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August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010

THR: ’Chan’ looks to reshape view of Asian character (Charlie Chan)

Iconic film detective, cop he was based on covered in dual bio

THR: Youku debuts original online film series

“The Boxer’s Secret,” an original Chinese online movie, on Friday kicked off a new Chevrolet- and China Film Group-sponsored series on Youku, one of the leading online video sites in the country with more web surfers than any other, now numbering 420 million.

Called Youku Originals’ “11 Degrees” New Media Film Project, the series has sponsored 10 “young” directors in their creation of 10 short narrative features showcasing Chevrolet’s four-door Cruze sedan, a model the U.S. car maker hopes will appeal to China’s fast-growing car market.

Jung Woo-Sung

CRI: New Posters from John Woo’s “Reign of Assassins”

CRI: Publicity Launches for John Woo’s Latest Film, “Reign of Assassins”

Li Bingbing

CRI: Latest Stills of ‘Detective Dee’

CRI: Dwight Howard Has ‘Amazing’ Acting in Shanghai

Chinese acting stars, including Huang Xiaoming and Huang Yi, take the lead roles in the film about a group of basketball fanatics challenging themselves with the sport.

CRI: The Eyes Have It for New Thriller ‘The Man’

A poster showing the mystic theme of the suspense film “The Man Behind the Courtyard House”.

The film tells of a man who, after spending ten years behind bars, begins a new life before returning to his criminal ways.

Director John Woo’s latest film “Flying Tigers,” set to start shooting this fall, will be released in IMAX format.

First stills of Gu Changwei’s Life is a Miracle featuring Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok


First stills from Alan Mak and Felix Chong’s The Lost Bladesman now in post-production.


Posters for Korean version of A Better Tomorrow

Flocks of tourists gathered around 110 red Chinese Kung Fu sculptures of Bruce Lee on display at the World Expo on Aug. 17.

CRI: Actress Shu Qi Featured in Fashion Photos

Nick Cheung shoots his first ever beauty, uh - skin care, advert (Xinhua)

Chingmy Yau - 6 months pregnant

Veronica Yip and Chingmy Yau caught up with old time before Veronica left Hong Kong.

Veronica Yip


Andy Hui and Cecilia Cheung secret romance during shooting of Sex and the Beauties in 2004? (Xinhua)

Maggie Q - Maggie Q’s Racy Nikita Billboards Upset Mall Bosses(Xinhua)

Variety: CW’s ‘Nikita’ ads too sexy?

SG: Gong Li speaks up (on rumours)

SG: Sandra Ng expecting her second child

Richard Ng: Grumpy old man

June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

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THR: Jiang Wenli wins SIFF new talent award

Chinese actress-turned-director Jiang Wenli and her debut film “Lan” won the Best Asian New Talent Film award at the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival on Friday.

Director Jung Ki-Hoon was named best director for the mother-daughter movie “Goodbye Mom.” The Jury prize went to the Korean film “The Executioner,” and “The Pawnshop,” from the Philippines, won the Students’ Choice award.

FBA: Bruce Lee biopic set to start

Jennifer Tse to play Bruce Lee’s girlfriend, Gong Mi, the Cecilia Cheung look-alike, is also cast.

FBA: Lan (我們天上見) (6/10)

Assured directing debut is an affecting, semi-autobiographical tale of a lonely teenager.

FBA: Vegetate (我是植物人) (7/10)

Whistle-blower drama, centred on a woman in the pharmaceuticals industry, is sustained by two fine central performances.

FBA: The Double Life (A面B面) (6/10)

This madcap comedy on modern-day “lunacy” marks a partial return to form by director Ning Ying.

