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July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

Brigitte Jolie (Southcn)

CF: Brigitte Lin Comes Out of Retirement for Zhang Yimou’s New Film

With the budget of 100 million yuan, the film features a host of strong cast members including singer Hu Ling, pianist Lang Lang and comedian Guo Degang. But more surprisingly, Lin will play alongside the Hollywood megastar Angelina Jolie.

Other reports still call it a false rumour. Wanda Pictures also denies it.  It is noted that Brigitte Lin, Angelina Jolie and Lang Lang’s paychecks combined alone would blow the the budget. (Sina)2

CF: Joan Chen Plays Plastic Surgeon in “Double Xposure”

CF: New Posters of Joan Chen’s Absurd Comedy “Let It Be”

CF: Lau Ching-wan Overcomes Mandarin Barriers for “The Bullet Vanishes”(Sina)

CF:  Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau Refuse Stand-ins in “The Bullet Vanishes”

CF: ”The Silent War” Releases New Posters

CF: Good-for-Nothing” Releases New Posters

The production company for “Good-for-Nothing Heroes” released three posters to promote their upcoming film

Lam Suet, Leni Lan (Lan Yan)

Christy Chung plays a buck-toothed single mother in “Good-for-Nothing Heroes”


Veteran actor Sun Honglei leads a Chinese version of “Leon: The Professional,” starring opposite actress Wang Luodan.

The suspense romantic film “Sha Jie” is intensely shooting in Beijing. A new series of still shots have been released to drum up the interest of the audience.

Ni Ni (Sina)

The 12 Star Signs [Zodiac?] Micro Films Project is co-filmed by Lu Chuan, Wang Xiaoshuai, Teng Huatao ["Love is Not Blind"] and Hao Lei. Each will shoot three films.

Co-sponsored by Buick, but not your father’s Buick

Wang Xiaoshuai’s “Far Away” (on poster)/”So Far So Free”(on video)

Sagittarius and the need for passion (!)

Lu Chuan’s “Heart Direction”/”The Way to Heart” (on video) based on Libra - freedom to choose?

CF: Zhao Wei Joins Stanley Kwan’s “Fang Lang Ji”(Sina)

Chinese movies to feature Toronto Int’l Film Festival

Stephen Fung’s Tai Chi 0, a period martial arts film, will also be a premiere in North America.

Peng Bo in comedy “BMW Rhapsody” starring Jordan Chan (below)


“One LV bag is the equivalent of a full house of 150-200 seats”

CF: Jackie Chan, Feng Xiaogang Gathered at Li Bingbing’s Family Event

The wedding was held by Huayi Bros’ top actress Li Bingbing. The bride is Li’s younger sister and a manager at Huayi. The couple registered as a couple in Las Vegas, Nevada two years ago.

Fashion magazine editor, Su Mang, Li Bingbing and sister, Li Xue

Li Bingbing and nephew, the “Little Prince”

Jackie and the wedding couple

CF: Jackie Chan Sings “Best Wishes from Beijing” Along with Another 176 Celebrities

CF: Aaron Kwok Presents Award to Prince Harry

MSN: Zhang Ziyi’s new romance revealed

The Chinese actress was said to be dating a Chinese host for the past year (Sina-slideshow)

MSN: Are wedding bells set to ring for Shu Qi and Stephen Fung?

“Do they really want me to get married so desperately?” Shu Qi questioned helplessly.

MSN: Gigi Lai celebrates twin daughters’ birthdays

The heavily pregnant actress made a rare appearance in public for the special occasion

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung discuss business over a meal

MSN: Chinese star claims Deric Wan cheated her of money and love

A Chinese actress by the name of Wan Jiarong has shockingly claimed that Hong Kong actor Deric Wan is her ex-flame and cheated her of her money and love.

MSN: Is Eason Chan’s wife a party animal?

WaPo: Intense typhoon Vicente slamming Hong Kong (Jul 23)

The government of Hong Kong has issued its highest level typhoon warning for the city - known as the number 10 signal. Such a designation is reserved for storms expected to produce hurricane-force winds.

