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June 8, 2011

June 8, 2011

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FBA: Deadly Will review

Modest satire of Detective Dee-like costume sleuths is likable fun, with a good cast led by Guo Tao

CF: ”Treasure Inn” Premieres in Singapore

The film centers on two ancient police officers, who have high skills but are under-used. They finally demonstrate their prowess in a big case and make a name for themselves.

Wong Jing

Nick Cheung (Sina)

CF: China Lion Raise the Red Curtain

The joint venture’s latest move is to release The Founding of a Party, a film that celebrates the 90th birth anniversary of the Communist Party of China. It will be screened in North America on June 17, the first Friday after its China premiere on June 15.

Hong Kong poster for Guo Xiaosong’s My Kingdom features Wu Chun and Han Geng with Barbie Hsu in the background (Sina)

Hugh Jackman and Li Bingbing in Snow Flower and The Secret Fan

Hugh Jackman learned to sing a song in Chinese for the role (Sina)

April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011

According to Joseph Chan, the curator of the Days of Being Wild Anniversary Exhibition, Leslie Cheung’s simple closeup for the “one minute-friend” scene had 47 NGs. (Xinhua)

Variety: Buddha Mountain review

From Wong Kar Wai’s “Days of Being Wild” to Jia Zhangke’s “Unknown Pleasures” and beyond, more than 20 years of aimless Asian youth running amok has lapsed into cinematic cliche. But “Buddha Mountain” finds a narrative drive that still keeps faith with the youthful alienation it’s exploring.

FBA: Lost Bladesman finds London home

FBA: New Video scores Lion’s share

China Lion Film Distribution has struck an exclusive deal with New Video, a North American entertainment distributor and digital content aggregator.

Aiming to handle some 15 Chinese-language films per year, with many of them day-and-date releases with mainland China, China Lion will next distribute the Jin Chen-directed The Warring States on 22 April.

Sun Honglei

Sun Honglei described Warring States as costumed version of Lurk, his hit TV series about spies costarring Yao Chen. (Sina)

Director Hou Liang previewed a 20-minute trailer of Deadly Will yesterday in Beijing.

Hou Liang

Han Xue

Guo Tao (Sina-gallery)

Two Lost Bladesman posters featuring Jiang Wen


Three production design images for Zhang Yimou’s Nanjing Heroes


Tony Leung Ka-Fai plays a doctor in The Devil Inside Me

The suspense thriller is to be released in June (Sina)

The Frightening Night opens just in time for Ching Ming Festival (Apr.5)

Tang Yifei

Tang Yifei - Beijing premiere (Apr.1)

Director Xu Bin, Tang Yifei and castmates (Sina-gallery)2

Stills from The Frightening Night


Michelle Yeoh with Dee Poon (Pan Chuying), daughter of ex-husband Dickson Poon, appeared together at a handbag brand’s charity dinner.

(Sina-slide show)

Du Yiheng, frequent double for Andy Lau, has a new CD out


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Barbie Hsu and Kelly Lin’s weddings

A1: Teresa Teng’s old-flame died from exhaustion

Close friends and relatives of Alan Tang, who was known to be physically fit, have expressed shock that he passed away in his sleep.They speculated that it could be due to over-exhaustion.

A1: Even gongfu stars need stunt doubles

In 1999, To [Yuhang] became the youngest person in Hong Kong to win the World Wushu Championships at age 18…Find out more about Dennis To’s life after Ip Man, and meet Hong Kong’s latest gongfu babe… former Olympic champion Liu Xuan, Hong Kong’s latest addition to its slew of gongfu babes, about her transition from gymnastics to acting. She plays the wife of martial arts hero Wong Fei Hong in TVB drama Grace Under Fire (2011). (RazorTV)

Zhang Ziyi with Wendi Deng Murdoch (Xinhua)

MSN: Vivian Chow’s husband cheating on her again?

