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March 29, 2012

March 29, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

ScreenDaily: Zombie 108 review

FBA: All’s Well Ends Well 2012 revivew

Latest instalment of the Hong Kong New Year comedy franchise is less brash and more charming.

CF: ”Guns N’ Roses” Portrays Ning’s Style

CF: ”Design of Death” to Hit Cinemas in April

Huang Bo, Simon Yam

Huang Bo (Sina)

CF: ”An Inaccurate Memoir” Stars in Black and White

Huang Xiaoming

Zhang Xinyi

Zhang Yi (Sina-gallery)

CF: 7 Blockbusters from Huayi Bro. to be Released in 2012

CF: Cast and Crew Talk about “Full Circle”

CF: Youku Plans to Shoot 12 Microfilms

Stills of Mo Xiaoqi (Monica Mok) and Jing Gangshan in a passionate scene from “Blood Stained Shoes”

Jing Gangshan plays a carpenter in the film (Sina)2

Photos from launch conference in Taiwan for “Westgate Tango”

Anthony Wong

Dylan Kuo

Amber An Xin-Ya

She’s a popular Taiwan fan boy “sex goddess” appearing in her first film


TimeOutHK: Shu Qi interview (The Second Woman)

Titled “Returning to the basics”, the actress thanked those who have hurt her and expressed that the incident has allowed her to learn and improve.

“The past is not a scar but something to be proud of,” she wrote.

CNA: HK artistes applaud Privacy Commissioner’s report on tabloid misconduct

MSN: Jay Chou to scout for fresh face for his new movie

The Taiwanese singer’s move implied that rumoured girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan will not star in his upcoming film

MSN: Cecilia Cheung spotted with younger son Quintus

A1: Wang Lee-hom to carry torch for 2012 Olympics

CF: Wax Figure of Actress Sandra Ng Unveiled in HK

Sandra Ng (left)

With Peter Chan’s father and Sandra Ng’s parents (Sina)

February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

TaipeiTimes: The Soul of Bread review

It may be a sugarcoated romantic comedy, but ‘The Soul of Bread’ exudes a small-town charm and boasts a lovable cast.

New directing talents Sean Kao and Lin Chun-yang make a respectable stab at romantic comedy with The Soul of Bread (愛的麵包魂). The result successfully revitalizes the overworked genre with Taiwanese idiosyncrasies and easily connects with audiences.

ChinaPost: The Soul of Bread review

All’s Well Ends Well 2012 review

The actors all over-act. Their dialogue and even dressing are over-exaggerated, which all translates into pure adulterated silliness.

Eric Tsang hits right chord

I Love Hong Kong 2012 is a light-hearted comedy about the Kwok family, which is headed by Kwok Ching (Stanley Fung), a TV weatherman of 20 years who aspires to be a news anchor.

“The formula is always the same. It starts with a happy family, then arguments happen but, in the end, all the family members will be together again. The formula will never change as far as Lunar New Year comedies are concerned.”

CRI: “Life without Principle” Hits Mainland Cinemas

The film tells the story of three seemingly ordinary people, a bank teller, a small-time thug and an honest police inspector, who are all in dire need of money due to separate predicaments in their respective lives. A bag of stolen money worth 5 million dollars suddenly appears, putting all three in a difficult situation, forcing them to make soul searching decisions about the concepts of right and wrong.

CF: ”Romancing in Thin Air” Premieres in HK

The global premiere of the romance film “Romancing in Thin Air”, the most recent project from director-writer duo Johnny To and Wai Ka-Fai, was held in Hong Kong, on February 2, 2012.


CF: New Photos of “Romancing in Thin Air” Out

“White Deer Plain”, the only Chinese film to compete for the Golden Bear Award at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, has released a collection of promotional stills in the run-up to the awards ceremony.

