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March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010

CCTV: Film “Ip Men II” ready for screening

Fanny Shu [Shu Qi] May Quit “If You Are the One 2″ for Andrew Lau film

Danny Lee and Mimi Chu - Crossing Hennessy

Danny Lee plays a small-time accountant (HunanTV)

Sneak Peek of posters at the HKIFF

Ann Hui’s All About Love

At The End of Daybreak starring Kara Hui

Johnnie To’s Death of a Hostage

King of Jesters with Jim Chim, Wong Cho-Lam, Xu Jiao

Wong Jing’s Naked Soldiers to be directed by Cash Chin Man-Kei features Tang Yifei

The Emerald and The Pearl stars Charlene Choi, Raymond Lam, Ti Lung and Tien Niu (HunanTV)

Zhou Yun - Let the Bullets Fly

Zhou Yun attending HKIFF press conference (Sina)

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Bikini found in room could have caused Charlene-Ronald split

July 24, 2009

July 24, 2009

New Film Guarantees Laughs and More - On His Majesty’s Secret Service
Sandra NgBarbie Hsu

Donnie Yen
Donnie Yen gets in shape for 14 Blades

Jiang Wen’s Let The Bullets Fly photos - more

[Looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch advert!]

Bodyguards and Assassins publicity director denies Cecilia Cheung cameo

Also denied that Faye Wong will sing the theme song. However, he revealed that Michelle Reis will appear!

Never a McDull moment

Overheard - Tapping into the craze for stocks

Should Kato be played by a woman in the new ‘Green Hornet’ movie?

Red Cliff - the short version

China tells TV to get history right
Online commentators were critical of Tian’s performance and costumes and of the show’s use of “Matrix”-like fight scenes and rap music stylings in songs sung by actors playing gods

Yasmin Ahmad suffers stroke
Yasmin’s condition being closely monitored
Film Director Yasmin Ahmad Admitted In ICU

Plastic City - This city sinks

Variety: ‘Forbidden Door’ nabs PiFan prize
Dante Lam wins best director in Puchon

Taipei Times: Film review
An attractive young teacher hits on a novel way to motivate a group of nerdy junior high students in ‘Oppai Volleyball’
The world of modern art gets a roasting in Takeshi Kitano’s morbidly funny ‘Achilles and the Tortoise’

Jackie Chan to Donate All Property after Death

Agent Denies Zhao Wei’s Hiatus Rumor
Update: Zhao Wei to marry boyfriend

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
Don’t skip the story on Xiao S!

Faye Wong denies National Day concert comeback rumors

Not joining Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung

The latest rumor concerning Kelly Chen’s baby
In this version, according to netizens, the baby is actually the illegitimate offspring of Kelly’s brother and a model. Because Kelly and her husband cannot have a baby of their own, they have agreed to accept her brother’s child as their own. The surrogate mother story becomes a handy smoke screen in this scenario.
Update: English version - Kelly Chen faked pregnancy?
Kelly's brother

Ronald Cheng and Gillian Chung’s fathers spotted by press leading to marriage speculation

Li Xiaolu magazine photos

Karen Mok shoots an MV to promote environmental awareness

Supports Hong Kong’s new plastic bag fee

Shanzhai Lin Chi-Ling Chen Si XuanLin Chi-Ling
Shanzhai Lin Chi-Ling denies any plastic surgery

SCMP: Take the Hong Kong Entertainment Quiz

SCMP: Vitasoy chairman Winston Lo drinks to healthy future

Grilled fish dish a worthy catch at Danny Lee’s new restaurant

May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

Who is this?

Bodyguards and Assassins - Leon Lai Ming

Screen Daily: Thirst

South Korea: Local Films to Shine at Cannes Fest
A total of 10 Korean movies will be shown at the Cannes International Film Festival from May 13-24, marking the highest number of local films ever to be included in the prestigious event’s roster.

Original Be There or Be Square

Ge You and Kelly Lin to star in the sequel/update to Be There or Be Square

Zhang Hanyu
Zhang Hanyu in The Message

Ip Man 2: Sammo Hung will both act and action direct in the sequel. According to Wilson Yip, a very young Bruce Lee (the character) will appear, since the story takes place in the ’50s.

Cui Jian and “Chengdu I Love You”

On the necessity of subtitles
Cannes: Crazy Racer sales agent is unwilling to spend the couple of hundred dollars necessary to subtitle a used print.

