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September 19, 2012

Caught in the Web (Hollywood Reporter review)

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Caught in the Web
9/17/2012 by Deborah Young

Chinese master Chen Kaige returns to a contemporary setting with top actors Gao Yuanyuan, Chen Hong, Mark Chao and Yao Chen.

In Caught in the Web, director Chen Kaige updates the high-energy brushstrokes of his sweeping historical epics like Farewell My Concubine to describe the modern intrigues of Internet rumor-mongering and office politics. In this fast-moving, densely plotted black dramedy, a faux scandal raised by an ambitious web TV editor comes close to destroying a number of lives, offering a masterful panorama on urban, middle class China. Toronto should be just the first port of call on a long festival voyage, with some crossover into the niches.

The popularity and dangers of Internet discussion boards hardly seems like the kind of thing that would spark the interest of the master of Asian costume dramas set in yesteryear. Yet in his third film with a contemporary setting, Chen effortlessly spins out his familiar themes of scandal, love, power, role-playing and betrayal in a society now dominated by the media and technology. In this sleek modern China, everyone’s out to get something from somebody, selfishness is the rule and “only the mentally ill tell the truth.” The screenplay, co-written with Tang Danian (Beijing Bicycle), is intricate but never confusing and filled with complexly drawn characters, particularly women. Its only real misstep is the dark, sentimental ending, which doesn’t hit quite the right note.

One morning in a big city, a young woman learns she has lymphatic cancer and must be operated on within a week. Shocked by the news, Lanqiu (Gao Yuanyuan) is so preoccupied that on her way to work she refuses to give up her bus seat to an old man and reacts rudely to protests from the other passengers. Unknown to her, cub TV reporter Jiaqi (May Wang) is filming the scene on her cell phone. She proudly presents it to her editor Ruoxi (Yao Chen), who knows a good thing when she sees it, and sends it viral on the net, igniting what comes to be known as “the Sunglasses Girl scandal.” Thanks to a jealous, ambitious co-worker, Lanqiu’s identity is revealed on the web and she is forced to go into hiding. Even the company she works for suffers, as the whole country moralistically shakes its head over her shameless arrogance on the bus.

In truth, Lanqiu is the reserved executive secretary of Mr. Shen (Wang Xueqi), the wily old company president. Uncharacteristically, she bursts into tears in his private office while asking for a loan (for the operation), just as Shen’s wife Mo Xiaoyu (actress and producer Chen Hong) walks in. She misreads the scene entirely and decides to take revenge on the two “lovers”, as subtly and cruelly as a poisoning at court. Still, she has her own backstory and a terrifying master-slave relationship with Shen that partly exonerates her.

She gets in touch with Ruoxi, who is a ruthless and stupidly ambitious young woman, yet also sports a human side. Ruoxi is dating Jiaqi’s hot brother Shoucheng (Mark Chao) and the three of them share a rented apartment, while Ruoxi dreams of making it big so they can buy a bigger place to live.

Shoucheng is a photographer who still has some ethics intact. When his path crosses Lanqiu’s, she offers to hire him for one week, basically to protect her from herself. He cautiously agrees, knowing she’s the victim of an outrageous Internet smear campaign that could lead her to suicide, but not knowing that she’s ill. Naturally, he has to hide the gig from his girlfriend, Ruoxi. She finds out.

Only a top-drawer cast could individualize all these characters. In the main role, the ethereal Gao Yuanyuan (City of Life and Death) is so noble and refined she’s almost a fantasy figure, though she’s unpredictable enough to keep the appealing Chao guessing as her temp bodyguard. He gets to kick up his heels in a playful martial arts fight; she terrifies him in a mini-car chase. They’re cute characters and their inevitable romance has all the more impact for being handled delicately.

The other notable acting pair is the rich Mr. Shen and his trophy wife, always at each other’s throats. Wang Xueqi’s Shen is delightfully cunning and cynical, though he’s a tyrant to his wife. She gets pay-back when she calls Ruoxi for a private chat, but in the last scenes, Chen Hong’s dignity earns respect.
Fast-paced and beautifully shot by Yang Shu, the story is told in theatrical spaces, through curtains and doorways, and inside soaring glass and stone buildings in which all traces of the past have been erased. Meng Ke and Ma Shangyou’s score is varied and touching.

