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August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011

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ChinaPost: Jump Ashin! review

A story about loss, redemption and coming-of-age, “Jump Ashin!” split its soul into so many pieces for maximum commercial appeal that it eventually reminds us of Harry Potter’s Voldemort, whose soul degenerated because he split it into seven pieces to bid for power and immortality.

FBA: A Beautiful Life review

San Francisco’s chance at seeing 3D porn goes flat

Keep your hands at your sides, San Franciscans; unfortunately the film’s debut in our city will only be offered in standard 2D. (Thanks, Dave!)

First Person: Juno Mak

CRI: Actress Shu Qi Attends Environmental Protection Event in Taipei

Carina Lau was in Chengdu yesterday promoting Haagen Dazs mooncakes. [Mmmm, mooncakes]


MSN: Elaine Ng calls Jackie Chan the “third party”

Recently, it was reported that Jackie’s wife Joan Lin left Hong Kong after knowing that Elaine returned.

A1: Elaine Ng wants to hear no more of Jackie Chan

July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011

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CRI: Zhou Dongyu admitted to Beijing Film Academy

Zhang Huijun, the school’s president, said that while Zhou’s academic results were not as good as her acting scores, she had been born with a gift for acting.

CF: “Rest on Your Shoulder” Released More Photos of Chen Kun

FBA: Night Market to make history

Night Market Hero will next week become the first Taiwan film to be imported and distributed in China under the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) signed in June last year.

FBA: Midnight Beating review

Okay hospital horror boasts good technique but is let down by a weak script.

Wong Jing is shooting Marry a Perfect Man in and around Beijing. Some pictures from the World Wide Weibo:

The consequences of bullying

Chapman To, Ronald Cheng

Chapman To, Gigi Leung

Gigi in red for a red carpet scene

On a Beijing bus

Ronald Cheng, Gigi Leung

Xie Na

Xie Na plays Chapman’s girlfriend in the film (HunanTV)

MSN: Nicholas Tse to give Cecilia half of his assetsTse & Cheung fight for support

Nicholas Tse’s new fling?

According to multiple Chinese media reports, Nicholas developed feelings for the young model due to the fact that she looks like Cheung, but more innocent and pretty.

Leni: “I wanted the other pornstar’s role”

Soft porn actress Leni Lan Yan admits that she preferred the role of her screen rival, the Japanese AV actress, Saori Hara, in “Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” because it was “more hardcore and pleasurable.”

June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

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Variety: Communist Party pic finds time to sell

Product placement is irritating Chinese auds in the most unlikely of places. Communist purists are up in arms over a scene in the newly released propaganda pic “Beginning of the Great Revival,” in which Chairman Mao is given a gold Omega watch by his girlfriend.

Variety: Yulu review

In a generic package of contempo Chinese success stories has flickers of interest, but their repetitive message of hard work and perseverance becomes a didactic drone.

Revenge: A Love Story (Variety)

A tricky crime tale on the cusp of horror, balances the grisly and the sentimental without wallowing excessively in either.

FBA: Return Ticket review

Modest but involving drama of migrant workers in Shanghai intiguingly blends Taiwan and Mainland talent.

Following The Piano in a Factory, on which she took an executive producer credit, the film marks another strong recent role for the distinctive-looking Qin Hailu

Q&A: Gordon Chan Talks About ‘The Mural’ (THR)

The Hong Kong film veteran talks about the arrival of effects-heavy films in China, and how far Chinese filmmakers still have to go.

Watch the music video of “Lost in Jianghu”, the theme song of Peter Chan’s film “Wu Xia”.

Wu Xia poster (Sina)

3D The Monkey King poster featuring Peter Ho, with Joe Chen Qiao-En and Xia Zitong


The film is directed by “Roots and Branches” director Yu Zhong. The cast also includes Alex Fong Chung-Sun and Wang Pei.

