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June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

THR: 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy review

FBA: Shanghai has starry opening

FBA: Sharp elbows and acid tongues at Shanghai seminar

CRI: Shanghai Int’l Film Festival Opens with Rainy Glitz

Miscellaneous pics from the red carpet walk at the Shanghai International Film Festival grand opening

Chen Kun and Kitty Zhang Yuqi walked a rainy red carpet Saturday (Sina)

Li Bingbing walked with the crew of Jackie Chan’s “1911″ (Sina)

And then again with Jeon Ji-Hyun for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Jiang Yiyan wore butterflies on her shoulder, for Jacob Cheung’s Rest on Your Shoulder and later returned in a red dress for Gordon Chan’s The Four Marshals

Rest on Your Shoulders cast Jiang Yiyan, Guei Lun-Mei, Chen Kun, Gigi Leung (Sina)2

Fan Bingbing

Zhang Zilin (Sina)

Zhang Jingchu (Sina)

The Sorceror and the White Snake’s Yang Zi, Huang Shengyi (Sina)

Also, check out more pics at Ed’s Favorite Hong Kong actresses

CRI: Stars Promote Xinhai Revolution Tribute Film

Stars promote the upcoming historical film, “1911,” during the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival on Sunday.

First Person: Bey Logan

Frankly, the Hong Kong film industry doesn’t want white people around. That’s why there are none. If you look at the industry in the 10-15 years I’ve been here, how many other white guys have there been? Maybe a couple, not many.

CF: ”Love on Credit” Promoted in Shanghai

CF: Cast Members Promote “Overheard 2″ in Shanghai

CRI:  “Intimate Enemies” Moves on to Chengdu

“Intimate Enemies” is a bit like the 2005 film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” but instead of being set in the world of espionage, this film is set against the backdrop of the commercial market. The film will touch on topics such as corporate takeovers.

CRI: Golden Goblet Nominee ‘Mr. Tree’ Screened

Mr. Tree poster

Alan Tam, Vivian Hsu and Vic Chou promote their film Live With Fashion in Shanghai

Vivian Hsu, Vic Chou


CF: Here Comes “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”

Wayne Wang: ‘Snow Flower’ not a ‘Joy Luck Club’ rehash (AP)

CRI: How a Chinese Story Gets Told in an Int’l Way

Li Bingbing

Promotional poster cookie

My Kingdom cast promotes film while director Gao Xiaosong serves 6 month sentence for drunken driving.

Action director Sammo Hung

Han Geng, Barbie Hsu, Wu Chun

Magician Liu Qian’s first acting role (Xinhua-gallery)(Sina)

FBA: ScreenSingapore wraps on high note

Tom Hanks, Zhang Ziyi and South Korean Lee Byung-hun brought ScreenSingapore to a successful close Saturday night. Zhang Ziyi wore a purple dress from Chanel and sported a new hairstyle.

Tom Hanks, Zhang Ziyi, Lee Byung-hun

Tom Hanks’ new film “Larry Crowne” closed the week-long festival

A1: West isn’t always best, says Zhang

“It’s good if we can get a chance to go there and experience what filming is like there. But if there’s nothing suitable, we shouldn’t force ourselves to take on any role just so we can be in Hollywood.”

A1: Van Ness Wu insulted by Hollywood

“All the people they are casting are Caucasian. The names of the characters are Tetsuo and Kaneda…but they want Justin Timberlake and Robert Pattison,” scoffed Wu.

Chen Kun and Zhang Yuqi promote Qian Xuesen in Shanghai

The film is a biography of the father of China’s space program, a rocket scientist deported from the US. (Sina)

Bound for Toronto

Zhao Benshan has been approved to immigrate to Canada having passed his medical examination. According to reports Zhao has sought to immigrate and applied to Canadian authorities as early as 2008. (Xinhua)

Shu Qi’s recent posts to Weibo have netizens worried that she is depressed

June 12

How many tears can one woman have? (Xinhua)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung is said to be joining Edison Chen’s company soon

A1: Nicholas’ sister arrives in KL to comfort him

CRI: Carina Lau Denies IVF Attempt

A1: Who’s Nicking the spotlight?

Netizens are speculating that Wong Jing is the mastermind behind the rash of reports on Tse’s crumbling marriage…And Nick Cheung’s buckteeth are his own.

