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October 28, 2009

October 28, 2009a

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Cast of Four Marshals Meets Sina

Gao Qun Shun, director

Francis Ng

Charlie Young

Yu Nan

Wu Jing

Ni Dahong

Xia Yu


August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009

21st Century Kato
Jay Chou as Kato

Jay Chou stuffs himself with good ol’ American food

Zhou Xun

Stills from The Message released

Ekin Cheng
Ekin Cheng at launch ceremony for typhoon relief

Asked about making another Young and Dangerous film, Ekin expressed doubt about the continued impact of film culture. He said it was better to do charity work.

Charlie Yeung and daughter in 37
Charlie Yeung in ‘37′

Leon Lai, Vivian Hsu, Richie Ren
Fire Dragon’s Leon Lai, Vivian Hsu, Richie Ren

Vivian unfazed by rumors of Shu Qi and boyfriend Stephen Fung

Michelle Ye
Pinky Cheung
More Fire Dragon cast photos

Leon LaiMichelle Ye
Dante Lam’s Fire Dragon

More photos

Gao Yuanyuan
Heo Jin-Ho’s Season of Good Rain, formerly a segment of Chengdu, I Love You

Tussle over Tony Leung
Carina Lau
Carina Lau philosophical about Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung incident

‘After so many years, we are very much like watching a love story. We do not want it played out quickly, if you want to see it then we have to go on.’

Shooting Stanley Kwan’s Energy Behind the Heart/Dancing With The Heart

Ducked into clothing store until her car arrived

More Carina Lau photos

HK star Shawn Yue is tired of being linked to female celebs

Actress Angelica Lee to wed HK director

Jackie Chan, Tan Jing
Zhang Ziyi
Stars attend solo concert celebrating China’s founding

Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei appointed as VP Chinese Performing Arts Society appears at skin care endorsement event in Shanghai

More photos

Aaron Kwok
Lee San-San
Aaron Kwok finished third in his own charity race in Shanghai

Zhang Ziyi

Vogue magazine spread - Zhang Ziyi (click through)

Andy Lau?
Funeral procession of Andy Lau’s ‘father-in-law’

Obscurred by a sea of white umbrellas, media determines Andy secretly in attendance. Trademark hook nose is the tell.
Photos: Funeral procession, Andy’s secret children?
‘Son-in-Lau’ goes under cover at Chu’s funeral
Last wish of Carol Chu’s dad - to see her wed Lau
Quite a ’scene’ at funeral of Chu’s dad

Lucky number 4

Sandy Lau Crowned Miss Hong Kong 2009

Simon Yam
Judge Simon Yam

Museum of Chinese in America Gets a New Home

July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009

Aaron Kwok has started working in Benny Chan’s City Under Siege in Hong Kong

Stephen Chow salvages romance ‘Jump’
Original film featured Edison Chen

Nick Cheung begins shooting To Live and Die in Mongkok - photos
Monica Mok plays a prostitute

Yu Feihong’s Directorial Debut ‘Eternal Beloved’ Looks Set to Be a Hit

Charlie Yeung sacrifices hair for arts - 37

Hong Kong in tune with mainland biz
It’s getting harder to tell mainland Chinese and Hong Kong movies apart.

Jackie Chan praises kung fu of Will Smith’s son
“He put my son to shame! I provided my son with the best martial artists in the world, and he could not be persuaded to try it.” Poor Jaycee.

Kelly Chen goes home with baby
Slim New Mom Kelly Chen In ‘Surrogate Mother’ Suspection
The slim, post-pregnancy physique of singer-actress Kelly Chen has prompted rumors that the new mother could have had a surrogate give birth to her son.

More photos of Gillian Chung in Malaysia

Pace Wu
Pace Wu in Guangzhou for a fashion event

Louis Vuitton opens in Shenzhen
Li Xiaolu
Fan Bingbing

Death threat sent to legislator after Tiananmen stand

Kim Jong-il’s grandson seen at concert

July 17, 2009

July 17, 2009

Ronald Cheng
Kungfu Cyborg poster features comedy aspect

McDull Wudang poster

Battle Film “Wheat” to Be Released in September

Jaycee Chan
Jaycee Chan in Hua Mulan

Tough Tony
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai photos

Gao YuanyuanYu Feihong director,actress
Gao Yuanyuan supports Eternal Beloved’s first time director Yu Feihong

August release scheduled

Epic of the East
John Woo’s Red Cliff

Copy of ‘Tracing Shadow’ donated to museum

Karen Mok promoting new CD
Karen Mok’s new CD made in cooperation with China Mobile

Race WongRace WongTi Na
Ti Na speaks out against photo albums that show too much skin

Warns young women against seeking quick fame and fortune. The upcoming Hong Kong Book Fair features a large number of photo album books such as Race Wong’s.