CF: Actress Tang Wei to Attend Taipei Film Festival

Sylvia Chang receives Honorary Fellow of Performing Arts from the Hong Kong Academy of Peforming Arts

Disciples Rene Liu and Angelica Lee attended as well as Richie Ren, Sammi Cheng. Media Asia boss, Peter Lam, received an honorary doctorate from the academy as well as music composer Joseph Koo.

Sylvia Chang

Angelica Lee, Rene Liu

Sammi Cheng (Sina-slideshow)(hkapa)

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai celebrates his 49th birthday today with a strawberry cake from his company


Cecilia Cheung working in Europe (Xinhua)

According to reports, Ceci wanted to bring her two sons with her but reconsidered due to the long 10 hour flight involved. It is thought that her sister is looking after her sons. Ceci’s intinerary included a flight to Germany before landing in Milan for a photo and video shoot. (Sina)

CNA: 3D porn film “3D Sex and Zen” to screen in Singapore with no cuts

The international version of the film clocks in at 102 minutes, 27 minutes shorter than the 129-minute version shown in Hong Kong, which was again six minutes shorter than the 135-minute version its director Christopher Sun had originally put together.

HKStandard:  TVB caught up in drama over cover of extras

A trade union organization has slammed free-to-air station Television Broadcasts for failing to provide insurance cover and Mandatory Provident Fund contributions for extras.

June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

THR: 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy review

FBA: Shanghai has starry opening

FBA: Sharp elbows and acid tongues at Shanghai seminar

CRI: Shanghai Int’l Film Festival Opens with Rainy Glitz

Miscellaneous pics from the red carpet walk at the Shanghai International Film Festival grand opening

Chen Kun and Kitty Zhang Yuqi walked a rainy red carpet Saturday (Sina)

Li Bingbing walked with the crew of Jackie Chan’s “1911″ (Sina)

And then again with Jeon Ji-Hyun for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Jiang Yiyan wore butterflies on her shoulder, for Jacob Cheung’s Rest on Your Shoulder and later returned in a red dress for Gordon Chan’s The Four Marshals

Rest on Your Shoulders cast Jiang Yiyan, Guei Lun-Mei, Chen Kun, Gigi Leung (Sina)2

Fan Bingbing

Zhang Zilin (Sina)

Zhang Jingchu (Sina)

The Sorceror and the White Snake’s Yang Zi, Huang Shengyi (Sina)

Also, check out more pics at Ed’s Favorite Hong Kong actresses

CRI: Stars Promote Xinhai Revolution Tribute Film

Stars promote the upcoming historical film, “1911,” during the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival on Sunday.

First Person: Bey Logan

Frankly, the Hong Kong film industry doesn’t want white people around. That’s why there are none. If you look at the industry in the 10-15 years I’ve been here, how many other white guys have there been? Maybe a couple, not many.

CF: ”Love on Credit” Promoted in Shanghai

CF: Cast Members Promote “Overheard 2″ in Shanghai

CRI:  “Intimate Enemies” Moves on to Chengdu

“Intimate Enemies” is a bit like the 2005 film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” but instead of being set in the world of espionage, this film is set against the backdrop of the commercial market. The film will touch on topics such as corporate takeovers.

CRI: Golden Goblet Nominee ‘Mr. Tree’ Screened

Mr. Tree poster

Alan Tam, Vivian Hsu and Vic Chou promote their film Live With Fashion in Shanghai

Vivian Hsu, Vic Chou


CF: Here Comes “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”

Wayne Wang: ‘Snow Flower’ not a ‘Joy Luck Club’ rehash (AP)

CRI: How a Chinese Story Gets Told in an Int’l Way

Li Bingbing

Promotional poster cookie

My Kingdom cast promotes film while director Gao Xiaosong serves 6 month sentence for drunken driving.

Action director Sammo Hung

Han Geng, Barbie Hsu, Wu Chun

Magician Liu Qian’s first acting role (Xinhua-gallery)(Sina)

FBA: ScreenSingapore wraps on high note

Tom Hanks, Zhang Ziyi and South Korean Lee Byung-hun brought ScreenSingapore to a successful close Saturday night. Zhang Ziyi wore a purple dress from Chanel and sported a new hairstyle.

