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July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010

Chinese tramp ‘Brother Sharp’ shoots to movie fame

UK article recaps beggar’s drama

THR: Toy Story 3 beats Shrek at Hong Kong box office

‘Toy Story 3′ could turn in 2010’s strongest performance

As for local releases, comedy “La Comédie Humaine” has been making steady progress through good word-of-mouth and took fourth place with HK$3 million in four days, more than in the previous seven-day period, for a two-week total of HK$5.2 million; “Derek Yee’s actioner “Triple Tap,” in its third week of release, took sixth place for an accumulated gross of HK$6.99 million, ahead of this week’s eighth place finisher, “The Legend is Born – Ip Man,” whose four-week total came to HK$6.9 million.

Xinhua: Will new Chinese film about Tangshan earthquake disaster jerk too many tears?

John Woo’s Reign of Assassins will premiere at the Venice International Film Festival September 28. Earlier this week, an advance trailer was accidentally leaked on the internet. Galloping Horse spokesman said that the 29 second trailer was not official. Surprisingly, the teaser showed no stars and was only captioned. The overall effect was suspenseful and shocking and used traditional music. The captions only trailer was rare but also created suspense. (trailer) (Sina)

Close to You poster - Bloody Edition

Romantic Edition

Close to You stars Ming Dao and Eddie Peng and combines romance with boxing. (HunanTV)

Eddie Peng in Close To You


Kelly Lin with

Without makeup

Kelly Lin attended the launch ceremony in Xi’an for a film in which she will play a heart transplant patient. Her co-star in the film will be Tony Leung Ka-Fai for release next April. Kelly upset the media when she disappeared for half an hour to apply makeup on before returning to meet for interviews. As a result, the media retaliated and published a ‘before’ photo and derided her ‘crows feet.’ (HunanTV)2

Ethan Ruan promoting Monga DVD release

Mark Chao, Director Doze Niu (HunanTV-slide show)

Is Gaile Lok pregnant?

Her friends suspect so as Gaile has stopped smoking and goes to bed early these days.

Leon Lai does not want children and wants to focus on business according to informed sources. This has led to disputes. (Xinhua)

Maggie Cheung

Shooting a new series of adverts for a diamond and watch brand with Wing Shya, Maggie revealed in an interview that she has moved in with boyfriend Ole Scheeren in Beijing. For exercise, Maggie runs except when the paparazzi are about, then she sticks to the treadmill indoors. (Xinhua)

Faye Wong

Faye Wong held a very brief press conference in Beijing. To promote her upcoming concerts, her first in five years, Faye Wong invited the press to the event with virtually no notice by e-mail invitation. Held under high security, invited press only were allowed entry. The event started an hour later than announce and Faye was joined by concer organizers and sponsors. The conference left many questions unanswered. Faye herself did not accepts interviews and spoke only about 35 words.

(Xinhua-slide show)2

Sammi Cheng brought 30 pairs of shoes to the set for her MV shoot

On a treadmill (Xinhua)

Miss Hong Kong contestants vs

Young models

The Miss Hong Kong competition has been going on for weeks now. Yesterday the pageant contestants took to the water park, while today the models posed at the Sai Kung Outdoor Training Park. The low-cut battle between the ATV-sponsored beauty contestants and the young models has been a feast for the eyes.

Contestant No.8 is deemed the most curvaceous

(Xinhua-slide show)

Shu Qi in Beijing endorsing household goods (Sina)

HK ex-child star Petrina Fung Bo Bo to write memoirs in Penang (2)

“As a child actress, I never watched my own movies. In a way, I was rejecting my past because of the many hardships I faced.

“Some days I would be working on three movies at a time.

“There were days when I had to stay up past midnight, waiting for the adult actors to show up because they were too busy smoking opium,” she recalled.

July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010

CNNGo: Carl Ng to play Brother Sharp in world’s first internet meme-inspired movie

CRI: “The Fourth Portrait” Nominated at Locarno Film Festival

[11 year-old Bi Xiao-Hai won the Best Actor award at the recent Taipei Film Awards.]

City Under Siege poster and trailer unveiling event

Collin Chou, clown, Benny Chan, Aaron Kwok

In an interview, Aaron denied that the film copied from Batman and Love on a Diet. (Sina - gallery)

Ming Dow

After a successful performance in the film “Monga”, Taiwan pop star, Ming Dow took on a similar character in this upcoming flick, which has lots of fight scenes for him.

