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September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010

Screen Daily: Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame

There’s a tasty idea in here, and its entertainingly executed: graft a detective story onto a historical martial arts actioner set during the Tang dynasty, and see what emerges. Director Tsui Hark has never been a less-is-more kind of guy, and the sheer abundance of plot threads and sumptuous, FX-enriched set pieces threatens to swamp the story at times.

Strait Times/AFP: Tsui’s film wows

Screen Daily: The Child’s Eye 3D

While the script of cult directors Danny and Oxide Pang’s 3D horror movie is a strictly by-the-numbers affair, there are more than a few nicely set-up 3D moments and a healthy moment of surreal filmmaking in amidst the film’s horror-in-a-hotel tale.

Screen Daily: Reign of Assassins

As a action-packed tale of martial arts revenge and killings, the impressively staged Reign of Assassins certainly delivers the goods in stylish fashion. It might lack the sheer visual poetry of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but its scenes of sword-play are wonderful and once the story gathers momentum it is absorbing and entertaining.

Poster for national release


Screen Daily: Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

Screen Daily: Showtime

Macau-born Clara Law at Venice Festival

Law will present “Red Earth”, which is one segment of a larger project, “Quattro Hong Kong,” featuring the independent contributions of four Hong Kong directors: Herman Yau, Clara Law, Heiward Mak and Fruit Chan.

CRI: Li Bingbing in Venice(Sina-slide show)

CRI: Shu Qi Models ‘Legend of the Fist’ Costumes

Lam Suet

Lam Suet, Liu Hua

Lam Suet plays his first lead role in the Hollywood-style Mainland action thriller Adventure Island directed by Feng Chao. Starting as a stage manager in the ’80s, Lam Suet became a regular in Johnnie To’s films and won a Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in PTU. (Sina)

Up Close With Benny Chan2

FBA: Seediq Bale finally wraps

FBA: Hawthorn to open Pusan festival

Guests include Tang Wei and a gala screening of Late Autumn.

Karena Lam break due to pregnancy? In July, a pregnant woman resembling Karena Lam has been regularly seen visiting a Toronto hospital for check ups. To confirm suspicions, documents were checked and indicated the patient’s English name was indeed ‘Karena Lam’. This was reported by someone who is a friend of a nurse. A call by reporters to a GM at Filmko said that there were no signs of pregnancy and that Karena’s break was for education purposes in order to get a degree in Canada. (Xinhua)

CRI: Film-goer Jolts Cinema, Distributor with Lawsuit over “Aftershock” Ads

Chen, who saw the movie twice at the Xi’an Polybona International Cinema (Polybona), said in her suit that audiences were given no warning or indication on the ticket that ads before the film ran to 20 minutes.

October Elle - Zhao Wei


Sam Lee, Edison Chen

Edison Chen and Sam Lee sold out a club in Hangzhou with 1000 tickets at 200 yuan each. One caller offered 80,000 for a box. Outside the club, it was like an auto show, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Ferraris filled the street. Out of town license plates indicated that many had made special trips to come. Edison’s rapping in Mandarin was bad yet the crowd screamed like crazy. Female fans were especially excited as he left the stage and they grabbed to touch him. (Xinhua)

HKStandard: Bullets that silenced the hired guns

There were several robbery cases involving banks and goldsmiths between the mid-1980s and the early 1990s. The robbers used nine-millimeter automatic pistols (like the Black Star made for the People’s Liberation Army), assault rifles such as the AK47 and even grenades…

September 6, 2010

The Child’s Eye 3D (Screen Daily review)

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The Child’s Eye 3D (Tungngaan 3D)
By Mark Adams, chief film critic

Dirs: Danny & Oxide Pang. China. 2010. 96mins

While the script of cult directors Danny and Oxide Pang’s 3D horror movie is a strictly by-the-numbers affair, there are more than a few nicely set-up 3D moments and a healthy moment of surreal filmmaking in amidst the film’s horror-in-a-hotel tale.

Unlikely to play on the big screen outside of Asia and the circuit of genre festivals, The Child’s Eye is likely destined for a life in home entertainment, but despite that it has a certain horror kitsch charm that makes it worth seeking out for 3D horror completists.

While on holiday in Bangkok, three couples from Hong Kong find themselves caught up in violent political riots in the city (cue a nice 3D shot of a gas grenade being shot at the camera) and take refuge in a sleazy hotel run by the dubious looking Cheun (Lam Ka Tung).

When the guys go missing it is up to the girls – particularly Rainie Yang - to try and find them, joining forces with a little girl and her feisty dog. It turns out the mutt can spot the monsters in amidst the murk…which is rather handy.

Naturally enough there is a ghostly woman with long dark hair – a staple in such films – and also (and rather amusingly) a feral child with face and paws of a dog. Okay so it is supposed to be scary, but as Rainie hides from the hellish hound and also muzzles her own heroic canine you can’t help but laugh.

And just when the story looks set to descend into cliché hell, the Pangs come up with a series of beautifully sustained scenes as Rainie enters a strange computer generated fantasy world made up of giant toys. It nicely breaks away from the horror gloom for a while, but before you know it we are back in the hotel and a showdown with the ghostly woman, a full explanation of the back-story and the obligatory happy ending.

Hong Kong actor/singer/model Shawn Yue is called on the do little but appear moody and then vanish for the majority of the film, leaving Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang (who handily has the same first name as her character) to shoulder the main thesping responsibilities, which she does very well.

Production companies: Universe Entertainment, Orange Sky, Golden Harvest Entertainment, Enable Films

International sales: Universe Films Distribution,

Producers: Alvin Lam, Danny Pang, Oxide Pang

Executive producer: Kebo Wu

Screenplay: Danny Pang, Oxide Pang, Pak Sing Pang

Cinematography: Decha Srimantra

Editor: Curan Pang

Music: Origin Kampanee

Main cast: Rainie Yang, Elanne Kwong, Lam Ka Tung, Jo Koo, Ciwi Lam, Izz Xu, Rex Ho, Shawn Yue
Screen Daily

June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009

The many faces of Francis Ng
Faye Wong
Jacky Cheung - Fake Emperor
Jackie Chan - Fake Emperor
Chow Yun-Fat - Fake Emperor
Wang Yu - Golden Girls
Patrick Tse - Those Were The Days
Zatoichi - White Dragon
Jackie Chan - HKFA awards show
Tracing Shadows’ Francis Ng - has been imitating stars for 20 years

Also Leslie Cheung (Mr Possessed), Sek Kin (Fantasia), Tora-san (Himalaya Singh)
Star ratings are for Similarity Index and Level of Comedy

Looking for Jackie Chan premiere

Zhang Yishan
Looking For Jackie Chan premieres in Beijing

Shawn Yue and Rainie Yang
Elanne Kong and Rainie Yang
Cast and crew in Thailand for opening lens ceremony for Pang brothers 3-D horror film Child’s Eye

Slide show

Ge YouFan Bingbing

Ge You and Fan Bingbing attend a real estate promotion in Hefei

 Huang Yi
Huang Yi attending a charity wine auctiion

Gigi Leung
Gigi Leung bowls for charity

Lin Chi-ling
Lin Chi-ling promoting hair care product in Nanjing

Happy Birthday to Tony Leung Chiu-Wai who turned 47. Carina and Tony spent the day quietly in their Mid-Levels love nest.

Wu BaiKaren Mok and Wu Bai

Karen Mok guesting at Wu Bai’s concert

Eason ChanRichie Ren
The 20th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan

Eason and Josie Ho
Eason is wearing a ballet skirt suit and combat boots (or, are they bowling shoes?) for fun.

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