Tom Hanks, Zhang Ziyi, Lee Byung-hun

Tom Hanks’ new film “Larry Crowne” closed the week-long festival

A1: West isn’t always best, says Zhang

“It’s good if we can get a chance to go there and experience what filming is like there. But if there’s nothing suitable, we shouldn’t force ourselves to take on any role just so we can be in Hollywood.”

A1: Van Ness Wu insulted by Hollywood

“All the people they are casting are Caucasian. The names of the characters are Tetsuo and Kaneda…but they want Justin Timberlake and Robert Pattison,” scoffed Wu.

Chen Kun and Zhang Yuqi promote Qian Xuesen in Shanghai

The film is a biography of the father of China’s space program, a rocket scientist deported from the US. (Sina)

Bound for Toronto

Zhao Benshan has been approved to immigrate to Canada having passed his medical examination. According to reports Zhao has sought to immigrate and applied to Canadian authorities as early as 2008. (Xinhua)

Shu Qi’s recent posts to Weibo have netizens worried that she is depressed

June 12

How many tears can one woman have? (Xinhua)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung is said to be joining Edison Chen’s company soon

A1: Nicholas’ sister arrives in KL to comfort him

CRI: Carina Lau Denies IVF Attempt

A1: Who’s Nicking the spotlight?

Netizens are speculating that Wong Jing is the mastermind behind the rash of reports on Tse’s crumbling marriage…And Nick Cheung’s buckteeth are his own.

MSN: Dee Hsu revealed that Barbie Hsu was troubled over her marriage

MSN: Selina: Physiotherapy works better than crying

Hong Kong, First Hand

HK Magazine’s memorable interview quotes over the years

  • “Hong Kong is like a hotel to most people, not a home. Everyone fled with their cash before 1997, came back again when Hong Kong looked fine and fled with their cash again when SARS broke out.” - Jackie Chan, martial arts star.
  • “I used to love Hong Kong. I had hopes for it, and that’s why I was constantly critical. Now I just hate it. I look at the younger generation, young couples hugging teddy bears in the street—what hope do we have?” - Anthony Wong, actor.
  • “One day when I was skateboarding, a fat man in short pants asked me if I wanted to be an actor. I refused. It was a time when a lot of ‘model scouts’ were trying to rip off wannabes. This guy looked worst than most. It was Fruit Chan.” - Sam Lee, actor.

May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011

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THR: 3D ‘Sex & Zen’ Sells to China Lion for North America

“It is just like being a voyeur near someone’s bed,” said producer Stephen Shiu Yeuk-Yuen

Hong Kong Oriental Daily News reports that Andrew Lau and Andrew Loo (IMDB) are co-directing Revenge of the Green Dragons, executive produced by Martin Scorcese. However, production which began at the end of last year, stopped due to a copyright dispute. It’s an action drama set in New York’s Chinatown. The project was originally announced in 2009. The film is based on an investigative article written for the New Yorker by Fredric Dannen, author of Hong Kong Babylon: : An Insider’s Guide to the Hollywood of the East.”

IMDB:  A gritty, violent take on a true immigrant story set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City’s China town. (Sina)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung’s manager admits the star and Edison Chen met

In other related reports, Edison was said to be writing a musical based on his life…He also expressed his wish to meet with Cecilia’s husband Nicholas Tse, and hopes that “it would not be a big issue by then”.

CNA: Cecilia Cheung spends birthday without husband: Edison Chen to blame?

Hong Kong’s Next Magazine is reporting that Joey Wang is the mother of 17 year old illegitimate daughter. The deaf and mute girl living in Taipei and the foster mother, a midwife, is confirming the claim. According to the report, Joey had induced labor at 6-7 months and the baby was thought to have died but was saved in the incubator room. Fu Rui Jiao, received a call from the hospital and the baby girl was adopted by a woman surnamed Du. Fu told her that the mother was a Hong Kong star, single and was involved in a sex scandal with Andy Lau. Du asked, “It’s not Joey Wang is it?” And Fu said, yes it was. Fu Rui Jiao, is serving a maximum sentence in jail the past 10 years in the largest baby trafficking case ever. Fu sold more than 40 babies, many reported to be the babies abandoned by those in the movie business.

