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December 17, 2009

December 17, 2009

Finally! A great Chinese flick (Bodyguards and Assassins)

Bodyguards stars dish dirt


Andy Lau trains for New Shaolin Temple Slide show (13) (Sina)

Poker King Shanghai publicity visit with Lau Ching Wan, Stephy Tang and director Chan Hing-Kar (Sina)

Mainland version is 20 minutes shorter.

Scriptwriter Lawrence Chou, Gillian Chung

Sze Na, William Chan

Gillian Chung is preparing for her comeback film Former/Ex a Chapman To project also featuring Chan Wai-Ting and Sze Na/Shi Ya (Sina)

Almost Pefect - Edison Chen

Kelly Hu


Indie film Almost Perfect featuring Edison Chen and Kelly Hu is slated for a Christmas holiday release. (Xinhua) (IMDB)

Annie Yi says role in ‘Great Porcelain Merchant’ saved her

Former actress Gigi Lai changes name in hopes of bearing a son

A geomancer claimed that Lai’s old name “Li Zi” benefited her career but conversely decreased the chances of her having a child. Even if she conceived, the child will more likely be a daughter than a son.

Jay Chou is CNN’s Entertainer Extraordinaire for 2009

AngelaBaby Super slide show (100) (Sina)

Born and raised in Shanghai, AngelaBaby is of one quarter German descent and moved to Hong Kong at the age of 13 when she only spoke Mandarin.

Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu promoting apparel brand in Shanghai

(Sina) (Xinhua)

After finishing Feng Xiaogang’s Aftershock/Tangshang Earthquake last month, Zhang Jingchu’s next film will be the comedy Flirting Scholar 2 to be directed by Lee Lik-Chi and co-starring Huang Xiaoming. [I think this is a different Flirting Scholar project than the one featuring Fan Bingbing in a reversal of gender role announced earlier this year.]

A-mei - Macau

A-Mei performed in Macau with a mix of rock and roll, metal, and Turandot’s Nessun Dorma. (Xinhua)

August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

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Michelle Reis
Michelle Reis on cover of L’Officiel

Sylvia Chang
Rosamund Kwan donates HK$500,000, Alan Tam, $300,000, Sir Run Run Shaw, $25M
Vivian Chow, Leo Koo

Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng

Karen Mok

Tsai Chin

Aaron Kwok

Karena Lam
Jerry Lam(?), Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan

Eason Chan, Jaycee Chan

Charlene Choi and other stars gathered to raise funds for Taiwan

Karen MokAaron Kwok
Ti Lung, Rosamund Kwan, Tony Leung

More press conference photos

Eric Tsang

Hong Kong Singers Gather for Fundraising Event

Grief-stricken A-mei’s unyielding aid continues in disaster-sricken Taiwan

Edison Chen’s mystery guest appearance cancelled at last minute
Fear of distraction from relief efforts by Hong Kong Performing Artists Guild aborted Edison’s comeback

Showing some 'tude
Gillian Chung shooting new clothing brand advert

July 10, 2009

July 10, 2009

Kungfu Cyborg poster

Retrospective of 50 years of Hong Kong cops and robbers films

Zhang Jingchu, Lau Ching-Wan
Still from Overheard - Zhang Jingchu, Lau Ching-Wan

Alice Mak

Cartoonist Alice Mak, McDull’s creator

Jackie Chan and Will Smith - Kung Fu Kid

Andy  Lau

Andy Lau - Detective Dee

Detective Dee Talks to Animals

Laughing Gor still

Tracing Shadow musical number pays tribute to a certain Oscar winner filmed in India

‘Breathless’ Reaps 13th Award in New York

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Kelly Chen in labor checks into hospital unassisted

Baby brings early joy for Kelly Chen

Li Bingbing Shows off in Style

Li Bingbing slide show

Chen saga finally behind Cheung with Tse Jr 2 on the way?
Funny and snarky
Joey Wong a nun?
Is ex-actress Joey Wong now a nun?