MSN:  Richard Chang admonishes drama director again

Selina Jen’s fiancé fights back for his beloved

MSN: Vivian Hsu’s boyfriend living with her

The Taiwanese singer-actress added that she would not jump into marriage suddenly

MSN: J-girl supports Jay Chou at basketball match

Not hit-and-run for Cecilia Cheung

The most infamous example was in March 2002 when Nicholas crashed his Ferrari 360 Modena in Hong Kong Central. No one was injured but he fled the scene and later had his chauffeur take responsibility.

CNA: Cecilia Cheung crashes car into elderly man, manager denies it was hit-and-run

HKStandard: Curtain comes down on Shaw control of TVB

March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

FBA: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart review (6/10)

An entertaining but shallow rom-com from Johnnie To that doesn’t really engage the emotions.

Movie preview: ‘3D Sex and Zen’ is all about abstinence (CNNGo)

Soft porn in 3D leaves us with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The wholesome kind

It’s all naughty good fun and there isn’t a single boring scene. From the moment the first pair of jiggly 3D breasts appears — prompting the male audience members to collectively gasp — through to the fight scenes with 3D daggers thrown at the audience, this is 3D movie magic at its low-brow erotic best.

Feng Xiaogang is in Chongqing to prepare for his upcoming film (Wen Gu 1942). Shu Qi, Betty Sun Li and Jiang Wenli are expected to be joining the cast. Feng visited the General Stillwell Museum, the general’s war time residence in Chongqing. He also inspected the Botanical Gardens and the many old foreign embassy buildings. (Sina)

Training Day’ Director to Tell Chinese Love Story

Ancient Chinese beauty Yang Guifei will be the protagonist of American director Antoine Fuqua’s new film.

New Deadly Will poster

Guo Tao, Han Xue camp horror comedy resembles a Republican era Sherlock Holmes story involving a bizarre murder. (Sina)23

Simon Yam’s latest film is generating online controversy. With the release of The Man Behind the Courtyard House, netizens are posting opinions such as this one, “[The film] tests the water is too bold for the first time, many areas are not in line with the habit of domestic films, including the shooting style, narrative structure of these macro aspects people have to try to figure out viewing the process of reasoning. And although the plot of the film, after carefully pondering the idea is reasonable, but somewhat incompatible with the logic of ordinary people.”

However, there are opposite views too, “the film has a lot of innovation, whether temporarily or not mature, this spirit to be encouraged. And the innovative effects of the film did not live up to the expectations of the audience, the kind of shock is very enjoyable audio-visual stimulation. especially the large-scale plot is very hot, they can bring the audience’s emotions. and the film itself is able to mobilize the audience thinking, along with the advancement of all branches of the film appears interwoven stories, characters relations are complicated, the vital need for the audience slowly into the role of scrutiny, is a test of logical reasoning ability is also a kind of exercise. you can say [Courtyard] is the rare movie IQ. “ (Sina)

More than a hundred Hong Kong celebrities will come together on 1 April at a Jackie Chan-organised charity concert in a bid to raise donations for the earthquake, tsunami and radiation relief efforts in Japan, according to Chinese media reports.

CRI: A Dream of Red Mansions

CRI’s Tom McGregor reviews “A Dream of Red Mansions” (”Hong Lou Meng”), a masterpiece in Chinese literature

A netizen allegedly witnessed the heated exchange

Chen Chao Yang, CEO of, who is currently being sued by Barbie and Xiaofei for the live broadcast of their wedding, was also present at the wedding.

CNA: Barbie Hsu warns errant wedding guest, Chinese CEO refuses to apologise

Wang Xiao Fei: I really regret inviting Mr Zhang to my wedding

Taiwan media in particular criticised Hsu for her perceived favouritism towards the Chinese media and even speculated that she had been bribed, resulting in a call among Taiwan media outlets to shut her out of the Taiwan media completely.

MSN: Kelly Lin to wed today at the Maldives

Kelly Lin’s guests water house (Sina)2(Xinhua)

Shu Qi

Kelly’s good friend, Shu Qi, posted photos from the Malidives on her weibo (Xinhua)

MSN: Pan Shuang Shuang’s past exposed

MSN; Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng teased by good friends

When the reporters told Sammi, netizens are calling Andy ‘Pig Trotter On’, she replied: “Am I Ox Tongue Man then?”