Venue: Toronto Film Festival, Sept. 10, 2012.
A New Classics Media presentation of a 21 Century Shengkai Film production in association with Ningbo Radio & TV.
Cast: Gao Yuanyuan, Yao Chen, Mark Chao, Chen Hong, Wang Xueqi, Wang Luodan, Chen Ran, Zhang Yi, May Wang
Director: Chen Kaige
Screenwriters: Chen Kaige, Tang Danian
Producer: Chen Hong
Executive producers: Cao Huayi, Chen Hong, Wang Ziwen
Director of photography: Yang Shu
Production designers: Gao Yiguang, Tu Nan
Costumes: Sawataishi Kazuhiro
Editor: Li Dianshi
Music: Meng Ke, Ma Shangyou
Sales Agent: Moonstone Entertainment
No rating, 121 minutes.

September 30, 2011

September 30, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

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WSJ: A Revolutionary Role for Jackie Chan

‘Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose’

Eileen Chang’s works are roses with thorns for filmmakers.

CF: Snake Meets Sorcerer

The original legend mostly focuses on Bai and Xu’s doomed romance but the latest version brings Fahai (Jet Li) to the foreground.

In 2010, Zhang Yuan: Unspoiled Brats was exhibited at Ullens Center for Contemporary Arts in Beijing and the namesake film was completed in 2011. The film focuses on the life of China’s youths in Beijing and the exhibition portrayed the life stories of young Chinese. Over 200 young people applied for major characters in Zhang’s work, and finally ten got the chance to tell their stories in pictures.

Poster for Lu Chuan’s The Last Supper

Filming will complete at the end of October after extending the five month shoot. Liu Ye publicly stated that there is no time limit for the film and scheduled no other films for the rest of the year. Daniel Wu and Chang Chen expressed full support and stood behind the director. Lu Chuan’s demand for detail and texture required many sets to be (re)built(?). (Sina)

Yao Chen watches as Huang Xiaoming get eyedrops prior to the ceremony launching Chen Kaige’s new film, an adaptation of a Japanese fantasy story of a monk set in the Tang Dynasty. Huang recently suffered sudden eye problems while working on Andrew Lau’s The Guillotines.


Boiling water?

Carina Lau and Richie Jen film a TV program to promote water conservation in northwest China (Sina)

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Shu Qi on Lee Hom: He’s really just my good friend (MSN)

MSN: Karen Mok to wed tomorrow

CRI: Karen Mok Releases Photos with Fiance

Karen Mok in Florence

Sketch of wedding shoes (Sina)

MSN: Selina Jen’s wedding to go on despite grandfather’s death

Yang Mi mistaken as Fan Bingbing

[Not surprising, given her Fan-like assault at the Milan fashion shows]

Zhou Xun’s naked photos found

August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

WSJ: Kara Hui, Fighting the Kung-Fu Stereotype

FBA: Law of Attraction review

The best comes at the start in this uneven collection of vignettes on various stages of love.

Poster for Ann Hui’s A Simple Life competing at Venice Film Festival

Qin Hailu - A Simple Life

Qin Hailu and Ann Hui (Sina)

First poster for Frankie Chan’s Legendary Amazons

(vide. Lady Generals, Yang Family Generals)

Cecilia Cheung checking her script

Getting makeup

Frankie Chan, Cecilia Cheung

More Amazons

Cheng Pei-Pei

Yu Na

Jin Qiaoqiao

Chen Zihan

Liu Xiaoqing

Kathy Cho Hoi-Mei

Yukari Oshima

Liu Dong (Sina)

Tony Chan , Eason Chan, Angelababy, Wing Shya (Aug.21)

Eason Chan and Angelababy attended the Beijing press conference for the release of the final trailer for Love in Space (Sina-gallery) (Video-trailer)

Mark Chao and Gao Yuanyuan will begin work on Chen Kaige’s new modern day film, tentatively named “Search”, in October. Four other major actors are to be announced shortly.

Mark Chao You-Ting, Gao Yuanyuan

With director Chen Kaige (Sina)2

Miriam Yeung and Xu Zheng in Beijing filming Pang Ho-Cheung’s sequel to Love in a Puff (Sina-gallery)

Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung appeared as a guest on the catwalk in a fall and winter fashion show in Wan Chai, Hong Kong this weekend. And, according to an Oriental Daily report, she and husband Nicholas Tse have reached a final divorce agreement and settlement after a 16 hour negotiation with lawyers. Child custody and property distributions issues have been reached and the agreement has been sealed. Elsewhere, Cecilia is under fire by mainland publicity director for not fulfilling her contractual to promote Treasure Inn on the mainland. So far, she has skipped the MV rollout and premieres in Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. Her company reps defend her and say Cecilia has met her obligations with a March press conference appearance.


MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung goes school-hunting for son

Nicholas Tse & Cecilia agree on divorce terms

CNA: Theresa Fu claims ‘four-timing’ ex-lover Him Law hit her

Donnie Yen and family relaxing in the US recently

According to Hong Kong media reports, Donnie is weighing an offer to appear in producer Avi Lerner’s The Expendables 2. (HunanTV)

Carina Lau, Edison Chen

Carina Lau posted a photo of herself with Edison over the weekend, with the following, “You are a great person. Life is always tough. You got to have faith in yourself.” Netizens figured out that the locale was in Shanghai where Edison attended a club opening and sang three songs before departing. (Sina),


August 4, 2011

August 4, 2011

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CRI: Chen Kaige Multi-tasking on Two Films

Chen is working on a film adaptation of the Chinese novel “Wang Shi”, literally meaning “Deaths on the Internet”, the Oriental Morning Post reports. The novel, written by Wen Yu, was first published and became popular on the Internet, and explores the negative influence of the cyber world on the real world. It was nominated for last year’s Lu Xun Literary Prize, a major award for Chinese literature.

CF: More Stills of Fairies in “Mural” Come out


CF: ”Bait 3-D” Opens its Set to Media

“Bait 3D” revolves around a tsunami that occurs off the Gold Coast of Australia and brings with it a school of bloodthirsty sharks. (Sina-gallery)

New posters and publicity stills for It’s Love/The Sorcerer and The White Snake

Raymond Lam Fung

Charlene Choi

Wen Zhang (Sina)2

Zhang Ziyi is expected to be named to play the lead in Antoine Fuqua’s film about legendary concubine Yang Guei Fei. (Sina)

In an interview, Zhang Hanyu revealed that he and Song Hye-Kyo will play husband and wife in John Woo’s newly restarted “Pacific Steamer”   (working title, formerly “1949″). (Sina)

Stills from Treasure Hunt show funnyman Ronald Cheng in a “Tarzan” scene

Treasure Hunt opens Aug. 15 (Sina)(Sina-gallery)

“In the future, you will see a brand new, more dazzling, queenlier Cecilia Cheung”

March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011

AP Interview: ‘Farewell My Concubine’ director denies he traded artistic integrity for success

Chen [Kaige] said “Sacrifice” will be released in the U.S. in the second half of the year. Its Japanese release, originally scheduled for May, will likely be delayed by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

FBA: Golden age forecast for China business (Nasdaq: Bona)

CRI: ’Hawthorn Tree’ Girl to Lead Stanley Kwan’s Film

Zhou Dongyu, the starlet in Zhang Yimou’s drama “Under the Hawthorn Tree”, has been cast as a lead for Stanley Kwan’s upcoming romantic film, “Ta De Guo” (”His Kingdom”), according to the Guangzhou Daily.

CRI: Liu Ye Promotes ‘He-Man’ Premiere

Chinese actor Liu Ye, who has portrayed a Forrest Gump-like character in the action-crime film “The Underdog Knight” and its sequel, says he’d like to continue the role as long as he can.

Liu Ye, Zhang Zilin


The Man in the Courtyard House

Now a psychological crime drama?


Law of Attraction poster - Rainbow edition (Sina)

Mo Xiaoqi, Harlem Yu

Mo Xiaoqi (Monica Mok)

Mo Xiaoqi and Harlem Yu costar with Eason Chan and Rene Liu in Mr. and Mrs. Single (Sina)

The sequel to Ang Lee’s Eat Drink, Man Woman will feature Blue Lan, Huo Siyan and Rose Kuei (Gua Ah-Lei) it was announced this week in Hong Kong. Taiwanese filmmaker Tsao Jui-yuan (Love’s Lone Flower, 2005) will direct the $3m (RMB20m) drama which, like the original, centers on an old master chef and the love stories of his three daughters.This time, the chef is a mainland Chinese chef based in Hangzhou City in East China [played by Kenneth Tsang]. Shooting will start in Hangzhou on April 6 and will shift to Taipei starting in early May. The film should open in Taiwan and the mainland in Nov. (ScreenDaily)

Blue Lan

Huo Siyan, Blue Lan (Sina)2

Former Olympic diver Tian Liang

Tian Liang plays Liu Ye’s autistic brother in Beautiful Life (Sina)

MSN: Wang Xiaofei: Make a wish for our daughter

The Chinese millionaire’s words at the wedding fuelled yet another round of pregnancy rumours

CNA: Barbie Hsu’s celebrity wedding guests mobbed by reporters at airport

The journalists had been restless since yesterday when they lost the scoop to Hsu’s wedding guests, who gave a virtual ‘live telecast’ of the event with their camera phones and micro-blog posts. (Xinhua)

MSN: Gaile Lok rumoured to be pregnant again

Gaile Lok at a recent spring/summer fashion show in HK


MSN: Raymond Lam rumoured to have proposed to girlfriendCNA: Raymond Lam lied about breakup?