FBA: Ocean Heaven tops Shanghai Media Award (June 19)

CCTV Movie Channel Media Awards 2010
Best Film: Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂)
Best Director: ZHANG Jiarui (章家瑞) for Distant Thunder (迷城)
Best Actor: Wen Zhang (文章) for Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂)
Best Actress: Lu Liping (呂麗萍) for City Monkey (玩酷青春)
Best Supporting Actor: Yip Chun (葉准) for The Legend is Born: Ip Man (葉問前傳)
Best Supporting Actress: Li Bin (李濱) for City Monkey (玩酷青春)
Best New Director: XUE Xiaolu (薛曉路) for Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂)
Best New Actor: Guo Xiaoran (郭曉然) for Distant Thunder (迷城)
Best New Actress: Na Zhiye (娜芝葉) for Deep in the Clouds (碧羅雪山)
Jury Prizes: Good Earth (大地), My Beloved China (可愛的中國), A Joyous Story Along the Yellow River (黃河喜事)
Media Award: Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting (80′后)

THR: Italy, China take top awards at SIFF (June 20)

Golden Goblet/Jin Jue Award winners:

Best Feature Film

“Kiss Me Again,” directed by Gabriele Muccino, Italy;

Jury Grand Prix

“Deep in the Clouds,” directed by Liu Jie, China;

Best Director

Liu Jie for “Deep in the Clouds,” China;

Best Actor

Christian Ulmen in “Wedding Fever in Campobello,” directed by Neele Leana Vollmar, Germany, Italy;

Best Actress

Vittoria Puccini in “Kiss Me Again,” directed by Gabriele Muccino, Italy;

Best Screenplay

Gabriele Muccino for “Kiss Me Again,” Italy;

Best Cinematography

Christopher Doyle for “Ondine,” Ireland;

Best Music

Giong Lim for “Deep in the Clouds,” China.

FBA: Italy and China share SIFF goblets

Christopher Doyle said that his trophy for best photography was the only award that he’d ever received in China. Doyle stated that he couldn’t have made Neil Jordan’s Ondine without the experience of having made so many Chinese films. On receiving the best director prize, Liu Jie said that it was the first time that he’d come on stage to receive an award in his homeland.

Zhao Wei at the SIFF closing ceremony red carpet

John Woo leads the jury onto the red carpet

Compared to the star-studded opening ceremony, the closing ceremony red carpet stars seem dim. Zhao Wei  was undoubtedly the star of the evening. (Sina)2

Ruby Lin - Driverless

Wang Luodan

Zhang Yang’s press conference for Driverless was peppered with questions about actress Li Xiaoran even though she was absent. Zhang parried the reporters and tried to steer the focus back to the film but ultimately he was unsuccessful. In the end, the photographers settled for an upskirt photo of Wang Luodan. (Xinhua)

In the wake of Li Xiaoran’s blog posting that director Yan Po’s true attackers had not been arrested, she now writes that director Lu Chuan has received threatening telephone calls. (Xinhua)

I Wish I Knew poster (21cn)

Jia Zhangke - I Wish I Knew

Jia Zhangke held a press conference in Shanghai for his oft-delayed documentary I Wish I Knew to announce a July 2 release. A June 14th conference and screening was planned during the SIFF but abruptly cancelled. He denied that the film had been banned because of controversial remarks by Han Han, a writer and rally car driver, rather a technical issue translating the Shanghai dialect into Chinese and English subtitles caused the delay and misunderstanding. The film will be 10 minutes shorter than the version screened at Cannes. Jia said he hoped to re-edit a TV version later. The film is based on historical recollections of Shanghai from 18 interviews out of an original 80 personal interviews. (Sina)234

Karen Mok turns 40 ahead of next week’s Golden Melody Awards


Huang Xiaoming

Yu Dan, Song Zuying, Huang Xiaoming receiving International Charitable Celebrity Awards. (Sina)

Tang Wei was lauded for being thrifty by taking home leftovers after late night dining.

Tang Wei (June 19)(Xinhua)

June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

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Ocean Heaven poster

A small-scale preview screening in Beijing received a standing ovation from the audience on June 6. (Sohu)

Jet Li

Jet Li took five autistic children to Ocean Park to play with the dolphins. (Sina)23

Aarif Lee Chi-Ting is busy buffing up for his role in Manfred Wong’s Bruce Lee Biography.