Joey Wang’s daughter?

Photos of Joey (l) and daughter (r) compared


Zhao Wei

Chinese actress and pop singer Vicki Zhao Wei has a hot body and she wants you to know it

Zhao Wei in upcoming Grazia issue

May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

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FBA: Tang leaves Party early

FBA: 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy review (6/10)

Okay but over-long costume hijinks that turn rather dark in the second half

FBA: Bullets fires up volley of Cannes deals

The response has been very good so far and we’re very close to announcing our partners for Germany, North America and French-speaking territories very soon,” said EMP CEO Albert Lee.

FBA: Wu Xia puts style over substance

CF: Stars of “Wu Xia” in Cannes

CRI: Two Bingbings Luminous Presence in Cannes

CRI: Fan Bingbing and Jang Dong-gun Promote “My Way” at Cannes

CF:Heroes of Nanking” Fixes Overseas Sales Company

Fan Bingbing doing an interview in leopard print dress

Keep your eyes peeled for the June Marie Claire, featuring Li Bingbing on the cover. Photography by Chen Man. I know I will.

MSN: Zhang Ziyi initiated split from Vivi Nevo

Currently busy promoting her latest movie Love for Life, Zhang Ziyi admitted that she was the one who initiated the split from her former boyfriend, Vivi Nevo, citing cultural differences as the main reason for their split.

MSN: Lynn Xiong’s mother unhappy with Aaron Kwok’s betrothal amount

According to sources, Lynn Xiong’s mother flew in from Nanjing to meet her future son-in-law in Hong Kong. Lynn’s mother reportedly asked for a huge amount of money from the 45-year-old singer as a betrothal gift.

Aaron Kwok hit with costly dowry

The skinflint Aaron is no doubt being reminded of the huge dowries paid by other Hong Kong celebrities.

Faye Wong’s a redhead

Sheren Tang blasts TVB

A1: HK drama series portrays controversial scenes, draws flak

A Hong Kong TVB drama serial has been raising eyebrows for some controversial scenes that portray rape, sadism and homo-eroticism.

CNA: A-mei dating mystery man, changing ‘manly’ ways

Bob Dylan: “Allow Me to Clarify This So-called China Controversy…” (CDT)

May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

CRI: ”Love for Life” (Zui Ai) Premieres Thursday

A grand premiere was held in Beijing on Thursday, May 5, for director Gu Changwei’s AIDS-themed feature film, “Love For Life”(Zui Ai)[vide. Till Death Do Us Part] starring Aaron Kwok and Zhang Ziyi,

CF: ”Till Death Do Us Part” Premieres Thursday

CF: Aaron Kwok Premieres “The Detective 2″ in Hong Kong

CF: ”The Grandmasters” Scheduled to Wrap in Mid-May

HKStandard: Sex in a new dimension - Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

The big gripe doing the rounds is that it does not live up to the promise of the title. That’s the grumble from hard-porn- hardened youngsters who paid the HK$100 ticket price to gaze at it on one of 73 screens in Hong Kong.

“Why would a porn flick show more piercing cries rather than moans of ecstasy? Why would a porn flick turn into a horror movie? Why would it contain head explosions, disembowelment and dismemberment? I watch porn because I want to see people having sex, not murdering each other.”

“Asking them to pay a hundred bucks was unfair to them,” he [Stephen Shiu] says. “I’ve just realized that.”

“Vegetate” directed by Wang Jing was the biggest winner of the night, including best picture, best sceenplay, best actor and actress.