A-Mei Beijing press conference

Danwei: Two actresses barely survive botox overdose

Chinese group planning Neverland ranch replica

July 8, 2009

July 8, 2009

Zhang Jingchu
Opening lens ceremony for Aftershock in Hangzhou

Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Hanyu
Li Bingbing
6 New Posters of “The Message” Released

New Film Release: ‘McDull Wudang’

Photo gallery

Louis Koo
On His Majesty’s Secret Service stills with Louis Koo, Barbie Hsu

August 6 release scheduled

Bodyguards and Assassins: Behind the scenes

Behind the silver screen
John Paisley’s experience as a foreign actor in China

Being Edison Chen
After a long post-scandal hiatus, the Hong Kong star was in Kuala Lumpur for the launch of a new business venture

Shenzhen Mayor’s scandal drags in many actresses names in speculation

Olympic Gymnast and Shenzhen Mayor Linked in Scandal?
Sex, Lies and Scandal: Shenzhen Mayor Under Investigation

Lin Chi-Ling
Lin Chi-ling in Taipei for crystal company Swarovski

Pace Wu
Pace Wu

Kelly Chen’s Active Bundle of Joy

Liu Yifei Bazaar Magazine slide show

Josie Ho unexpectedly ran into husband Conroy Chan at the Murderer premiere. They two reportedly returned home together
Conroy Chan
Josie Ho

Jetsetter Li: Earth is his home
Jet Li met media questions regarding his nationality with silence

A-Mei Promotes New Album in Shanghai

Korean romanization could again see revision

July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009

“Magazine Gap Road” Review

Park Shanghai - Review

The First Light - Review

Brigitte Lin, Ti Lung and wifeBrigitte Lin and best friend Mrs Ti Lung/Tao Man-Ming
Brigitte Lin attended Sylvia Chang’s stage drama premiere last night

Other guests included Connie Chan, Kenneth Tsang, Johnnie To
and Raymond Chow

Ti Lung - looking tired according to the captionJohnnie To
Connie ChanRichie Ren
Sylvia Chang and costar Joseph Cheng
Photo gallery

Taiwan TV declines broadcast of A-mei’s video

Black Eats Black (Thanks, to Brian!)

Charlene Choi
Charlene Choi on stage in Golden Hits well received
Charlene Choi and her mother (!)

June 19, 2009

June 19, 2009

Lau Ching-Wan
Lau Ching-Wan - Written By directed by Wai Ka-Fai

Misses premiere in New York due to fear of H1N1 flu

Aaron Kwok
Aaron Kwok - Murderer

Janine Chang, Aaron Kwok


Overheard with Lau Ching-Wan, Daniel Wu and Louis Koo on summer schedule

MacDull’s latest McDull Wudang (aka McDull Kung Fu Kindergarten) opens July 24

Sandra Ng and Anthony Wong will voice for the Cantonese version

Taipei Times: The odd couple
‘If You are the One’ raked in roughly US$50 million at the end of last year in China, making it the country’s biggest box-office hit ever

Don’t Bank on It: a Film about Old China’s ‘Wall Street’
Taiwan tycoon Terry Guo has a special affinity for Shanxi Province as his parents lived there before they went to Taiwan in 1949. His roots inspired his first invested film, “Empire of Silver.”

In Theater: ‘The Magic Aster’ (”Ma Lan Hua”)

Fan Bingbing
Fan Bingbing - Media conference for East Wind Rain

Danny Boyle chides China on restrictions
‘Slumdog’ director calls limits ‘regrettable’

Hong Kong director takes swipe at film censors

Fruit Chan said he still wanted to make horror films, but the authorities would never approve the topic. Moreover, “investors no longer like a film that can only be screened in Hong Kong,” he said.