MSN: Dee Hsu revealed that Barbie Hsu was troubled over her marriage

MSN: Selina: Physiotherapy works better than crying

Hong Kong, First Hand

HK Magazine’s memorable interview quotes over the years

  • “Hong Kong is like a hotel to most people, not a home. Everyone fled with their cash before 1997, came back again when Hong Kong looked fine and fled with their cash again when SARS broke out.” - Jackie Chan, martial arts star.
  • “I used to love Hong Kong. I had hopes for it, and that’s why I was constantly critical. Now I just hate it. I look at the younger generation, young couples hugging teddy bears in the street—what hope do we have?” - Anthony Wong, actor.
  • “One day when I was skateboarding, a fat man in short pants asked me if I wanted to be an actor. I refused. It was a time when a lot of ‘model scouts’ were trying to rip off wannabes. This guy looked worst than most. It was Fruit Chan.” - Sam Lee, actor.

May 13, 2011

May 13, 2011

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FBA: Punished review (7/10)
Solid, well-crafted kidnap mystery with an especially fine performance by Anthony Wong.

FBA: Zhang’s war epic finds sales representation
Scheduled to wrap in mid June, Nanking is approximately 40% in English and 60% in Mandarin and as has been previously announced will have its world premiere in Beijing, China on 16 December, 2011.

FBA: Eleven Arts bows to Snowblade

Eleven Arts, the Japanese-managed, Los Angeles-based sales company, has picked up international rights to Snowblade, the sexy swordplay actioner being directed by Bey Logan.

CRI: Richie Ren Costars with Teng Ge ‘er in Fraternity Film
“Tales of Two Cities,” a film about fraternity and heroism, has started shooting in northwest China’s Gansu Province

CF: “Mou Boy” Turns into a Racer in New Movie
The former “Mou Boy” and “Under the Hawthorn Tree” starlet, Dou Xiao, was reported to portray a cool, rebellious speed racer in the movie.
“A Tale of Car Racing” is the first homegrown racing action film. The story line will focus on such themes as car racing, love and friendship.

CF: “Stronger than Earthquake” to Debut in 3D
As a tribute to the heroes in the devastating earthquake at Wenchuan in 2008, the film combines computer graphics and 3D graphics to recreate the tragic scenes. It will be the first homegrown 3D film of China.
The 3D film “Stronger than Earthquake” will hit the national screens on May 19.

CF: Samuel Goldwyn to Release ‘Sacrifice’ in U.S. Market

Cannes poster for We Te-Sheng’s Seediq Bale (Sina)

Poster for US release of Lu Chuan’s City of Life and Death


CRI: Andy Lau Tops Forbes Chinese Celebrities List>

Donnie Yen and wife arriving in Cannes (Sina)

CRI: Li Bingbing Covers June Edition of Marie Claire
Li’s absence from the opening ceremony in Cannes has avoided unwanted comparisons between her and another high-profile Chinese attendee, Fan Bingbing, who stole the thunder on the day with a spectacular red dress embroidered with white cranes.
However, fans are still eager to know which gown Li will choose for her own big moment.

Michelle Yeoh at a recent jewelry exhibition.


(Xinhua) (Sina-slideshow)

Kelly Chen attending a dessert promotion event in Shanghai yesterday


MSN: Michelle Reis wants son to run a business
The Hong Kong beauty talks about her responsibilities as a first-time mom

A1: Taiwan pop star Jay Chou leads music awards list
For the coveted best male singer title, Chou will challenge Chinese-American singer-songwriter Leehom Wang, who has also embarked on a successful movie career. (CNA)
CNA: Wang Lee Hom is always a groomsmen, never a groom
MSN: Selina Jen goes out for high tea
The one-third singer of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E updates her microblog with photos of herself and new bag

March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010

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Takeshi Kaneshiro’s 2008 K-20: Legend of the Mask (”Black Mask in Disguise”)

Romantic action film is based on a Edogawa Rampo novel gets a Mainland release Mar.16 (Xinhua)

Director Ronnie Yu will bring together top Asian actresses Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, Tang Wei and Michelle Yeoh for his upcoming film “The Lady Generals of the Yang Family”, said Hong Kong media reports.

The Lady Generals of the Yang Family” tells of how the women from the Yang family of Song dynasty stepped onto the battlefield to avenge the deaths of their warriors husbands, who died while fighting the invading Xia army after being sold out by a traitorous Song official.(Channel NewsAsia)

CRI: Box Office Revenues in China Are Expected to Exceed 10 Bln Yuan in 2010: Han Sanping

Among the promoted new films are those soon to hit cinemas in April like romance flick ‘Du Lala’s Promotion’ and spy thriller ‘East Wind, Rain’, as well as projects in filming or post-production like ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘Let the Bullets Fly.’

