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December 8, 2011

December 8, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

Damn you, China Lion! It looks like D.C. has been dropped from the list of cities that is getting a release of “Magic to Win” this Friday. Presumably, no future films either. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver remain on the island.

CF: Comedy Film “No Liar, No Cry” Premieres in Beijing

The film is set in the desert, and tells a tale between a mine owner and several money-mad people who want to buy his mine. The mine owner spends 10 years trying to find gold in the mine, while fending off people’s attempts to take it over. In the end, the forces of nature and human triumph over greed.

CF: Row over Zhang Yimou’s Blockbuster “Flowers of War”

Movie review: East Meets West 2011 (A1)

The new version often seems to be trying too hard - lacking the unaffected, carefree attitude that helped make the original so entertaining to watch

CF: Mainland Box Office Chart in Week 49

White Vengeance” took $12.58 million at the Mainland box office over six days, catching number one spot easily. Chinese New Year hit “East Meets West 2011″ dropped to second place with gross $3.24 million…

Even taking advantage from the “Happy Ghost” movie franchise, “Magic to Win” just debuted to poor performance of $1.53 million in its four day run. Same day released film “Cold Steel” and “A Big Deal” earned $0.69 million and $0.64 million in box office respectively in their first week.

Joining the 3D fray is “Speed Pioneer”, made for domestic audiences. Featuring parkour action, the film’s cast includes Wang Zi (aka Prince) of Lollipop.

Parkour team

Wang Zi (Sina)

Stills from “Don’t Follow”, a micro film featuring Fan Bingbing dressed in men’s clothing. Sponsored by Nokia. (Sina)

Fan Bingbing

Posters for “Black & White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault” based on the popular Taiwanese TV series, “Black & White”, about triads.

Huang Bo, Terri Kwan

Alex To


Jack Kao

A Ken (Ken Lin)

Mark Chao

Soler - Dino and Julio Acconci


MSN: Andy Lau rumoured to have taken a secret remedy to improve his baby chances

The Hong Kong actor had hoped to improve his health and conceive a baby boy

Edison Chen: “I was too straight, too stupid and believed people.” (CNA)

November 8, 2011

November 8, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

Ricky Hui passed away tonight

Sam, Ricky Hui in concert

Hong Kong media is reporting that Ricky Hui died of a heart attack Tuesday night. He was found by an assistant at home lying in bed and not breathing. Ricky Hui was 65 years old. He joined the Shaw Brothers actors training course in 1971 along with his brothers. (Sina), 2

TimeOutHK: Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale I review

CRI: Zhang Yimou’s ‘Flowers of War’ to Open in US

CF:  Final Posters of “East Meets West 2011″

CF: ”Dear Enemy” to Compete with “The Flowers of War”

Set against the backdrop of a business environment, “Dear Enemies” tells the story of a separated couple who become bitter enemies as they enter into war over the issue of company acquisition. A promotional trailer for the movie was released at the press conference.

Xu Jinglei at the press conference (Sina)2

Director David Wu’s latest sniper-themed film “Cold Steel” has had its new still photos released recently. The stills feature actor Peter Ho and actress Song Jia. In the film, they portray a couple of love birds.

Directed by Zhang Yang and starring Xu Huanshan, Wu Tianming and Li Bin, the film “One Flew over the Retirement Home” (”Fei Yue Lao Ren Yuan”) is currently being filmed in Tianjin. On Saturday, the film’s production team released a collection of still shots featuring mainland actor Chen Kun who makes a guest appearance as a doctor in the film.

CRI: Gao Xiaosong Released after 6 Months in Jail

Whilst serving time in the jail, Gao also wrote the theme song “Like a Dream” for his film “My Kingdom” which was released in September.

“Painted Skin 2″ poster released at the AFM features Zhou Xun (Sina)

Sun Zhou’s “Yes, I Do” held a film wrap press conference with cast members Sun Honglei, Li Bingbing and Duan Yihong. The film is due for a Lunar New Year release.

Sun Honglei, Li Bingbing, Duan Yihong

Sun Honglei, Li Bingbing, director Sun Zhou, Duan Yihong

Sun Honglei, Li Bingbing, Duan Yihong, Mi Qi (Sina-gallery)

THR: Michelle Yeoh Garners Praise at AFI Fest for ‘The Lady’ (Video)

The actress talks to THR about her life, career and dream opportunity to play and meet Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize.

CF: A Lack of 3D Technology in China’s Film Industry

The fever for 3D movies spread quickly throughout the worlds’ film industries. Production companies were keen to cash in on high returns, and China’s growing film market was no different.

China’s ’soft power’ push stumbles at the movies

Mainstream Chinese films all need government approval for release, and there is a marked absence of movies that tell revealing, gritty tales set in the present day.