The film is based on the book ‘My Brother Bruce Lee’ by Lee’s younger brother. Lee Chi-Ting has been studying Wing Chun, fighting as well as a dance curriculum. (Remember, Bruce Lee was also a cha-cha champion in Hong Kong.) His trainer is Billy Chou Bei-Lei former 1985 light-middleweight World Kickboxer Championship winner. His past students include Nick Cheung, Vanness Wu, Candy Lo and Ng Ka-Lung. More details on the film will be released in late June in Guangzhou. (Xinhua)

Ruby Lin

Ruby Lin co-stars with Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan and Wang Luodan in Zhang Yang’s Driverless/Unmanned, described as a Chinese version of Crash. Ruby Lin plays a pregnant woman for the first time. July 2 is the release date. (Xinhua)

Stills from Stephen Chow produced CJ 7, Love the Earth. Xu Jiao and Dong Jie contribute voice work. The film opens July 9. (Sina)

Simon Yam

Simon Yam plays an effeminate FHM magazine editor

Simon Yam, director Li Yuan

Simon Yam met the press on the set of Back Hand in Beijing. He costars with Annie Yi and Chang Pei Pei in the action thriller directed by 7th generation director Li Yuan and produced by Gordon Chan. (Sina)2

A life-sized bronze statue of singer Teresa Teng was unveiled in Tuen Mun.

Friends and fans gathered to sing and remember the singer


A cache of 75 long-lost silent films uncovered in the New Zealand Film Archive vault, including the only known copy of a drama by legendary director John Ford, is being sent back to the United States to be restored.

May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010

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Jadin Wong

Jadin Wong - pioneering Asian performer - dies

Variety: Ip Man 2

Hot Docs Review: ‘Disorder’

“Disorder” is a montage of 20 short videos filmed at a Chinese seaport metropolis depicting the daily life of urban China in 2008.

THR: Rough times for Hong Kong indies

THR: China’s booming boxoffice buoys HK biz

Zhang Yimou sued over opera copyright

CRI: Andy Lau Presents ‘Gallants(Sina)

CRI: Zhang Yang’s ‘Unmanned’ Stills

Zhang Yang’s new romantic film “Unmanned” (”Wu Ren Jia Shi”) is set for release on July 2.

Golden Horse best actor Liu Ye, as well as actresses Gao Yuanyuan, Li Xiaoran and Wang Luodan star in the film.

Director Zhang says that this movie is an updated version of his 1997 film “Spicy Love Soup”, and it presents love stories set in our current “material era.”

CRI: Bruce Lee Biopic to Be Shot in June

CRI: ‘The Emerald and the Pearl’ Premieres in Beijing

Director John Woo to head Shanghai film fest jury

Detective Dee trailer

Legend of the Fist trailer

Despite heavy security on site, a photo of Zhang Yimou’s Hawthorne Tree Forever lead actress, playing Jingqiu/Quiet Autumn, has leaked out. (Xinhua)

Simon Yam appearing on a Taiwan TV talk show to promote Echoes of the Rainbow

Simon Yam and TV host

Simon talked about how he first met wife Qi Qi in Vienna. Also, because his father died when he was 11 years-old, Simon helped earn money by making plastic flowers, stringing plastic beads, ironing, sewing, make shoes and other household crafts. As he liked to make shoes, the film’s producers gave him set of handmade shoemaking tools. Simon promised to make the host a pair of leather shoes. (Sina)

Peter Ho Yun-Tung and Zhang Jingchu


3Gs - Miriam Yeung with mother and grandmother

Photo from micro-blog

Miriam with grandmother on Mother’s Day

Miriam denied rumors that she had had an abortion after fans read a recent despondent post on her micro-blog. A subsequent post told her fans not to worry, she had never been pregnant so cannot have an abortion. Miriam said the rumors scared her family and told the malicious to reflect and make up for what they write. (Sina)

Did Lucas learn an obscene hand gesture (see Germany, Japan, Korea) from mommy or daddy? (Sina)

Lucas and Nicholas Tse returning to the hospital

Nicholas has been feeding the over 100 media reporters with boxes of egg tarts the past few days while they have staking out their home and hospital. (Sina)

Vicki Zhao in no rush to start work

Sandy Lam is Kim Robinson’s muse

Kim Robinson, has temporarily shelved aside his trusty scissors in favour of canvases and paintbrushes

May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010

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Newest Triple Tap poster released

Movie opens June 30 (HunanTV)

Screen Daily: Wild Bunch comes on board for Lou Ye’s Love and Bruises

The love story follows Hua, a young teacher from Beijing recently arrived in Paris who drifts between former lovers and recent French acquaintances until she meets Mathieu, a young worker who falls madly in love with her. But, possessed by an insatiable desire for her body, he treats Hua like a dog. As the intense love affair progresses, Hua decides to leave her lover only to discover the strength of her addiction, and the vital role he has come to play in her life.