Chrissie Chau will costar with Ronald Cheng and Phoenix Chau in Bey Logan’s beach volleyball action comedy Beach Spike.

Phoenix Chau costars in Logan’s Blood Bond directed by Michael Biehn and guesting Simon Yam now in post-production. (Sina)

Twins press conference

Twins held a press conference for their upcoming concert, their first in four years

(Sina) (slideshow)

CRI: Gillian Chung Announces Twins Concerts

Kelly Chen in Shanghai endorsing a watch brand (Sina)

Leon Lai buys US$2 million mansion for in-laws

When Gaile returned to her native America earlier this year to visit her family, her 43-year-old husband was unable to tag along due to ongoing concerts in America and Macau. To make up for his absence, he reportedly splurged on a US$2 million mansion as a gift to his in-laws.

Alex To to release autobigraphy with shocking revelations of celeb habits

The source also claimed that To plans to reveal how Hong Kong pop star Sammi Cheng had spoken badly about him to his assistants and turned them against him when they were both artistes at Capital Music.

In addition, To intends to write about the time he saw the late Canto-pop diva Anita Mui make out with the now-married Jordan Chan, then a dancer going by the name of Panther Boy, after they both got drunk at a lounge.

The autobiography apparently will also contain the details of his previous relationships with actress Sandra Ng and model Kadhy Chow as well as a drug scandal involving himself and several popular male singers at the time.

October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009

To Live and Die in Mongkok (lit.Mongkok Prison)

Liu Kai-Chi

Nick Cheung

Pau Hei-Ching plays Nick’s mother (Sina)

Nick Cheung plays a killer released from prison who suffers schizophrenia in Wong Jing’s latest film.(Sina)

Simon Yam

Model Emma Pei training with Kong Sifu

Producer Bey Logan chronicles the filming of Michael Biehn’s Blood Bond in Guangzhou on his blog, jump directly to the Simon Yam post, or meet Phoenix Chou

HK Magazine: Rebellion review

Despite being the 67th Hong Kong triad film I have seen thus far, “Rebellion” is a surprisingly interesting production. Directed by insanely prolific director Herman Yau (this is his sixth film in the past 12 months), the movie combines a cute suspense storyline with surprisingly good acting from some non-actors (namely Paul Wong and Jun Kung). It’s just a shame Yau coudln’t control the pacing better, and main star Shawn Yue didn’t turn in a more solid performance…

Ip Man 2

Donnie Yen says a third film will not be necessary, Ip Man 2 will be an instant classic and praises Huang Xiaoming. (Sina)

Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung face off

Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen


Carina Lau has joined the cast of Jiang Wen’s Let The Bullets Fly. Her role requires plenty of action, fighting, riding, wading and passionate scenes. Maggie Cheung was reportedly invited to join the cast but she was not prepared to return to film yet. (Sina) (Xinhua)

Yonfan and George Lam

Terri Kwan

Zhu Xuan

Prince of Tears Taipei Premiere slide show (18) (Sina)

Movie makes Taiwan relive ‘White Terror’ period

HK Magazine: Yonfan interview

One month before the year-end film season begins, the competition has already started heating up. The most anticipated Chinese movies seem to be following the same formula that is, a combination of ancient Chinese stories, all-star casts, and prestigious directors

Zhang Yimou and producer Zhang Weiping screened a rough of cut of Three Guns for the CEOs of the nation’s theatre owners to secure prime theatre slot for the year-end season.

Release dates: Treasure Hunter (Dec.9), Storm Warriors (Dec.10), Amazing Guns: Three Tales (Dec.11), Assassins and Bodyguards (Dec.18) (Sina)

September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

Aaron Kwok rehearses for National Day show

How does he do that?

( (

Vivian Chow

New advert photos


Tony Leung

Almost ready to begin shooting WKW’s First Generation Master (

At an appeance for The Founding of a Republic in Shaanxi, Director Huang Jianxin saidthat the first cut was 3 hours and 27 minutes long but he had to edit it down to 2 hours. The original film is long enough for a 4 episode TV movie version and he is now in discussions with TV stations. (

Astro Boy with the man behind his voice, Aaron Kwok

Aaron and movie son (

China claims ‘Astro Boy’

“Astro Boy,” a big budget cartoon from Hong Kong- and L.A.-based Imagi International, will escape China’s film import quotas and be considered a local picture on the Chinese mainland.