Bai Baihe, the star of the latest romance movie “Love is Not Blind”, poses for a new photo shoot in black and white to promote the film.

Fan Bingbing dons Versace for H&M collection at a fashion event in Beijing on Monday

Vicki Zhao to make directorial debut

Edison’s ex-girlfriend speaks

Edison’s rumored ex-girlfriend, Gloria Wong, scolded him bluntly for his fetish obsessions and revealed that Edison had asked her to wear a pink lingerie set to pose for some photographs while they were dating.

She was discovered when she was just 14 years old.

“TVB was considering that she has many good friends, such as Veronica Yip and Chingmy Yau. These former sex goddess have left showbiz and it would have been a talking point to have them on the show but…”

MSN: Selina Jen has yet to register her marriage

MSN: Eason Chan collaborates with daughter on new album

William Hung has joined the Los Angeles Police Dept as a technical crime analyst after graduating from college. He became a sensation after appearing on American Idol and later appeared with Nancy Sit in “Where is Mama’s Boy?”

October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

THR: China-Korea-Japan Ready ‘Yang Gui Fei’ for November Shoot

Yang Gui Fei tells the story of a Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) imperial consort who was the favorite of the Emperor Xuanzong. Despite her legendary beauty and relationship with the emperor, she was ultimately killed by the emperor’s guards after her family was blamed for a rebellion against the monarch.

THR: Asian Filmmaker of the Year: Tsui Hark

Filmmaker Tsui Hark expects bright future for 3D movies

CNA: Asia’s movie makers embrace 3D revolution

A 3D horror movie set in a public toilet block is part of a revolution underway in the Asian film industry as low-budget 3D productions take on the big studios at their own game.

CF: ”Starry Starry Night” Releases Six Hand Painted Posters by Jimmy

THR: Lin Pins Hopes on ‘Starry Night’

CF: ”Inseparable” Premieres at the Busan International Film Festival

“Inseparable” tells the tale of the things that happened between two men after their encounter, one is a mysterious American guy played by Kevin Spacey, and the other is a young engineer played by Daniel Wu, who has troubles both in his life and career. After experiencing constant accidents and intense danger, they both embark upon a totally unexpected journey which threatens to spiral out of their control.

WSJ: Spacey’s ‘Inseparable’ Opens at Busan

THR: Inseparable’ Culture Clash Story Stars Kevin Spacey

Diverse background of director Dayyan Eng leads to a first in the Chinese film sector.

Eng has two upcoming projects set for 2012: a heist gone wrong film that will likely shoot in Hong Kong next spring, backed by China Film Group and a Hong Kong partner. The other is the birth of his first child, due in January.

CF: Trailer out for ‘White Vengeance’

CF: ’Let the Bullets Fly 3′ Postponed for Jiang Wen’s New Project

Actress Fan Bingbing glitters in Busan

“My Way” centers around two men set in the Battle of Normandy during World War II. Even though it’s a war film, the movie mainly portrays a drama of true humanity that transcends border and nationality.

Fan plays a Chinese woman with astonishing sniper skills, who seeks revenge for the Japanese army’s murder of her family.

THR: Korean WWII Film Promises Big Action, Bigger Drama

“We aimed to provide visual effects that haven’t been seen before in a war movie, but My Way is essentially a dramaa bout humanist values,” said director Kang Je-kyu, who ends a seven-year hiatus since helming Taegukgi, a Korean War flick that became one of the highest-grossing films in local box office history.

The new film has been making headlines for bringing together three of Asia’s hottest superstars, including Jang, Odagiri and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

The film is slated to open in Korea in December and in Japan on Jan. 14, 2012. Discussions are underway for distribution dates in China and the United States, which are expected to fall sometime around mid-January next year.

Fan Bingbing at the Busan press conference for My Way

Jang Dong-gun, Fan Bingbing, Joe Odagiri and, presumably, their translators


The film tells a story about a couple of childhood sweethearts who are involved in two uninvestigated yet questionable murders.

Fan Bingbing, Li Yu

Kong Wei (Sina)23

Laughing Gor - I’m back

Francis Ng - I’m bad

Turning Point Extreme, a new Laughing Gor film based on the TVB series Lives of Omission,  is set to begin shooting on October 20. The cast includes Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Francis Ng and MC Jin. Francis Ng will play the villain. Fala Chen will not return, the female lead will be Rebecca Zhu, Miss Hong Kong 2011.(Sina)

Lost in Panic Cruise poster

The film is the follow up to Lost in Panic Room, also starring Alec Su.

Based on positive response to a preview in Hong Kong, Barbara Wong’s The Allure of Tears, besides a Mainland release, now will also open in Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia on December 24. (Sina)

Tentative Lunar Holiday schedule (Mainland) released, a partial listing: White Vengeance (Nov.24), Happy Magic (Dec.1), The Flowers of War (Dec.16), The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (Dec.18), The Grandmasters (Dec.22), The Allure of Tears (Dec.24).