“Repeat, I Love You” poster with Cecilia Cheung, Kwon Sang-woo (Sina)

Posters for “The Floating Shadow” set in a women’s prison

Jiang Wu costars


Variety: The Floating Shadow review

Character posters for Doze Niu’s “Love” opening Valentine’s Day

Amber Kuo, Eddie Peng, Ivy Chen

Ethan Ruan, Shu Qi, Doze Niu

Zhao Wei, Mark Chao (Sina)

Mainland poster for the Taiwan black comedy “Do You Follow Me” (aka “Bang Bang Formosa”)

Betelnut beauty Tammy Chen fights Shanghai girl Yuan Xinyu

Yuan Xinyu (Sina)

Posters for “Nightclub School Hospital” (formerly “Night Club Suspense Tale” here)

Stills from thriller “Nightclub School Hospital”

Chrissie Chau, Van Fan Yi-chen

Opens Feb. 10 (Sina)2

Zhang Jingchu celebrated her 32nd birthday on the set of “Dwelling on the Fuchun Mountains”


Pop king Jay Chou recently posed for Bazaar Men’s Style magazine.

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Ella Chen, Andy Lau, Ethan Ruan, et al.

MSN: Joey Wong’s recent photo revealed

A netizen claiming to be the actress’s “sister” posted a picture of her online

SGYahoo: Eric Tsang beats Raymond Wong

Tsang claimed that veteran comedian, Stanley Fung’s funny portrayal as Sir Kwok in “I Love Hong Kong 2012″ was the main reason that won the heart of the Hong Kong audience and he even joked that Fung had officially became the nemesis of Donnie Yen, who played the main character in the latest instalment of “All’s Well Ends Well” franchise.

This is not the first time Zhang Mo has been in trouble. He was expelled from The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing in 2004 after he assaulted a female classmate.

Huayi CEO Wang Zhonglei says Zhang Mo has not been replaced or had his scenes deleted in Feng Xiaogang’s “Remembering 1942″. His 13 day detention has impacted the shooting schedule. (Sina)

MSN: Joan Lin celebrates her 60th birthday

Son Jaycee Chan surprise the former actress with a performance

Jackie, who was busy filming in Japan, also took time out from work to attend the surprise event. He even stayed on to accompany wife Joan for the entire evening.

Cutting birthday cake


Rumours are that Aaron and his model girlfriend’s wedding is to be taking place overseas

Chrissie Chau, one of Hong Kong’s most famous pseudo-models, is set to star in the upcoming drama Beach Spikes.

Also touted by the media as “Million Dollar Babe”, the 26-year old model-turned-actress is infamous for her TV commercial advertisement for Slim Beauty which saw her stripping down to her skimpy bikini walking on the streets of Hong Kong. She first made her name after clinching the 1st runner-up title as the 2002 Comics Festival ‘Game Girl’.


A1: Hong Kong ‘locust’ ad angers mainland netizens

The full-page advert demanded action to stop mainland Chinese “infiltration” of the territory, showing a huge locust overlooking Hong Kong’s skyline with the words “Hong Kongers have had enough!” and “This city is dying, you know?”

Many Hong Kongers also dislike the shadowy role that Beijing plays in local politics and the flashy displays of wealth by mainland Chinese tourists.

January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

FBA: Bona to introduce movie ratings to China

Jin Bo, marketing director of Bona Cineplex, stated that the in-house system — which could launch in late February — will only give guidance and will not enforce any age restrictions.

Film Review: All’s Well Ends Well 2012

This entry has a bit more narrative cohesion, but at the expense of that “anything goes” humor that made the series so watchable.

SG: Dance Dance Dragon review

FBA: Dear Enemy review

The China rom-com goes global, with great chemistry between leads Xu Jinglei and Stanley Huang.

The story is set one hundred years ago, after the Xinhai Revolution. During the period of social upheaval, two important families in White Deer Village in Shaanxi province war over land ownership, with a woman caught between them.

A sweeping Chinese epic, “White Deer Plain”, will round out the list of 18 films vying for gold at the 62nd Berlin film festival, organisers said on Tuesday.

Chinese Blockbuster ‘Flowers of War’ Leaves U.S. Audiences Cold

Flaying ‘Flowers’: An Example of Western Media’s Bias Against China (WSJ)

ChinaDaily: Yao Ming eying film business

Foreign media report that Jay Cohen, an American film producer, is setting up a film finance fund with Yao Ming, which has caught the attention of China’s media and public.

