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July 31, 2009

Coweb (Variety Review)

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Zhan, wu shuang
(Hong Kong-China) A Joy Charm Enterprise (Hong Kong)/Beijing Channel Pictures Co. (China) presentation of a Singing Horse production. (International sales: Easternlight Films, Beverly Hills.) Produced by Wang Guoju, Xiong Xinxin. Executive producers, Joe Ma, Eddie Chan. Directed by Xiong Xinxin. Screenplay, Sunny Chan; story, Xiong.

With: Jiang Luxia, Sam Lee, Eddie Cheung, Kane Kosugi, Chan Kwok-pong, Peggy Zeng, He Zhonglin, Zhang Zuofeng, Mike Moeller, Eskindir Tesfay, Andy Taylor.
(Mandarin dialogue)

A Chinese distaff action star is born in “Coweb,” an otherwise by-the-numbers contempo martial-artser that harks back to the exhilarating quickies of ’80s and early ’90s Hong Kong cinema with femme leads like Moon Lee and Cynthia Khan. Befitting the times, the new star is from the mainland, 23-year-old Shaolin wushu champ Jiang Luxia, whose pugnacious energy invigorates this so-so helming debut by well-known martial-arts coordinator-cum-thesp Xiong Xinxin. Pic opened in China in May but is ancillary fodder elsewhere.

With her boyish looks, broken nose and baggy clothing, Jiang has the androgynous appeal of mainland Chinese singer Li Yuchun and the recklessness of onetime action distaffer Sharon Yeung, making her a potential gay icon in the West.

Unfortunately, the pic doesn’t allow her to express any of the humor or character she showed in her own online shorts, which made her a 2007-08 Web hit under the alias “Cat-Eared Baby.” However, as a wushu fireball, she has the wherewithal to blaze a trail alongside other Asian newcomers such as Thailand’s Jeeja Yanin (”Chocolate”) and Japan’s Rina Takeda (”High-Kick Girl!”) in the newly reinvigorated femme action genre.

The plot is simply an excuse for one setpiece after another — on bamboo scaffolding, in water, with nunchucks, and even in a breakdance sequence — as Nie Yiyi (Jiang), after signing up as a bodyguard to a Hong Kong millionaire (Eddie Cheung) and his wife (Peggy Zeng), finds herself participating in an online tournament in which the rich bet vast amounts on her survival.

As in Yanin’s and Takeda’s movies, much effort goes into showing that Jiang does her own stunts (well, most of them, anyway), though the more dangerous ones are wire-assisted. Xiong’s deliberately retro approach fits in with current trends (”Yip Man,” etc.), and Jiang’s final, lengthy standoff with Asian-American martial artist Kane Kosugi (son of vet Sho Kosugi) caps a genuinely impressive and breathless display of the diminutive lead’s abilities.

Though mostly set in Hong Kong, the pic was actually shot in China’s Guangdong province. Sam Lee provides a smidgen of lightness as her childhood friend, and Cheung most of the acting smarts. Tech package is OK, though editing is choppy.

English title is never explained, though could be an abbreviation for “Combat Web.” Chinese title roughly means “Peerless Combat.”

Camera (color), Chan Chor-keung; editor, Lee Ka-wing; music, Brother Hung; art director, Simon So; costume designer, Sukie Yip; sound (Dolby Digital); martial arts director, Xiong. Reviewed on DVD, London, July 28, 2009. Running time: 87 MIN.

July 31, 2009

Storm Warriors limited editon posters released at Anime Festival

Ekin Chen, Ma Wing-Shing (original manga illustrator, writer), Aaron Kwok

Variety: Coweb review

Variety: Chaw review

Yu Shaoqun, Liu Yifei Tapped for another ‘Chinese Ghost Story’

bc Magazine: Overheard reviewed

Taipei Times Film Review: ‘Empire of Silver’ short changes audiencesThe world of finance is barren ground for a good story in ‘Empire of Silver,’ a big-budget period drama about the Wall Street of imperial China

Taipei Times Film Review: Sons are for fathers the twice-told tale in How Are You, Dad
Best known for directing Hoklo and Hakka films, Chang Tso-chi shot a movie in Mandarin as a response to his late father’s wishes

Two Chinese Films to Vie for Golden Lion
Venice Film Festival unveils lineup
Hong Kong helmer Yonfan’s “Prince of Tears,” set in Taiwan during the 1950s anti-Communist period known there as “White Terror.
Cheang Pou-Soi’s thriller “Accident,” [previously Assassins] produced by Johnnie To
Yonfan’s Prince of Tears to compete at Venice Film Festival
[see May 19 entry for additional background]

‘Taking Woodstock’ Premieres in New York

Premiere photos

From farmer to A-lister: Wang Baoqiang’s unchanged smile
Blind Shaft earned him 1,000 yuan ($146), and a Best New Performer award at the Golden Horse Awards.