In previous versions, Liu Ye and Tang Wei were on the right

No Party for Tang Wei. All traces of Tang Wei have been removed from the official website for The Founding of a Party, including videos and stills according to reports from netizens. (Sina)

Poster for North American release, May 20, of A Beautiful Life (Sina)

Andrew Lau, Shu Qi and Liu Ye met the media for interviews to promote A Beautiful Life.


Tsui Hark personally inscribed the calligraphy on the limited-edition fans promoting Flying Swords of Dragon Gate to be given away at the Bona Film Group banquet at the Cannes Film Festival later this month.


Twins are in Queensland, Australia to shoot a MV commemorating their 10th anniversary. Here, in a seafood restaurant posted on their weibo. (Xinhua)

Huang Yi

Huang Yi (l), Chen Lu Yu (c), Zhou Xun (r)

Huang Yi was invited to be an ambassador for disaster prevention and relief by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs at the Great Hall of the People.  (Sina)

Such is his popularity that Hui has been commandeered by the Hong Kong government to join the election committee which chooses the city’s chief executive while he also sits on China’s National People’s Congress — a rare honour for man who makes a living out of poking fun at society.

Although Hui has not made a film since “Rob-B-Hood” alongside Jackie Chan in 2006 he says he has been inspired now by recent happenings both at home and abroad to start writing again.

CF: Donnie Yen Covers “Fashion Weekly”

Director James Lee has begun shooting for his upcoming martial arts comedy “Petaling Street Warrior” in a small street with ancient buildings at Siputeh, Ipoh

The House of Dancing Water” is the latest brainchild of veteran Vegas show-maker Franco Dragone, the director of Cirque du Soleil’s most prestigious shows in the 1990s.

Drugs, money, mother-in-law

In other news, Jay, who is currently in Malaysia filming The Viral Factor, secretly cut his hair short to achieve a rugged look for his new role. When his new on-set image was exposed, fans praised him for looking more mature and manly.

May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011

Wing Shya: ‘I see beauty in everything’ (CNNGo)

Celebrated Hong Kong photographer Wing Shya tells us about the most beautiful people he has ever photographed and why it is all in the eyes

Interview: ‘Buddha Mountain’

Controversial Chinese director Li Yu talks to Wang Ge about Buddha Mountain, her tough childhood, and the demons she has tamed.

CRI: Directors Jiang and De Niro Meet in New York

CRI: Shu Qi and Liu Ye:Loving Birds in New Film

Romance film “A Beautiful Life” released new photos featured Shu Qi and Liu Ye. (Sina)

CF: ”Detective Dee” Makes a Record in France

Photos of Liao Fan and Andy Lau on the set of The Founding of a Party

Liao Fan

Liao Fan, Andy Lau


Wilson Yip, Liu Yifei (May 2)

Liu Yifei and Wilson Yip visited Soochow University in Taipei to promote A Chinese Ghost Story (Xinhua)

Li Bingbing promoted the launch of the official website for Snow Flower and The Secret Fan. Li Bingbing will have many lines of dialogue in English in the film though she admitted her proficiency was not that high. She also stressed that the film did not involve homosexuality as reported in the press. When asked, Li Bingbing said that she didn’t know the background as to why Zhang Ziyi was dropped by producer Wendi Deng. The film will be released on July 15 after debuting at Cannes.


Actor Tong Dawei recently blogged that Zhang Yimou’s Nanjing Heroes may be getting another new English title, to “Rescue”, under advice from Hollywood experts. (Sina)

Oxide Pang’s interaction and discussion with fans on his weibo is helping to generate good word of mouth for The Detective 2 since opening on April 29. (Sina)

Gu Changwei’s Till Death Do Us Part opens May 10.

Zhang Ziyi


THR/AP: 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy’ takes $6.7 Million Globally

Sex and Zen is to be released in South Korea on May 12 and in France, India and Italy in June.

Sukie Shek Wing-Lei (of Freeze) sings “Bliss”, the theme song for 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy.

Andrew Lin became a father over the weekend. His wife delivered baby Zachary in Los Angeles. Andrew flew in from Beijing where he has been working on the special effects for Man With the Iron Fist and Qian Xuesen.