Newly released poster for “Nightfall” starring Simon Yam and Nick Cheung. Film is now in post-production.

Earlier poster featuring a “wanted” Nick Cheung (Sina)

Latest poster for “Crazy Dinner” starring Huang Bo, Liu Hua and Fan Wei which opened January 23.


“I Do” starring Li Bingbing, Duan Yihong and Sun Honglei opens February 10.

Newly released photos of Li Bingbing

With Duan Yihong

Pregnant Li Bingbing


“Nightclub Suspense Tales” opens Feb. 10

Chrissie Chau

Deng Jia Jia

Jill Hsu Jie-er (Sina)

Anthony Wong filming in Henan

Joey Wang turned 45 on January 30 and posted a recent picture for her fans in a surprise to her fan club.

Richard Mille celebrates the year of the dragon with a watch that not only pays tribute to the legendary creature, but also his personal friend, international kungfu superstar Jackie Chan. On the front of the RM 057, a dragon grips the tourbillon bridge in one of its claws, while on the back on the black onyx base plate, a round engraved Jackie Chan signature rotates once every 60 seconds in time with the tourbillon’s rotation. Limited edition of 36 pieces in 18K red gold or white gold with a red gold dragon. (A1)

CNA: Ethan Ruan begins serving national service


Daniel Wu: I’m totally not a romantic person (A1)

Dumped in the middle of the highway on way to airport

The singer declares that she wants to arrange for her soon-to-be-born son to marry Andy’s daughter MSN: Andy Lau and wife expecting a baby girl

Hong Kong singer Andy Lau was previously speculated to be expecting a baby boy with his wife. This may not be true anymore with the singer’s recent announcement.

MSN: Carina Lau claims Margie Tsang was “lucky” to have dumped Tony Leung

SGYahoo: Fans protecting Ron Ng

Actress Viann Zhang has become the target of numerous allegations with rumours of skin grafting and providing escort services. Recently, explicit photos of Viann were found circulating widely online tarnishing the name of actor Ron Ng.

With rumors that Hong Kong actress, Maggie Cheungunderwent plastic surgery to still be viable in the Chinese movie industry, the 47-year-old made a comeback with saying she is undeterred by ageing.

Don’t look now, but TVs may again be made in U.S.

Believe It Or Not: TV Manufacturing Returning To The US

Of course, they first looked at Mexico, but eventually realized that it was actually a better deal to manufacture in the US, saying it’s still cheaper on shipping both parts and final products and would allow the company to react faster to market changes. The company also believes they’ll save money in training and retaining workers in the US. Who knows if there’s more going on behind the scenes here, but considering how big a story it was when all TV manufacturing left the US, it’s certainly noteworthy that (at least at one plant) it’s come back from Asia.

January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

Austin TX: A Watery Grave Narrowly Avoided

35mm prints of lost HK actioners unspool in the Alamo’s Asian Invasion series

TimeOutHK: Father Franco Mella

Portrayed in film by Anthony Wong in “Ordinary Heroes” (1999).

TimeOutHK: Dante Lam interview

Director Dante Lam is on the highway to becoming Hong Kong’s next action auteur. Expect more gunfire in his hard-hitting latest, The Viral Factor

Jay Chou: I had to grit my teeth and do it

Jay Chou was willing to risk life and limb while filming his latest movie, The Viral Factor, all because of “face”.

THR: Taiwan Stands Tall as ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ Earns Foreign-Language Oscar Shortlist Spot

Wei, one of Taiwan’s most commercially and critically successful directors, received the news in the middle of the Asian night. He was unsure why Warriors had made the shortlist while the rest of East Asia is staying home. Asian films played no part in any major category last year.