Hong Kong Book Fair Attracts 900,000 Visitors Despite Storm

Stanley Ho’s relatives in the local news

WaPo: Hong Kong tycoon Eric Hotung ordered to pay son Michael Hotung $1.2 million by Fairfax County jury

Son is illegitimate offspring of love affair with cousin Winnie Ho.

WaPo: Alleged crime ties may affect casino’s chances of coming to Prince George’s County

MGM Resorts is trying to open casino while reputation of Macau partner, Pansy Ho, is scrutinized.

When confronted with a similar question a couple of years ago, New Jersey, a state that is no stranger to organized crime, balked — leading to MGM’s expected exit from Atlantic City.

July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

FBA: Wu Dang review

Light action-adventure works OK as family fare but not much more than that.

FBA: The Four review

Standard, rather old-fashioned, martial arts mystery generates no real drama.

CF: Liu Ye Tames a Horse in his New Movie

“Sha Jie” features Liu Ye and former “Mou Girl” Ni Ni as a couple. They portray a love-hate relationship in the movie. [Directed by Zhang Jiarui ("Red River", "Distant Thunder")]

CF: Release Date Set for “The Bullets Vanished”

CF: Cecilia Cheung Photos Released for “The Lion Roars 2″


CF: ”Holding Love” Released New Stills of Yang Mi

“Holding Love”, the first co-starring of Yang Mi and her boyfriend Hawick Liu, one of the most popular star couples among teen Chinese audiences, will star in the same film for the first time.

CF: A Stockholm Complex in “The Lethal Hostage”

In the movie, a drug dealer portrayed by Sun Honglei, falls in love with his hostage (Wang Luodan) and decides to quit the business, that is, after one final deal.

CF: ”Let It Be” to Premiere on August 10

“Let it Be” is directed, written and stars Song Jinxiao along with Joan Chen and Taiwanese actor Van Fan.

Song plays a female poet can’t handle the pressures of modern life and escapes to an Arcadia-like village, where she meets an artist played by Van Fan. Chen portrays a consummate charmer who tries her best to seduce the artist with the result being an absurd love triangle.

Joan Chen

Song Jinxiao

CF: ”The King of the Streets” Premieres in Beijing

Actor-director Yue Song performed his kung fu skills at the event, winning applause from the audience. In the film, he plays opposite more than 10 top world boxers.

The film is about a boy who seeks revenge for the death of his parents who were killed eight years ago. He fights the local gangsters and finally achieves his goal.

Xu Zheng and Hui Siu-Hung butt heads when Xu Zheng meets his future father-in-law for the first time in ”Gao Ding Yue Fu Da Ren” (lit. Battle of Wits with Father-in-Law). Lin Peng plays the bride-to-be. Xu Zheng also acts as the film producer for the first time.


In “The Silent War,” Zhou will portray a spy, similar to her role in the 2009’s blockbuster “The Message”. The actress was highly praised by other members of the cast on the set, and she now has the reputation for being box office dynamite. In past six months, Zhou has released “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”, “The Great Magician” and “Painted Skin: The Resurrection.” The upcoming project is exptected to take over the box office success of these three movies.

CF: John Woo: Chinese Films Don’t Have Real Blockbusters

Acclaimed director John Woo has recovered from the cancer and confirms that he has two projects in hand this year and next,


Rumour: Will Brigitte Lin return to film in Zhang Yimou’s next film, “Dragon Kiss”? That’s what insiders are saying about Zhang’s $100RMB budgeted film. Already, the director has said to have invited Angelina Jolie. When questioned at a recent fashion event, Brigitte Lin smiled and said, “Of course.” Yesterday, Brigitte made a low key appearance at the Hong Kong Book Fair sitting in on a lecture before leaving early as fans snapped photos. (Sina), 23

Brigitte Lin

Brigitte Lin with, friend and writer, Zhang Yihe

Mongolian director Wuershan’ s “Painted Skin: The Resurrection” collected an estimated $16.25 million over the past week for a three-week total of over $100.02 million, easily defending the championship of the boxoffice chart for a third straight week. Newly-released martial arts “The Four” debuted at number two at the weekly boxoffice chart in mainland China with an impressive $13.03 million over four days in release. Contemporary drama “Caught in the Web” dropped to third place in its second week of release, with $9.69 million boxoffice receipts.

