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June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

FBA: Guns and Roses review

Busy but uneven heist movie by Ning Hao, set in ’30s Manchuria under the Japanese.

Variety: China pic’s Square root

Directors, writers, venture capitalists and sundry celebs gathered in an Imax theater in a Wanda cineplex in downtown Beijing recently for the launch of a 3D pic about Cui Jian, China’s most popular and controversial rock star.

CF: Zhou Dongyu Shoot Elle Magazine’s Short Film

“Mou Girl” Zhou Dongyu recently shot a short film produced by Elle Magazine. Alexi Tan directed produced the film [Stéphane Sednaoui directed]. It will be screened on June 16.

Zhou Dongyu


CRI: Jiang Wen Seeks U.S. Partner for ‘Bullets’ Sequel

CF: ”Million-Dollar Crocodile” Premieres in Beijing

The film tells the story of an eight-meter-long crocodile on the rampage in Beijing.


Poster for Herman Yau’s “Nightmare”, opening July 6 in the mainland

Fiona Sit, Huang Xuan with director Herman Yan in Beijing

Herman Yau rocking his Van Halen t-shirt (Sina)23

Taiwan version of “Painted Skin 2″ poster

Zhou Xun transforms into a fox spirit

Simon Yam attended  the Taiwan premiere of  ”Design of Death” which opened the 4th Taiwan-China Cross-Strait Film Festival.

Simon shows off his shoes (Sina)

Miriam Yeung has delivered a 7 pound baby according to Hong Kong media. Husband Real Ting announced the news via his microblog. No news on the whether the baby is a boy or girl. (Sina)

Chapman To has just about fully recovered from Miller-Fisher Syndrome and is expected to return to work in July on a new movie. Kristal Tin thanked Sandra Ng for referring them to a doctor and, today, the couple is planning on leaving for the US to celebrate their 7 year wedding anniversary. (Sina)

The songstress’s daughter took to her microblog to complain about the tight reins her mother have over her life

MSN: Aaron Kwok pays Lynn Hung’s father’s medical bills

MSN: No baby shower for Andy Lau’s firstborn

The low-profile superstar holds a strict control over the list of family and friends who are keen to visit his newborn

MSN: The mastermind behind Zhang Ziyi’s scandal is Fan Bingbing?

On May 31, renowned movie critic, Bi Cheng-gong revealed on his microblog that Bingbing was the one behind the 33-year-old’s scandal. He claimed that the actress “is addicted to throwing her weight around and is infamous in the scene for this.”

How I Landed In The Middle Of China’s Crazy New Rumor

SGYahoo: Nicholas Tse’s new girlfriend?

CNA: Maggie Cheung “currently single”, German beau now “good friend”(A1)

December 1, 2010

December 1, 2010

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Sacrifice loses steam in the second half

Sacrifice could have been a masterpiece.

Ge You - “Mr Nice Guy” gets a makeover

The actor who is so loved today was never admitted to any acting school. Until 1978, he was a pig farmer in suburban Beijng, a legacy of the “cultural revolution” (1966-76). It was his role in a short skit on pig breeding that took him into a drama troupe.

The romantic TV series Eternal Moment that debuted 12 years ago is to have a big screen adaptation…Shot in Beijing, Shanghai and Bordeaux, France, the film will present three endings for the viewers to choose the one they like. (CRI)

FBA: Bruce Lee lacks punch at China box office

CNNGo: Ben Sin: Going to the movies sucks in Hong Kong

We never get to see what we want to see on the big screen, because film distributors are out of touch with reality

CRI: Heroines of ‘The Yang Family’ Unveiled

Fan Bingbing is reportedly joining the cast of Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grandmasters in an unknown role. Fan’s agent could not confirm but said that she had been in contact with the director. (Sina)

Chow Yun-Fat and Jiang Wu in a scene from Let the Bullets Fly


Rocker Cui Jian and Christopher Doyle are collaborating on a new film, The Blue Bone, now filming in Beijing. Cui Jian summarized it as ‘one song, two generations, three stories, four styles’, a complicated story of a young man with multiple identities in love with a singer who is the boss’ lover. The cast members are relative newcomers. Singer Mao Amin will appear in a cameo role.

Cui Jian, Christopher Doyle

Ni Hongjie (Sina)

Andrew Lin announced he is getting married and that his wife is pregnant.

Andrew Lin - The Founding of a Party

Chrissie Chau featured in new ad campaign for makeup brand

More at the site

MSN: Ethan Ruan clears the air on film offers

MSN: Mother urges Lin Chi-ling to get married on her 36th birthday

MSN: Wang Xiaofei still uses a supplementary card from his mother

Barbie Hsu’s mother-in-law clarifies the state of her son’s wealth

MSN: Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei’s property rejection

The newly wedded couple’s option to purchase an apartment in Kunming was rejected

HK actor Adam Cheng hospitalised after four-metre fall(Xinhua)

May 15, 2010

May 15, 2010

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HK Magazine: Clara Law

HK Magazine: Daniel Wu

HK Magazine: Ip Man 2

Lam Suet, Triple Tap opens July 1

Louis Koo (Sina)

Cui Jian

THR: Rocker Cui Jian making directing debut with ‘Blue Bone’

“It’s about two people who fall in love and then, with the Cultural Revolution, they develop problems with each other, politically,” Cui said in Cannes, where he is promoting the project.

Cui told THR he hopes to start shooting “Blue Bone” in China later this year and is angling to get acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle to lens the picture. Japanese director Takeshi Kitano, whose latest, “Outrage,” screens In Competition this year, is on board as an executive producer. Jiang Wen and Anthony Wong are attached to star.