Gigi Leung’s other wedding day dress, a traditional cheongsam in Spanish colors

April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

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FBA: The Warring States review (8/10)

Seamless technique and some fine performances help turn a rich mix into an entertaining whole.

Variety: The Warring States review

A well-armored, blood-spewing and often furious addition to the Chinese feudal epic genre.

ScreenDaily: The Warring States review2

A grand historical epic that evinces some impressive costume design and much natural scenic beauty, but never locates a particularly persuasive or enrapturing tone

Despite criticisms from some Chinese netizens, the mainland box office has been growing steadily since its release. (Sina)

FBA: Guillotines suspended in mid-air

Hong Kong and Chinese production group We Pictures has halted its period martial arts action film The Guillotines, (formerly known as The Flying Guillotines), which was to have begun shooting this month.

FBA: Feng to return to disaster genre

Speaking on a live webcast, Feng [Xiaogang] said that he will shoot an adaptation ofRemembering 1942, a 1993 novel by Liu Zhenyun. It details the human crisis and famine that evolved as a result of the drought and the government’s distraction with the war against Japan’s occupying armies.

LATimes: Let the Bullets Fly at Tribeca

Audiences in this country were more divided on “Bullets.” At least a few people on Sunday were spotted walking out of the theater, but several of those who stayed welcomed the director to the stage with a standing ovation. Judging by the questioners, many of the most enthused were native Mandarin speakers.

Jiang Wen said that he would shoot Let the Bullets Fly 3 which is tentatively set in 30’s era Shanghai where his character, Zhang Muzhi, and his brothers traveled to after the original story.  The plan was for him to direct films 1, 3, and 5 and others would directed films 2, 4 and 6. He has talked to Hollywood writers including Jeffrey Krueger to collaborate on Fly 3. Robert DeNiro who offered to produce the sequel promised that Fly 2 would also premiere in New York. Jiang Wen said the sequel would contain elements of New York. (Sina)

Jiang Wen and wife, Zhou Yun

Tribeca Film Festival (Apr.24)

Happy ticketholder (Sina)

Andrew Lau’s A Beautiful Life with Shu Qi, Liu Ye and Tian Liang will be released in Beijing one week earlier, on May 13, ahead of the original May 20 date. This is to avoid competition with Kung Fu Panda 2 which also opens on May 20. (Sina)

Former diving champion Tian Liang’s performance has received praise from critics as well as from Andrew Lau.


FBA: Beijing festival opening is signal of intent

The lavish scale and precision of the opening ceremony may have outpaced the festival organisers’ abilities on other fronts.

And bafflingly, the much-touted forum of international festival bosses is now to be held behind closed doors with the press invited to follow proceedings via a webcast.THR: Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi Kick Off Inaugural Beijing Film Festival

Director John Woo is also on hand Saturday to help launch the six-day event.

CF: 1st Beijing International Film Festival Kicks off

FBA: Festival heads offer lessons for Beijing

Whether the newly-minted Beijing festival is yet ready for that remains a matter of conjecture. City leaders and culture sector administrators appear keen to first establish the festival as an event that is as mainstream and weighty as possible.

“Things are pleasant and easy here. While SAG actors are asking for private dressing rooms, Chinese actors like to hang out with each other,” said Yang, who’s been coming to China to work on films since the early 1980s. “In some ways it’s easier to shoot here. People here tend to be friends with one another. There’s not as much back-biting here and sense that everyone’s trying to make things better for each other. We know what the hot button issues are, such as a movie about Tibet, then we avoid them, but then the space you can work within is actually very large.”

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi attended the press conference for the Gu Changwei-produced documentary Together (Sina)

Li Chen, Zhang Jingchu

Li Chen and the cast of Aftershock on the red carpet at the BIFF (Sina)

CF: Director John Woo Takes the Interview during BJIFF

CF: Top Directors Gather for “Director’s Dialogue”

Feng Xiaogang: “Audiences don’t want lousy movies. They don’t want a crappy story that has nothing but a bunch of stars in it. They want something that can truly touch them. Han Sanping and I talked about this, and I realized I needed to change my focus. From then on, I shot films like ‘A World Without Thieves’, ‘Assembly’, ‘Aftershock’ and so on. Even ‘If You are the One’. It may strike you as a romantic comedy, but it also discusses serious topics like the meaning of life and death.”

CF: Peter Chan and Tang Wei Talk about “Wu Xia”

CF: ”Crisis of Great Tang Dynasty” Kicks Off in Beijing(Sina)

Kwak is one the most famous contemporary Asian directors. His work “My Sassy Girl” in 2001 caused a sensation in the region. He told media at the kick-off of his newest film that he was very confident about satisfying audiences in the three countries that are co-producing the film.

