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April 3, 2009

Crystal Huang YiLouis Koo
Derek Chiu
Louis Koo and Crystal Huang Yi filming Derek Chiu’s latest film in Guangzhou

Jacky Cheung and Tang Wei

Crossing Hennessy - Jacky Cheung and Tang Wei begin filming in Hong Kong

English version

Hollywood Reporter: Lu Chuan brings history to ‘Life and Death’ (Nanking! Nanking!)

The Rebel
Chinese poster of The Rebel

Examination 1977 poster

Jet Li
Jet Li hopes to return to filmmaking after a year’s layoff since the Sichuan earthquake

Taipei Times: An old tale learns new tricks in Colorful Mind
Talent and perseverance vie with power and privilege in Chen Kun-ho’s return to the cinema

Shinjuku Incident
This time, Jackie Chan isn’t joking

Still Walking
Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda crafts a beautiful story of a family brought together by the memory of a deceased son

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Armed security engaged to protect Edison Chen
Despite the two bullet threat mails sent to Hong Kong media last month, Edison Chen will still be appearing in Singapore this Sunday at the press conference of movie “Sniper”. For enhanced security purposes, Shaw Organization has arranged for two armed security to be present besides 25 security personnel.

Faith from Shaw Organization’s Advertising and Promotions Department told that security at the press conference would be very tight. To ensure the safety of the artistes and press, they have arranged for armed police to be present; however, to avoid creating an overly tensed atmosphere, they only arranged for two of them to be present.

All media will also have to pass through security checks before entering the venue.

This is the second time that Chen is appearing in Singapore since the outbreak of the sex photos scandal. When he was here in end February to grace the new product launch of a fast food chain, hordes of overseas media stalked on his every movement, fans were also fighting to catch a glimpse of the actor. Chen did not seem resistant about the chaos and agreed to be in Singapore again to promote his movie this time round. Faith speculated that Chen was pleased with the previous round of visit, thus agreed to make his appearance again.

Coincidentally, the press conference will be held at the Grand Hyatt again; according to sources, Chen will also be staying in the hotel. Was it pure coincidence or was it trust in the hotel’s security measure? When approached the hotel in trying to understand their plans in receiving Chen, the hotel declined to comment.

Male lead of movie “Sniper”, Ritchie Ren, and director Dante Lam will be attending the press conference together with Chen. Other male lead, Huang Xiaoming, was unable to be here due to other work commitments. will be attending the press conference of “Sniper” on Apr 5. Stay tuned for more reports!

‘We were Edison’s human shields’
What is it like protecting such a high-profile celebrity as Edison Chen?

Vivian Chow - The Valient Maiden
The Eternal Maiden Queen” appeared calm and easy when photos of her boyfriend kissing a university girl, almost 20 years her junior, were splashed on tabloids.

Though Vivian Chow broke up with Joe Nieh briefly, she still chose to stand by him in trying times and married him eventually. The public opined that it was a silly and irrational move; but think twice about it, this decision calls for courage. For a woman who has been “emotionally betrayed” by a man, besides love, she has to have the courage to give this man a chance and even entrusts her lifetime to him.

This exclusive interview with Vivian was done in Singapore, before the Nieh’s kissing scandal broke out. Though the questions were screened beforehand, in the 25 minutes long interview, we still touched on topics outside the screened list and despite that, Vivian answers all questions without any evasion.

She tells us, “I must have gone through a lot of ups and downs to become who I am now. I will remember and cherish every important moment of my past performing career. My fans’ supports are my source of motivation.”

After the kissing scandal and her marriage, when Vivian first showed up in public in Hong Kong, she took on all reporters’ incisive questions with ease and is fully cooperative.

This is probably what she meant by “fruits of her self cultivation”. Vivian was cultured and refined in handling the issue that attracted region wide attention; she lives up to her name as “The Eternal Maiden Queen”.

Yet in her eyes, only Xiaolongn Jin Yong’s classic wuxia novel “The Return of the Condor Heroes” could be termed as a “maiden”.