Meanwhile, Lynn Xiong is modeling and filming Ip Man 2 in Shanghai. [Aaron was recently photographed with Mango Wong in Beijing.]  (

After receiving a surprise gift from an anonymous man at a charitable banquet, Chinese actress Zhou Xun has admitted the man was her new boyfriend.

Zhao Benshan

Zhao Benshan had a stroke Wednesday and is now being treated in Shanghai.

Zhang Ziyi - August

Zhang Ziyi sent a video message to Tsai Ming-Liang on the eve of his Taiwan premiere of Face. She congratulated him on his success and expressed hope to collaborate in the future. In the message, Zhang said that movies are a high art form that combines literature, drama and music and other arts which is not easy to do but Tsai was able to do so. At the Cannes Film Festival premiere, Zhang Ziyi said that not only did Face have avant-garde artistic value but should also be appreciated. Therefore, she did not hesitate to vote for Face. (

Screen Daily: Golden Horse fest to open with Warrior and Tears

Starring Tsai Chen-nan, Enno Cheng, Serena Fang and Tsai Jian-wei, Tears is a story about an old detective who takes on the case of a girl who dies of a drugs overdose, and accidentally reveals a hidden crime he committed years ago.

THR: Bey Logan to produce ‘Blood Bond’

Bey Logan has set “The Blood Bond” as the first movie to flow from his new production company following his imminent exit as the Weinstein Company’s Hong Kong-based vice president. The picture is a stylized Asian actioner to be shot in English…The picture co-stars American stage actress Phoenix Chou and also features Chinese model and Taekwondo ace Zhang Lan-xin and veteran Hong Kong actor Simon Yam. Production begins Oct. 15 in China…

The Chinese-language romantic comedy “Hot Summer Days” will be a co-production between Fox International Productions, China’s Huayi Brothers Media Corp. and satellite TV operator Star Television Asia Ltd., Fox and Star said in a joint statement late Tuesday. Fox and Star are both units of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009

bc Magazine: When Johnnie Meets Johnny
‘Vengeance’ mixed effort to take Johnnie To global

bc Magazine: Hear Ye, Hear Ye (Michelle Ye)
The female star of Vengeance reveals what it is like in Johnnie To’s boys’ brigade

bc Magazine: Genius in the Madhouse
Jeffrey Lau Chun Wai gets slippery about being typecast

bc Magazine: Vengeance
HK Magazine: Vengeance

bc Magazine: On His Majesty’s Secret Service

bc Magazine: Turning Point

Overheard: Cops cross the line in taut Hong Kong thriller
Hollywood Reporter: Overheard
Bottom Line: A riveting thriller of commercial crime with dark, Faustian overtones.
Korea Times: ‘Sophie’s Revenge’ Satisfies to a Point

Guo Xiaolu doc booked for Toronto
‘Once Upon a Time Proletarian’ will have N. American bow

Film celebrates founding of new China

“The Great Cause of New China’s Foundation” is scheduled for nation-wide release on September 17th
Forty Films Will Commemorate China’s 60th Anniversary

Jet Tone, Fortissimo appeal GIO ruling
Jet Tone Films and Fortissimo Films – the production company and sales agent behind Cheng Hsiao-tse’s Miao Miao, is at the centre of a funding row

Donnie Yen
NY Times: An Action Star Moves to the Lead
Bey Logan: Now and Yen

Taiwanese filmmaker Chung Mong-hong, whose feature debut Parking screened in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard last year, returns with sophomore effort The Fourth Portrait. Hong Kong writer-director Pang Ho-cheung serves as producer on Hong Kong Film Award nominee Heiward Mak’s The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name.
Screen Daily

Eric Tsang and stunt man

Sun Li
Sun Li

Jeff Lau’s Light-Transcending Pandora’s Box
Yuen Biao
More photos

Zhou Xun
Zhou Xun has a new single, a theme for an online game

Lin Chi-Ling
Lin Chi-Ling promoting film on life of Coco Chanel

Miriam Yeung
Miriam Yeung ambassador for eye care

Hong Kong Singers Gather for Fundraising Event
Jet Li: Visiting the Kaoshiung Disaster Area

A*mei joins line-up of F1 Rocks

HK Magazine: Lo Hoi-Pang interview
HKMDB entry

Original advert,  Lo Hoi-Pang send-up
[Credit to Fan for originally bringing the videos to my attention]

Duen Kee Chinese Restaurant
There are some who visit the place solely because it was the location for the shooting of the Anthony Wong horror classic “The Untold Story.”