During a news conference of his kung fu flick “Taichi” on July 17, producer Chen Guofu sent a message to all peers that they will face a tremendous failure for releasing their movies on the same date of his movie, which is September 28. But one person sneered at his bold announcement.

New poster for comedy “BMW Rhapsody” features Jordan Chan, Morris Rong (Rong Xiang) and Peng Bo.

The cast also includes Gong Xinliang and Kong Mei (the male Fan Bingbing).

Jordan Chan leads the film and plays a chauffeur named Liu Zili who dreams of having his own BMW car and accidentally gets involved in a series of crazy incidents. (CF)

Jordan Chan, Xiong Naijin

Morris Rong

Lee Kin-Yan (Sina)(CF)

Poster for Pang Ho-Cheung’s “Vulgaria”

Chapman To, Dada Chan (Chen Jing)

Dada Chan (Sina-gallery)

Hong Kong trailer for “The Silent War”

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

How does one turn around matrimonial money squabbles, jealousy and internal family conflicts? Divorce, if you are Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse…Jay Chou, Stephen Fung, Shu Qi and more…

SGYahoo: Lynn Xiong hits out at abortion rumours

The witty star added: “When I find out who started this, I shall get Fahai (the evil monk in Tale of The White Snake) to deal with him.”

Despite sealing off the streets when filming, the singer’s image for his new movie was revealed in an online video

The singer who gave birth to baby Riley in March claims she has no time for more children

To avoid the paparazzi, the Heavenly King went all the way to make sure no photos of his daughter were taken

July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

FBA: Golden Harvest flies back to Polaris

Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Co Ltd (OSGH) is to remake 1999 Hong Kong romance Fly Me to Polaris (1999) as part of a programme to revive its library of contemporary films.

CF: Zhang Ziyi Finally Finishes her Part in “The Grandmasters”

Zhang missed many promotional events for her Sino-South Korean coproduction “Dangerous Liaisons” for the movie.

CF: Cast and Crew Promote “The Bullet Vanishes” in Beijing

CF: Fan Bingbing Promotes “Double Xposure” in Beijing

CF: Second Episode of “The Four” is on the Way

“The Four” will be filmed as a trilogy. The third episode will start shooting right after they finish the second movie.

Poster for suspense film “Insistence”

Cast includes Yang Zi, Lin Miaoke, Lam Suet (Sina)

Lam Suet and Christy Chung get married in “Good-for-Nothing Heros”

Christy Chung

Lam Suet, Christy Chung

The many sides of Zhou Xun in “The Silent War” are seen in these stills


Kelly Chen promotes Maxim’s brand of mooncakes for the 6th consecutive year.


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

MSN: Brigitte Lin’s husband Michael Ying reported to have illegitimate son

MSN: Are Stephen Fung and Shu Qi engaged?

Shu Qi and Stephen Fung was seen going to and returning from Tokyo together - and recent reports have suggested that the actor popped the big question while in the land of the rising sun.

May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

CF: Theme Song of “Shadows of Love” Released

Kwon Sang-Woo, Cecilia Cheung


CF: ”Du Zhan” [Drug War] Wraps up in Beijing

Jointly-produced by the Hong Kong film production company Milkway Image and mainland company HaiRun Movies & TV, the movie marked Johnny To’s first attempt at filming a gangster film on the mainland, touring cities like Tianjin, Guangzhou and Zhuhai.

Andy Ng’s suspense-thriller “Death Zone” opens this month. The cast includes Leon Jay Williams, Chen Zihan, Niu Meng-Meng, Lee Siu-Kei, Patrick Tam and Liu Hai-Long. The film was shot in the mountainous jungles of Yunnan and Thailand.

Lee Siu-Kei

Chen Zihan, Leon Jay Williams

Patrick Tam, Niu Meng-Meng

Wei Lu, Liu Hai-Long (”He Man 2″, “Choy Lee Fut”)


Wang Baoqiang plays a serial killer in Danny Pang’s “Fairy Tale Killer”. Lau Ching-Wan finds clues in his son’s fairy tale book. Opens May 11.

