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March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

Variety: Studio complex puts China in the picture

Huairou Film Base hopes to lure Westerners

In a recent coup for Huairou, Keanu Reeves signed on to shoot “Man of Tai Chi,” a $32 million contemporary chopsocky and tai chi actioner that will film here. The cast includes Tiger Chen and Karen Mok, with Reeves as a bad guy — and martial arts choreography by Yuen Woo-ping (”The Matrix”).

Variety: Film is art to Chinese helmer Lu Chuan

Local auds didn’t flock to “City of Life and Death” in expected numbers, partially because Lu made the Japanese general in the war movie a real character.

Now the director wants his vision to appeal to auds in the booming China market as he gets ready to unveil “The Last Supper,” a costume drama about two warring generals, toplining mainland-friendly stars Liu Ye, Daniel Wu and Taiwanese thesp Chang Chen.

FBA: Audience invited to all or nothing Supper

Qin Lan as Empress Lu in “The Last Supper”, opening July 5th

Qin Lan

Liu Ye, Qin Lan, Daniel Wu, Chang Chen at recent Beijing press conference (Sina)

Daniel Wu

Liu Ye

Chang Chen (Sina-gallery)

Trailer for “The Last Supper”

Gong Li will play Empress Wu in “Tang Dynasty Mystic/Mystery Map”

Two versions of the film are in the pipeline, with Jacob Cheung Chi-Leung directing and Tony Ching Siu-Tung producing and filming to begin in July. An international US-China version hopes to get Danny Boyle to direct with an unnamed actress in the lead.

Gong Li


First stills from Guan Hu’s black comedy “Design of Death”

A quack doctor (Simon Yam) performs an autopsy to determine whether the cause of a death is a murder or an accident. The setting is an ancient village in the mountains.

Simon Yam

Yu Nan atop a coffin

Huang Bo

Alec Su (Sina)

CF: China’s First Banned Film Released after 60 Years

After its premier in 1951, the film was soon caught up in ideological disputes, which saw it pilloried as being pro-capitalist, a severe accusation in an era characterized by its black-and-white politics. However, Mao Zedong’s criticism of the film, in which he labeled it as carrying a message detrimental to the principles of socialism, was perhaps the main reason behind the banning of the film.


MSN: Showbiz boss Albert Yeung dishes the dirt on celebrity scandals

Jackie Chan, Elaine Ng (Sina)2

WaPo: Hong Kong selects new leader after tumultuous contest

After a boisterous but highly undemocratic contest featuring feuding tycoons, dark rumors of closet communism and a host of scandals over sex, gangsters and an illegal wine cellar, Hong Kong elites on Sunday selected a wealthy, China-backed populist as the new leader of this former British colony.

SCMP: Leung wins chief executive race

“We, Hong Kong people, have no rights to cast our votes, We come here just to voice our anger,”

“We already have no right to vote in the real election. Why should we be deprived of our rights even in a fake one?”

September 28, 2010

September 28, 2010

CRI: ‘Wind Blast’ Unveils Final Trailer

Francis Ng


CRI: Winston Chao Works on 4th Portrayal of Sun Yat-Sen in The 1911 Revolution

CRI: Chen Kun Sings Theme Song of His Latest Film ‘My Ex-Wife’s Wedding’

FBA: Hong Kong, China unveil Oscar nominees

FBA: San Diego Asian Film Festival (21-28 Oct)

The 11th edition of the San Diego Asian Film Festival (21-28 Oct) is set to kick off next month with the US premiere of Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen.

Yuen Woo-Ping and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA at Austin’s Fantastic Fest

Yuen Woo-Ping’s Lifetime Achievement Award


Chang Chen as Chiang Kai-Shek in The Founding of a Party (Sina)

William Chan Wai-Ting, gigolo

Pat Ha, William Chan, Carrie Ng

Michelle Ye

2nd left: Pat Ha, Michelle Ye, Carrie Ng, Candice Yu

William Chan plays a gigolo in Calvin Poon’s Derailed Women. Michelle Ye and Candice Yu are also in the cast which began shooting yesterday. Candice Yu plays Chan’s mamasan. The cast includes Chapman To and Lawrence Cheng with a script by Yeung Yee-Shan (All About Love, Women For Sale). (Sina)2

Kent Cheng

Kent Cheng just finished shooting a TV series in Inner Mongolia and is now going to Nanjing to start work on  a new series. (Sina)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung is Hong Kong’s highest earning celebrity mum

SG: Nicholas Tse’s son Lucas in tears

Carina Lau: It’s a beautiful misunderstanding

December 2, 2009

December 2, 2009

Shu Qi, Chang Chen, Kwai Lun-Mei help open a new LV shop in Macau with Pansy Ho.