Young-seok Noh’s “Daytime Drinking” is a droll minimalist comedy with major insights that has been understandably heralded as a breakthrough in independent filmmaking in Korea. A great-looking film made for a mere $20,000…

Shu Qi
Shu Qi

Shu Qi appears on TV program

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Leon Lai

Leon Lai windsurfs to stay fit for upcoming concert

Miriam Yeung
Miriam Yeung at opening ceremony for watch store

Gillian Chung
Gillian Chung leaves Malaysia ahead of Edison’s arrival

Finishing a three day ad shoot, Gillian departs before Edison opens a new branch of his clothing store. Earlier, it was reported that Gillian had blocked SMS from Edison who was trying to arrange a make up dinner.

Vivian Hsu in her newest ad

Cherie ChungBrigitte Lin
Vivian ChowJoey Wang now living in Vancouver, Canada
Seven beauties highly anticipaged film comebacks

A-Mei’s Music “Transformation”
A-mei: Charity work rejuvenates me

March 29, 2009

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Wisconsin Film Festival: ‘Daytime Drinking’ finds laughs in the cringe-worthy
“Daytime Drinking,” which is tentatively scheduled to enter U.S. cinemas April 10. The humorous indie flick revolves around an unfortunate man who is dumped by his girlfriend, stood up by his friends and victimized by the Korean drinking culture.

John Woo backs out of 1949?
Terence Chang has confirmed that John Woo has given up plans to film 1949 (太平轮) because of copyright issues over the script by Wang Hui–ling (Lust, Caution).

Jet Li
Jet Li, Zhang Yimou Named “Chinese of World Influence”
The 85-year-old martial art novelist, Jin Yong, was given the lifetime achievement award

Alan Mak and new bride
Felix Chong, Andrew Lau, Shawn Yu join new bride and groom
Alan Mak gets married
Photo gallery

Misfortune never comes alone
On the heels of the ‘bullet letter’ and his father’s declaration of bankruptcy, Hong Kong and Taiwan news reports that Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung met and have formed an alliance to vote Edison Chen off the island. According to the reports, upset over Edison’s failure to personally apologize to them, Gillian and Cecilia are using their entertainment connections to scotch Edison’s return to show biz. Infernal Affairs’ Alan Mak recently was cited as saying, looking from the market view, he would not consider using Edison Chen in the near future.

A-Mei Taipei concert photo gallery

Jang Ja Yun Had Received ‘Death Threats’ From Kim
Jang Ja Yun’s Former Manager May Be Arrested

Toronto: Investor ‘king’ admits sin, but denies stealing (Thanks, Brian!)
News of the OSC’s freeze order against Tang flooded Chinese-language news websites, blogs and chat rooms in North America, China and even Europe. Bloggers and columnists debated whether Tang was more like Nebraska-born investor guru Warren Buffett, who has an estimated net worth of $62 billion (U.S.), or Bernard Madoff, the disgraced New York businessman, recently convicted of running a $65 billion Ponzi scheme.

Ghostnet: Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries
In a report to be issued this weekend, the researchers said that the system was being controlled from computers based almost exclusively in China, but that they could not say conclusively that the Chinese government was involved.

ChinaSmack: What Do Chinese Soldiers Eat On The Battlefield?

March 7, 2009

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‘24 City’ Premieres in Beijing

Wong Kar-Wai signs with Hollywood agent

Former porn director wins Oscar
Yojiro Takita’s ‘Departures’ won Best Foreign pic

Daughter of the Dragon, Sister Of the Crow
Shannon Lee Guards the Legacies of Her Iconic Father and Her Famous Brother

A-Mei’s Star Tour is set to get the Mandopop star partying

Future Cop’s Tang Yifei
Also filming Dream of the Red Chamber series
Tang Yifei

New photos released
Gillian Chung


Photo Gallery

Gillian Chung took the first difficult step
Both new love and old love supported and hoped that Gillian would have a smooth career
Hong Kong citizens disgusted at Gillian Chung’s TV interview

HK “Airport Auntie” gets apology, ticket upgrade from Cathay

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