Wang Baoqiang

Lady Gaga

So, Lady Gaga performs in concert in Hong Kong. Who would you expect to attend?

Edison Chen and Lady Gaga’s mama

Carina Lau

Brigitte Lin

Simon Yam, Qi Qi, Brigitte Lin

Simon, wife and daughter

Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting (Sina)

MSN: Jay Chou to accept Christianity for Hannah Quinlivan

September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

ChinaPost: Mayday 3DNA review

Billed as the first 3D concert feature film made in the pan-Chinese community, “Mayday 3DNA” interweaves select footage from the band’s DNA World Tour with three narrative vignettes.

CF: Famous Directors Help Promote Brigitte Lin’s New Book

Lin also made two promises to Jiang Wen at the event—the first was to write the prologue to Jiang’s new book, and the second was to read voiceovers in his new movie.

Jiang Wen

Brigitte Lin sliced and served Jiang Wen a mango

Tsui Hark remembered his collaborations and partnership with the actress (Sina)

CF: Three Megastars to Star in “Dangerous Liaisons”

Set in 1930’s Shanghai, the story revolves around the three-way relationship between Mo Jieyu (Cecilia Cheung), Xie Yifan (Dong-gun Jang) and Du Yufen (Zhang Ziyi).

CF: Behind Scenes of ‘Starry Starry Night’ Released

The movie revolves around an autistic girl, Xiao Mei, who wants to escape from her miserable life. In order to do this, she escapes into her own idyllic fantasy world, but eventually she must face reality. Xu Jiao and Rene Liu play mother and daughter.

Mr Yam said with his more than 20 years of participation in the Hong Kong film industry, he has a deep feeling of both the vitality and enchantment of Hong Kong cinema. The city’s outstanding and wonderful films are not only timeless but are the accomplishments of many dedicated filmmakers.

Hong Kong poster for The Sorcerer and the White Snake

Tony Ching Siu-Tung also posted some photos on his Weibo account

Shanghai roll out of “1911″. Of course, the media focused on Jackie Chan’s report of a deleted sexy scene with Li Bingbing. Jaycee Chan, when asked, said that he did not know about it but, if true, he hoped that an extended DVD edition might contain it. Director Zhang Li explained that the scene(s) were deleted as the film was a serious, historical subject and did not fit. [So, naturally, it begs the question, why was it filmed in the first place? Oh, Jackie!] Later, the always stingy with praise Jackie Chan rated his son’s performance as only 20/100. When asked by reporters whether someday Jaycee might be successful and copy the father-son duo Patrick Tse and Nicholas Tse, Jackie immediately dismissed it and said never in this lifetime.

Jaycee Chan

To Yuhang (Dennis To)


(Sept.19) Beijing premiere of “1911″ was held in the conference hall of the CPPCC National Committe. Jackie Chan was unable to attend.

Li Bingbing

Joan Chen, Winston Chao

Jiang Wu

The actress confessed that she still longs for love and plans to have another child with her new love

Cecilia admitted that she looked forward to her next relationship, and hoped that she would be able to have another child, giving Lucas and Quintus half-siblings.

According to recent reports from the Hong Kong media, Gillian had taken a liking to Taiwanese singer Owodog — member of pop quartet Lollipop F — supposedly because he resembled her former lover Edison Chen. There were also rumours that Gillian was actively courting the singer.

“For me, exceeding the time limit is just an excuse to shut down the TV program, and there would have been other excuses even if the TV station did not make the shows that long,” said Jin Yong, a researcher at the Communication University of China.

Hunan Satellite Television, which produces Super Girl, has agreed to follow the broadcast regulator’s ruling to remove the show and replace it with public service programming, the newspaper quoted deputy editor-in-chief Li Hao as saying.

September 2, 2011

September 2, 2011

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WSJ: ‘Seediq Bale’ Opens at Venice

John Woo: ‘I Was Too Artistic’ (WSJ)

Variety: Love and Bruises review

After stirring controversy at home, Chinese auteur Lou Ye tackles a fresh setting while retaining his gratingly pessimistic view of human relations in the mostly Paris-set “Love and Bruises.”