Edison Chen performing at the Chengdu Music Festival last night.


A1: Nicholas Tse gives KL fans the slip

Nicholas Tse has arrived ahead of schedule to film the eagerly-awaited Against War movie.Zhang Ziyi: No hurry to marry

MSN: Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng to wed in France?

Rumour has it that Andy Hui & Sammi Cheng will be getting hitched this OctoberMSN: Richard Chang labeled insincere and guilt ridden

MSN: Jay Chou laments about agingJay Chou getting too old for showbiz? (CNA)

Jay laments that he’s “getting older and unable to dance due to shortness of breath, which is why all the fast songs are arranged at the end of the concert.”

CNA: Remus Choi of Cantopop band Grasshopper arrested for drunk driving

CNA: Show Luo: Jolin Tsai has bad ‘table manners’

Show Luo revealed that fellow Taiwan singer Jolin Tsai has bad manners at the Mahjong table, during an appearance on a Chinese variety show on Thursday

April 29, 2011

April 29, 2011

First, “Yam bui” to Wills and Kate!

Charismatic Donnie Yen is a ‘legend’ in his own right

The American theatrical distributor, Variance Films, proudly points out that “Legend of the Fist” is presented as the original Hong Kong version, with no missing footage, no Western-music soundtrack substitutions, and with subtitles instead of dubbed dialogue.

“Legend of the Fist” takes its story and setting from history, but it embellishes facts with magnificent action sequences.

CRI: Beijing International Film Festival Ends in Success

Chinese film authorities called the inaugural Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) a great success at a press conference ahead of the closing ceremony on Thursday night.

CF: Stars at the Closing Ceremony of BJIFF

CF: Latest Stills of “The Secret Fan”

A love story that spans time and space

Li Bingbing


CF: ”Love On Credit” to Explore Female Happiness

High-profile new romance flick Xingfu E’du (Love On Credit), directed by upcoming young Taiwanese director Leste Chen and starring an A-list cast including Taiwanese model-turned-actress Lin Chiling, Chen Kun and Liao Fan, held a kick-off press conference Wednesday in Beijing.

CF: Feng Xiaogang the Most Popular Director among College Students

CF: “Welcome to Shama Town” to Open Far East Int’l Film Festival


Chapman To’s review of 3D Sex and Zen (Thanks, to Dave for passing me this.)

Most of us who went to see 3D Sex and Zen are horny little bastards, not necrophillic sadist freaks! If you find any dude still pitching a tent after watching these scenes in the theater, I suggest you get up and leave. He may be dangerous.

Wong Jing is planning a comedic version of The Founding of a Republic for the Lunar New Year. Called, literally,  ”Married to a 100 Men”, the film will gather dozens of well-known comedians and first line stars. (Sina)

Andrew Lau - Guangzhou

A Beautiful Life played to a preview audience and the sad film left many audience members in tears. Already, Shu Qi’s performance has been anticipated for a Best Actress award next year according to Shu Qi’s former manager Manfred Wong. Lau said that because of her life experiences, Shu Qi was able to reveal the emotional truth in the film and depict the wandering and loneliness of her character. One scene in the alley required her to cry for 6 minutes. It has to be shot 3 times, so Shu Qi had to cry for 18 minutes. Lau revealed that Sun Honglei was originally planned for Liu Ye’s role but he was unavailable due to working on The Warring States. Liu Ye was selected because his personality was the closest to matching. Hu Jun was tender enough but too tall, Huang Xiaoming was deemed too small and like a brother. Anthony Wong was responsible for maintaining comedy in the film. The viewing press thought the ending too abrupt. (Sina)2

Wilson Yip

Liu Yifei

Lin Peng, Liu Yifei, Kara Hui, Li Jing

A Chinese Ghost Story/A Chinese Fairy Tale held a press conference to celebrate reaching 100 million yuan box office in Beijing yesterday. (Xinhua) (Sina-gallery)

Latest photos of Gaile Lok dispels pregnancy rumours.