A1: Wang Lee Hom wins 6 Astro awards

March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011

ScreenDaily: Forever (SG) review

The film poses the question whether Joey’s relentless drive to snag the man of her dreams will succeed despite the almost stalker-like behaviour.

Variety: Fortune Teller review

Xu Tong’s 157-minute docu concerns a badly crippled fortuneteller with a severely impaired wife, driven from pillar to post by police crackdowns. If the central figure, Li Baicheng, were any less oddly charismatic, the film might register only as an exhaustive case history on the marginalization of the poor and disabled under Chinese capitalism. Yet Li maintains a remarkable level of equanimity, as Xu’s camera becomes a kind of companion to whom he confides his thoughts.

Variety: The Piano in a Factory review

Stylish “The Piano in a Factory” offers fitful entertainment value but little narrative cohesion or momentum, playing like a series of disconnected setpieces in search of context. Chinese writer-director Zhang Meng’s sophomore feature (following 2007’s “Lucky Dog”) centers on a humble musician’s attempt to hold onto his music-prodigy daughter by securing her a piano by hook or by crook. Melancholic comedy demonstrates considerable flair for camera movement and use of music, but is too fragmentary to realize its crowdpleasing goal. Film Movement plans a limited U.S. theatrical run this summer, simultaneous with VOD release.

THR: Shaw Studios Announces Seven-Film Slate for 2011

TVB favorite and multi-hyphenate Eric Tsang is producing four titles, including cop thriller Fatal Connections with director Herman Yau, the first among the titles to go into production. He will also produce The Three Wise Guys, a Chinese vampire academy comedy for this summer where he reunites with his I Love HK director Chung Shue-kai; Jiang-hu Yi (tentative title), an original epic about Hong Kong triads before the handover in 1997, with director Daniel Chan; and Hunt for Love, co-directing with his protégé Heiward Mak on the original story by media personality/writerMichelle Lo…

THR: Censorship a Political, Economic Concern for Producers, Panel Says

Nansun Shi, the executive director of Film Workshop, said that demand for Asian co-production is actually declining as foreign producers now want to make a film in China on their own.

“There are a lot of investors, but nobody knows who is who,” she added.

FBA: The coproduction conundrum

THR: Filmart Market Off to a Hot Start

THR: Mixed Results for Chinese Entertainment Firms Following IPOs

FBA: HAF favours edgy films

The 9th Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum presented six prizes this afternoon, 23 March, including the newly launched Chinese Script Development Fund.

FBA:Beautiful life heads to USA

Media Asia closed a deal on Andrew Lau’s film A Beautiful Life for North America, Australia and New Zealand with new distributor China Lion.

FBA: In like a Lion

Only some six months back Chinese films began getting day-and-date releases in North America thanks to the establishment of a new distribution concern China Lion Films and the participation of AMC, the US’s second largest film exhibition group.

CRI: Trailer Released for Zhang Ziyi’s New Film

A new trailer has been released for the AIDS-themed film “Till Death Do Us Part”

Poster for comedy thriller Deadly Will (Sina)

A document found by the media  revealed that Zhou Dongyu was born in 1991, not 1992 as listed on her blog. (Xinhua) Zhou Dongyu is reportedly signed to Stanley Kwan’s My KingdomFan Bingbing had been considered earlier but deemed not a good match for the character. (Sina)

Yang Mi, Jordan Chan at the Mysterious Island press conference (Sina)

Shu Qi has a bit of fun with herself on her weibo, even admits to pimples, muscle aches and foot pain.