Detective Dee: A Masterpiece from a Hong Kong Cinema Swami (Time)

NYTimes: Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame review

A Grand-Scale Adventure Filled With Household Names You Don’t Know

EpochTimes: Detective Dee Doesn’t Disappoint Martial Arts Fans

“Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame” opens in the United States on Sept. 9.

First Person: Joseph Koo

In the 60s, many Hongkongers happily hummed away to Western musicians such as the Beatles and John Denver. It wasn’t until songwriter Joseph Koo (known to most as “Brother Fei”) and his peers appeared on the scene in the early 90s that Hong Kong finally developed its own music culture.

Stills from a fierce fighting scene in Herman Yau’s The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

Wong You-Nam

Huang Yi

To Yu-Hang (Dennis To)

Hung Yan-Yan

Wong You-Nam (Sina)

Charlene Choi in Venice promoting It’s Love/The Sorcerer and the White Snake.


Brigitte Lin opened a Weibo account today, in advance of her Mainland book launch, and greeted fans (Sina)

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Determined to undo their fate of a doomed relationship, the pair was said to have secretly married nine years ago in Canada

August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011

FBA: Make Up review

A mystery-drama that’s rather different from the Taiwan norm, and with terrific playing by actress Nikki Hsieh.

CF: Ning Hao’s Next Project Going for Gold

CF: Director Shang Jing’s New Project Underway

Shang Jing, director of the successful 2006 TV comedy series “My Own Swordsman” has officially announced that his new project titled “Crazy Dinner Engagement” is in intense shooting stages

CF: Behind-the-scene footage of “Love in Space” Released

CF: Legendary Film Star Brigitte Lin is Back as a Writer

Derek Yee, Alan Mak, Felix Chong, Huang Yi and Daniel Wu, from Overheard 2, attended a Forbes Bona Film forum on film industry investing in Beijing yesterday.

Huang Yi

Daniel Wu, Huang Yi

Daniel Wu


New publicity stills featuring Collin Chou in Mural

Multiple aspects of Huang Yi in Herman Yau’s Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

Bride a-marrying



Handsome manly looking






Opens Sept. 1 (Sina-gallery)

MSN: Nicholas Tse accused of using publicity surrounding his marriage to raise his asking fee

MSN: Karena Lam does not regret sacrificing career

July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011

ScreenDaily:  Well Go USA takes all rights to Let The Bullets Fly

The Asian cinema specialist picked up North American rights to four films from Hong Kong’s Emperor Motion Pictures.

Chinese hit Let The Bullets Fly stars Chow Youn-fat and Jiang Wen.

The other titles are Shaolin starring Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing and Jackie Chan; The Stool Pigeon starring Tse and Nick Cheung; and Triple Tap starring Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Charlene Choi and Li Bingbing.

THR: Well Go USA Picks Up Chow Yun-Fat Starrer ‘Let the Bullets Fly’

FBA: Bullets finds US target

FBA: Stretch review

Clumsy, Macau-set jockey drama makes a poor English-language debut for Mainland icon Fan Bingbing.

CRI: Fantasy Film ‘Mural’ Sets Release Date

Chinese fantasy film “Mural” is set to hit silver screens on September 29.

CF: ”Mysterious Island” Premiered in Guangzhou

Jordan Chan’s official reason for absence from the premiere is that he is on his European honeymoon with Cherrie Ying, but others think it is to avoid questions about his former girlfriend, Cecilia Cheung, and her marital woes. But he, indeed, seems to be in Europe. (Sina)

CF: French Star Jane March in “Perfect Baby”

AP: Chinese epic faces box-office inflation charges

Lovers Zhou Dongyu, Aarif Lee

Zhou Dongyu and Aarif Lee will play lovers in Barbara Wong Chun-Chun’s new film (lit. Fallen Tears). Teaming up again with Lawrence Cheng writing, the cast is unofficial but said to include Richie Ren, Gigi Leung and Joe Chen Qiao En. Filming begins soon in Shanghai. [This must mean her Mulan film is on hold?] (Sina)2, (Sohu)

Qi Wei, June press conference

Cheng Pei-Pei, Qi Wei

Actress Qi Wei has had all her scenes deleted from the Simon Yam thriller, Coming Back. According to rumours, the actress refused the ‘unspoken rule’ of moviemaking, turning away the attentions of a valuable investor. Allegedly, on the eve of an important investor’s signing a contract, Qi Wei turned down ‘further contacts’ from the brand sponsor who expressed admiration and goodwill for the actress. The producers intervened but after numerous attempts could not get the actress to meet the sponsors conditions and travel requirements to Macau, eventually losing the sponsor. The angered producers said that the actress did not understand the rules and, thus, blocked her.

