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May 30, 2009

May 30, 2009

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Ashes of Time - Leslie Cheung and Brigitte Lin
Ashes of Time - Leslie Cheung and Brigitte Lin

A rare still from a scene with Leslie Cheung and Brigitte Lin kissing was released. Wong Kar-Wai eventually cut the scene from the film.

Chinese New Year: All’s Well Ends Well 2010,
Miriam Yeung and Sammi Cheng to in Johnnie To comedy announced

3-D series to hit smallscreen in China
45-episode costume drama “Wu Cheng-en and the Journey to the West,” touted as one of the first 3-D TV series in the world.

SCMP videos
“Ah Lam” (林子祥) still walking tall after 30 years in showbiz
George Lam (林子祥) remembers the golden age of Cantopop

Shu Qi
Shu Qi at promotional event

Also attended by Simon Yam and wife

Edison watch: Edison was spotted visiting an office building in Central with no security guards accompanying him

More photos
Edison and Vincy
Edison’s three year relationship with Vincy Yeung is reportedly over

Edison Chen takes a risk by returning to Hong Kong
Fallout looms as Edison Chen returns to HK

Edison back in HK

Gillian Chung performs in Tongling outside of Hefei

Huang Shengyi Ad Photos

Hong Kong democrat in assassination plot

May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009

Tony Leung Ka-FaiFan Bingbing
Donnie YenHu Jun
Preview of Bodyguards and Assassins released- photo gallery

Meet the ‘Bodyguards and Assassins’ (trailer)

Zhang Ziyi
Zhang Ziyi regrets not heeding Ang Lee’s advice to learn English


Asia’s dark pics make a splash at Cannes

Tang Wei Wei (right)
Chengdu, I Love You scheduled for October release

Iron Man
Iron Man opens this month

bc magazine: Simon Yam - Breaking the Boundaries

Screen Daily: Karaoke (Malaysia)

Taipei Times: True Women For Sale

bc magazine: Night and Fog

HK Magazine: Night and Fog

bc magazine: Ashes of Time Redux

bc magazine: A Frozen Flower (South Korea)

HK Magazine: A Frozen Flower

Wedding bells for Miriam Yeung?

Surviving a blacklist brought Tsai Chin new found freedom

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
Faye Wong to return in Feng Xiaogang’s Tangshan Earthquake?

Shu QiZhang Ziyi

Shu Qi, Zhang Ziyi, Bill Clinton attend Cannes Amfar benefit

Vivian Chow
Vivian Chow at a product promotion event

Maggie Cheung, Ole Scheeren
Maggie Cheung and Ole Scheeren remain in Hong Kong

Maggie Cheung Okay with ‘Basterds’ Cut
Simon Yam and wife
Simon Yam and wife

More Faye Wong advertisment photos released

Faye Wong’s shampoo advertisement exposed

Bobby Yip
Bobby Yip puts up Shenzhen clothing shop up for sale.

Bat Leung Gam has discounted the sales price after struggling through the financial tsunami. Plans to remain as the brand spokesman. Shortly, he has plans to go to Beijing to work on his new CCTV comedy program.

Li Yuchun gets measured for Madame Tussauds

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Takeshi Kaneshiro beer advert

Lynn Xiong
Lynn Xiong glamour shots

Charlene Choi,, Eric Tsang, Chin Kar-Lok arrive at studio for dubbing session

Ruby Lin in New Ad

May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009

Posters for Bodyguards and Assassins released

Tony Leung Ka-Fai

Hu Jun, Eric Tsang, Nic Tse, Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Fan Bingbing, Wang Po-Chieh, Wang Xueqi, Zhou Yun, Li Yuchun
Scheduled for December 18th release

Louis Koo
Lau Ching Wan, Daniel Wu
Overheard/Wiretap - Lau Ching-Wan, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu

Louis Koo put on thirty pounds for the role

Director Hung Yan-Yan with cast
Hung Yan-YanJiang Luxia - leading lady
Sam LeePeggy Tseng Pei-Yu
Coweb Beijing press conference

Li Bingbing - The Message

Donnie Yen in for Bond-esque actioner
‘14 Blades’ will be directed by Daniel Lee

Chinese director Lou Ye to premiere movie at Cannes film festival despite ban - Spring Fever
Lou Ye - Spring Fever press kit

New H.K. sales firm embraces actresses
Vicky Zhao Wei, Tang Wei have faced career hurdles

Ethan Ruan replaces Jay Chou as triad member in new film

Cinema Popular unveils China’s first superhero movie
Cinema Popular is unveiling four new projects at Cannes:
Jung Ku - The Man From 18th Hell (Peter Chan), The Flying Guillotines - (Dante Lam), Queen’s Road Ripper, God of Wealth
Korea’s Sidus to co-produce One Armed Swordsman remake
Fortissimo takes on Tian Zhuangzhuang’s Warrior
Focus, Edko seal three film deal
True Legend, The Warrior and The Wolf, and Murderer (starring Aaron Kwok)