Nanking Massacre movie calls for film rating system - City of Life and Death

Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung Support Opera Veteran Hung Sin-Nui

Ann HuiDanny LeeAnthony WongFrancis Ng
Nick Cheung, Esther Kwan (wife)Albert Yeung, Mani Fok

Francis Ng, Lau Ching-Wan, Nick CheungAndrew Lau and wife

Stars gather for dinner to celebrate with Nick Cheung…more photos

Guests include Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Lau Ching-Wan, Anita Yuen, Danny Lee, Wong Jing, Ann Hui, Albert Yeung et al.

Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Faye Wong and Other Stars Revisit Sichuan Quake Zone

Faye Wong

Charlene Choi will not tolerate two-timing

This article reports that Michelle Reis refuses to get pregnant and give her husband a son. So, instead, husband Julian Hui will pay HK$1M to find a surrogate mother as a negotiated compromise.

Nina Wang case is hair-raising

Nina Wang

Opening salvos fired in battle for Wang fortune

April 24, 2009

April 24, 2009

Tang Wei

With Paw Hee-ChingPaw Hee-Ching, Danny Lee
Tang Wei congratulates Paw Hee-Ching, costar in Crossing Hennessy, on award

Tang Wei delighted to be working again after ban

Spencer Lam (Photo:
ESNW: Whom Did Spencer Lam Play For?
1960 Rome Olympian played soccer under what banner?
Football commentator `Uncle Spencer’ dies

Patience rewarded
Veteran actor Nick Cheung Ka-fai finally gets his due after putting some 20 years into the Hongkong film industry

‘Girlfriend’ Prevails With Small, Tactful Jokes
Shin Tae-ra’s buoyant spy romance “My Girlfriend Isn’t an Agent’’ is a promising asset to the South Korean romantic comedy genre.

Taipei Times: All picture, no story
‘Our Island, Our Dreams’ uses a postcard-worthy location to tell a run-of-the-mill romantic tale

Evokative picks up South Korea’s Daytime Drinking for Canada

I Corrupt All Cops Shanghai premiere, opens April 30th

Feng Sheng/Rumor/Sound of the Wind
Poster for Rumor/Sound of the Wind

Film features Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Alec So, Zhang Hanyu,Wang Zhiwen
Liu Weiwei
First stills, trailer released

NYT: Jackie Chan Strikes a Chinese Nerve

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Suzanne Hsiao absent thrice for community service and risks retraction of probation order

Jill Vidal - Prison break as Wei Si admits heroin charge

Police Fail to Pursue Sex Scandal List - Jang Ja-Yeon case
9 Booked Over Actress Jang Ja-yeon Suicide

Danwei: More free Chinese music from Neocha

March 28, 2009

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Zhang Ziyi
Still released from Zhang Ziyi comedy Perfect Life/Sofie’s Revenge

Hung Yan-Yan’s Coweb includes a 5 minute appearance by Edison Chen as a sex maniac pal of Sam Lee
Filmed just before Sexy Photo Gate broke out, the movie is scheduled for release in the mainland May 1. Edison took no pay as guest performer. His screen time might be cut by the time the film is released in Hong Kong.

Step by Step premiere gallery - Joseph Chang and Janel Tsai

Is “women are inherently doomed to get screwed by Men” the truth?

HKIFF: Edison Chen sex scandal sure to make Sniper a hit

 Lau Ching-Wan
Lau Ching-Wan appearing at an event for the blind

March has been Bash Stephen Chow MonthDanny Lee
This time, it’s Danny Lee’s turn.
HK Top Ten Central
(3/25/2009) Previously worked with Stephen Chow Sing Chi, both Manfred Wong (Man Jun) and Wong Jing recently criticized Sing Yeh’s personality and professionalism. Danny Lee Sau Yin who single-handedly gave Sing Yeh his start in film yesterday attended the Two Decades of Hong Kong Police Film forum and could not resist criticizing Sing Yeh, citing that one day he would fall and would no longer have any friend.

