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September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

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THR: ‘Infernal Affairs’ Director Andrew Lau, Peter Chan Team for ‘The Guillotines’

FBA: Guillotines reconnects Bodyguards head and shoulders

CF:’The Mural’: A Magical Feast(Sina)

Audiences will be able to enjoy the magical powers of a mystical fairy land in director Gordon Chan’s upcoming costume fantasy movie, “The Mural,” on September 29.

FBA: Love and Bruises review

A raw, hypnotic slice of amour fou shot by a Mainland Chinese director in Paris.

CF: Gorgeous Barbie Hsu in “My Kingdom”

CF: ”My Kingdom” Premieres in Beijing

Video: Kung fu legend Sammo Hung shows us his moves (CNNGo) (Thanks, to Walter)

The next kung fu superstar will not emerge by magic, says kung fu filmmaker Sammo Hung

And a PhotoShopped photo of Faye in period costume that she posted on her Weibo (Xinhua)

Mavis Pan Shuangshuang has joined the cast of a 3D action film (lit. Five-Star General) being filmed in Thailand. The cast includes Collin Chou and Andy On Chi-Kit. The film is described as a Charlie’s Angel, Tomb Raider style adventure film. A China-Thailand co-production, the Royal Thai Air Force supplied helicopters for the shoot. A 2012 summer release is planned. [ lists Simon Yam and Roy Cheung(!) in the cast but they weren't mentioned here.]

How to fend off the press

Andy On, Collin Chou

Director Fu Huayang also guest stars as a triad boss

Mavis Pan Shuangshuang

Renata Tan


Kenny Bee, Tan Weiwei and Huang Yi sang at the MV release of  ”Who is the Hero” for Jeff Lau’s Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011. Director Lau did not attend as he was busy with post-production work.

Huang Yi

Cecilia Cheung at the Hong Kong premiere of Treasure Hunt yesterday

Ronald Cheng, Cecilia Cheung, Wong Jing

Ronald Cheng, Jacqueling Chong, Shao Bing


A Hong Kong magazine, Oriental Sunday, is reporting that Maggie Cheung has broken up with her boyfriend in Beijing. Returning to Hong Kong, Maggie is looking dangerously thin. (cri)(Xinhua)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung to sing again

The actress personally wrote the lyrics to her new song ‘Once’, which is believed to be about her past relationship with ex-husband Nicholas Tse

Asking fee for concert said to be higher than Faye Wong’s (Xinhua)

He dated former Hong Kong actress Joey Wong for 17 years before calling it quits in 2002.

August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011

FBA: Make Up review

A mystery-drama that’s rather different from the Taiwan norm, and with terrific playing by actress Nikki Hsieh.

CF: Ning Hao’s Next Project Going for Gold

CF: Director Shang Jing’s New Project Underway

Shang Jing, director of the successful 2006 TV comedy series “My Own Swordsman” has officially announced that his new project titled “Crazy Dinner Engagement” is in intense shooting stages

CF: Behind-the-scene footage of “Love in Space” Released

CF: Legendary Film Star Brigitte Lin is Back as a Writer

Derek Yee, Alan Mak, Felix Chong, Huang Yi and Daniel Wu, from Overheard 2, attended a Forbes Bona Film forum on film industry investing in Beijing yesterday.

Huang Yi

Daniel Wu, Huang Yi

Daniel Wu


New publicity stills featuring Collin Chou in Mural

Multiple aspects of Huang Yi in Herman Yau’s Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

Bride a-marrying



Handsome manly looking






Opens Sept. 1 (Sina-gallery)

MSN: Nicholas Tse accused of using publicity surrounding his marriage to raise his asking fee

MSN: Karena Lam does not regret sacrificing career

August 3, 2010

August 3, 2010

Zhou Dongyu - Romance Under a Hawthorne Tree

Shawn Dou Xiao, a Chinese-Canadian [April 21]


CRI: ‘Love of the Hawthorn Tree’ Releases First Stills

CRI: Lee-Hom’s Directorial Debut Premieres

Musician-turned-filmmaker Lee-Hom Wang’s directorial debut, “Love in Disguise”, premiered in Beijing on Monday, August 2. (Xinhua-slide show)2

Liu Yifei

Since this is the first time Andy has received a nomination at the festival, the star revealed that he will be attending the event to walk the red carpet.

Li Bingbing was also excited to be able to return to the Venice Film Awards again after 10 years.

“Ten years ago, Zhang Yuan won Best Director for his movie Seventeen Years which I acted in; now I’m presented with a chance to step on the red carpet again. I guess you can say this is my 10-year-pact with Venice.”

