriage.

Li Ka-Shing is the richest man in Hong Kong, number 16 in the world. Grandson Ethan and eldest grandson stand to inherit HK$100B.

It’s a son for Isabella and Richard Li

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Jet Li

Jet Li to design and develop sports and fitness clothing for Adidas

April: Happier times for Cherie Chung, dining with Peter Chan

I spy: Shu Qi grocery shopping, getting cooking tips from clerk

Hello Kitty celebrates 35th birthday

June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009

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Sek Kin
Sek Kin passed away yesterday today (?) at age 96 of renal failure at Hong Kong’s Elizabeth Hospital. A Christian funeral is planned for June 25. He began his career as a makeup artist for opera star Sit Kok-Sin before making his debut on film as a Japanese spy.

With Kwan Tak-Hing
Gallery of photos

With Aaron Kwok and Leslie Cheung - And is that Sai Gwa Pau?
Lifetime Achievement Award (1996)
Veteran actor Shek Kin dies
Veteran actor mourned

Aaron Kwok
Aaron Kwok
Aaron Kwok Murderer

A Chinese Factory Reborn as Condo Heaven in 24 City 

Zhang Ziyi Appears in The Great Cause of China’s Foundation/Founding of a Nation

“Iron Road” to Hit Cinemas in June

CNN Talk Asia interview (video)
CNN Talk Asia interview
Edison Chen breaks silence on celebrity sex scandal

Lin Chi-ling’s ‘baby voice’ a hoax?

Jay Chou taugh Lin Chi-Ling bad words while filming Ci Ling/Treasure Hunter

Lin Chi-Ling etiquette ambassador for 2010 Asian Games

I spy: Carina Lau out late with Hu Jun

The article reports that Carina Lau arrived in Shanghai secretly and was seen with at a bar with friends from midnight to 4 am. The lengthy partying leads to speculation that Carina is not pregnant.

The previous day, Carina was in Hangzhou checking the books on her clothing store

Cherie Chung

I spy: Cherie Chung window shopping

Described as forlorn, unhappy and knitting her brows, Cherie’s new close relationship with Peter Chan since last month was severed when it came to public light.

Cheer Chen
Cheer Chen’s young brother accused of swindling investors

One victim threatened their mother and was reported to the police

Japanese drama queen gave body for career

Dogs Sniff Out DVD Pirates in Malaysia
This time, it’s Paddy and Maddy

SCMP: Two decades since Tiananmen

May 8, 2009

May 8, 2009


Li Bingbing, Zhou Xun
Li Bingbing comforts Zhou Xun in The Message

Li Bingbing - The Message
Li Bingbing will be balancing The Message and Detective Dee

Jay Chou, Lin Chi-ling, Miao Pu
Treasure Hunter - Jay Chou, Lin Chi-Ling, Miao Pu

Donnie Yen
Bodyguards and Assassins - Donnie Yen’s three hours of makeup

Law Kar-Ying
Law Kar-Ying - Kungfu Cyborg

Detective Dee/Di Ren Jie started shooting in Hengdian

‘24 City’ falters when fiction appears
‘24 City’ explores relic of Cold War China

‘Cyborg She’ : My Sassy Girl-Turned-Robot
(spoiler alert)

Taipei Times: Money Not Enough 2
Money isn’t everything

Hong Kong hunts its star heritage Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan

China postpones black-out period to September

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Maggie Cheung catches flu cold in New York

Eastweek’s former chief editor jailed for publishing captive Carina Lau’s half nude photos

Karen Mok with parents and elder brother
Karen Mok and family at premiere of Trail of the Panda

Vivian Chow slide show - Armani promo

Albert YeungWinnie Shum Ying-Ting
65 year-old EEG boss Albert Yeung’s newest protege is 23 year-old Winnie Shum Ying-Ting and daughter of actress Violet Lee Ying.

The former 2004 Miss Hong Kong contestant recently signed a ten year contract with EEG after leaving ATV.

Korea University Courts Renewed Controversy Over Kim Yu-na

Give ‘Em Hell, Malone (unrated) trailer for Cannes -with brief snippets of Chris Yen (Donnie’s sister) (Thanks, to Brian!)

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