Wild Bunch and Lou most recently worked together on Spring Fever which won the screenplay award at Cannes in 2009. The collaborators also worked on Lou’s previous film, Summer Palace…

Screen Daily: Minkoff looks East for 3D spectacle Chinese Odyssey

”Chinese Odyssey is a supernatural high-seas adventure that pits our hero against an onslaught of deadly foes on the path to fulfilling his destiny,” Minkoff said. “It’s a story involving ancient mysteries, deadly sea-monsters, great characters, and larger-than-life adventures which all make for a fantastic cinematic experience.”

CRI: Comedy ‘The Love of Three Smiles’ Premieres in Beijing

CRI: ‘The Message’ Sequel to Be Shot

CRI: Lu Chuan Makes Film on Asian Games Volunteers

Jay Chou may play martial arts legend Bruce Lee in ‘Ip Man 3′

Also, Manfred Wong announced that, with the approval of Lee’s family, Echoes of the Rainbow Aarif Lee Chi-Ting will play young Bruce Lee in the Bruce Lee Biography. (HunanTV)

CNN: Is Wang Zhongjun China’s Harvey Weinstein?

Cofounder of Huayi Brothers interviewed

Wang Leehom facial cleanser advert photos


Karen Mok in Beijing promoting a mobile brand


Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting sports a Hello Kitty bag at a mother-daughter fundraising conference.

Jennifer Tse, Cissy Wang (Donnie’s wife) (Sina)

April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

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Variety: Bruce Lee’s ‘Flute’ heads to bigscreen

Paul Maslansky is developing “The Silent Flute,” a martial arts feature based on a treatment written by Bruce Lee prior to his death in 1973.

Maslansky (”Russia House,” “Return to Oz,” the “Police Academy” franchise) has announced he’s secured financing from Hong Kong-based Bey Logan’s B&E Prods.

Maslansky produced an earlier version of the movie in 1978 — better known as “Circle of Iron” — with the late Sandy Howard. He secured rights to the project from Howard’s widow, Arlene Howard.

Maslansky’s son, Sasha Maslansky, is writing the new screenplay based on Lee’s original treatment. Bey Logan, Sasha Maslansky and Kurt Fethke will serve as producers, with David Tadman and Steve Kerridge also attached to the project as co-producers.

“‘The Silent Flute’ will be an epic martial arts adventure film that promises to honor Bruce Lee’s original artistic and philosophical conception,” said Paul Maslansky, who is exec producing. “It also promises to reach new levels of action and adventure never before seen in martial arts filmmaking.”

“Circle of Iron,” centered on a martial artist rebel — portrayed by Jeff Cooper — on a quest for the “Book of Enlightenment” and the various trials that educate him in Zen philosophy. Bruce Lee had written a part for himself as a reluctant mentor, which was played in the film by David Carradine; Christopher Lee, Roddy McDowall and Eli Wallach also appeared.

Bruce Lee (Jiang Dai-Yan) in Ip Man 2


CRI: “City of Life and Death” Launches in UK

Sneaky peeks of Hawthorne Tree Forever (Xinhua)

ATV will broadcast this year’s HKFA Presentation Ceremonies Sunday night live and with no delay. They have promised not to cut acceptance speeches of rival artists from TVB. TVB in the past has been criticized for not broadcasting acceptance speeches of their rival artists from ATV. Last year, Paw Hee-Ching’s speech was cut short when she publicly thanked ATV. Also, when previous awards shows ran over the scheduled time, the broadcast simply ended drawing the ire of television viewers. (Sina) 2009: What was kept on and what left off? (ESWN) In CCTV’s rebroadcast of the 2009 awards, they eliminated Tang Wei’s Best Newcomer presentation to Xu Jiao.