The Devil Inside Me opens in June.

Kelly Lin, Tony Leung Ka-Fai


Classic Hong Kong ghost film remade 24 years later with new cast, computer effects

Oxide Pang on the cover of New Youth magazine (Sina)

The Wedding Diary: “Sorry, Elanne!”

Aniu coyly apologised to his co-star Elanne Kwong, for being picked by producers to play her leading man in upcoming rom-com “The Wedding Diary”.

Christian Bachini and Shangdown

Bachini shot his first full-length feature, Shangdown, which is scheduled for release in September, in time to compete at the next Venice Film Festival. As he describes it, the film pays homage to the old “spaghetti Western”: a mixture of western, action movie and Italian-style drama.

SG: More 3D sex to come

There will be 3D sex scenes in what is being touted as Southeast Asia’s first 3D movie - “The Hunter” - according to the film’s director Bjarne Wong/Other cast include Carmen Soo, Sharifah Amani, Cindy Chen, Smythe Wong, Koe Yeet and Lou Qi.

Chinese parents worry about children’s time-traveling fantasies

Coma girl wakes, asks to watch favorite soap opera

March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011

FBA: Celestial unveils My Kingdom

A tale of fame, love and revenge, the film is the story of two orphans adopted into an opera troupe at the end of the 19th century. They are trained in Peking Opera and martial arts and become sensations in Shanghai.

FBA: To and Wai again Romancing with Media Asia

The film is shooting in Shangri-la in China’s Yunnan province and stars Louis Koo as a superstar dumped by his girlfriend, played by Gao Yuanyuan. He flies off to Shangri-la to seek peace, but falls in love with another character played by Sammi Cheng).

FBA: Mei Ah gives Palace royal treatment

The film, a co-production between Mei Ah, Hunan etv Culture Media and Huanrui Century Film is based on the hit 2010 television series of the same name, and revolves around a time-travelling female scientist during the Qing dynasty.

Separately, Mei Ah also launched Mysterious Island starring Hong Kong stalwart Jordan Chan

FBA: Boonmee claims AFA crown

FBA: Mayday film plays in a third dimension

Production is underway on Mayday 3DNA, a 3-D film starring popular alternative rock band Mayday

THR: China’s Top Rocker Cui Jian Set to Get 3D Concert Film

Producer of “U2 3D” to bring Chinese rocker’s symphonic show to life.

Tentatively titled Stereo Symphony On the New Long March, the roughly 75-minute film will feature footage shot around two New Year’s 2010 concerts Cui gave in December at Beijing’s outdoor Workers’ Stadium cut together with interviews with the rock legend and his fans.

THR: Raymond Wong Takes on Chinese History in ‘Saving General Young’ (Yang Family Generals)

Yet comedy will come before tragedy for Pegasus, as Wong reawakens his Happy Ghost franchise of the 1980s CinemaCity heyday for the Chinese audience, now renamed Magic to Win. Wong’s Ip Man director Wilson Yip is at the helm, and Edmond Wong again on the screenplay. In fact, the whole crew from Ip Man will return for this CGI-heavy US$10 million update, with Wong reprising the role of the motivational high school teacher, this time possessing not supernatural powers nor a Chinese vampire-style past life but magic instead.

A little less sex was just what the censor ordered for Singapore.

Three minutes of footage depicting group sex has been left on the cutting floor for the South Korean edition.

The Hong Kong theatrical version of the period sex romp is set and approved for release on April 14 at 118 minutes, but a full 129-minute director’s cut has been made.

Tai Chi was originally slated as a martial arts drama tracing the life story of 19th century tai chi master Yang Lu-chan, with Jet Li confirmed as the lead and Stephen Fung at the helm.

But the colorful life of the founder of the Yang school of tai chi proved too eventful for the producers, who decided to spread the biography into a three-part series. Part one will detail the master’s young life from age 17 through 25, with an as yet-unconfirmed young Chinese actor in the lead. Li will take part in the second installment, and an older actor will portray the martial artist’s later years in the third.

Also in the pipeline for the boutique label is another remake of the John Woo classic, A Better Tomorrow, of which both Fung and Wu have been dedicated fans.

CRI:  Stars Return to ‘Painted Skin 2

This time, Wuershan, director of the film “Dao Jian Xiao”, or “The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman”, has taken over the directorial reins from Gordon Chan with Chen Kuo-fu as executive producer.

The new project is said to be an updated version of her highly-acclaimed film, “Go Lala Go!” about romance and survival in the office, which she directed and acted in last year. The new flick is likely to be the last project which would feature her acting and directing in tandem.