A1: Raymond Lam’s ex Mavis Pan is married

According to a netizen, she wed a Caucasian man known only as John in 2009, and their relationship got started with the help of Malaysian singer-songwriter, Eric Moo. (Related article)

Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang, John and his son (Xinhua)

HKStandard: Mansion comes back to life in name of people

The building has been featured in several films and TV series over the years. In Enter the Dragon, it can be seen both on the black and white composite photo used to represent Han’s Island during Lee’s briefing with Braithewaite, and as a long shot as Lee enters Han’s island. (Wikipedia)

January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010

CRI: Zhou Xun Croons for ‘True Legend’

Jia Zhangke (Xinhua)

Chinese director receives “directors of decade” award in Toronto

“Make film to reveal common feelings”: Chinese director Jia Zhangke

Interview: Jia Zhangke

“It’s the theme of the new economics of China,” he says through an interpreter. “Years and years of tradition are being essentially destroyed and replaced with new customs that are still forming. In the cities, certainly, the changes in the economy have greatly affected everyday life and changed the path of the average person in a way. It affects their outlook on the future.”

Thai film tops TIFF list of decade’s best

CRI: Chen Kaige to Work on Fantasy Movie after “Zhao’s Orphan”

As reported last year, Chen Kaige will officially begin filming Zhao’s Orphan in March. (Xinhua)

“Zhao’s Orphan”, which has seen many stage incarnations in Chinese opera houses, is the story of a rural doctor 2,500 years ago, who saves the newborn son of the chancellor of the Jin Kingdom, whose family is executed because of political slander. The doctor decides to raise the boy so he can avenge his family. (Source)

Confucius gets mixed review from audiences. Lauded for expressing Confucian concepts but criticized for mangled dialogue, rough special effects and most deadly: boring - lacking dramatic conflict. (Xinhua)

Jacky Cheung

Eric Tsang and Jacky Cheung

Koni Lui

Vincy Chan

Bernice Liu gets ugly for 72 Tenants (9)(Sina)

CRI: HK Showcases Ideas to Restore Bruce Lee’s Residence

CRI: “Impression Dahongpao”, A 3D Movie in Live

The fifth project of director Zhang Yimou’s “Impression” musical series, previewed Sunday.

China pop stars face fine for lip-syncing

Faye Wong and husband Li Yapeng flew to Shanghai to help a friend open her new jewelry shop. Faye denied reports that sher received a fee of $2.5M yuan for appearing. (Xinhua)

Beijing - Faye Wong arriving at actress Luo Haoqiong’s wedding

Faye’s eldest daughter, Dou Jingtong


Milan - Leon Lai

Front row guest at fashion show


Anita Yuen

Alex Fong and wife, Anita Yuen attend charity walk


September 17, 2009

September 17, 2009

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Johnnie To, Johnny Hallyday

Long lines of fans waited for the Toronto screening Johnnie To’s Vengeance (

Jay Chou as Kato (CRI)

The Message (Feng Sheng) will close the 14th Pushan International Film Festival (PIFF), which will open on

Oct 8 and run for nine days.

The Message, starring Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing, tells the story of how the Japanese-controlled puppet government finds an undercover agent among five suspects during China’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1937-45).

Variety: Cow review

War is crazy and most of the characters are, too, in “Cow,”an often brilliantly imagined black comedy-cum-magical-realist yarn about a dumb Shandong peasant and his cow during WWII.

Screen Daily: Sawasdee Bangkok (Thailand) review

After Paris and New York, here comes a quartet of love letters to Bangkok - episodes marketed as one feature film, financed by the Thai Public Broadcasting Service, and with the intention of showcasing the country’s capital internationally.