Yesterday at the forum were Lee Sau Yin, Gordon Chan Ka Seung,
Andrew Lau Wai Keung, Alan Mak Siu Fai, Felix Chong Man Keung and others.
Lee Sau Yin was asked about criticism of Sing Yeh. He said, “I knew about
that a long time ago! That’s why I don’t work with him. After signing
him, I haven’t worked with him for years.” Did he think that he found out
too late? He said that they had to be around each other to know, like in
a marriage. He believed that perhaps he had more and more pressure and
his ideas changed. Reporter claimed that Sing Yeh should listen to him
as his elder. Brother Sau said, “He is Sing Yeh, what does he have to be
afraid of? (As an elder don’t you think you should ask him to take a look
at himself?) So what if I am an elder, he doesn’t know me from a rat.”

Has he given up on Chow Sing Chi? He said, “A long time ago.” He
expressed that earlier he signed Shing Fui On and gave him his start,
everyone are still friends now and could meet for dinner except this “Sing
Yeh”. When asked what he was upset at Sing Yeh for, he said, “The grace
of friendship, when people ask him to meet and talk, behind the doors you
were thinking about something else. (Do you feel he is very calculating?)
He calculates too much.” Are they still friends now? Brother Sau said
that he had no enemy.

Brother Sau revealed that back then 14 mobsters came to him with
guns to look for Chow Sing Chi to make a movie, but he did not tell him
and only warned him to be careful in the streets. Did he protect Sing Yeh
that time? He said, “Many times! They are in the past so it’s just good
for a laugh. (Will you protect him this time?) What is there to protect?
Do I have to be so blatant?” he pointed out that back then after Sing Yeh
made FINAL JUSTICE (PIK LIK SIN FUNG) and won the Golden Horse award, he
demanded a salary increase. Over the years he has accepted so many offers
for him but he did not receive even a cup of tea. He said, “However, I
don’t even want one that badly.”

Has Sing Yeh called him? He said, “No, I don’t know if he still
knows me. I haven’t changed my number in such a long time. (Are you
disappointed?) No, this is human nature, he doesn’t owe me anything.”
Yet Brother Sau advised him to be honest, money was not omnipotent and
friends was more valuable. He expressed that after working on two movies
with Sing Yeh he no longer wanted to work with him again. He said, “I
covered him from 14 mobsters, I never even mentioned it to him to scare
him. I am very reasonable. Should I have told him, be careful of getting
chopped outside?” How much space did he feel Chow Sing Chi had to
survive? He said, “He is smart, he can hold his own; but for how long?
Nothing lasts forever. When he falls, I am not talking about fame or
fortune, he just won’t have any friend.”

Brother Sau also said that if they had the chance to run into each
other again, he still would greet him. Although he was not an enemy, he
was not a friend either. Would Chow Sing Chi take the initiative to greet
him? Brother Sau said, “He would, even if it’s just an act.” Would they
have a chance to work together again? He joked, “Maybe he would tell him
he would work for free and help me with this movie? You never know.”

Stephen Chow

In an interview yesterday, Chow said he was unfazed by the idle talk about him. When the reporter noted Chow’s tired look, he said it was due to working late on his new film and meeting with his screenwriter.

Old Partner - To a South Korean farmer, this cow was sacred
South Korean documentary made instant stars of two elderly farmers and their aged ox. Now if the public would just stop sticking its nose into the couple’s lives.

Daniel Wu willing to sacrifice privacy for movies
Daniel Wu seems to have plans for marriage already. The actor, who has been cohabiting with girlfriend Lisa S. for several years, faced constant pestering by the media about their wedding plans. Though their past responses have always been negative, Wu revealed otherwise recently in a TV interview with Taiwan media.

In Taiwan to promote new movie “Shinjuku Incident”, Wu revealed in the interview that he dreams of having a family of his own. When asked if he has plans for marriage and children, Wu said he does not have a definite schedule or time frame but will get married when he feels like it and has a child when he wants to, revealing wishes to have a family with Lisa S.

Last year, Wu was seen secretly meeting Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin and dating Shu Qi. However, he later appeared in public with Lisa S. on a high note, crushing rumors of their relationship crisis.

In the movie, Wu had a scene where he bared his buttocks to the public. When asked if he would be willing to bare it all like Tony Leung in “Lust Caution”, Wu said he would need to pick the script and the director; he laughed and added that he will be most willing if the director is Yee Tung-Shing.

Eileen Chang Reveals All in Newly-Published Novel

WSJ: Pun Choi Is Purely Hong Kong
A Basin Chock Full of 14 Ingredients

Everything causes cancer: Hot tea edition

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