Charlie Yeung
Charlie Yeung visits cancer patients

Maggie Q and The O.C.'s Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland)
Maggie Q attending LA Vogue anniversary party

Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung promotes beer in Malaysia

Ruby Lin cosmetic surgery?

Netizens note change in appearance
Ruby Lin swarmed with plastic surgery rumours

Shu Qi seen in Stephen Fung’s house

Paulyn Sun in the news
Wealthy ex walks free after model punch rap

Hong Kong filmmakers visit China
Delegation announces promo plan, new projects

Edison Chen re-engaged as jeans endorsee

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Carol Cheng - too much plastic surgery

July 16, 2009

July 16, 2009

Hollywood Reporter: Murderer review
Bottom Line: A horror-suspense with a head-scratching outcome.

Hollywood Reporter: Wong Jing to live and die with ‘Mongkok’
Throwback film To Live and Die in Mongkok now shooting, set for late 2009 release.
“As long as the budget is not too high, we want to finance our own films that preserves the distinct flavor of Hong Kong cinema,” added Wong

Stellar Megamedia boards Dennis Chan’s 37
Chan’s 37 tells the story of a single mother taking her daughter on a trip to the Mongolian grasslands to fulfil the girl’s dream. It also stars Lin Miao-ke, the 10-year-old girl who earned her fame singing Ode To The Motherland at the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games. (Also, see Charlie Yeung articles below)

Poker King with Louis Koo, Lau Ching-Wan, Stephy Tang filming in Macau

Fruit Chan
Fruit Chan announced plans to make ‘Kowloon City’ a story about the young Bruce Lee

Chan will write, direct and produce and Lin Chi-Shiang will co-write. The biggest problem is to find the person who will play Bruce Lee because at least five similar in appearance is required.
Stanley Kwan had previously announced plans for his film about Bruce Lee but Chan was not concerned about this.

Ge You ‘Gasps’ out Funny English

Fan Bingbing film Wheat directed by He Ping - slide show

Just for laughs - Michael Hui
Michael Hui’s Comedy Talk Show In Malaysia

Nicholas Tse encourages wife to have second child

Fan Bingbing Graces Bazaar August Issue

Stars Gather for Charity Concert
Gigi Leung, Miriam Yeung, Angie Chiu, Kenny Bee

Zhang Ziyi Elle magazine slide show

Shu Qi films a bath gel advert

Charlie Yeung
Charlie Yeung cut her hair for an upcoming role in film ‘37′ to be shot in Mongolia with Mainland actress Liu Xiaoqing. [Wonder if that means Christmas Rose is completed.] She had planned to auction hair off for charity but feared the hair would be used for other purposes.

Charlie Yeung sports new short hair, video

More photos

Kelly Chen’s baby Chace photos

Edison Chen leaves Taiwan

Wang Jie
The Stage Is Set for Jackson Imitator

June 24, 2009

June 24, 2009

Lau Ching-Wan, Louis KooStephy Tang
At TGIF's !?
Poker King opening lens ceremomy

Jo Kuk, Cherrie Ying, Josie HoLau Ching-Wan
Louis Koo
More cast photos from Friday’s

Park Shanghai — Film Review

China Star gambles on ‘Poker King’
Co-production with Macau gaming corporation Suncity Group

‘City Under Siege’ set for holiday release
Benny Chan sci-fi actioner set for Chinese National Day 2010

Dante Lam to direct ‘Dragon Tiger Gate’ sequel
Enlight Pictures producing ninth film of new slate

Hong Kong Film Archive showcases director Allen Fong’s films and TV works

Jackie Chan performed at Los Angeles’ Chinatown

The New Seven Little Fortunes helped to celebrate Chinese culture and China’s 60th birthday. Jackie taught the crowd of a thousand the lyrics and meaning of ‘Nation’.

Nnadia Chan sued for failing to pay manager

Wu Chun, Zhou Xun to star in Taiwan’s “Full House”
Full House will be shot in Taiwan and China and discusses the cross-strait ties that modern Chinese are concern about.

Korean agents reined in with contracts
Suicide sparked investigation, new regulations

Francis Ng
Francis Ng went shopping in Central.

After 15 minutes, he was done. However, he couldn’t find his car for over an hour!