Shu Qi

Beautiful Life with Liu Ye (Xinhua)

Zhao Wei

At an appearance in Shanghai for HSBC, Zhao Wei said that she would work on her delayed graduate film for Beijing Film Academy in September after finishing Painted Skin 2 and Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. (Xinhua)(Xinhua-gallery)

The Man Behind the Courtyard House starring Simon Yam has been toned down for both sexy and violent scenes prior to its release according to a media report. The film was previewed yesterday in Guangzhou. Pre-release publicity teased a suspenseful thriller and bloody violence, including Simon Yam committing homicide by hammering a nail into a man’s brain. The film has spent four months in review and revision and the end result left the crew surprised. Also, a Cantonese version is planned for release in Guangdong area audiences. (21cn)(Sina)2

Director Huang Jianxin, in an interview at Filmart, denied earlier reports that all of Tang Wei’s scenes had been deleted from The Founding of a Party. He admitted that many scenes were cut to get the 3 hour film down to 2 hours. (Sina)

March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011

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AP: Hong Kong film festival opens, mood subdued because of Japanese disasters

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is part of [Johnnie] To’s recent push into the mainland Chinese market with blander fare than his signature crime thrillers, which are often too violent or gritty to pass mainland censorship. But the movie’s story of a playboy Hong Kong trader and an earnest Canadian-Chinese architect pulling all stops to win the heart of a mainland Chinese financial analyst reads like political commentary on China’s growing geopolitical clout.

To didn’t attend Sunday’s opening ceremony, but his co-director denied any political overtones in the movie.

ScreenDaily: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart review2

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is a delight to sit through.

Gao Yuanyuan - HKIFF Opening Ceremony

Johnnie To delayed filming and waited 5 months for Gao Yuanyuan because her mother was ill. (Sina)

THR: ’Factory Girls’ to Get Feature Treatement

Chinese migrant worker story optioned by Hong Kong-Dutch director.

Reel China: Targets an elusive film fan — the Chinese American (LATimes)

October’s “Aftershock,” about a devastating 1976 earthquake, was one of the highest-grossing films ever in mainland China but brought in just $61,000 in limited North American release. In December, “If You Are the One 2″ grossed a respectable $427,000, while the Chinese remake of “What Women Want” sold about $130,000 of tickets in February. The movies all premiered in about two dozen theaters.

THR: 5 Films Not to Miss at the Hong Kong International Film Festival

Hi, Fidelity

Making its world premiere at HKIFF is Hong Kong filmmaker Poon Yuen-leung’s Hi, Fidelity, which follows the sexual exploits of three spurned Hong Kong housewives who cross the border to China, only to discover they’ve all fallen for the same gigolo. The film will likely be a big draw because it marks the comeback of iconic Hong Kong actress Patricia Ha (An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty), who makes her first appearance onscreen in eight years.THR: Everything You Need to Know to Survive Filmart

THR’s guide to Asia’s largest film market

3D Sex and Zen

3D doesn’t get more rousing than 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, a stereoscopic reinterpretation of an erotic Chinese novel, repped by One Dollar Distribution. The film occupies its own booth at Filmart 2011, with an invitation-only market screening of the full 3D version off-site on March 22.

Kung Fu Panda 2, which adds the voice of Pan-Asian superstar Michelle Yeoh to a cast that brings back Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu, is all but certain to be released in China on May 26, simultaneous with its North American debut.

Chinese shingle Huayi Brothers has announced a long-term co-operation deal with Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung’s Hong Kong-based indie production house Diversion Pictures.

Jay Chou is in Jordan shooting Dante Lam’s new film (lit.Against War).

Jay Chou

With a fan (Sina)2

Shibuya Tenma (Ip Man, Cow) is the latest actor to join the cast of Nanjing Heroes (Sina)

Deadly Will a comedy, thriller opens April 7.

Guo Tao plays a detective

Cecilia Han Xue


Chen Kun

Chen Kun at the recent launch ceremony for Qian Xuesen (Sina)

Huang Yi, Chen Kun and Dong Jie

Montblanc opening in Shenyang

Huang Yi (Sina-slideshow)

Zhao Wei in short skirt at Beijing Versace store event

Zhao Wei


Andrew Lin on the Catwalk


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