CRI: Free “I Wish I Knew” Available in EXPO Garden

Jia Zhangke’s documentary-fiction “I Wish I Knew” now opens to Shanghai EXPO garden visitors for free.

The script for Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One 2 has been approved by the SARFT. The film has a new new Chinese title, Don’t Worry(Xinhua)

Producer-actress Qin Hailu’s Steel Guitar/Steel Piano is undergoing post-production in South Korea in preparation for screening at the Venice Film Festival. The film won Most Creative and Most Popular awards at the Shanghai Film Festival. Director-writer Kwak Jae-Yang is most famous for the hit film My Sassy Girl. (Sina)

Midnight Heartbeat hopes to test audience tolerance for ‘domestic terror’ (Sina)

Posters for Death and Glory in Chengde

An Yi-Xuan

Ray Lui

Yuan Wenkang

Ray Lui - Death and Glory in Chengde

The film is about an epic 1943 battle where a division of 8000 KMT soldiers fought against 30,000 Japanese troops. After fighting for 16 days only 200 had survived.

Ray Lui appears in the film directed by Shen Dong which opens Aug.19. (Sina)23

High Schoo Musical - Zhang Jun-Ning (c)

Zhang Jun-Ning

Yuan Cheng-Jie, Zhang Jun-Ning, Liu Yan-Chan (Sina)

Karen Mok appeared in Beijing during a media set visit with bruised forehead from an auto accident while filming ‘Gravity’ with Leon Dai.

Karen Mok, Leon Dai

Gravity is directed by Zhao Tianyu (Lost, Indulgence, Delicacies…Poison) and will also feature Zhang Jingchu, Guo Tao, Wen Zhang, Bai Bai He with a 2011 release planned. (Xinhua)(Sina)

Betty Sun Li (Just Another Pandora’s Box, Lost Bladesman) appearing for luggage brand Samsonite. She’s expected to star in Gordon Chan’s Painted Skin 2. (Xinhua)

Charlene Choi (file photo)

Choi’s manager, Mani Fok, explained that Choi had been travelling a lot lately and simply over-exerted herself, adding that she has since received treatment at a hospital and has returned home Thusday morning.

“Charlene fainted after over-exerting herself, so she could not attend the Shanghai event. However, she is not taking sick leave and will return to work today (Friday) to shoot a commercial.

“I have been ill lately and have been constantly taking medicine. However, I couldn’t handle the large quantity of medication. Today, I was supposed to turn up for the ‘Angels on the Road’ publicity event in Shanghai. But before I left, my stomach felt very uncomfortable.” (Xinhua)(Sina)

Connie Chan brings her Hong Kong opera show to The Venetian in Macau

Nam Fung, Connie Chan Po-Chu, Chan Wing-Yee

Nam Fung and Chan Wing-Yee will be performing for 14 months at the hotel. (Sina)

Aaron Kwok and Nissan GTR spotted in Happy Valley

Caption: Fashionably dressed Aaron Kwok with sports car, branded coffee captures hearts of foreign babes (Xinhua)

Anita Mui’s brother Mui Kei-Ming and mother Tam Mei Mui

Mui’s mother filed another appeal in court concerning Anita Mui’s estate. She said she would continue to appeal regardless of the court’s rulings against her. (Xinhua)

Isabella Leong

Early pictures of Isabella Leong accompany story of her recent birth of twin boys. (Xinhua)

(July 9) Rosamund Kwan and Taiwan electronics chairman Chen Taiming spotted in Paris

No more news on TB Chris (Xinhua)

Angelababy appearing for Adidas’ NeoLabel (Sina)

July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010

THR: Confab to demystify 3D for China filmmakers

FBA: China and Taiwan crack open film markets

Taiwan currently maintains a specific cap on the number of mainland Chinese movies (that are not co-productions) that can be imported each year. It has been set at 10 but until last year the quota had not been filled. This cap will now presumably be abolished, or made more flexible and then removed.

FBA: Like a Dream (如夢) (4/10)

Clara Law’s confused, unengaging trifle about an ABC and his “dream girl” is beautifully shot but not much more.

