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July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

THR: Love For Life review

An incurably sentimental and didactic take on China’s AIDS patients.

Revenge: A Love Story review (FBA)

An effective enough exploitation movie dressed up in apocalyptic clothes.

Chinese movie director on ‘absurdity’

Chinese movie director Jiang Wen used a key word Saturday to tell Taiwan movie lovers what he tries to express in his works:

Tsui Hark: Bringing a Wealth of Cinematic Knowledge to the Screen in 3-D (NYTimes)

In November, he will begin filming “The Taking of Tiger Mountain.” He has begun to write the screenplay for another “Detective Dee” movie.

CRI: Cecilia Cheung Featured in ‘Lion Roars 2′ Posters

CF: Tang Wei Promotes Romance Film “Late Autumn” in Taipei

Mysterious Island poster featuring Jordan Chan

Yang Mi with strange smile

Anya tortured (Sina)

Latest poster for Coming Back

Simon Yam

Qi Wei

The film’s producer denied rumored reports that Qi Wei’s scenes were deleted due to her breaking unspoken rules. Speculating that it was self-promotion by the actress, he said that the editing was due to normal requirements of filmmaking. She can be seen in the latest trailer released. (Sina)2

Qi Wei dropped after refusing sex

Promotional stills from Beach Spike

Chrissie Chau

Jessica C (Sina)

Summer Love

Romantic comedy features pseudo-models and raging hormones, on the beach

Alex Fong Lik-Sun, Zhang Xinyu (Viann Zhang)

Liu Yuqi, Terence Tsui (Xiao Fei) (Sina)

Peter Chan, Jimmy Wang Yu

Peter Chan visited Jimmy Wang Yu in Taiwan while doing publicity for Wu Xia. The director brought fruit and chicken and felt a little more at ease after seeing Wang Yu in person. Wang Yu is rehabilitating after suffering a stroke last month. Besides watching his diet and giving up wine, Wang Yu has been exercising his left arm and walking the stairs at home. Even going so far as threatening to drive with one hand to the rehab center, Wang Yu said he scared the wits out of his assistants. He promised director Chan that he would attend the Taiwan and  Hong Kong premieres on July 20 and July 26.

Both Donnie Yen and Peter Chan grew up admiring and imitating the legendary Wang Yu

Young Donnie Yen

Young Peter Chan


Nic Tse hires ex-FBI agent

Nicholas Tse hired a former FBI agent to dish out the dirt on former wife Cecilia Cheung and to fight for the custody of his two sons…Cecilia is not one to be taken lightly though. MSN: Deborah Li on the verge of breaking down

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s marriage woes has taken a toll on the actor’s mother Deborah Li.MSN: Michelle Yim exploited for a scam

Ariel Lin bids farewell to showbiz

Boston gets a nonreality show

CBS broadcasts impossible views of 4th fireworks

[Remind anyone of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony?]

Chinese fans are putty in Potter’s hands(CRI)

Emma Watson, the lead actress in the Harry Potter films, opened a Weibo account, the Chinese version of Twitter, on Friday and had more than 30,000 fans in six hours.

July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011

CRI:  Jet Li Plays Sorcerer in ‘White Snake’

White Snake” is currently in its post-production stages, with a release scheduled for the end of this year.

CRI: Charlene Choi, Wen Zhang Seen in New Film

Still photos from Ching Siu-tung’s upcoming fantasy film “The Sorcerer and the White Snake” (Sina-gallery)

CF: “Overheard 2″ to Hit Screens on August 18

According to the details that have been released, Lau Ching-wan plays Law, an influential figure in Hong Kong’s stock market, who is involved in a traffic accident. As the investigation continues, police officer Ho (Louis Koo) discovers a man named Cho (Daniel Wu) has been intercepting the stock mogul’s phone calls, which in turn leads Ho to uncover a conspiracy.

FBA: Cleopatra Wong revamped

Poster for the Ricky Lau-produced Assassin (Sina)

A sequel to Lost in Panic Room, Lost in Panic Ship, again directed by Zhang Fan Fan, begins filming in July. Alec Su returns in the lead role.


My Way featuring Jang Dong-gun, Joe Odagiri and Fan Bingbing will be released simultaneously in Japan and South Korea sometime in December. The story is about Koreans conscripted by the Japanese and attached to the Germans to defend against the Allies invasion of Normandy.

Jang Dong-gun


Simon Yam plays an art painting restorer disguised as a perfume expert in Coming Back. Opens July 14.


Stephen Chow’s spokesman did not deny reports that he would step forward and play the Monkey King in the new version of Journey to the West. This would leave the roles of Aarif Lee and Show Luo up in the air. (Sina), 2

Latest poster for Mysterious Island

Features heavily promoted Yang Mi (Sina)

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Plastic surgery, Fung-Chi, Selina

MSN: Nicholas Tse signs divorce papers

Cecilia Cheung’s act of entrusting sons Lucas and Quintus to her makeup artist friend Rick Chin, was reportedly the factor that pushed Nicholas Tse to speed up the divorce procedures.