“Perhaps when the modern viewers refer to an artiste as a maiden, they meant that she has high regards for oneself; I think viewers see me as such a lady. Actually there are many sides of me. I can be gentle and naughty at times,” she laughs, “There are times when I am active and prefer being with a crowd; but when I’m drawing, I’ll become another person. I simply immerse in my own world and do not communicate with others.”

“I believe everyone will regret throwing a temper after they did it. Usually I’ll throw my temper at home, over things which I’ve done and feel were not up to my own expectations. I’m always angry with myself and will just keep quiet. I don’t throw things around, not that crazy. I’m very simple,” Vivian adds.

She admitted to be very mindful of how others see her; the years she spent abroad after withdrawing from showbiz in 1999 made her mature and truly drop the burden of being an artiste.

“I do not feel much about the title as Maiden Queen now, and will not do anything to live up to that title; nothing can restrict my feelings or actions. I believe as a woman, when you find self-confidence, you can face everything with an open mind. For example this title as Maiden Queen, it does not bother me anymore. I am confident about myself and am happy with any assignments. I lead a fulfilling life.”

This self-confidence is perhaps the very source of courage that gives her the power to face the unhappiness that had happened; this self-confidence also convinced her that she is living a life “that’s filled with love and hopes”; that she has married the right man for her; and that they will have a wonder future together.

Perhaps, a title like the “Valiant Maiden” would be more apt for the current Vivian Chow.

Karen Mok
Karen Mok visits Prince Edward Island as Hong Kong’s Animal Ambassador

English version

Kelly ChenKathy Chow Man-Kei

I spy: Cecilia Cheung and Nic Tse

Cecilia Cheung considering comeback in remake of Derek Yee’s period film with Louis Koo 三少爷的剑.
(This is the same title as the 1977 Death Duel but not sure if this is a remake or not.)

Kelly Chen
Kelly Chen living dangerously, dodges traffic after dining at Thai restaurant

Rumour hitch to Andy Lau wedding talk

Yammie Nam
Yammie Nam (Lam Kit-Ying)

Kelvin Kwan
Kelvin Kwan announces that he will leave the entertainment industry for a long period
Dope-bust Kwan sorry, but happy to be a free man

Kim Yu-na Syndrome

March 4, 2009

Zhang Ziyi -The Horsemen
Horsemen with Zhang Ziyi opens Friday

Shinjuku Incident
Daniel Wu
Shinjuku Incident stills (gallery)

Organized crime ramps up film piracy efforts

Men in Black’ director plans remake of Korean movie ‘Scandal Makers’
Barry Sonnenfeld courts ‘Scandal’
Director to remake Korean box office hit

Police to Hunt Uploaders of Copies of ‘Wonangsori’ (Old Partner)
It is the first time that an investigation has been launched into the digital piracy of an indie documentary, representing the unprecedented popularity of the film.

‘Our Town,’ Haven for a Serial Murderer
A clever thriller cannot quite overcome genre conventions

John Woo denies funding problem for ‘1949′ postponement
Cites copyright issues for delay

Confucius cast announced: Chen Daoming (Confucius’ father), Chow Yun-Fat (Confucius) and Zhou Xun (Confucius’ mistress), Sun Honglei
Chow Yun-Fat Seeks to Play ‘Confucius’

Zhang Yimou to direct movie dedicated to New China’s 60th anniversary

Derek Chiu’s new film 一路有你 announced
Huang Yi, Louis Koo and Karen Mok
Louis KooKaren Mok

Huang Yi

Chen Daoming to replace Andy Lau in Jay Chou’s Ci Ling
April shoot conflicts with Andy’s anticipated wedding

Faye Wong’s Old-New Love Expression
Watch a newly-released music video for Faye Wong’s old song “I Love You”
Faye Wong and Chris Li Yuchun releases new music

Vivian Chow again denies pregnancy at watch event
Vivian Chow

Edison Chen avoids commenting on return to showbiz
Singapore interview
Hong Kong actor Edison Chen, who made headlines one year ago from the outbreak of his sex photos with various female celebrities and had laid low for a year, took on an exclusive interview for the first time after the scandal. In the interview with MediaCorp News, Chen emphasized his wish to engage in charity but avoided all questions on his passion for it and when he would return to showbiz as an actor.