Another picture of Zhao Wei circulating the internet (Xinhua)

Yu Ke-Hsin, former Taiwan actress and girlfriend of Andy Lau now married to Du Yiheng (a frequent double for Andy) is six months pregnant. (Xinhua)

Huang Yi in Anhui Province to donate sports and playground equpment

Olympic gold medal winner gymnast Yang Wei


Chrissie Chau hopes to have new merchandise for the upcoming Book Fair


December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009

CRI: “Bodyguards and Assassins” Hong Kong Premiere

God of Wealth Arrives

Kitty Zhang Yuqi

Miriam Yeung

Cheng Pei Pei

Gallery (6) (HunanTV)

Screen Daily: Hong Kong’s Golden Scene joins the Break-up Club

Golden Scene has picked up international rights to Barbara Wong Chun-chun’s upcoming docu-drama Break-up Club…Starring Jaycee Chan and Fiona Sit…

IndieWire: Wong Kar-wai on “In The Mood For Love” (2001 reprint)

Obama’s brother turns down film role in Let The Bullets Fly

Obama’s brother lands role as priest in Chinese film

Obama’s brother made image ambassador in China

Chinese director Jia Zhangke receives France’s Legion of Honor

NYTimes: From Icon to Lifestyle, the Marketing of Bruce Lee

CRI: The Original Karen Mok Show Opens in Beijing

Faye Wong offered $9.64mil for comeback tour

Hong Kong’s Next Magazine reported that the diva also had a human placenta extract injection, costing HK$100,000 ($18,000) per dose which could last for six months.

CRI: Chen Kun’s Latest Photos

Loletta’s back and sexier than ever

Michelle Yeoh goes ape over apes

Vivian Chow wearing a paper cut out dress

Vivian Chow slide show (12) (Sina)

Li Bingbing arriving in Copenhagen for the world climate summit


Twins rare appearance together

Twins, Joey Yung

Gillian Chung

The Twins help Joey Yung launch her 10th anniversary commemorative Joey Perfect 10 Documentary marking Joey’s 10th year in show business. (Xinhua)

Charlene Choi performs a sexy Latin dance in Macau at a Make A Wish Concert


October 26, 2009

October 26, 2009

Leon Lai - Bodyguards and Assassins


Leon plays the son of a rich man who becomes depressed and a beggar after both he and his father falls in love with Michelle Reis. With glasses on, he looked like John Lennon and brought much laughter to the set. (

CRI: Bodyguard Leon Lai Fights Assassins in All-star Film

Eric Tsang - Jay Chou’s Treasure Hunter

Eric Tsang, Lin Chi-Ling (

Wang Xuebing

Wang Xuebing puts on makeup to become King Bull in Jeff Lau’s Light-Transcending Pandora’s Box (

Cfensi has a nice post on Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting, which screened recently at TIFF.

CRI: Milu Deer Leads Chinese Animation Industry

Stefanie Sun

Stefanie Sun was in Beijing to film the MV theme song for Mulan (

CRI: Stefanie Sun Shoots Music Video in Beijing

Abbot Shi of Shaolin Temple presented Jackie Chan with scroll he personally wrote with ‘Dragon’. (

Andy Lau

Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Jackie Chan

Slide show of New Shaolin Temple cast in Abott’s chamber (20) (

Press Release: Bruce Lee Enterprises Announces Website Launch and Major Expansion of Brand

…Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee (pictured above), announces a major expansion of the Bruce Lee brand. Her organization is launching a flagship website, “This site will be the beacon of all things Bruce Lee on the Internet,” says Shannon. The company is also engaged in an ambitious program of licensing merchandising rights and creating original film and television productions through Bruce Lee Enterprises and LeeWay Media Group. (Photo: Business Wire)

July 21, 2009

July 21, 2009

Louis Koo is On His Majesty’s Secret Service

Louis Koo Becomes a Robot in Golden Armour

Song Jia

Lau Ching-WanLouis Koo
Zhang JingchuDaniel Wu

Overheard Beijing premiere - more photos

Bodyguards and Assassins - farewell to Hu Jun as his part concludes shooting

New Bruce Lee flick to focus on his life and loves
An eight-minute trailer for the biopic, directed by veteran filmmaker Ng See- yuen, was shown yesterday at the launch of a design competition for the restoration of Lee’s former home in Kowloon Tong.
Bruce Lee legend remains strong in Hong Kong 36 years after his death

Bruce Lee’s brother and sister authorize Manfred Wong to make film on Bruce’s life