Don’t bow down to vices, says Tsai Chin

Attending Guests: Want a date with Taiwanese female stars? Pay up

Ashes of Time cast
Stumbled across this picture and I thought people might enjoy seeing it. Notice who’s in it? Joey Wang!
And a couple more:

Zhao Wei slide show

Jamie Cheung (Dragonball: Evolution) slide show

March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009

Brigitte LinCharlie Yeung
Carina Lau, Tony LeungWong Kar-Wai and wife
Hong Kong premiere of Ashes of Time Redux - gallery

Video tributes to Leslie Cheung from Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Faye Wong, Cecilia Cheung and Lucas, Shu Qi, John Woo, Sandra Ng and others

Chow Yun-Fat
Confucius begins filming with low-key ceremony at a Confucian temple

Jay Chou and Lin Chi-Ling - Treasure Hunter
Stills from Ci Ling/Treasure Hunter - Jay Chou and Lin Chi-Ling

Lin Chi-Lin and Eric Tsang
Photo gallery

“Ci Ling” has begun filming

Simon Yam

Nic Tse

Bodyguards and Assassins promotional material released


Examination 1977 poster

Officially released April 4
Zhou Xianxin - 'Little Gong Li'
Shanghai Normal University premiere gallery
Wong Kar-Wai sends public letter of support

Liu YeGao Yuanyuan
Nanking! Nanking!/City of Life and Death

Qin Lan
Gao Yuanyuan thought to be co-lead with Liu Ye rumored to be largely deleted, Qin Lan’s character becomes the lead

Edison Chen ‘tests water’ with role as sex pervert
According to Chinese media, a source revealed that for publicity purposes, the filming period has to be stated as before the uproar of the scandal.

Jackie Chan says producers don’t want to use original title.

Shinjuku Incident
Jackie Chan pitches his ‘different’ side in new movie
“I even had my first, mildly saucy scene but that’ll be censored in many countries, including Malaysia,” he said.
In the yakuza’s grip
Not just any Hollywood role for Daniel Wu & Jackie Chan

Cecilia Cheung
Cecilia Cheung shoots new bedding advert in Guangzhou

 Korea Times: Police to Question Journalists Over Actress Suicide

Google, music labels launch China download service

Forgery fight looms over Nina Wang’s will

Nina Wang was the widow of Teddy Wang whose kidnapping was depicted in Jackie Chan’s Crime Story

March 26, 2009

Ashes of Time Redux Beijing press conference gallery

‘Ashes of Time Redux’ Premieres

Kenny Bee and Sylvia ChangWith Nansun Chi and Tsui Hark
Kenny Bee and Sylvia Chang attend HKIFF exhibition organized by Tsui Hark and Nansun Chi titled ‘Romantic Historical Novel’

Angelica LeeBrigitte Lin
Kwai Lun-MeiEric Tsang
Gallery of guests

Q&A: Noh Young-seok
“Daytime Drinking”

Korean Films to Return in April
10 domestic titles are slated for release next month

BC Magazine Film Reviews
Tokyo Sonata
Oxide Pang’s Basic Love
The Equation of Love and Death
Love Connected
A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Love triangle
Oxide Pang Chun offers a melodramatic teen love story in Basic Love

Charlie Yeung
HAF lauds Charlie Yeung for financial acumen
‘Christmas Rose’ is first project to get fully financed at HAF

China takes on Hollywood in box office battle
Directors offer ways to defeat dominance of imports

Feng Xiaogang created a stir when he made some controversial remarks. [fuzzy and partial translation follows]

Feng XiaogangSpeaking on a panel with John Woo and Wei Desheng (Cape No. 7), Feng said that although many mainland films are screened in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Taiwan do not sufficiently understand mainland culture, “therefore I simply do not want to make films for overseas market. Mainland culture to Taiwan and Hong Kong is strange.”

“In the mainland, my movie in one day makes 20,000,000 Yuan box office, but here (in Hong Kong) only takes in one month 2,000,000 Yuan. Is my film really not good?”

“I must tell the truth, Hong Kong audience look down upon us.”

Feng Xiaogang is quite confident in his brand and thinks he does not need Zhang Ziyi to make Tangshan Earthquake  (his upcoming film). He said, To use her, I’d have to pay her $20M yuan, I will simply use a new person. I want that $20M yuan to be put into the filmmaking.