Lin Chi-Ling

Lin Chi-ling advertisement photos

Charlie Yeung
Charlie Yeung returned from overseas to help open a friend’s restaurant in Causeway Bay

Gillian Chung
Simply Actors Siu Mei-Gwan , Chan Suk-Yee
Gillian Chung will be appearing in a series of 6 plays (performances?) at the end of August about fathers and daughters

Karen Mok
Karen Mok had positive experiences with Stephen Chow

New album all cover songs

China Web boycott called to mark filter debut
Green Dam opponents fear tightening of censorship

April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009

HKFA Movie Kings - Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Simon YamHKFA Movie Queens - Barbie Hsu, Paw Hee Ching, Karena Lam, Zhou Xun

Directors - Benny Chan, Ann Hui, Wilson Yip, John Woo
Johnnie To, as usual, declines to participate

The Newcomers - Zhang Yuqi, Lin Chi-ling, Xu Jiao, Monica Mok, and Juno Leung
Josephine Siao Fong Fong
HKFA nominees group photos released
Lifetime Achievement Award - Josephine Siao Fong Fong
Professionalism Award - Ding Yu
Group photos
Nominees Promote HK Film Awards
Four classic films remade as short for HKFA presentation ceremony
“A better Tomorrow”, “Days of Being Wild”, “The Eye” and “Internal Affairs” were remade as short film.

Film on Tibet starring Charlie Yeung to start shooting

Yang’s ‘Breathless’ Is Breathtaking (South Korea)

First Cambodian lesbian film is a hit

The Musician - Feature film on Xian Xinghai to be shot in Macau
Cast includes Vivian Hsu, Chen Kun and Ng Man-Tat. Li Qiankuan director
Cherie Chung
Cherie Chung mentally and physically preparing for return

Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu in John Rabe - movie clip, stills

Karen Mok

John Legend
John Legend and Karen Mok perform in Shanghai

Fan Bingbing
Another case of actresses getting groped at guest appearances

This time old photos of Fan Bingbing, Gong Li recapped. (The bearded man is actor Zhang Jizhong.)

Edison Chen

I spy: Edison Chen at Beijing International Airport with two assistants

Slide show

HK Techie Denies He Stole Edison Chen’s Pics
Edison pics seen year before
BBC: Film star sex photos trial begins

HK pop star Jill Vidal faces Tokyo trial

Controversial Release of Eileen Chang Novel

Wild boar attacks pensioner in Tai Po

March 26, 2009

Ashes of Time Redux Beijing press conference gallery

‘Ashes of Time Redux’ Premieres

Kenny Bee and Sylvia ChangWith Nansun Chi and Tsui Hark
Kenny Bee and Sylvia Chang attend HKIFF exhibition organized by Tsui Hark and Nansun Chi titled ‘Romantic Historical Novel’

Angelica LeeBrigitte Lin
Kwai Lun-MeiEric Tsang
Gallery of guests

Q&A: Noh Young-seok
“Daytime Drinking”

Korean Films to Return in April
10 domestic titles are slated for release next month

BC Magazine Film Reviews
Tokyo Sonata
Oxide Pang’s Basic Love
The Equation of Love and Death
Love Connected
A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Love triangle
Oxide Pang Chun offers a melodramatic teen love story in Basic Love

Charlie Yeung
HAF lauds Charlie Yeung for financial acumen
‘Christmas Rose’ is first project to get fully financed at HAF

China takes on Hollywood in box office battle
Directors offer ways to defeat dominance of imports

Feng Xiaogang created a stir when he made some controversial remarks. [fuzzy and partial translation follows]

Feng XiaogangSpeaking on a panel with John Woo and Wei Desheng (Cape No. 7), Feng said that although many mainland films are screened in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Taiwan do not sufficiently understand mainland culture, “therefore I simply do not want to make films for overseas market. Mainland culture to Taiwan and Hong Kong is strange.”

“In the mainland, my movie in one day makes 20,000,000 Yuan box office, but here (in Hong Kong) only takes in one month 2,000,000 Yuan. Is my film really not good?”

“I must tell the truth, Hong Kong audience look down upon us.”

Feng Xiaogang is quite confident in his brand and thinks he does not need Zhang Ziyi to make Tangshan Earthquake  (his upcoming film). He said, To use her, I’d have to pay her $20M yuan, I will simply use a new person. I want that $20M yuan to be put into the filmmaking.

Andy Lau wedding on hold?
Falsely led to believe Carol Chu was pregnant?
Carol not pregnant, Andy plans to call off wedding

Faye Wong in Hong Kong
Faye Wong recently signed an 8-digit contract to film a shampoo ad

The ad is set to be broadcast on regional TV in April. The brand was previously promoted by Jackie Chan for $14M yuan. Faye’s fee is estimated at betwee $15M - $20M yuan. This has sparked speculation of Faye’s return to stage. Today marks the 20th anniversary of her debut.