Subsequently, the actress’ image was no longer featured in posters and later, all her scenes deleted from the film. In addition, Qi Wei did not appear in the film’s promotional events. Though not expressly named, Qi Wei is the likely victim. Director Li Yuan, when questioned, only gave a vague response. Qi Wei’s agent said that the scenes were deleted for other reasons. (Sina)

Qi Wei

Attention must be paid, to any film that’s titled Super Cockroach (lit. Live Like Xiao Qiang).

It’s a black comedy

It’s an inspirational film with a revolutionary spirit

3 Noes: No big stars, no special effects, no budget

Opening July 29 (Sina)2

Jiang Yiyan, a Chinese Sassy Girl

Low budget, dark horse comedy, The Pretending Lovers, has drawn over 30 million yuan at the box office in 10 days since its opening. In the face of new releases Wu Xia and The Beginning of the Great Revival, the film is still trending upwards. (Sina)2

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, NYC screening, July 13.

A poster from film’s Samsung partner

If you are using a Samsung phone to same-sex close friends, who would you call?

Brigitte Lin

With Leslie Cheung in Ashes of Time

When she learned he suffered from depression, Brigitte had planned to introduce Leslie to a doctor. But because of the SARS epidemic at the time it was postponed to her inifinte regret.

At 17 when she made her film debut

Brigitte Lin’s book (Window Inside, Window Outside) goes on sale July 22. (Xinhua)(Sina)

CRI: Actress Kwai Lun-mei Tastes French Fashion

Kwai Lun-mei was seen on July 5, 2011 in Paris, France, attending the Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011/2012 show.

(Sina-slide show)

CF: Cast Members of “Rest on Your Shoulder” Shoot New Photos

Chrissie Chau - She’s an app!

The Annual Hong Kong Book Fair Photo Album Wars will not include Chrissie Chau this year. Instead Chrissie will pick fan boys’ pockets via a mobile app. The Chrissie Chau app will be available in mid-July according to her agent, Iris. The app will come in 3 versions. In the free version, users play a simple math exercise [you touch numbers on screen to sum to 10] to unlock a new pic of Chrissie each time. A second .99 version features more pics and a more expensive version does not require playing the game. Multiple editions with updated photos are planned according to Iris. For Apple users only, search for “10NaNaMania”. (Sina)

MSN: Is Takeshi Kaneshiro married?

Cecilia signs off on divorce

A1: Nic and Cecilia to meet on July 8

MSN: Deborah Li put up with Cecilia Cheung’s bad attitude

A1: CCTV host slams Lv Liping’s gay slur

June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011

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CRI: Ronald Cheng ‘Proposes’ to Gigi Leung

During a press conference for the urban comedy “Marry a Perfect Man”, audiences witnessed a romantic moment.

The film tells the story between a recently-dumped woman (Gigi Leung) and a rich businessman (Ronald Cheng). After coming out of a seven-year relationship, the woman accidentally meets the wealthy businessman and falls in love with him.

Wilson Yip confirmed a rift between himself and Donnie Yen. When asked if Donnie would appear in the new film, besides that Donnie rarely does comedy, Wilson said that relations between the two were not good. For his part, at the Cannes Film Festival, Donnie had said that Peter Chan was better director than Wilson Yip. According to rumours, plans for a Ip Man 3 had stalled. (Sina)

Flush from the Taiwanese box-office success of “Monga,” director Niu Chen-Zer has announced that filming on his next project, “Love,” will begin next month.

THR: Chinese Sex Shop Comedy to Get U.K. Release

Terracotta Distribution to open “Red Light Revolution” in October.