The Bottom Line

Frequently charming, diverse collection of shorts that speaks to the city like few films have in recent years

Marking the screen return of 1980s movie actress Pat Ha (An Amorous Woman Of Tang Dynasty, My Name Ain’t Suzie), this directorial effort by Calvin Poon - a Cantopop lyricist, football commentator, screenwriter and one-time film director (1986’s Kiss Me Goodbye) - starts out as a character drama centred around three unhappily married middle-aged Hong Kong women, but gradually turns into full-on B-movie mode.

The Bottom Line

Nostalgic, feel-good stories set in an amusement park is only periodically amusing.

“It’s a Great, Great World” dramatizes a few individuals who made a living in a Singaporean amusement park with 40 years’ history.

Hsu’s narrative structure is symptomatic of many new generation Taiwan filmmakers whose feature length ventures are thinly disguised amalgams of shorts. Its lack of one strong lead story will weaken its impression on buyers and audiences alike, limiting commercial prospects to short spells of semi-arthouse release domestically.

NPR: ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Tackles AIDS In Rural China (Life is a Miracle)

Director Gu Changwei is praising the all-star cast he assembled in his first film in four years, a drama exploring how AIDS impacts a rural Chinese village.

HKIFF Press Conference photos

Aaron Kwok, Zhang Ziyi

Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok, Zhang Ziyi, Jiang Wenli, Gu Changwei

Zhang Ziyi (Sina-slide show)2

White Vengeance (lit. Banquet at Hongmen)

Directed by Daniel Lee, the poster features the seven main characters. (Sina)

Liu Kai-Chi is back for Detective 2 (lit. B+ Detective)


Andrew Lau

Andrew Lau confirmed that Beautiful Life received a name change to “No Longer Leave You Alone” at FilMart today. The title now matches the theme song of the same name. Shu Qi demonstrated her calligraphy skills and wrote the new title by brush in Lau’s studio.


MSN: Raymond Lam sheds light on relationship with model

According to Raymond, Shuang Shuang likes to take sexy photos. He added, “[I] told her to not take so much [sexy photos] initially. No one likes to have his own girlfriend expose herself.”MSN: Andy Hui hopes for a future with Sammi Cheng

The Hong Kong singer tells how the pair reconciledMSN: Barbie Hsu’s father to give her away at wedding

CRI: Stars Leave for Barbie Hsu’s Wedding

CRI: A Wedding in the Limelight

(Sina-slide show)

January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

ScreenDaily: What Women Want

This Chinese production features palpable chemistry between stars Andy Lau and Gong Li, but director Chen Daming’s film, like the original, is a great commercial hook in search of an equally clever story. (hkmdbnews)

“Ip Man 2″: China’s anti-Western kung fu phenomenon (Salon)

Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster” is now playing in New York and Los Angeles, with wider North American release to follow.

FBA: Fantôme, où es-tu? (2/10)

Lame ghost-cum-gender mish-mash that squanders its potential.

Check out Valerie’s My Ever-Changing Moods: Francis Ng 2010 In Review on beyondasiaphilia

2010 was a busy year for Francis Ng…

Much influenced by American sitcom-classic Friends, which had a huge fan base in China, My Own Swordsman centers on six characters whose relationships intertwine through friendship, family and romance, and is set in a hostel being managed in ancient China. With the same cast, director and screenwriter, the film version continues the initial’s stories, while injecting today’s social including house purchase and relocation, family finances and the “marriage crisis.”

GlobalTimes: First trailer of Buddha Mountain lives up to advance hype

With winter vacation meaning there’s a nation of children who need entertaining, three Chinese animation films are filling in this traditionally peak-time for box-office family fun: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (January 21), Old Master Q and Little Ocean Tiger (January 27) and Little Big Panda (February 3) are all scheduled for cinemas over the next four weeks.


Poster for Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Opening Feb. 3

Louis Koo, Sandra Ng (Sina)

I Love Hong Kong poster

Opening Jan. 31

Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Sandra Ng

Eric Tsang, Aarif Lee (Sina)2 3 4

Eva Jin Yimeng (Sophie’s Revenge) is preparing for multiple Hollywood projects. (Sina)

Charlene Choi at the Harbour City chocolate exhibition


Chrissie Chau taped a song for ATV’s Spring Festival broadcast. Other guests include George Lam, Kay Tse and Hins Cheung. (Sina)

GlobalTimes: Publishing tycoon books divorce in New Year season

Yao Chen’s divorce a case of Julia Roberts-Benjamin Bratt?

Yao Chen, Ling Xiaosu (Sina)

CNA: Cecilia Cheung saves woman from committing suicide

All’s well ends well, indeed

CNA: Charlene Choi on her divorce: “This is not something to celebrate.”