CRI: Jiang Wen’s ‘Bullets’ Set for Dec. 16

“Let the Bullets Fly”, an all-star Chinese gangster film directed by Jiang Wen, will hit domestic cinemas on December 16, its investor Ma Ke has announced.

Jiang Wu, Liao Fan at yesterday’s trailer release event for Let the Bullets Fly (Sina)

CRI: ‘The Haunting Lover’ to Open at the End of July

The romantic horror film “The Haunting Lover” starring Li Xiaolu and Vanness Wu will hit Chinese mainland cinemas at the end of this month.

The film is inspired by an urban legend from Singapore that prevailed in Southeast Asia during the 1930s. A young man (Vanness Wu) suddenly disappears, and his girlfriend (Li Xiaolu) is found dead in her bathtub. The police investigation turns vain, and the man and his girlfriend seem to both appear again 10 years later.

Li Xiaolu - The Haunting Lover

CRI: “Unusual Love” Photo Stills

Stills from the Chinese adventure film “Unusual Love” starring Vincent Chiao and Miao Pu. It’s a love-hate story which takes place in the western China desert during the 1920’s. The film opened July 2nd.

Unusual Love

CRI: “Painted Skin 2″ Starts Shooting In Da Lian

Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and Sun Li will join the film again, and mainland actor Huang Xiaoming will replace Chen Kun to play the male lead, Wang Sheng and his son Wang Ying.

CRI: Chinese Animation Competes with ‘Avatar’

The Dreams of Jinsha’ has been previewed before select audiences where it received praises that will help it compete with “Avatar,” the world’s most successful film ever made.

Toy Story 3 - Lau Ching-Wan voiced for the Pixar cartoon along with Dicky Cheung and Joey Yung. Lau rooted for Brazil in the World Cup. (Sina)

Mutant villain Collin Chou - City Under Siege


Shu Qi, Collin Chou (Xinhua-slide show)

Carl Ng Kar-Lok

Carl Ng is said to be confirmed to play Brother Sharp in Deng Jian-Guo’s Legend of Brother Sharp. Less reliably, Shu Qi and Lin Chi-Ling have been mentioned as possible cast members. Shu Qi would play Brother Sharp’s ex-wife who died in an auto accident and caused his grief and confusion that led to his wanderings. Lin Chi-Ling would play a sympathetic woman he meets later that helps him with his problems. Besides Carl Ng, the other additional actors and crew names being thrown out seem to be the result of pitch meetings. (Sina)2

Gillian Chung

While promoting Fantastic Water Babes in Guangzhou, director Jeff Lau urged support for Gillian prompting Gillian to weep. Said Lau, “She is just an ordinary girl. It’s not easy to stand up, I hope you give her this opportunity.” In response Gillian said, “The greatest achievement making this film is to know Jeff Lau. He is my ‘ba-ba’(father). Growing up in a single-parent family, I now know paternal love.” (Sina)

Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jingchu, Richie Jen

Huang Xiaoming complained, jokingly(?), that director Lee Lik-Chi deleted his scenes. Allegedly, Huang made similar remarks about his role in Ip Man 2.

Guangzhou promotion for Flirting Scholar 2 (Sina)

8-Mo: Rika, Hazel, Hidy and Vibeke

The 8-Mo girls reacting to Anthony Wong, “Society has different voices but it’s not right to make personal attacks. He should go to church, learn how to respect people, not make personal attacks. We accept the views of different people but he does not, does he?” Would they be embarrassed if they ran into Wong? They would not object to meeting him. Praising his standing, Rika said, “We would use our strength to look after ourselves. He just does not understand us.” (Sina) [Just a sample of the back and forth in the ongoing Book Fair Ban Affair.]

Louis Koo

Jolin Tsai, Show Luo

Huang Xiaoming

A beverage brand shot a series of adverts using the theme of Journey to the West. (Xinhua)

Andy Lau

Andy Lau has been polling fans in order to gauge his popularity and book an appropriate venue for a Hong Kong concert in December. Andy hasn’t held a Hong Kong concert in 3 years and is concerned about fan fallout due to his marriage. (Xinhua)2

Gaile Lok played down divorce rumors at a recent Hong Kong appearance. (Sina)

A Chinese company is suing Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung for 41 million yuan (S$8.3 million), after claiming that her involvement in a 2008 sex photo scandal caused them to lose a fortune

This is not the first time Cheung had clashed with the company. She has apparently had a number of legal scuffles with the firm over contract issues and copyright infringement between 2005 and 2009.