Carina is reportedly going to give the event a miss due to ‘matters at home’. Speculations are rife that she is trying to avoid the spotlight due to recent reports that she has been seeing a Chinese businessman behind her hubby’s back.

Wang Quan’an clarifies rumors:  Tang Wei has not been invited to join the cast of White Plain Deer. Male and female leads still undetermined. In other news, investors have been constantly changeing. Recently, one of the major investors in the film has also pulled out. Wang is considering a consortium of investors. (Sina)

FBA: Being Human (做人) (7/10) (Singapore)

Well-paced Jack Neo comedy about shady business practices that finds the right balance in all departments.

FBA: Patient X (3/10) (Philippines)

Lethargic zombie film tries for some fresh spins on the genre.

My Belle Boss poster

Annie Wu, Peter Ho, Jing Tian

Jing Tian

Guangzhou publicity visit by cast of My Belle Boss (Sina)2

Close To You Stills

Eddie Peng, Amber Kuo

Eddie Peng, Ming Dao

Close To You opens Aug. 13 (Sina)

Shanghai stop of publicity tour for City Under Siege.

Collin Chou, Aaron Kwok

Wu Jing

Zhang Jingchu (Sina)

Collin Chou came from a family of 13 brothers and sisters. His father died when he was young. In order to get an education, his mother sent him and his brothers to an orphanage. He started apprenticing at age 6 by learning to carve, by 9 years of age he apprenticed at a bakery so the family could eat bread. When he was 12 he was working the ovens at the bakery. Next door to the bakery, he learned to use  nunchukus. Later, he move to Taiwan and learned to fight and worked in films as a stand-in. (Sina)

HKStandard: Models giving some fans restless nights

The teen models are allowed to promote only in the assigned areas and the main stage.

They can enter the fair as visitors but will be asked to leave if they cause chaos.

SG: Gigi Lai’s hubby wants her to rest well

Ming-Na’s alien adventure

After a pause, she added cheekily: “I have to tell you, girls’ lips are much softer than guys’.”

Jolin Tsai lashes out at paparazzi hounding her grandparents

‘Star Wars’ creator backs away from lightsaber laser lawsuit

…He said sales have tripled, and Wicked has had to expand to a larger factory and double its customer support team…

The Spyder 3 laser sells for $299. It was originally priced at $199, but the price was raised due to “increased operating costs,” according to Liu.

July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010

THR: Confab to demystify 3D for China filmmakers

FBA: China and Taiwan crack open film markets

Taiwan currently maintains a specific cap on the number of mainland Chinese movies (that are not co-productions) that can be imported each year. It has been set at 10 but until last year the quota had not been filled. This cap will now presumably be abolished, or made more flexible and then removed.

FBA: Like a Dream (如夢) (4/10)

Clara Law’s confused, unengaging trifle about an ABC and his “dream girl” is beautifully shot but not much more.

CRI: Jiang Wen’s ‘Bullets’ Set for Dec. 16

“Let the Bullets Fly”, an all-star Chinese gangster film directed by Jiang Wen, will hit domestic cinemas on December 16, its investor Ma Ke has announced.

Jiang Wu, Liao Fan at yesterday’s trailer release event for Let the Bullets Fly (Sina)

CRI: ‘The Haunting Lover’ to Open at the End of July

The romantic horror film “The Haunting Lover” starring Li Xiaolu and Vanness Wu will hit Chinese mainland cinemas at the end of this month.

The film is inspired by an urban legend from Singapore that prevailed in Southeast Asia during the 1930s. A young man (Vanness Wu) suddenly disappears, and his girlfriend (Li Xiaolu) is found dead in her bathtub. The police investigation turns vain, and the man and his girlfriend seem to both appear again 10 years later.

Li Xiaolu - The Haunting Lover

CRI: “Unusual Love” Photo Stills

Stills from the Chinese adventure film “Unusual Love” starring Vincent Chiao and Miao Pu. It’s a love-hate story which takes place in the western China desert during the 1920’s. The film opened July 2nd.

Unusual Love

CRI: “Painted Skin 2″ Starts Shooting In Da Lian

Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and Sun Li will join the film again, and mainland actor Huang Xiaoming will replace Chen Kun to play the male lead, Wang Sheng and his son Wang Ying.

CRI: Chinese Animation Competes with ‘Avatar’

The Dreams of Jinsha’ has been previewed before select audiences where it received praises that will help it compete with “Avatar,” the world’s most successful film ever made.