Shu Qi

Kwai Lun-Mei

(Xinhua) (Sina) (

Karen Mok was in Shanghai to promote her upcoming concert.


Simultaneous Press Conferences for Hot Summer Days

Barbie Hsu

Nic Tse


Barbie Hsu, Nic Tse, Angelababy

Vivian Hsu

Vivian Hsu, Daniel Wu


Wei Shiya

Director Chan Kwok-Fai

Producer Fruit Chan

Hot Summer Days cast and crew held joint press conferences in Hong Kong and Beijing. Nic Tse, Angelababy and Barbie attended in Hong Kong while costars Daniel Wu and Vivian Hsu held a simultaneous press conference in Beijing (Xinhua) (2) (Sina) (

Film Archive to hold conference on history of early Chinese cinema

Top Asian cameraman expresses distaste of digital

Cannes-winning Taiwanese cameraman Mark Lee Ping-bing says in an interview published in “A Poet of Light and Shadow” — a collection of his still photographs — that shooting in digital format takes away the artistry of camera work and lighting because you can immediately see your work on a display monitor and fix it — as opposed to waiting to develop the film.

CNN: ‘1428′ tells Sichuan quake survivors’ stories

Storm Warriors Singapore promotion tour

Aaron and Ekin are such Storm troopers

Aaron Kwok on theme song duet with Ekin Cheng: his singing is not bad

Ekin Cheng: “I’m a romantic”

‘Warriors’ storm into M’sia

Chinese actress Li Bingbing married since 1999?

CRI: Leon Lai, Michelle Reis Reunite on, off-screen

Lin Chi-ling voted actress with “most beautiful breasts”

Carina jealous after Maggie Cheung said she wanted to squeeze Tony’s thigh

Loletta’s back and sexier than ever

Ssshhh… we’re married

August 19, 2009

August 19, 2009

Shu Qi

Chang Chen, Chang Kuo-Chu
Father and son are working together again for the first time in 19 years since A Brighter Summer Day
‘Shu Qi should not be Chang Chen’s wife’

Hollywood Reporter: Overheard
Bottom Line: A riveting thriller of commercial crime with dark, Faustian overtones.

Zhang Yimou’s daughter accuses Gong Li of ruining her childhood

Faye Wong to make a comeback as Goddess of Mercy?

No reunion for the Four Heavenly Kings
No comeback for Edison

UK film board stops sale of Japanese horror movie

Screen Sweetheart Gao Yuanyuan

Christy Chung Pregnant with 3rd Child

Michelle Reis
Michelle Reis, one of the Miss Hong Kong judges this year

Simon YamNatalis Chan
Fellow judges, Simon Yam and Natalis Chan

July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

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OBITUARY: Yasmin Ahmad, the film legend
Yasmin Ahmad laid to rest
Yasmin will forever remain a film guru

Film director Yasmin Ahmad dies
Friends and colleagues pay tribute
Malaysia director of race-themed films dies at 51
The Passing of a Legend

Just a sample of Yasmin’s many wonderful adverts
Tan Hong Ming was awarded a Gold Medal at Cannes last year.
Petronas is a multinational oil and gas company owned by the Malaysian government and Yasmin Ahmad has produced numerous adverts for them.

Yasmin’s death also felt in Singapore
Her death, caused by a stroke, raised questions on what would happen to ‘Go, Thaddeus’, a film that she was to direct, which is still in its early stages of production.

Park Chan-wook’s ‘Thirst’ is a vampire film sans cliches

Karen Mok
Karen Mok in concert in Tianjin

Actor Andy Tsang Tak-Wah arrested on sex related charges

He attempted to rape a secondary school student he met on the interet under the pretext of photographing her in a hotel.
Even more interesting is that the accompanying photograph looks like it was taken from HKMDB’s own image gallery!
What do you think?
The caption credits Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po newspaper.
Wen Wei Po article

Sam Hui will hold a series of concerts in September to celebrate his 61st birthday
Always low key, Sam did not hold a press conference but simply placed a newspaper advertisement. He will be introducing a new song that pays tribute to Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui and Roman Tam.

Chang Chen
Chang Chen was among celebrities who attended the 100th anniversary of Audi brand

Zhang Ziyi issued a statement via her lawyers denying reports that her marriage plans with Vivi Nevo were postponed due to his having HIV. These rumors had spread via the internet earlier last week.