Having been away for a year, I’m sure the public would like to know where you have been and what you have been doing.

Chen: I spend most of my time in the United States. I’ve also been flying around, visiting friends and learning new things. Besides being an actor, I hope I can produce and make my own film one day. Moviemaking is meaningful to me; it is an avenue for me to express my thoughts. I hope to achieve this in 2009 or 2010.

Will you cast yourself in the films you make?

Chen: Frankly speaking, I have never thought of returning to the camera front. I think I’m not ready for that. I hope I can do more businesses and charity work.

Which areas are you not ready for? Why?

Chen: Why? I’ve really never thought about it; I’ve been trying to find my true self in the past one year? Who is the real Edison Chen?

What is most important to Edison Chen?

Chen: I’ve been searching my soul in the past year. In fact I had been busy everyday in the past, without any time for myself. In the past one year, I’ve a lot of time to think about my future: what next? I think everyone has setbacks; I hope to find my own directions and learn from mistakes. Hopefully there will be a day when I can pick myself up from where I fell.

Can we say that at the time being, you have no intentions of returning to showbiz as a celebrity or an actor?

Chen: I’m still considering.

Have you started doing the charity work you mentioned or are you still planning for it?

Chen: I’ve started a fair bit with my own product brand. We’ve done some events in Hong Kong and also donated clothes during the Sichuan Quake last year. In fact, the money that I’m earning in Singapore this time round will be donated to a foundation. The entire sum will be given to a charity foundation. For the rest of the year, I will also be donating all my income to a charity foundation but have not decided which.

From what we understand, you have two major directions for your future now: 1. to make money from movies; 2. to do your bit for charity?

Chen: How should I put it? I have my own brand of apparel, my own shop, my own media company. I hope to earn money from these avenues; having food for everyday is sufficient for me now. In the past I hoped to have a big house and a fantastic sports car. But over the past year, I’ve found what truly matters to me: my family, friends, girlfriend and love. I’ve been very self-centered in the past when I was in showbiz, always thinking of my next move. Hopefully in future, there’ll be more room for others in my life.

You mentioned you have met many setbacks in the last 28 years of your life. Do you think you have been misunderstood at any point of time?

Chen: I believe everyone has been misunderstood in life. In the past year, I have been thinking about what I’ve done wrong and which areas could I have done better. Most importantly, youths can see me as an example; I hope to be a good role model by being selfless and focus on charity work. Albums and movies may be important, but there are other things which are in greater need for my attention. I hope to be a role model to my fans and influence them to engage in charity; look at what I’ve achieved instead of just listening to my music. A music album may be something for the future instead.

Stephen Chan interviews Gillian Chung, topic will not deviate from ’sex photos’
Interview scheduled for Thursday taping, Saturday broadcast

i-CABLE calls off broadcast of Cecilia Cheung’s part two interview
Hong Kong i-Cable Entertainment News Channel sent out a press release on Mar 2 to all media, stating that the second part of Cecilia Cheung’s interview will not be broadcasted.

The Channel said, “As some media resorted to different methods and tricks to probe, dig into and even speculate on the content of the second half of the interview, bringing inconvenience to interviewee Cecilia Cheung and the Channel’s staff, we have decided not to broadcast the second half of the interview.”

Photos of Cheung frolicking naked with Edison Chen were exposed to the public early last year. She has not made any public statement regarding the scandal until Feb 26 this year on an exclusive interview with i-Cable Entertainment News Channel. On the first half of the programme which was broadcasted on Feb 27, Cheung lashed out at Chen for “shedding crocodile tears” and was seen swallowing her tears several times during the interview. Cheung expressed gratitude to her parents, husband Nicholas Tse, parents-in-law and her friends for their support, and reassured the public that the scandal has strengthened her marriage.

New photos of Cecilia Cheung released (gallery)
Pretty in pink and black leather boots

Gillian earns seven-figure paycheck for first assignment

Charlene Choi speaks out
Ah Sa doesn’t resent Ah Jiao; anticipating TWINS comeback

HK Starlets Detained in Japan for Having Marijuana
Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan Arrested for Possession of Marijuana

I spy: Stephen Chow filming a promotion with a piglet

I spy: Rosamund Kwan

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