Toy Story 3 - Lau Ching-Wan voiced for the Pixar cartoon along with Dicky Cheung and Joey Yung. Lau rooted for Brazil in the World Cup. (Sina)

Mutant villain Collin Chou - City Under Siege


Shu Qi, Collin Chou (Xinhua-slide show)

Carl Ng Kar-Lok

Carl Ng is said to be confirmed to play Brother Sharp in Deng Jian-Guo’s Legend of Brother Sharp. Less reliably, Shu Qi and Lin Chi-Ling have been mentioned as possible cast members. Shu Qi would play Brother Sharp’s ex-wife who died in an auto accident and caused his grief and confusion that led to his wanderings. Lin Chi-Ling would play a sympathetic woman he meets later that helps him with his problems. Besides Carl Ng, the other additional actors and crew names being thrown out seem to be the result of pitch meetings. (Sina)2

Gillian Chung

While promoting Fantastic Water Babes in Guangzhou, director Jeff Lau urged support for Gillian prompting Gillian to weep. Said Lau, “She is just an ordinary girl. It’s not easy to stand up, I hope you give her this opportunity.” In response Gillian said, “The greatest achievement making this film is to know Jeff Lau. He is my ‘ba-ba’(father). Growing up in a single-parent family, I now know paternal love.” (Sina)

Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jingchu, Richie Jen

Huang Xiaoming complained, jokingly(?), that director Lee Lik-Chi deleted his scenes. Allegedly, Huang made similar remarks about his role in Ip Man 2.

Guangzhou promotion for Flirting Scholar 2 (Sina)

8-Mo: Rika, Hazel, Hidy and Vibeke

The 8-Mo girls reacting to Anthony Wong, “Society has different voices but it’s not right to make personal attacks. He should go to church, learn how to respect people, not make personal attacks. We accept the views of different people but he does not, does he?” Would they be embarrassed if they ran into Wong? They would not object to meeting him. Praising his standing, Rika said, “We would use our strength to look after ourselves. He just does not understand us.” (Sina) [Just a sample of the back and forth in the ongoing Book Fair Ban Affair.]

Louis Koo

Jolin Tsai, Show Luo

Huang Xiaoming

A beverage brand shot a series of adverts using the theme of Journey to the West. (Xinhua)

Andy Lau

Andy Lau has been polling fans in order to gauge his popularity and book an appropriate venue for a Hong Kong concert in December. Andy hasn’t held a Hong Kong concert in 3 years and is concerned about fan fallout due to his marriage. (Xinhua)2

Gaile Lok played down divorce rumors at a recent Hong Kong appearance. (Sina)

A Chinese company is suing Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung for 41 million yuan (S$8.3 million), after claiming that her involvement in a 2008 sex photo scandal caused them to lose a fortune

This is not the first time Cheung had clashed with the company. She has apparently had a number of legal scuffles with the firm over contract issues and copyright infringement between 2005 and 2009.

July 2, 2010

July 2, 2010

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THR: John Woo honored in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government announced Thursday that the veteran director has been bestowed the Silver Bauhinia Star in recognition of his contributions to Hong Kong and Chinese cinema. The award is named after the semiautonomous territory’s official flower. (BBC)

Global Times: Jeffrey Lau In Focus

“There has never been any system or theory behind my film shooting,” he smiled. “I am just a naughty director, making naughty films that I want to make.”

Deleted - Derek Yee apologized to fans for deleting kissing scene between Charlene Choi and Louis Koo.

He teased that perhaps in the DVD edition. Li Bingbing’s kissing scene remained for the sake of the plot explained Yee. (Sina)

Mutants from City Under Siege

The stylists that designed the mutants are from Thailand and have worked on Hollywood films including The Hulk, Lord  of the Rings, and Men in Black. (Sina)

Collin Chou

Collin Chou is also working on a short film in Hollywood as a homeless man. (Sina)

Shu Qi - Not a mutant

Her stylist in City Under Siege, William Chang


Poster for I Wish I Knew

Alex Su and Pace Wu attending Beijing press conference for Hidden Chamber of Secrets (Xinhua)

Stephen Chow, Xu Jiao

Appearing on Hunan TV’s Happy Camp program to promote CJ7 The Cartoon (Love the Earth) (Sina)

CRI: Wang Luodan Shoots Photos for Fashion Magazine

Will divorced Gong Li remain a Singaporean?

Gigi Lai

Gigi Lai who is six months pregnant, reportedly with twins, is still managing her brother’s beauty clinic business. She recently suffered internal hemorrhaging but was released from the hospital and advised to take bed rest by doctors. (Xinhua)

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