Filming will be begin early next year for Chen’s new film based on Orphans in China. Orphans in China is a play written by Voltaire that itself is a translation of a famous Chinese play Orphan of Zhao. The story is based on a true incident and takes place in the Spring and Autumn Period. Chen intends to build a whole Orphan City a la Bodyguards and Assassins. It will be built in Xiangshan, Zhejiang Province (after much competition from other cities) and encompass 152 acres. Construction of the city has already begun and will be completed by year end. Sun Honglei unexpectedly appeared at the ceremony as the cast is unannounced yet. Sun, who is in demand by both Zhang Yimou and John Woo, said, ‘I am here to cheer on the director. Certainly, if the director invites me, I will participate.’ (

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei is in studio working on Mulan’s post-production dubbing. Of great interest, was whether her real voice would be used. Earlier, it was reported that her voice was considered too harsh and heavy. However, it was considered fitting and consistent for the role. In the end, the rumors proved unfounded. Zhao Wei’s voice is recognizable and distinct, and she refused to be dubbed. Since, Mulan had been in the battlefield many years disguised as a man, her voice cannot be soft. Zhao Wei said, ‘I have faith in my voice. The role is different from my other roles. I am a man standing over hundreds of generals so the sound of my voice will be certainly different.’ ( [You go, girl!]

Ekin Cheng

Ekin hopes to recapture the spirit of Storm Riders in Storm Warriors 11 years later. (

Riding on a Storm

A decade after appearing in storm riders, Cheng E-Kin and Aaron Kwok reprise their roles as Wind and Cloud

China’s ‘Iron Man’ an undying legend

“Du Lala’s Promotion” Stills Revealed (CRI)

Remake of “Journey to The West” in the Works (CRI)

Though at a reportedly huge cost of 100 million yuan, the new project had draw the public to question if it could outdo the widely applauded 1980 TV series of “Journey to The West”, the first - and so far the best - small screen production of the classic novel.

July 7, 2009

July 7, 2009

Aaron Kwok, Janine Chang/Cheung Kwan-NingMaggie Cheung Ho-YeeEkin Cheng and two of the Grasshoppers
Hong Kong premiere of Murderer
Photo Gallery
Aaron Kwok: New role boosts acting credentials

‘Overheard’ a Crime Thriller
Stills from Overheard released

Michael TseRon Ng, Sammul Chan
Laughing Gor cameos by Ron Ng, Sammul Chan

New Sophie’s Revenge poster

Ani-men in 3-D, it turns out, is directed by Tsui Hark

Chen Kaige Braces for Battle of Impressions

‘Spying Rose’ Yu Na

Yu is currently filming an espionage thriller called “Die Zhan Mei Gui” (”Rose in the War of Spies”).

Louis Koo, Huang Yi

Stills from Derek Chiu’s new film (All The Way With You)

John Woo, CFG uncage Tiger film
Aviator pic in early stages, to be shot in Yunnan
John Woo plans Flying Tigers movie

bc Magazine: 24 City review
HK Magazine: 24 City

bc Magazine: Roy Chow (Murderer) interview

bc Magazine: Wai Kar Fai (Written By) interview

bc Magazine: Jia Zhangke (24 City) interview

HK Magazine: Gillian Chung interview

HK Magazine: Jeff Lau interview

HK PICKS (HK Magazine)
Oppai Volleyball
(Japan) Japanese comedy about a young teacher who promises to show her “oppai” (breasts) to the geeky, all-male school volleyball team in an effort to spur them into winning the big game.

Thirst to Premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia
PARK Chan-wook’s acclaimed vampire-thriller Thirst will have its North American premiere screening at the 13th Fantasia Film Festival, running July 9 – 27 in Montreal, Canada. The fest will screen over 100 feature films mainly from Asia, the United States and Europe.

Thirst became a Korean-American co-production when Universal Pictures boarded the project while in production. It is to be released in the United States in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco on July 31, with a release in Canada through Alliance-Vivafilm also planned.

It is PARK’s second film to win a Cannes competition prize, taking the Jury Prize at this year’s festival, following a Grand Prize win in 2004 for the director’s international breakthrough, Old Boy.

The Fantasia Festival audience originally discovered PARK Chan-wook in 2001 with his first Korean hit, Joint Security Area followed by Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance in 2003, the first film of his « Vengeance » trilogy.

Korean Line-up at Fantasia Int’l Film Fest
North America’s largest genre film fest, the Fantasia International Film Festival boasts an impressive line-up of notable Korean films this year; among them the North American premiere of PARK Chan-wook’s Cannes-winning vampire drama, Thirst. Held annually in Montreal, Canada, the event will run from July 9 – 29 at several theaters in the city.