CNNGo: Cartoon pig KOs action stars to win tourism role

The much-loved McDull beat superstars Andy Lau and Jacky Chan to become Hong Kong summertime ambassador

Michelle Yeoh issued a press release on her expulsion from Burma/Myanmar:

On June 22nd, 2011, I was denied entry to Burma. The immigration authorities treated me cordially but deported me upon arrival for no reason and without providing any justification. I was shocked and terribly saddened by this action. I harbor no ill will resulting from this incident and continue to remain fond of Burma and the Burmese people. I continue to cherish hopes to see this country continue its progress towards peace and democracy and to be able to return soon.

Michelle Yeoh

June 30th, 2011 (Sina)

Earlier this week, it was announced that Brigitte Lin will be appearing at the 22nd Hong Kong Book Fair (July 20 - 26). She will be a guest lecturer and share her reading and writing experiences. Brigitte Lin has been retired for many years in addition to being a wife, mother, she also loves writing. Since 2005, she began writing a column for a magazine (Southern Weekend), and this year finally decided to publish a book. According to reports, Brigitte Lin’s new book, a collection of her essays and columns, covers family, friendship, etc. She has taken the Book Fair appearance quite seriously worrying about everything, including the lighting and seating. Brigitte even brought her own chair reportedly worth two months wages. (Sina)

Latest column: “Aren’t you Brigitte Lin?”, and an old link that I saved from August, 2009 where she reminisces about driving a Firebird in California and her encounters with the Taiwan triad. I made an attempt to translate the highlights here (scroll down). [Google has made translations so much easier now!]


Also this week, in celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary in 2014, Brigitte Lin’s husband, Esprit founder Michael Ying Lee-yuen, is building her a HK$600 million three building ‘palace’. The construction project will take until 2014 to complete on the 30,000 meter plot of land whose entrance is off Anderson Road.(Sina)(sohu)

CF: Fan Bingbing Plays Mahjong with Dolce & Gabbana

July’s Men’s Uno Magazine.

July GQ Cover with Takeshi Kaneshiro


Everything but the man: Chinese ‘golden spinsters’ just can’t get hitched (CNNGo)

Leftover women: Shu Qi, Gigi Leung, Rosamund Kwan, et al

MSN: Elaine Ng moves back to Hong Kong

MSN: Cecilia Cheung pregnant with baby #3?

Husband Nicholas Tse reportedly gave in to her crying and begging

An insider revealed that, earlier this year, Nicholas had hired a digital painter to create a drawing, titled Snake Tattooed Beauty, for Cecilia’s birthday present.

Cecilia Cheung has a temper

Ceci in Milan (Xinhua)

CNA: Joey Yung says ‘no’ to pre-nups

Leon Lai has the Weibo fever

China’s weibo fever needs to be checked

August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010

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CRI: Jaycee Chan’s ‘Break up Club’ Joins Toronto Festival

Siqin Gaowa

Siqing Gaowa will costar in a film, Let Love Come In, about women prison convicts and women prison guards. Cast includes Athena Chu, Wang Ji, Liu Xiaoqing, Cherrie Ying, and Hong Jiantao. (Xinhua)23

Who Killed Paul the Octopus? poster

Originally intended to be The Legend of World Cup, the film shot in South Africa and Beijing turned into a comic suspense film after Paul the match-predicting octopus gained worldwide notoriety. (Xinhua) [7.27.2010]

Empress Wu - Carina Lau in Detective Dee

Latest Detective Dee poster (Sina)

(Aug.30) Brigitte Lin visited the Taiwan Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. Organizers welcomed her by playing the theme song to The East is Red.

Brigitte Lin (r)


Chen Kun in a Rock ‘n roll themed photo spread for Hong Kong Men’s Folio magazine.

Chen Kun (Xinhua-gallery)

Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Zaifeng (Aftershock) tape a program promoting education for TV (Xinhua)

SG: Michelle Reis to give birth in Hong Kong

SG: Faye Wong rules the household?

Singer Vivian Hsu claims career frozen for past three years

Barbie Hsu went on secret matchmaking dates

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