Chinese News Channel Punished for Airing Obscene Ad

March 21, 2009

Liu Ye - Iron Man

Liu Ye - Iron Man

Jet Li latest to join cast of epic film Founding of the Nation as guest
Jiang Wen will play a notorious KMT spy chief

Jay Chou loses role as Bruce Lee
Kung fu epic “Ip Man” produced dazzling results and a sequel will be made. Taiwanese pop idol Jay Chou, a Bruce Lee’s fan, will not get to act as his idol in “Ip Man 2″ because “the sequel will not feature Bruce Lee”, producer of the film Raymond Wong explained.

Wong said that “Ip Man 2″ will focus on the life story of Ip Man, the Wing Chun grandmaster and also Bruce Lee’s master, in Hong Kong after the war. The story will not extend to Ip’s old age days and thus will not feature Lee; his clarification also smashed previous rumors which said the role will be a fight between Chou and Hong Kong actor Chan Kwok Kwan.

The region wide popularity of the film has raised market value of male lead Donnie Yen; despite that, he will charge Wong a “friendship price” for the sequel and thus will be kept as the lead of the film.
“Ip Man 2″ will be shot in China in July.

Korean ‘Thirst’ poster banned

History Comes Alive in “My Chief and My Regiment”
The series with too many English titles
Soldiers and Their Commander/My Commander, My Regiment

Another excellent issue of APA Magazine
APA Top Ten: Leslie Cheung’s Heartbreaker Roles
APA Top Ten: alternatives to seeing Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun-Li
On the Road and Off the Beaten Path: Travels with Hiroshi Shimizu
Ten from the 59th Berlinale

Michael Tse’s ‘ku wak chai’ role becomes a big hit, netizens mourn his death

Maggie Cheung left Hong Kong to avoid old flame?
Superstar Maggie Cheung currently based in Beijing is said to have left Hong Kong to avoid his ex-boyfriend, famous Hong Kong director Yee Tung-Shing.

Yee said on press conference of his new film “Shinjuku Incident”, “I am 52 this year and have almost forgotten about Maggie Cheung; that relationship happened over 20 years ago. If we had had a child, he should be over 20 years old now. This is fate. If I can still remember it clearly, there must be a problem with me; I could be suffering from dementia.”

Yee also revealed that after the breakup, both of them have no intention of working together anymore. “She will not be part of my movie. I think she is more afraid of bumping into each other than I am, look at her now, she’s even left Hong Kong to avoid me.”

Despite being banned in China for its gory scenes, “Shinjuku Incident” has been chosen to be the opening film of Hong Kong International Film Festival. Yee told reporters that he knew the film will not make it through China’s censorship board and thus dared not send it to China.

An avid diver, Yee said he wished to have an early retirement. “I’m making films so that I can dive. Movies making is a tedious and torturous process; from preparations, being the boss, choosing the actors, selecting settings, etc.”

Jackie Chan reveals past relationship with Teresa Tang
International superstar Jackie Chan revealed on a China talk show his past relationship with late Taiwanese pop singer Teresa Tang but chose to marry current wife Lin Feng-jiao in the end because his buddies preferred the latter.

Both Chan and Tang were developing their careers in the United States then and came together naturally for movies and dinners. He said they had a good time together but that lifestyle was not to his liking; he preferred mingling around with a large group of buddies. However, Tang, a noble woman, preferred peace and solitude.

On the other hand, Lin Feng-jiao mixed well with the guys and had their support. “Lin Feng-jiao is better than Teresa Tang. You must marry her.” In the end, Chan forsake Tang for his brothers and married Lin.

Other than the two relationships that he had acknowledged, there is also one rumored relationship with Hong Kong actress Michelle Yim. Chan said he was secretly in love with Yim, already a successful and popular actress, when he was still an unknown actor. He only started pursuit when he became famous and took eight years to win her heart. The relationship, however, ended when he went to Hollywood and met Teresa Tang.

TVB host reveals inside story of Cecilia Cheung’s interview

Nic Tse and Cecilia Cheung offer photos for charity
No, not THOSE photos!

Edison Chen's father

Gillian Chung feels awkward; on the same flight with Edison Chen’s father to Beijing

Gillian Chung - Beijing airport photo gallery

Chang Chen
Chang Chen attending promotion event

Harlem Yu to announce divorce

China targets erotic audiobooks
Four workers detained as part of crack down

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