July 7, 2010

WPost: Letter from Shanghai: Class and capitalism mix with comedy

Profile of Zhou Libo (Flirting Scholar 2)

Derek Yee’s film Great Magician featuring Cecilia Cheung and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai will be based on Qin Hao’s (real name, Qin Shou’ou) novel Begonia. Cecilia play a young woman forced by her family to marry a warlord, while Tony, originally a opera performer in the novel, tries to rescue her. The story set in the 1920’s has been successfully made as a radio drama and television series previously. (21cn)

CRI: Tsui Hark Postpones Shooting His New Action Film (New Dragon Inn)

CRI: Stephen Chow, Cecilia Cheung Promote ‘CJ7: The Cartoon’ in Beijing

CRI: [Film Review] “80’s Generation”

The film “80’s Generation” is screening nationwide and has received numerous different opinions among the young people.

Chow Yun-Fat

Chen Kun, Jiang Wen

CRI: ‘Let the Bullets Fly’ in Soccer Field

Wang Baoqiang training for Cai Lifo Quan 2010 (Choy Lay Fut Kuen 2010)

Training with Norman Chu Siu-Keung

Michelle Ye, Wang Baoqiang

Ng Man-Tat, Michelle Ye

Michelle Ye, Kara Hui (qq)2

Wang Baoqiang is also beginning work in Thailand on the Pang Brothers Perfect Fairy Tale.

Costars include Lau Ching-Wan and Elanne Kwong.

Wang Baoqing, Lau Ching-Wan

Lau Ching-Wan, Wang Baoqiang

Elanne Kwong (Elanne Kong) (Sina) 23

Ma Jian faces off six of the seven Arhats - Seven Arhat (Xinhua)

Brother Sharp still a nervous wreck

Brother Sharp reportedly hid in the toilet for two hours prior to the production launch of the movie ‘Legend of Brother Sharp’ in Nanchang. Dressed in a white shirt and bow tie, he was accompanied by family members but was struck by stage fright and had to be helped to a seat. The SARFT has not yet approved the movie and Brother Sharp is not expected to participate in the filming itself. (Xinhua)

Zhang Ziyi reached a court settlement in the case with the publication that alleged she was having an affair with a wealthy, married business man. This is the case that led to the ‘ink splash-gate’ incident where her advert poster in front of a hotel in Beijing was defaced by mystery men. The incident was caught on film when reporters staked out the Park Hyatt waiting for Maggie Cheung. The publication and Ziyi settled upon a court issued mediation agreement. Ziyi did not attend the proceedings. (Xinhua)

Korean Better Tomorrow

As Screen Daily reported back in December, a Korean remake of A Better Tomorrow, Invincible, is completing production for a Mid Autumn Festival release (Sina)

More on Book Fair Brouhaha

Michael Hui declares Chrisise Chow cute, album not porn

Anthony Wong backs off, says calling Chrissie Chau a prostitute/sex worker a metaphor

In the war of words, Chrisse rebutted Anthony. (Sina)2

Angelababy: Photo albums healthy, not too sexy (Xinhua)

Dennis To (To Yue-Hang): The new Bruce Lee?

Catch the multi-faceted Wang Lee Hom

Wang Lee Hom makes his directorial debut in Love In Disguise, which he also starred in - and he’s determined to show how multi-faceted he can be.

Sammi Cheng looking scary skinny in these Taipei concert photos (Xinhua)

CRI: Singer Sammi Cheng Clears Wedding Dress Rumors

SG: Jet Li opens up about his family

Angelababy (Sina-more)

SG: AngelaBaby seeks to prove her innocence

Angela Yang (also known as AngelaBaby) has been under attack from scathing reports alleging that she had gone under the knife for cosmetic enhancements.

Working on Secret sequel first

‘Star Wars’ creator says laser too much like lightsaber - follow up to 6.19 article

“Star Wars” creator George Lucas wants to force a laser company to stop making a new, high-powered product he says looks too much like the famous lightsaber from his classic sci-fi series.