Along with PARK’s latest is Crush and Blush, a film he produced for debut director LEE Kyoung-mi. Two int’l festival favorites, NOH Young-seok’s micro-budget but acclaimed debut, Daytime Drinking, and JANG Hun’s Rough Cut will screen. Both films have had their Canadian rights bought by Canada’s Evokative Films which plans to release Rough Cut in Canadian theaters in January of 2010.

Rotterdam winner Breathless by YANG Ik-june will screen along with sleeper hit of 2008, The Chaser by NA Hong-jin. LEE Yoon-ki’s Seoul odyssey, My Dear Enemy and KWAK Jae-young’s Japanese made Cyborg, She, were also invited. Other films in the program include the more commercially made Korean films Private Eye, The Divine Weapon, Portrait of a Beauty, and GoGo 70s.

Fan Bingbing Wins ‘Plastic Surgery’ Case

Charlene Choi
Charlene surrounded by fans

Charlene Choi completes six performance run on stage

A-Mei promoting new album in Shanghai

I spy: Faye Wong shopping for an iPod in Beijing

APA Top Ten: Asia’s Ode to Michael Jackson

Korea Times: 19% of Actresses Forced to Provide Sex for Career

March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009

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Karen Mok, the face of HKIFF this year

Shinjuku Incident - more

New stills released
HKIFF: The Shinjuku Incident

HKIFF: Ann Hui’s Night and Fog

Chinese Mirror: Classic Era Interview: the making of “Women Skeletons” (1922)

Chen Kaige wants to make Cultural Revolution film

Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor - above, Soldiers and Their Commander - belowPearl Harbor - above, Soldiers and Their Commander - below
Netizens discover similarities in aerial scenes between ‘Pearl Harbor’ and ‘Soldiers and Their Commander’
Plagiarism charges raised, denied

Making Movies in China is Exciting, Beaver Kwei
Producer of Sophie’s Revenge
IMDB credits

Bullet death threat aimed at Edison Chen
Letter posted from Pennsylvania

Edison Chen
Hong Kong cable station receives death threat letter addressed to Edison
Vincy Yeung’s (Edison’s gf) father said he doesn’t think she is a target but will telegram her in America to be careful.

Anthony Wong always the joker
Anthony Wong puzzled, Why send to the cable station? Why not send directly to Edison? It must be a practical joke. The whole thing is very strange, the police should investigate. This time they send a bullet, next time they send a bomb?… When he meets Edison for a meal he will have to wear a bullet-proof vest and helmet!

Mongkok Mayhem

Gillian Chung in Mongkok
Mongkok mayhem, Mani Fok and Gillian

ESWN: Three accounts of Gillian’s day 2 of return, in Mongkok
What Do Newspapers Report?

A Seemingly Endless Scandal

Gillian the toughie

Ah Sa is supporting Gillian from Taiwan, she says “She’s done her best.”

Shu Qi appears on Hong Kong TV with Lee San San

Zhao Wei Arbor Day Ambassador also celebrating birthday today

Zhao Wei gallery - more

Zhao Wei

Missouri Chinese: Two Cultures Claim This Chicken

Toxic Chinese drywall accused for health problems in Canada, U.S.

March 10, 2009

Hong Kong press conference
Gillian Chung Makes High-Profile Comeback
It seems Gillian Chung’s year-long sex photo scandal nightmare is finally coming to an end.

Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung arrives in Taiwan today to attend press conference and relaunch career

Photo gallery
Joey Yung expresses full support for Gillian Chung

Chow Yun-Fat in Thailand to promote Dragonball: Evolution
Chow Yun-Fat and Lisa S.

Chen Kaige: Capturing the best and worst of times

The Different Look of “Soldier and Commander”

Zhao WeiElle magazine
Photo gallery - Zhao Wei Elle magazine

Kelly Chen praises “Lau Wah” as a good name for her baby

Will Rain be able to save his Hollywood career?

Actress Jang Ja-yeon ‘Left Suicide Note’

Fatal Fame

After a rash of entertainer suicides in 2008, Korea faces its second of 2009

Another suspected ‘Salty Pork Hand’ case revealed

Pop pair face more time behind bars
Hong Kong singing stars Kelvin Kwan Chor- yiu and Wei Si will remain locked up in Tokyo for at least another week until Japanese prosecutors make public the case against them for alleged possession of marijuana.

Still no sign of missing woman
Chungking Mansions mystery
Toronto woman went missing in Hong Kong late last year

I want my sharks fin soup!

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