“I may not make enough to eat delicacies ever day, but I can earn enough for three square meals every day”.

MSN: Mark Chao dropped from ‘Black and White’ promotional trail in Japan

Recently, the director’s cut of Black & White DVD was released in Hong Kong. Every single copy was snapped up in a mere four minutes.

China red-faced after footage of new fighter ‘was from Top Gun’

The footage showcasing the J-10 fighter, which showed an air-to-air missile destroying another jet, was aired last week during the main evening broadcast of the state-sponsored channel China Central Television.

Oldham said Ho had been coerced into reconciling with family members on live television on Wednesday, with the wheelchair-bound Ho struggling to read a giant cue card.

October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010

Mavis Fan and Li Yuchun (Chris Lee) have joined the cast of Tsui Hark’s 3D Flying Swords of Dragon Gate.

Li Yuchun

Mavis Fan


CRI: Li Yuchun, Mavis Fan Join Cast of Tsui Hark’s 3-D Film

FBA:  Tsui has fun with Catching Monkey

Tsui Hark has secretly made a movie in 3-D, which will be pitched for sale at next month’s American Film Market in Santa Monica.

CRI: Horror Movie ‘Lost in Panic Room’ Set for Halloween Release (previously Hidden Chamber of Secrets, here)

Pace Wu and Yuan Chengjie are reportedly planning on skipping the premiere in anger over the ‘assistant gaffer’ (lighting assistant) nude scene leakage threats. (Xinhua)

CRI: Ang Lee Gets Male Lead for His First 3-D Work

Seventeen-year-old Indian boy Suraj Sharma has been chosen by director Ang Lee to star in his 3-D film. The movie is an adaptation of Yann Martel’s novel “Life of Pi”.

FBA: Lee brings Pi to Taiwan and India

“Under the Hawthorn Tree” actor Shawn Dou Xiao will play Qu Qiubai in a biopic to be directed by Huo Jianqi.

Chrissie Chau - Vampire Warriors

With director Dennis Law distributing limited edition vampire dolls in Mongkok (Xinhua)

Director Alexi Tan

Liu Ye

Yao Chen

Color Me Love launches official website


July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010

CRI: Zhang Yimou’s ‘Hawthorn Tree’ Due out Sept. 16

Zhang Yimou’s new film “The Love of the Hawthorn Tree” will open in Chinese cinemas on September 16, the director’s producing partner Zhang Weiping has announced.

CRI: Stills Released for John Woo’s ‘Reign of Assassins’

The film will premiere at the 67th Venice International Film Festival which will open on September 1. Theatrical release is set for September 28.

CRI: Zhang Ziyi Turns into 3D “Mulan”

On top of playing the main character, Zhang will also serve as the producer of the film. The lead actor has been confirmed as Taiwan pop singer Lee-Hom Wang, who speaks fluent English.

Variety reports that Isaac Julien’s Ten Thousand Waves featuring Maggie Cheung and Zhao Tao is short-listed for screening at the Venice International Film Festival. [Maggie Cheung is a Goddess]

2 classics return to former glory

The Hong Kong Film Archive will present restored classics Cold Blade (1970) and The Story of Wong Fei-hung (Part I) (1949) in August and September as part of the Restored Treasures series.

Long-shelved Gillian Chung vehicle is an out-there HK “island movie” mixing the tender, silly and fantastical.

Aftershock has brought in 180 million yuan at the box office after 4 days. The original 500 million yuan goal is quite reasonable now. (Sina) Based on Sina comments and reviewers, Aftershock has a 85.9 /100 rating. 85.7 is the average rating, with 70 the lowest since the panel’s inception in early 2009. An accompanying chart shows ratings for various films. (Sina)

You can’t get these at the San Diego Comic-Con

12″ action figure of Donnie Yen

Limited Edition action figures of Donnie Yen will go on sale at the Hong Kong Book Fair to coincide with Donnie Yen’s birthday, July 27. Yen himself has ordered 10 sets to give away as gifts. It was announced today (July 27) that Fist of Legend: The Return of Chen Zhen will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival, and for the Venice Film Festival, Shu Qi will take 4 days off from shooting Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One 2 in order to attend the Venice premiere. A Mainland and Hong Kong release is scheduled Sept. 21 during the Mid-Autumn Festival (Sina)

CRI: Donnie Yen’s Action Film to Show at 35th TIFF

The music video of the title track “Baby” was just released on July 27.

Jane Zhang publicity photo for concert tour for I Believe CD that begins in Shanghai, Aug. 14


Zhou Xun - collection of magazine covers over the years (Xinhua)

Zhao Wei - on her way to shoot print adverts in Beijing (Xinhua)

Carina Lau - spotted in late-night outing with mystery man in Beijing (Xinhua)(Sina)

Gigi Lai could earn up to seven figures if she decided to make a comeback and endorse commercial products according to one appliance PR spokeswoman. Faye Wong and Michelle Reis earn roughly that much for their endorsements. However, the wife and new mother is unlikely to return to work. (Xinhua)

SG: A rift between Cecilia Cheung and mother-in-law?