Star-studded film to open for 60th anniversary of PRC

Children Of Workers: 24 City

Life in China through a foggy lens

Meng Yao, Nick Cheung and Monica Mok attend launch ceremoney for To Live and Die in Mongkok

Korean stars take their shot at Hollywood
Supporting roles seen as opening door to larger parts

Li Bingbing Denies Rumors of Foreign Boyfriend

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
Eason Chan, A-Mei and so much more

Zhao Wei reported to be marrying Singaporean businessman

Kelly Chen ruffles mother-in-law’s feathers

Shu Qi ambassador and Hou Hsiao-Hsien executive director attend press conference for 2009 Golden Horse awards

Zhou Xun shampoo advertising photos

Zhao Wei

New Zhao Wei pictures

May 6, 2009

May 6, 2009

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Coweb poster

Anthony Wong
Johnnie To
Anthony Wong and Johnnie To attending premiere of City of Life and Death/Nanjing, Nanjing

Li Bingbing

Detective Dee has opening ceremony at Water Curtain Cave

Andy Lau surrounded by six bodyguards. Tsui Hark and Sammo Hung also in attendance. In other reports, Tsui Hark will have to shoot Andy Lau in weekly segments to accomodate his business and concert schedules.

Kelly Lin and Sun Honglei Will Star in a Romantic Comedy “Dirt Rich in Shanghai”
Produced by John Woo, Michelle Yeoh and Terrence Chang, directed by Li Juyuan

Lin Chi-Ling
Lin Chi-Ling in Ci Ling/Treasure Hunter

Beset by sandstorms on set and Song Zude in blog

Thirst - Korean vampire mauls wolf-man

Darcy Paquet: Less melody in Korean films, please

Celestial Pictures Limited donates film library to HK Film Archive
Ti Lung and Gordon Liu on right
(That couldn’t be Tai Sang Po in the back, second from left, could it?)

Vivian Chow
Vivian Chow shoots first advert since marriage

Father and sonT
he Last Nicholas Tse on Aircraft Carrier

Nic and Patrick Tse movie video for new album

New Bride: 61-Year-Old Liza Wang

Zhang Jingchu Demonstrates ‘Bazaar Jewelry’

Hung Dou Je, Lam Ka-Sing
Lam Ka-Sing’s wife of 47 years, Hung Dou Je (’Red Bean Sister’), died of cancer in Canada on May 5 at age 75

Josephine Koo’s younger sister committed suicide May 2. Koo Lai-Wah was found hanged by her son. Earlier in December, Koo had also attempted suicide after suspecting her husband, a wealthy group vice president, of having an affair.

Actress/model and former Miss Hong Kong contestant, Lulu Ng Ting Yan named by Josephine Koo as the third party

Praying at church

Father and son at hospital

“Olympics girl” now highest grossing Chinese child celebrity
Lin Miaoke, the nine-year-old girl who lip-synced at the Beijing Olympics last year, is currently appearing on TV advertisements promoting a plasma television set. An advertiser revealed that the girl was paid a seven-figure sum to endorse the product; a humongous sum exceeding top Chinese celebrities like Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun who averagely receive around S$1million for endorsements. The figure is also challenging Zhang Ziyi’s RMB$10million price…

Revisionist History Of The Hunting Of The Taxi Drivers

March 19, 2009

Sam LeeDirector Xiong Xin Xin/Hung Yan-Yan

Upcoming Coweb
Coweb: Jiang Lu Xia Stars in Xiong Xin Xin’s First Film as a Director
Kitty Darling?

Peter Chan and Teddy Chen’s Dark October superstar cast
Chang ChenHu Jun replacing Chow Yun-Fat

Simon YamEric Tsang

Also Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Leon Lai, Wang Xueqi, and Anthony Wong.
Not officially announced yet, possibly: Nic Tse, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Lau Ching-Wan. The historical epic tells the story of the Qing government’s attempt to assassinate Sun Yat-sen. Originally planned in 1999, then again in 2004 but delayed when the investor committed suicide.
Star-Studded ‘Dark October’

Hong Kong rediscovers Sun Yat-sen

Michelle Yeoh: Interview Excerpts

Vivian Hsu and Feng Xiaogang

Vivian Hsu and Feng Xiaogang promote If You Are the One in Japan

The Sniper - villain Huang Xiaoming
Edison Chen is The Sniper

Peter Chan and Sandra Ng with their daughter at recent art exhibition

Stephen Chow target of criticisms once again

‘Portrait of a Beauty’: gender-bending fantasy

Comfort Woman Film Touches Japan - My Heart Is Not Broken Yet

Wang Xuebing
Jiang Haiyang’s Examination 1977 opens April 3
The Testing Times That Helped Make Famous People

Yumiko, Joey, Gillian and Charlene will cooperate in Hong Kong version of Sex and the City

Louis Koo declares he will return to TVB in 2 years to film series

Chinese ‘Ugly Betty’ Lousy?

Police Denies Knowledge of Names Mentioned In Jang Ja Yun’s Note
Calls Growing for Overhaul of Showbiz ‘Slave Contracts’

Sunny Charlene - photo gallery

White Terror documents cause uproar

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