FBA: Seediq Bale shortlisted for Oscars

CF: Ann HUI On-wah to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at AFA

CF: Behind the Scenes of “Repeat, I Love You” Released

The film stars Cecilia Cheung, Sang-woo Kwon, Angela Chang and Jing Boran

CF: Mainland Box Office Performance in Second Week 2012

“The Great Magician” debuted with $11.55 million over four days and managed to wrestle the first place from the highest-grossing hit of the year 2011″The Flowers of War”. “Magician”is the latest film directed by Derek Yee, who is good at balancing commercial success with artistic integrity very successfully.

CF: Film Buzz: 2012

Smaller films made big splash

Over the past year, three small-budget movies, Eternal Moment, The Piano in a Factory and Love is Not Blind, flexed their competitive muscle by attracting audiences and critical praise.

According to Chen Shan, professor at the Beijing Film Academy, the allure of small-budget films in the era of big-budget blockbusters is their ingenuity.

“Because their original cost is much lower, they can be more flexible with their themes. They dare to try something different from the mainstream, while blockbusters have to be more cautious,” he said to the Global Times.

Singapore director Jack Neo is evidently sticking to his winning formula - fresh-faced teen actors, heart-breaking family drama and a healthy dose of social commentary in his latest directorial offering, We Not Naughty.

A1: We Not Naughty review

Famous comedian Zhao Benshan will not perform on this year’s “CCTV Spring Festival Gala” because of health problems.

Johnnie To’s “Romancing in Thin Air” launches, with a bang, on Feb. 9


Guest stars in “The Great Magician” include Tsui Hark, Benz Kong, Jamie Luk, Vincent Kok, writer Lau Ho-Lueng and dubbing director Chiang Siu-Leung.

Tsui Hark

Eight military governors (Sina)

Stills from “All’s Well Ends Well 2012″

Louis Koo, Kelly Chen

Sandra Ng, Donnie Yen

Chapman To, Lynn Hung

Lynn Hung, Chapman To (Sina)

Donnie Yen, Vincent Zhao, Jing Tian, Zhang Hanyu, Yang Kun attended the Beijing launch of a new Clarence Fok film (Chinese title, Special Status). Donnie Yen will action direct as well as produce. Peter Pau is the cinematographer for the film.

Vincent Zhao, Donnie Yen (Sina)

Photos from Dubai where “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” is filming. The film stars Andy Lau, Chen Kun and Zhang Jingchu.

Lin Chi-ling tries on a prop

Filming on a closed road

The crew prepares for a scene

Director Sun Jianjun (r)

Two British bandits (Sina-gallery)

“Harpoon” poster featuring Hu Bing (Sina)

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Jay, Hannah, Nic, Viral Factor, Wang Lee-Hom, Kanye West

CNA: Dragon Year spells nightmare for Hong Kong mums

“We didn’t plan for a Dragon baby,” says 38-year-old Michele Lee, who is expecting her second child, a girl, in April.

“It was exciting when we first found out the news but very soon that excitement turned into worry about whether we’ll get a place in hospital.”

January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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FBA: Cold Steel review

Routine, solidly made war drama with a professional cast.

CRI:  Zhao Wei Returns with ‘Love’

Huayi Brothers, the company producing the film, recently released a series of still photos featuring Zhao and a video clip of her dancing in sexy dresses.

CF: Promotional Song of “I Do” Released

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, the movie “I Do” revolves around a topic that’s always popular in modern society – how left-over women can find suitable husbands.

Theme songs of 12 Feng’s movies were divided into 10 distinct segments with the most memorable movie moments screened on site.

Poster for “All’s Well Ends Well 2012″, opening January 20

Kelly Chen

Sandra Ng

Lynn Hung

Yang Mi

Louis Koo, Kelly Chen

Donnie Yen (Sina)23

“Crazy Dinner” poster (Source)

The cast of “Crazy Dinner Engagement”, directed by Shang Jing (”My Favorite Swordsman”) attended a grand opening media event in Beijing yesterday. Opening January 23.

Huang Bo

Monica Mok

Monica Mok (Mo Xiaoqi), Huang Bo

Liu Hua


The couple will be returning to the US to visit relatives after the New Year. The couple is rumoured to undergo a test to see if they are suitable for IVF procedure while they are there.

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