July 30, 2009

July 30, 2009

New Sophie’s Revenge poster

Zhang Ziyi

More stills - Sophie’s Revenge

Tracing Shadow poster

Recent posts from Bey Logan’s blog
Bey Logan: Chow on Fire
Fat Gor tries to change a flat tire/tyre

Bey Logan: Coffee with Gong Li
Gong dominated Chinese cinema to such an extent that, when she proved unavailable for the project, Chen Kaige begrudgingly began his film Temptress Moon with another actress, Iron Monkey’s Jean Wang, before summarily dismissing her when Gong Li did become available (and then, rather unkindly, criticizing Wang in the press.)

Bey Logan: The Man With The Deadly Pen
Ngai Hong (AKA Ni Kuang) (and Vivian Chow’s father-in-law)

Guardian: Can Kung Fu Cyborg kick Transformers’ arse?

Shu Qi performing action stunts on City Under Siege - slide show

Fruit Chan
Chengdu, I Love You
Fruit Chan’s Chengdu, I Love You to close Venice Film Festival

Xiao Shenyang
Sun Honglei
Zhang Yimou’s Three Guns

Li Bingbing was admitted to the hospital with heat stroke and hospitalized for two days but has now returned to the set of Detective Dee

Chow Yun-Fat possibly joining the cast of Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly

The woman who changes one man’s destiny - Michelle Reis
“If a woman can change a man’s whole life, that’s an attractive story to me,” the 39-year-old says. “My role encourages a beggar to stand up to hardship and live with dignity and confidence. She makes me believe in love.”

Qin Hailu

Qin Hailu to star in Sun Zhou’s 1949 war drama set in Guangzhou

Kelly Chen

Hong Kong media is reporting that Kelly Chen is not getting along with her mother-in-law

Supposedly clashing over cooking and child care

Zhao Wei releasing new album on digital platform via China Mobile (a la Karen Mok) in August

Rumor: Zhao Wei has registered for marriage in Singapore to a businessman
She was spotted with a wealthy merchant outside a marriage registration office in Singapore. To register in Singapore one must be a Singaporean or a permanent resident of Singapore.
If so, can a change in citizenship be far behind? :)

Liu Ye promoting auto brand

First public appearance since marriage

Pace Wu

Pace Wu in Taipei promoting cosmetics - gallery

Paris Hilton dons a Hello Kitty dress

Group wants to stub out film smoke
Chinese anti-smoking group call for a ban on smoking scenes

Hong Kong gang convicted for piracy
Leader sentenced to 74 months; $1.1 mil in assets seized

May 9, 2009

May 9, 2009

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Thanks, to Fan for the following article on Tang Wei:

On April 12th, Tang Wei secretly met with Harvey Weinstein and Bey Logan to plan her debut in Hollywood.

Other photos include her HK apartment, Eaton House, and the Happy Valley Starbucks that Tang Wei frequents, for you stalkers. Tang Wei was slated to star in Tian Zhuangzhuang’s The Warrior and the Wolf but was ultimately replaced by Maggie Q due to the media ban by mainland authorities.
Fan: Tang Wei met up with Harvey Weinstein recently in HK. No film contract confirmed yet. I am not particularly impressed by this girl but with her performance in Lust Caution, seems like there should be something big to follow but so far, no.

Tang Wei and her manager

Portraits of Zhao Wei

Plays Donnie Yen’s lover in upcoming 14 Blades

Faye Wong Sings at Buddhist Event
Faye Wong to make a comeback

Andy Lau, Li Bingbing engaged in war of wits
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Panda Film Attracts Chinese Audiences - Trail of the Panda

Jane Zhang to appear on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” Monday
For those unfamiliar with Jane Zhang Liangying, Jane Z for Japan, she placed third in the 2005 Super Girl competition that was won by tomboy favorite Chris Li Yuchun (debuting in upcoming Bodyguards and Assassins), though Jane was clearly the best singer of the three finalists (Bibi Zhou Bichang placing second). Jane has sung numerous theme songs for TV series and movies including The Banquet and Painted Skin (HKFA Best Original Song)(both below). She also performed the title song to Zhang Yimou’s modern day opera Impressions of West Lake.

Teresa Tang’s memorial park to be completed in 2011

Carina Lau unafraid of H1N1, but avoids Maggie Cheung
(The writer of the article doesn’t seem to know that Maggie is still in Hong Kong.)

Lulu Ng Caused Distressed Woman’s Suicide?
Details behind Josephine Koo’s sister’s death.

Sweet freedom as quarantine ends for 283 at hotel
Celebration time for some as hotel ordeal ends

Toronto student wins NASA prize for designing space colony (Thanks, Brian)

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