Rosamund Kwan in Chengdu

50 year-old Rosamund Kwan answered all questions while appearing for an optical brand. Only 16 years-old when she entered into a “flash marriage”, she was asked whether she would again. Earlier, Rosamund was spotted in Paris with longtime boyfriend, a Taiwan businessman. Rosamund said that she hoped to marry, flash is okay. But marriage is a serious matter and must consider many things.  She said she often secretly came to Chengdu to stroll, eat and play. Asked whether she would make another film, Rosamund said she had no impulse at the moment so she’s taken a short break but had not quit. But if old boyfriend Andy Lau invited her, she would certainly consider it. (Xinhua)(Sina)

Patrick Tse was spotted shopping for his beloved silver jewelry in Central. Rarely seen without sunglasses, he took off his sunglasses to inspect closer before he was snapped by photogs. Coming out of the shop later, Patrick mischievously threatened to beat the reporters. (Xinhua)

TaipeiTimes: Pop stop

Weddings past and future

“The lotus root breaks but its fibers remain joined together.”

MSN: Kelly Lin admits pregnancy2

The Taiwanese actress however, denied it was a shotgun marriage


Cecilia Cheung spends S$24 million on new property

The Hong Kong actress makes her money work hard for her

Just a photo of Ceci by Chapman To

Raymond Lam Fung’s impossibly busty ex-girlfriend Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang, looks set to complement the July release of her pictorial book with a TV role in a Mainland Chinese series, reported Apple Daily.

April 20, 2011

April 20, 2011

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THR: Bona Bumps Up ‘Magician’ to Christmas to Battle ‘13 Flowers

Tony Leung and Christian Bale will go head to head Dec. 22.

CRI: Shi Nansun and Johnny To Join Cannes JuryFBA: Hong Kong duo join Cannes jury

Hong Kong producer Shi Nansun and producer-director Johnny To were announced Monday, April 18 as members of the jury that will judge the main competition entries at the Cannes festival this year.

Official poster released for the restored reissue of the original A Chinese Ghost Story

Ghost Story - Leslie Cheung Commemorative Version (87 Edition) (Xinhua)(Sina)

The fundamental reason to screen the film again is to commemorate Cheung, according to the production company of the film. It is reported they have spent a lot of money on the film’s renovations, mainly on visual and sound effects.

A sex scene between Chinese beauty Crystal Liu Yi Fei and Louis Koo in “A Chinese Ghost Story” has apparently been lost to the cutting room floor for its 18-rated theatrical release in Malaysia.

“The Founding of A Party” released new photos featuring actress Dong Jie as Soong Chingling

The final poster for A Beautiful Life is released

Liu Ye


According to Pang, over 100 stars will be present at the red carpet on April 23. Image ambassadors to the BJIFF, Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi, will arrive together with Zhang Guoli, Tang Wei, Leon Lai, Korean movie stars: Cha Tae Hyen and Park Chae Rim at the red carpet.

The first Beijing International Film Festival (23-28 April) gets an early start tonight with the world premiere of The Lost Bladesman starring Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen.

The local marketing campaign has proved controversial for highlighting the role of relative newcomer Jing Tian, who headlined last year’s romantic comedy My Belle Boss.

Moviegoers in Hong Kong are furious that busty soft porn actress Vonnie Lui Hoi Yan did not really expose her nipples as advertised in the erotic film “3D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy”, reported Headline Daily. She said: “I really did expose my two nipples, which was what was required in the contract.”[An "all points" bulletin alert was called for immediately!]

Cecilia needed to ask her assistant what her husband said on stage and was “peeved” when she knew that Nicholas did not thank her on stage.

Kelly Lin, April cover


Here comes another remarkably quick marriage. Rising actress Zhang Yuqi and award-winning director Wang Quan’an are a couple for real.

Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Wang Quan’an

MSN: Jay Chou plans to open restaurant in China

Jay Chou is not only a singer, an actor and a director, he is also a boss. The man owns Mr. J, a chain of restaurants, in Taiwan.

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