Photos from yesterday show a happy family gathering (Xinhua-gallery)

Lucas and Cecilia Cheung

Quintus and Deborah


Lin Chiling and ‘Toilet Bowl Prince’ a couple?

Liu Qian, the Miracle Man

The 34-year-old magician became an international celebrity after an exceptional performance at the CCTV New Year’s Gala 2009 in China.

ChinaHush: Girl enters model contest to chase pop star Andy Lau

HKStandard: ‘Tentacle of lies’

Octopus Cards stands accused of having lied to 1.97 million cardholders.

July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010

THR: Confab to demystify 3D for China filmmakers

FBA: China and Taiwan crack open film markets

Taiwan currently maintains a specific cap on the number of mainland Chinese movies (that are not co-productions) that can be imported each year. It has been set at 10 but until last year the quota had not been filled. This cap will now presumably be abolished, or made more flexible and then removed.

FBA: Like a Dream (如夢) (4/10)

Clara Law’s confused, unengaging trifle about an ABC and his “dream girl” is beautifully shot but not much more.

CRI: Jiang Wen’s ‘Bullets’ Set for Dec. 16

“Let the Bullets Fly”, an all-star Chinese gangster film directed by Jiang Wen, will hit domestic cinemas on December 16, its investor Ma Ke has announced.

Jiang Wu, Liao Fan at yesterday’s trailer release event for Let the Bullets Fly (Sina)

CRI: ‘The Haunting Lover’ to Open at the End of July

The romantic horror film “The Haunting Lover” starring Li Xiaolu and Vanness Wu will hit Chinese mainland cinemas at the end of this month.

The film is inspired by an urban legend from Singapore that prevailed in Southeast Asia during the 1930s. A young man (Vanness Wu) suddenly disappears, and his girlfriend (Li Xiaolu) is found dead in her bathtub. The police investigation turns vain, and the man and his girlfriend seem to both appear again 10 years later.

Li Xiaolu - The Haunting Lover

CRI: “Unusual Love” Photo Stills

Stills from the Chinese adventure film “Unusual Love” starring Vincent Chiao and Miao Pu. It’s a love-hate story which takes place in the western China desert during the 1920’s. The film opened July 2nd.

Unusual Love

CRI: “Painted Skin 2″ Starts Shooting In Da Lian

Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and Sun Li will join the film again, and mainland actor Huang Xiaoming will replace Chen Kun to play the male lead, Wang Sheng and his son Wang Ying.

CRI: Chinese Animation Competes with ‘Avatar’

The Dreams of Jinsha’ has been previewed before select audiences where it received praises that will help it compete with “Avatar,” the world’s most successful film ever made.

Toy Story 3 - Lau Ching-Wan voiced for the Pixar cartoon along with Dicky Cheung and Joey Yung. Lau rooted for Brazil in the World Cup. (Sina)

Mutant villain Collin Chou - City Under Siege


Shu Qi, Collin Chou (Xinhua-slide show)

Carl Ng Kar-Lok

Carl Ng is said to be confirmed to play Brother Sharp in Deng Jian-Guo’s Legend of Brother Sharp. Less reliably, Shu Qi and Lin Chi-Ling have been mentioned as possible cast members. Shu Qi would play Brother Sharp’s ex-wife who died in an auto accident and caused his grief and confusion that led to his wanderings. Lin Chi-Ling would play a sympathetic woman he meets later that helps him with his problems. Besides Carl Ng, the other additional actors and crew names being thrown out seem to be the result of pitch meetings. (Sina)2

Gillian Chung

While promoting Fantastic Water Babes in Guangzhou, director Jeff Lau urged support for Gillian prompting Gillian to weep. Said Lau, “She is just an ordinary girl. It’s not easy to stand up, I hope you give her this opportunity.” In response Gillian said, “The greatest achievement making this film is to know Jeff Lau. He is my ‘ba-ba’(father). Growing up in a single-parent family, I now know paternal love.” (Sina)

Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jingchu, Richie Jen

Huang Xiaoming complained, jokingly(?), that director Lee Lik-Chi deleted his scenes. Allegedly, Huang made similar remarks about his role in Ip Man 2.

Guangzhou promotion for Flirting Scholar 2 (Sina)

8-Mo: Rika, Hazel, Hidy and Vibeke

The 8-Mo girls reacting to Anthony Wong, “Society has different voices but it’s not right to make personal attacks. He should go to church, learn how to respect people, not make personal attacks. We accept the views of different people but he does not, does he?” Would they be embarrassed if they ran into Wong? They would not object to meeting him. Praising his standing, Rika said, “We would use our strength to look after ourselves. He just does not understand us.” (Sina) [Just a sample of the back and forth in the ongoing Book Fair Ban Affair.]