May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010

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Illusion Apartment posters

Illusion Apartment is directed by Hong Kong’s Cheung Kwok-Kuen. The film is described as a Japanese or Korean-styled horror film and opens in the mainland on June 4.  (Sina)

THR: Rob Minkoff sets sail for ‘China Odyssey’

Variety: Minkoff to helm ‘Chinese Odyssey’

Director set for 3D action-adventure

Rob Minkoff is attached to direct “Chinese Odyssey,” a 3D English-language action-adventure his newly formed shingle is producing in partnership with China Film Group and Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV.

Film is intended to play in the U.S. and at the foreign B.O.

Minkoff (”The Lion King,” “The Forbidden Kingdom”) founded Tiger 62 Media with Pietro Ventani. The production company has offices in L.A., Singapore and Beijing.

“Chinese Odyssey” will be shot in China. China Film Group and Galloping Horse Film are providing financing.

CRI: “The Karate Kid” Releases New Poster

CRI: ‘Du Lala’ on TV

Following the box-office success of Xu Jinglei’s romantic film “Go Lala Go!”, a TV version will soon hit China’s small screens.

CRI: Theme Song of ‘Go Lala Go!’ Is Hot

CRI: ‘Ip Man 2′ Sold $15 Million in First Week

Aaron Kwok at tennis charity fundraiser for Qinghai earthquake relief (Sina)

Chingmy Yau (file photo)

Sexy goddess Chingmy Yau who will turn 42 this month is reportedly three months pregnant. Already the mother of two daughters, aged 8 and 5 years old, she is hoping to deliver a son for her husband, Shen Jiawei, a fashion retailer and Chairman and CEO of IT brand. She was spotted at Ocean Park a few days ago with her daughter and trying very hard not to be recognized.

Chingmy Yau at Ocean Park (Xinhua)

Recent photos of Joey Wang posted by a netizen in Canada


CRI: Wild Liu Ye on ‘Esquire’ Cover

Andy Lau is Shu Qi’s Prince Charming

When she was asked to pick a female artiste whom she idolized, Shu Qi shared, “The goddess in my heart would be Gong Li and Maggie Cheung. After watching their shows from the past to the present, they are perfect in their dressing, appearance, way of doing things and attitude towards life. They are very attractive and I should learn from them.”

Jay Chou wary of marriage

Beggar Prince (Brother Sharp) dons wonderful streetwear

“I am just a normal pathetic person. It was the Internet that rescued me from the streets and I am grateful to the netizens who had lent their helping hand.

“I do not know anything about fashion and don’t understand why people said I am fashionable,” he said.

May 2, 2010

May 2, 2010

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CRI: Donnie Yen: No More ‘Ip Man’

CRI: Actor-Singer Chen Kun Talks about Difficult Past

Chen Kun said in a TV show that his sister used to sell blood to finance his career. [In the Chinese report, and previously, it's reported that Chen has a secret eight year old son, the mother has not been identified.]

CRI: Gong Li Honored at French Pavilion

[Gong Li is the face of L'Oreal, a sponsor of the French Pavilion]

China Hush: A complete one day guide to Shanghai World Expo

Hong Kong newspaper says China banning its journalists from Shanghai World Expo

Critics see red over China’s ‘copycat’ culture at Shanghai Expo

Brother Sharp at the airport

Brother Sharp’s debut on fashion runway

Flying in from Jiangxi to Guangdong, Brother Sharp (Cheng Guorang) was described as hesitant and had some stage fright in his first public appearance. Viewers said that Brother Sharp no longer possesses his original charm. Audience expectation was too high and thus they were disappointed. According to reports, Brother Sharp has lost his natural beauty, missing his sunken deep set eyes and a look of bitterness. Underneath his designer clothes, Brother Sharp was quiet, cautious, and nervously fearful, the image of a small man. (Xinhua)

From vagrant to Fashion Show Manager

Brother Sharp sightseeing at nearby Chime-Long Paradise, an amusement park (Sina)

Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting appears as Little Dragon Girl for a Jin Yong exhibition

Earlier last week, Louis Cha (Jin Yong) received a Life Achievement Award for his contributions to local culture and arts. (Sina)

Jacky Cheung

Jacky Cheung held a mini-concert at the Polytechnic University Jockey Club Auditorium performing songs from his new CD Private Corner, a few old hits as well as some songs by Sam Hui and Deanie Ip. (Sina)

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