MSN: Cecilia Cheung loves Nicholas Tse no more

MSN: Nicholas Tse clashes with father over his marital woes

CNA:  Nicholas Tse ignored Cecilia Cheung when she had a miscarriage?

Cheung Ho-lung said his sister had tearfully confided in him about these things on many occasions, and expressed that he was very angry people viewed her as a shrewish wife, when it was Tse who did her wrong.

June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

CRI: Guy Pearce Promotes New Film in China

Guy Pearce comes to China to promote the film, “33 Postcards” starring this veteran actor and Chinese newcomer, Zhu Lin.

Variety: 33 Postcards review

Director: Mao’s Omega watch not product placement

“Beginning of the Great Revival” does not feature any other brands, but American carmaker Cadillac is an official sponsor.

CRI: Film 7 New Media Project Announced in Shanghai

The films will be shot in digital and broadcast on new media platform such as the Internet and mobile phone.

“Return Ticket” is the second film of Teng, who is a veteran director of commercials in east China’s Taiwan province. :D

Han Jie has won the Golden Goblet award for directing, for his surreal drama “Mr. Tree” at the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival.

Jiang Yiyan, Huang Bo


Wang mentioned that despite his work as an award-winning director, tabloids seemed to focus lately on his recent marriage to young actress Zhang Yuqi, the female lead in his latest film “Bai Lu Yuan” (”White Deer Plain”).

The film, adapted from a famous novel of the same name by Chen Zhongshi, is in the post-editing phase. Wang said he was reluctant to cut the four-hour film as he had been talking to his producer to determine a better way to release the movie.

FBA: Guillotines to fly again with new director

We Pictures says the film is not a remake of the 1975 cult classic and that it changed the title from The Flying Guillotines in order to distance the new picture from the old.

Joan Chen is attached in the role of Mrs Young, BD Wong attached to the role of Mr Young, Margaret Cho attached to the role of Ms Lee, and Glee star Harry Shum Jr. attached to the role of Chaz.

Two new Coming Back posters featuring tools of crime in the comedy mystery starring Simon Yam


Latest posters for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Li Bingbing

Jeon Ji-Hyun

Vivian Wu

Jiang Wu (21cn)

Latest Treasure Inn stills feature Charlene Choi and Nicholas Tse

Charlene Choi, Nicholas Tse


CRI: Singer Karen Mok to Wed in Oct with First BF

Karen Mok announced she will get married in October when she accepted the award for best female singer at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards ceremony in Taipei on Saturday night.

June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011

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Narrow-minded producers kill Chinese film industry

Two producers attending the Shanghai International Film Festival said Wednesday that they only make two kinds of movies: films that can make censors happy and films that make money.

THR: China Co-Producers Share Views on the Future of the Business

Shanghai Film Festival hears from Ren Zhonglun, Peter Loehr, Dan Mintz, Nansun Shi and E. Bennett Walsh

Organizers named A Borrowed Life, from Hong Kong filmmaker Kit Hui (Missing, Fog), the most promising project to invest in, and Cry Me a Pond, from Beijing Film Academy graduate Qi Rui, the most creative project.

South Korean director Hur Jin-ho will direct the Chinese remake of a French literature classic, “Dangerous Liaisons.” Tribute to Leslie Cheung planned.

CRI: For Their Films, What Women Want

During a Shanghai International Film Festival forum discussing what it was like for women working in film, some established women filmmakers said it was not a matter of gender difference.

Ann Hui

Barbara Wong (Sina)2

CF: BFF in “Snow Flower and The Secret Fan”

The female epic movie, “Snow Flower and The Secret Fan,” released a batch of still photos featuring Li Bingbing and Gianna Jun as best friends in the film.

Filmed kissing scene between Li Bingbing and Jeon Ji-Hyun deleted. (Sina)

Technically assured, cinema-literate with an offbeat manner of hurling surprises along the way, Friday Killer reflects Thai director Yuthlert Sippapak’s chameleon sensibility

The film will also be distributed in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea, and Wei has signed a contract with Fortissimo Films to market the movie in Europe and the United States.

FBA: Dadi bends genres with Coming Back

Directed by scriptwriter Li Yuan, the film mixes time travel, action, suspense and comedy in its tale of fashion editor Li Zhenmu who is reunited with a daughter out for revenge only to find himself seduced by another dangerous woman.