Louis Koo

Jolin Tsai, Show Luo

Huang Xiaoming

A beverage brand shot a series of adverts using the theme of Journey to the West. (Xinhua)

Andy Lau

Andy Lau has been polling fans in order to gauge his popularity and book an appropriate venue for a Hong Kong concert in December. Andy hasn’t held a Hong Kong concert in 3 years and is concerned about fan fallout due to his marriage. (Xinhua)2

Gaile Lok played down divorce rumors at a recent Hong Kong appearance. (Sina)

A Chinese company is suing Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung for 41 million yuan (S$8.3 million), after claiming that her involvement in a 2008 sex photo scandal caused them to lose a fortune

This is not the first time Cheung had clashed with the company. She has apparently had a number of legal scuffles with the firm over contract issues and copyright infringement between 2005 and 2009.

May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010

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Two concept posters for Felix Chong and Alan Mak’s The Lost Bladesman were released at Cannes. The character for ‘righteousness’ is seen on the blade. (Sina)

THR: Shanghai festival unveils line-up

In keeping with past years, SIFF programmers appear again to have had trouble attracting major world premiere titles to the event, which falls right on the heels of the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Hong Kong Chinese director John Woo will lead the SIFF’s main jury, which also includes Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung,

Organizers promised China’s A-list movie-world regulars would walk the event’s red carpet — from actresses such as Fan Bingbing and Yu Nan to directors Chen Kaige, Feng Xiaogang and 2010 Cannes competitor Wang Xiaoshuai.

THR: HK producer to revisit ‘Sex’ in 3D

Sex and Zen redux

  • Stereoscopic 3D has lured veteran producer and screenwriter Stephen Siu to return to filmmaking, with a reinvention of his 1991 Chinese erotic classic “Sex and Zen,” and an upcoming 3D film adaptation of the beloved Ming dynasty Chinese fantasy “The Investiture of the Gods” (”Fengshen Yanyi”).
  • “Local Category III erotica had been in decline since the proliferation of the Internet; confined by the ratings systems, Category III films could not compete with the material available online for free,” Siu told The Hollywood Reporter. “But 3-D and IMAX versions are a different story, the audience has to go into the cinema to get the full experience. The realistic rendering of the environment and the action makes it perfect for genres that appeal to the senses. 3D has turned Category III erotica from a dead genre to a possible genre.”

New comedy from Raymond Yip Wai-Man

The story takes place in the period before Spring Festival Eve when China’s national railway system is overloaded with people rushing back home. It is extremely hard for many people to get a ticket back, let alone a comfortable seat.

Wang Baoqiang stars as a dairy worker who loses his job before Spring Festival, while Xu Zheng plays a businessman who’s in trouble with his wife and mistress.

The two characters meet while travelling to their hometown to spend Spring Festival with relatives. Funny things happen between the two men and with the people they encounter on their way home.

Ocean Heaven (Ocean Paradise) web launch event

Director Xue Xiaolu, Wen Zhang, Guei Lun-Mei

Wen Zhang

Guei Lun-Mei (Xinhua)

Fan Bingbing - Zhao’s Orphan

Back from Cannes, on the set of Zhao’s Orphan, Fan Bingbing carries her own umbrella! (HunanTV)

Pretend Couple, a comedy, launched in Yunnan

Huang Bo (Cow), Jiang Yiyan (City of Life and Death)

This is Jiang Yiyan’s first try at comedy. (HunanTV)

Gallants advert on side of bus

Co-director Derek Kwok

Qin Hao (Chongqing Blues) in front of Spring Fever poster

Qin Hao went to Paris to visit the set of Lou Ye’s film ‘Bitch’. By chance, his film ‘Spring Fever’ is currently screening. (Sina)

Sammi Cheng

Sammi Cheng appeared on a Taiwan radio program to share her experience with depression. (Sina)

Edison was in Beijing for a brand event stopped for a photo session (Sina)

Ole Scheeren, Maggie Cheung breakup rumors dispelled when the couple was seen at a public event together yesterday.


Donnie Yen’s wife admits to ectopic pregnancy

A-Mei rages at baseless accusations of her partying lifestyle

Jaycee with Glove

This is the coolest gift ever sent by my dad

Jackie Chan pays US$250,000 for Michael Jackson glove

Ken Lo fired by Chan’s wife

Pics of the Day - from random micro-blogs

Vivian Hsu in Japan to record her album

Vivian Hsu

Stephen Fung’s Mother’s Day post

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