Faye Wong makes return with S$4million advertisement
New CD? Role in Feng Xiaogang’s Tangshan Earthquake?

Gigi Leung
Gigi Leung celebrates birthday and CD release with fans

Joey Yung has no love for Edison Chen; only resentments
There is no pity for Edison Chen; neither is there love. Hong Kong singer Joey Yung, who will be holding her concert in Singapore in April for the first time, tells local media in a phone interview that she has never had good impression of Edison and disdained any interactions with him.

“I do not want to have any relations to him. I’ve always never had any good impression of him or admiration for him. I have no feelings about his ordeal,” she said.

On the other hand, she is supportive of her good friend Gillian Chung, who has had a sexual relationship with Edison and was twirled into a sex photos scandal last year. To relieve Gillian’s stress and cheer her up, Joey was seen out shopping with the former; she said that was the only thing she can do for a friend in such crisis.

“Nobody can ever relieve her of the hurt and sorrow she suffered. But I hope it is a lesson learned and she can learn to love herself more. I hope everyone can give her a second chance,” Joey said.

Though fully supportive of Gillian’s comeback, Joey said she will not invite her as the concert performing guest. “I think she is more than a special guest; Gillian should always be the center of attraction,” she said. However, Joey will not hesitate to invite Gillian to Singapore as guest of the concert if the latter is available.

Joey is now among the top female singers in Hong Kong music industry and has even been named the Queen of Pop; she is now hoping to extend her performing career further in acting. Since “The Return of the Condor Heroes”, Joey has not received any new scripts. She hoped to be landed with a role that offers room for character development.

When reporters hypothesized for the male lead of Joey’s next movie to be Edison, she was stunned and speechless for a moment. After seconds of pauses, she replied, “I’ll let the company decide for me. I believe their decision is the best for me.”

Her friendship with Hong Kong female singer Denise Ho was rumored to be more than just that. Joey said she was indeed vexed and afraid initially, but got used to the rumors as years passed. However, she wished those meaningless rumors would not affect their friendship.

“Denise is a very special girl with her own unique perspectives about things; she will also offer me opinions on my work. To get such a loyal and reliable friend in showbiz is rare. I will do everything to treasure this friendship,” she said.

Joey, who denied to be homosexual, shyly said she has never been molested. “Perhaps people do not have any fantasies of me. If you don’t give people the “Welcome” message, he will not come over. I am someone who is very self-protective.”

Mid April, Joey will be holding a concert for the first time in Singapore and challenging tough dance steps; she is not just going to do somersaults but also stunts. Without a background in action and dance, Joey spent one month practicing for a 20 minute performance and ended up with injuries.

When asked if her company will increase her insurance coverage, Joey was bold and uninhibited. “I’ve never asked my company about this, but it’s an honour to die on the stage!”

Gillian Chung appears in Shanghai for an online game, FIFA Online

Annie Yi shouts for justice

Caged in by poverty - Cage Men
Hong Kong art gallery exhibits ‘cage homes’ to highlight wealth gap

February 27, 2009

The Sniper opens March 24 at HKIFF

HKIFF preview

‘Shinjuku Incident’ to Open HK Film Fest

Ip Man - Taiwan review

HKIFF press conference
Simon Yam and Zhang Jingchu star in Ann Hui’s Night and Fog as man and wife

Zhang Jingchu

With Ann Hui

Shinjuku Incident’s Fan Bingbing, Daniel Wu, Xu Jinglei

Xu Jinglei

Jackie Chan

Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are The One plagiarized from novel Chongqing Stewardess?
Many similarities between lead character (played by Shu Qi) and plot
Huayi Brothers had previously tried to buy film and television rights

Jackie Chan says HK govt ignored museum plea

With Quake Film, Feng Xiaogang Wants More than Tears

Future Cops’ Tang Yifei and Wong Jing mimic 007 for magazine

Gillian Chung first project back in TV series would challenge her in role as mother and daughter

Cecilia Cheung breaks down and reveals inside story of Edison Chen

Director Charlie Yeung debuts at upcoming HAF

Movie and media empire Shaw Brothers’ privatization deal approved

Taiwan Pop Stop

Andy: It’s tough for the woman behind me
On working with Wong Kar-Wai

Jay Chou’s ‘Pandamen’ new female lead Cao Yan revealed

‘Soldiers and Their Commander’ in Focus
Reprises cast of last year’s TV hit Soldiers Sortie

Coco Lee, No.15 Sexiest Pop Divas in the World

Huayi Bro. or Sony Music? Question for Jane Zhang

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