Dou Wei

Rocker Dou Wei, Faye Wong’s first husband and former Black Panther band member, recorded a rock-style theme song for Peter Chan’s Wu Xia.  Dou Wei was sent a copy of the film a week before the film’s debut in Cannes. 5 days later, Dou Wei sent back a first draft. Chan got the idea of enlisting Dou after repeatedly listening to the Black Panther song “Don’t Break My Heart” while filming in Yunnan. (Sina)


MSN: Edison Chen’s outburst at Hong Kong airport

Anita Mui’s mother: Anita loved Andy Lau the most (MSN)

Selina Jen: You will never understand my pain (MSN)

A netizen faulted the S.H.E member for acting fake

MSN: Wu Chun rumoured to have a four-month-old daughter

CNA: Wu Chun not secretly married with kids, says manager

June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

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Fei Mu’s Confucius Restored for Posterity

CRI: Jia Zhangke Produces Surreal “Mr. Tree”

Director Han Jie inspired by Brother Sharp

CRI: Expectant Father Deng Chao Promotes “Perfect Baby”

In this lighthearted Sino-French urban romance co-production, Deng plays a Chinese student in Paris who gets himself involved in a love quadrangle when he unexpectedly becomes a dad after sperm donation. (Sina-gallery)

CF: Bond Girl to Join Huang Bo in RomCom

Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta will play opposite Chinese actor Huang Bo in a Sino-Italian co-produced romantic comedy “Shi Chu You Yin,”

The film will center on a romantic story between a homely Chinese chef and a beautiful Italian restaurateur. It will be shot on the Italian isle of Sicily and in China’s Chengdu.

CF: ”Love for Life” Premieres in HK

THR: Sunny Sky Media Unveils ‘Coming Back’ as First Project, Starring Simon Yam

In Coming Back, which was shot in Mandarin, Yam plays a painter who restores art to increase its value. He’s also a father of an estranged daughter struggling with two personalities, one dark and one light, reflected, Yam said, in the alternately black and pink socks he brought to his screen costumes.

Li Yuan, Annie Yi, Simon Yam

Simon Yam

Cheng Pei-Pei (Sina)2

A1: Nicholas Tse divorces Cecilia Cheung

The actor has reportedly agreed on divorce, and a lawyer’s letter was sent to Cecilia Cheung

Recently, netizens dug up yet another rumour that circulated in 2008 when Cecilia was embroiled in the photo scandal with Edison Chen. It was said that the Tse family then suspected that Lucas, the couple’s elder son, may not be Nicholas’s biological son and they had even sent him for a DNA test to verify who his father is.

Lucas, who is your father?

Lucas (left), Nicholas (right)

Young Edison

Lucas (Sina)2

The Hong Kong media too speculated that the couple was busy making babies as they stayed in the hotel for four consecutive days without leaving the premise.

Chinese Spying Devices Installed on Hong Kong Cars

Real life Overheard

Smugglers were the first to note something strange about the devices. A source told Apple Daily that after the cards were installed mainland authorities had no trouble picking off the cars carrying illicit goods.

June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011

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Variety: Juliets review

Three short films by three Taiwanese directors take the character of Shakespeare’s most famous heroine in different, equally post-feminist directions in “Juliets.”

Cecilia Cheung and Kwon Sang-Woo

Posted by Ceci’s manager from set of Repeat, I Love You (Xinhua)

Hiro Hayama in the upcoming thriller Mysterious Island


Takeshi Kaneshiro is part Sherlock Holmes, part House M.D. in Wu Xia. The actor reportedly suffered nightmares after filming the autopsy scenes.


Poster for Coming Back (vide. Backstroke) starring Simon Yam

Produced by Gordon Chan and directed by 7th generation director Li Yuan, the picture opens this summer (Sina)

“The Piano in A Factory” starring Qin Hailu and Wang Qianyuan will dominate the tail end of this June with a thunderous nationwide release on June 30

Starring Wang Baoqiang, Tan Zhuo and He Jie, the film is about a man named Mr. Tree who lives in a village and can predict the future.

Zhang Ziyi attends a fashion show in Seoul, South Korea

Fendi CEO, Michael Burke


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

CRI: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung to Divorce on June 6?

MSN: Nicholas Tse’s rumored divorce due to extramarital affair

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung discuss separation through text messages

Rumour has it that the pair has begun discussing the terms of their separation…through text messages. Nicholas’s rep EEG Groups is also reportedly preparing to announce the couple’s divorce soon.

“Stay together for the kids”

Nic’s EEG manager, Mani Fok was quoted as saying: “He is currently filming and many action scenes require his participation rather than using a stunt double. Earlier, Nic filmed a scene where he had to jump from an eight storey building. He did not tell EEG in advance about this stunt. I want him to focus his concentration first and not think any troubling thoughts.”

Mani indicated that after completing “The Viral Factor”, Nic will quickly film a mainland series.

Mani was confident that there was no third party in Nic and Cecilia’s relationship. “For a man who stays home aside from work, it’s very hard for him to keep a mistress.”

The model tells why she does not believe in pre-nuptial agreements

Sammi: “I will change for him!”

CF: Chen Kun and Guey Lun Mei Bite Each Other on “Elle Men”

Anthony Wong visits Montmartre. Anyone recognize the woman?

Studying French cuisine with chef

A young Louis Fan Siu-Wong with Chow Yun-Fat

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