Cui said “Blue Bone” began as a three-part story tracing the life of a young musician, with each part represented by a color and a musical genre: red for rock and roll, blue for electronic music and yellow for pop. As he developed the script, Cui tossed out the red and yellow stories and expanded the blue one to feature length. (Xinhua)

Screen Daily: Chinese pop star Cui Jian plans to direct for Beijing Antaeus

  • Set to star Jiang Wen and Anthony Wong, Cui’s The Blue Bone is a three-part story about a young musician’s perplexing journey through life. Japanese film-maker Takeshi Kitano, whose Outrage is screening in competition here in Cannes, is on board the $2.5m film as executive producer.
  • Also in development are $13m period drama Rouge, which is set during the Japanese invasion of China, and $16m 3D animation fantasy Destiny. Rouge will be directed by Beijing Antaeus chairman Zhang Baoquan, who also developed the original story of Destiny.
  • Among smaller projects on the company’s slate are veteran Chinese director Xie Fei’s first feature in ten years – $1m drama Red Coal – and Xue Xiaolu’s Running Girl, set to star Karen Mok.

CRI: Jackie Chan Scouts Film Sites in Expo Garden

Jackie Chan visited the Shanghai Expo gardens on Thursday to scout shooting locations for his new film, “Chinese Zodiac”.

Global Times: Famous ‘family men’ with much more than a few secrets on the side

We went to watch the spy suspense film East Wind Rain out of sheer boredom, which proved to be so bad that we skipped the second half for a drink…Li Fei’er - a cheated mistress?

September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009

Poster for My Fair Gentleman aka Dirt Rich in Shanghai (

The John Woo produced comedy features Kelly Lin and Sun Honglei.

Zhao Wei

Chen Kun, Jingle Ma

Beijing - Mulan press conference to launch official website

Photo gallery ( (

Nanjing Massacre movie does not need subtitle to resonate with Toronto audience

After the Venice screening, Cui Jian’s segment in Chengdu, I Love You is criticized by some viewers as too stream of consciousness, more like a long version of music video. Cui Jian conveyed a lot of information in the brief span of 35 minutes. As his directorial debut, he said that there was room for improvement to the film including music and special effects and that this was not the final version. (

First mainland film with Taiwan actor casting Chiang Kai-shek to premiere

A mainland film with a Taiwan actor playing the role of Chiang Kai-shek for the first time will premiere in late September.

Korean “Private Eye” conjures fine period detail

Seductive ambience and dapper style hold sway in “Private Eye,” a lurid mystery that unearths serial murder, drug racketeering and sexual corruption in turn-of-the-19th-century Korea.

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Lau Ching-Wan and wife,Amy KwokLau Ching-Wan, Zhang Jingchu, Alex Fong

Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, Lau Ching-WanDaniel Wu

Anita YuenMichelle Ye

Overheard cast and guests attend Hong Kong premiere
Michael Wong and wife
Michael Wong and wife

“Overheard” Premieres in Hong Kong
Hollywood Reporter: Alan Mak hopes for hit in China

‘Chengdu’ to close Venice festival
Fruit Chan, Cui Jian unveil sci-fi film
Chengdu, I Love You to close Venice Film Festival
[ I wonder, did the third part get cut out because Hur Jin-ho expanded his segment to a full length feature?]
Previously: Hur Jin-ho wraps feature-length Season Of Good Rain
‘Chengdu’ to Close Venice Film Festival

Variety: SPC to distribute Yimou’s ‘Blood’ [Amazing Tales: Three Guns]
Sony Pictures Classics is continuing its relationship with filmmaker Zhang Yimou, agreeing to distribute his planned remake of the Coen brothers’ comedic thriller “Blood Simple” domestically and in several major foreign territories
Screen Daily: Sony Classics on board for Zhang Yimou’s Blood Simple remake

China welcomes ‘Haeundae’ wave
Korean disaster film looks for success onshore in China

Lee Byung-hun Returns With Film ‘G.I. Joe’
Kwon Sang-woo May Make Hollywood Debut
Hollywood’s Korean ninjas
Sandra Ng
Barbie Hsu
Sandra Ng and Barbie Hsu - On His Majesty’s Secret Service

Xu Fan and husband Feng Xiaogang
Chen Daoming, Chen Jin

Does Feng Xiaogang have vitiligo?

Aftershock officially launches production

Ceremony held at Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Square

HK actress Michelle Reis returns to the big screen

Anthony Wong
Anthony Wong, Yin Tao to Lead Epic Tang Drama

Jia Zhangke: In fact it is the President of the World Uighur Congress Kadeer, a documentary film, and invited me to attend the film premiere, it is known that political figures in the film will appear, too political, and I am not sure about the history of Xinjiang, so it is not the time to attend the film festival a good time, so I choose not to participate. ”
Jia Zhangke speaking at the Hong Kong Book Fair

Jet Li’s Singapore citizenship confirmed

Shing Fui-On (file photo)
Shing Fui-On gives a thumbs up

Young Shing Fui-On and Andy Lau
Shing Fui-On’s cancer has spread to his lungs. He entered the hospital last week and only weighs 45kgs (not lost 45kgs as previously reported)

86 year-old Lam Kau enters hospital with foot injury

Nick Cheung
Nick Cheung films a tourism program in Finland

Vivian Chow
Peter Chan
I spy: Vivian Chow secretly meeting with Peter Chan in Shanghai

Sparks rumors of plans for comeback

England: Family made £7m in fake DVD scam

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