Confirmed Tony Leung Kar-Fai as father, while reporters suggested Karen Mok as sister due to her resemblance.
Hope to begin shooting early next year and complete in time for 70th anniversary of Bruce’s birthday, November 27.
Kungfu star Bruce Lee’s new movie to be shot
Bruce Lee’s siblings authorize Chinese biopics
Pointing to childhood picture - Phoebe Lee Chau-Yun, Richard Lee Chun-Fai
Bruce Lee museum in design phase
Hong Kong government gathers items, commissions doc
Hong Kong to open Bruce Lee museum
J.A. Media plans trilogy on kung fu master’s life

Interview with Wa Ka-Fai
Prolific screenwriter and director Wai Ka-Fai is nothing less than the Ben Hecht of Hong Kong cinema.

bc Magazine: Murderer review
HK Magazine: Murder review

bc Magazine: Written By review

bc Magazine: KJ review
Striking a Chord
A local documentary about an unusual classical musician is a surprise hit

Hollywood Reporter: MW review
Bottom Line: Another classic manga bites the dust in an action-oriented, hatchet-job screen adaptation.

Hollywood Reporter: A Blood Pledge review
Bottom Line: A slight schoolgirl K-horror with a mildly intriguing hook

bc Magazine: Soundless Wind Chime review

HK Magazine: Peter Kam interview
Peter Kam’s new CD is now available at any McCafe

Chinese films pulled from MIFF
Uighur documentary brought Chinese pressure, withdrawal
Emily Tang and Jia Zhangke also withdraw

Re-enter the Dragon
The International Kung Fu Festival hopes to put guoshu back on the local map
Gordon Liu, Cheng Pei PeiTsui Siu-Ming
Press conference photos

Lydia Shum Memorial Exhibition opens at Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Michael Wong
Helicopter pilot Michael Wong promoting watch brand

Shu Qi
Shu Qi promotes upcoming event in Beijing

Charlene Choi: Ronald Cheng is not a Casanova

July 16, 2009

July 16, 2009

Hollywood Reporter: Murderer review
Bottom Line: A horror-suspense with a head-scratching outcome.

Hollywood Reporter: Wong Jing to live and die with ‘Mongkok’
Throwback film To Live and Die in Mongkok now shooting, set for late 2009 release.
“As long as the budget is not too high, we want to finance our own films that preserves the distinct flavor of Hong Kong cinema,” added Wong

Stellar Megamedia boards Dennis Chan’s 37
Chan’s 37 tells the story of a single mother taking her daughter on a trip to the Mongolian grasslands to fulfil the girl’s dream. It also stars Lin Miao-ke, the 10-year-old girl who earned her fame singing Ode To The Motherland at the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games. (Also, see Charlie Yeung articles below)

Poker King with Louis Koo, Lau Ching-Wan, Stephy Tang filming in Macau

Fruit Chan
Fruit Chan announced plans to make ‘Kowloon City’ a story about the young Bruce Lee

Chan will write, direct and produce and Lin Chi-Shiang will co-write. The biggest problem is to find the person who will play Bruce Lee because at least five similar in appearance is required.
Stanley Kwan had previously announced plans for his film about Bruce Lee but Chan was not concerned about this.

Ge You ‘Gasps’ out Funny English

Fan Bingbing film Wheat directed by He Ping - slide show

Just for laughs - Michael Hui
Michael Hui’s Comedy Talk Show In Malaysia

Nicholas Tse encourages wife to have second child

Fan Bingbing Graces Bazaar August Issue

Stars Gather for Charity Concert
Gigi Leung, Miriam Yeung, Angie Chiu, Kenny Bee

Zhang Ziyi Elle magazine slide show

Shu Qi films a bath gel advert

Charlie Yeung
Charlie Yeung cut her hair for an upcoming role in film ‘37′ to be shot in Mongolia with Mainland actress Liu Xiaoqing. [Wonder if that means Christmas Rose is completed.] She had planned to auction hair off for charity but feared the hair would be used for other purposes.

Charlie Yeung sports new short hair, video

More photos

Kelly Chen’s baby Chace photos

Edison Chen leaves Taiwan

Wang Jie
The Stage Is Set for Jackson Imitator

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