Andy Lau wedding on hold?
Falsely led to believe Carol Chu was pregnant?
Carol not pregnant, Andy plans to call off wedding

Faye Wong in Hong Kong
Faye Wong recently signed an 8-digit contract to film a shampoo ad

The ad is set to be broadcast on regional TV in April. The brand was previously promoted by Jackie Chan for $14M yuan. Faye’s fee is estimated at betwee $15M - $20M yuan. This has sparked speculation of Faye’s return to stage. Today marks the 20th anniversary of her debut.

Faye Wong makes return with S$4million advertisement
New CD? Role in Feng Xiaogang’s Tangshan Earthquake?

Gigi Leung
Gigi Leung celebrates birthday and CD release with fans

Joey Yung has no love for Edison Chen; only resentments
There is no pity for Edison Chen; neither is there love. Hong Kong singer Joey Yung, who will be holding her concert in Singapore in April for the first time, tells local media in a phone interview that she has never had good impression of Edison and disdained any interactions with him.

“I do not want to have any relations to him. I’ve always never had any good impression of him or admiration for him. I have no feelings about his ordeal,” she said.

On the other hand, she is supportive of her good friend Gillian Chung, who has had a sexual relationship with Edison and was twirled into a sex photos scandal last year. To relieve Gillian’s stress and cheer her up, Joey was seen out shopping with the former; she said that was the only thing she can do for a friend in such crisis.

“Nobody can ever relieve her of the hurt and sorrow she suffered. But I hope it is a lesson learned and she can learn to love herself more. I hope everyone can give her a second chance,” Joey said.

Though fully supportive of Gillian’s comeback, Joey said she will not invite her as the concert performing guest. “I think she is more than a special guest; Gillian should always be the center of attraction,” she said. However, Joey will not hesitate to invite Gillian to Singapore as guest of the concert if the latter is available.

Joey is now among the top female singers in Hong Kong music industry and has even been named the Queen of Pop; she is now hoping to extend her performing career further in acting. Since “The Return of the Condor Heroes”, Joey has not received any new scripts. She hoped to be landed with a role that offers room for character development.

When reporters hypothesized for the male lead of Joey’s next movie to be Edison, she was stunned and speechless for a moment. After seconds of pauses, she replied, “I’ll let the company decide for me. I believe their decision is the best for me.”

Her friendship with Hong Kong female singer Denise Ho was rumored to be more than just that. Joey said she was indeed vexed and afraid initially, but got used to the rumors as years passed. However, she wished those meaningless rumors would not affect their friendship.

“Denise is a very special girl with her own unique perspectives about things; she will also offer me opinions on my work. To get such a loyal and reliable friend in showbiz is rare. I will do everything to treasure this friendship,” she said.

Joey, who denied to be homosexual, shyly said she has never been molested. “Perhaps people do not have any fantasies of me. If you don’t give people the “Welcome” message, he will not come over. I am someone who is very self-protective.”

Mid April, Joey will be holding a concert for the first time in Singapore and challenging tough dance steps; she is not just going to do somersaults but also stunts. Without a background in action and dance, Joey spent one month practicing for a 20 minute performance and ended up with injuries.

When asked if her company will increase her insurance coverage, Joey was bold and uninhibited. “I’ve never asked my company about this, but it’s an honour to die on the stage!”

Gillian Chung appears in Shanghai for an online game, FIFA Online

Annie Yi shouts for justice

Caged in by poverty - Cage Men
Hong Kong art gallery exhibits ‘cage homes’ to highlight wealth gap

March 20, 2009

Nanjing Massacre Films to Highlight April Silver Screens

Beijing-based distributor-turned-producer ACE Film Studio has announced that it is lining up thriller Midnight Taxi and China-Japan co-production Dream Wall

Screen Daily Review - Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

SFAAFF Reviews
White on Rice
Ocean of Pearls
Fruit Fly

Ashes of Time: Wong Kar-Wai credits Sammo Hung for being the inspiration behind Ouyang Feng/Leslie Cheung’s lines, ‘What’s behind the mountain? Same desert, another mountain.’ Says while checking locations during filming with the rotund Sammo Hung, Sammo didn’t like all the walking about and casually uttered those same words.

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Huang Shengyi
Huang Shengyi’s Hollywood debut in Race to Witch Mountain reduced to 45 seconds

Gillian Chung
Chengdu auto brand cancels on Gillian Chung

Not satisfied with feedback on jeans promotion

Gillian Chung
Gillian Chung off to Beijing for sponsor promotion - gallery

First time back to Mainland

Andy Lau is starting to have severe hair loss

Kelly Chen announces in Hong Kong that her baby is a boy,

Ariel Lin underwent brain surgery; irritable after operation

Maiden in China: Pop star Jane Z hopes to woo new fans around the world

Flags-made-in-China flap has (Ontario) legislature in uproar
(Thanks, Brian)
[Hmm, should they burn them? 80 ]

Mainland soldier shot dead and machine gun stolen

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