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January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

Austin TX: A Watery Grave Narrowly Avoided

35mm prints of lost HK actioners unspool in the Alamo’s Asian Invasion series

TimeOutHK: Father Franco Mella

Portrayed in film by Anthony Wong in “Ordinary Heroes” (1999).

TimeOutHK: Dante Lam interview

Director Dante Lam is on the highway to becoming Hong Kong’s next action auteur. Expect more gunfire in his hard-hitting latest, The Viral Factor

Jay Chou: I had to grit my teeth and do it

Jay Chou was willing to risk life and limb while filming his latest movie, The Viral Factor, all because of “face”.

THR: Taiwan Stands Tall as ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ Earns Foreign-Language Oscar Shortlist Spot

Wei, one of Taiwan’s most commercially and critically successful directors, received the news in the middle of the Asian night. He was unsure why Warriors had made the shortlist while the rest of East Asia is staying home. Asian films played no part in any major category last year.

FBA: Seediq Bale shortlisted for Oscars

CF: Ann HUI On-wah to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at AFA

CF: Behind the Scenes of “Repeat, I Love You” Released

The film stars Cecilia Cheung, Sang-woo Kwon, Angela Chang and Jing Boran

CF: Mainland Box Office Performance in Second Week 2012

“The Great Magician” debuted with $11.55 million over four days and managed to wrestle the first place from the highest-grossing hit of the year 2011″The Flowers of War”. “Magician”is the latest film directed by Derek Yee, who is good at balancing commercial success with artistic integrity very successfully.

CF: Film Buzz: 2012

Smaller films made big splash

Over the past year, three small-budget movies, Eternal Moment, The Piano in a Factory and Love is Not Blind, flexed their competitive muscle by attracting audiences and critical praise.

According to Chen Shan, professor at the Beijing Film Academy, the allure of small-budget films in the era of big-budget blockbusters is their ingenuity.

“Because their original cost is much lower, they can be more flexible with their themes. They dare to try something different from the mainstream, while blockbusters have to be more cautious,” he said to the Global Times.

Singapore director Jack Neo is evidently sticking to his winning formula - fresh-faced teen actors, heart-breaking family drama and a healthy dose of social commentary in his latest directorial offering, We Not Naughty.

A1: We Not Naughty review

Famous comedian Zhao Benshan will not perform on this year’s “CCTV Spring Festival Gala” because of health problems.

Johnnie To’s “Romancing in Thin Air” launches, with a bang, on Feb. 9


Guest stars in “The Great Magician” include Tsui Hark, Benz Kong, Jamie Luk, Vincent Kok, writer Lau Ho-Lueng and dubbing director Chiang Siu-Leung.

Tsui Hark

Eight military governors (Sina)

Stills from “All’s Well Ends Well 2012″

Louis Koo, Kelly Chen

Sandra Ng, Donnie Yen

Chapman To, Lynn Hung

Lynn Hung, Chapman To (Sina)

Donnie Yen, Vincent Zhao, Jing Tian, Zhang Hanyu, Yang Kun attended the Beijing launch of a new Clarence Fok film (Chinese title, Special Status). Donnie Yen will action direct as well as produce. Peter Pau is the cinematographer for the film.

Vincent Zhao, Donnie Yen (Sina)

Photos from Dubai where “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” is filming. The film stars Andy Lau, Chen Kun and Zhang Jingchu.

Lin Chi-ling tries on a prop

Filming on a closed road

The crew prepares for a scene

Director Sun Jianjun (r)

Two British bandits (Sina-gallery)

“Harpoon” poster featuring Hu Bing (Sina)

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Jay, Hannah, Nic, Viral Factor, Wang Lee-Hom, Kanye West

CNA: Dragon Year spells nightmare for Hong Kong mums

“We didn’t plan for a Dragon baby,” says 38-year-old Michele Lee, who is expecting her second child, a girl, in April.

“It was exciting when we first found out the news but very soon that excitement turned into worry about whether we’ll get a place in hospital.”

June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

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CF: New Poster of “My Kingdom” Comes Out

CF: Trailer of “Mural” Released

FBA: Chan’s Mural strikes Homerun

Chan said that with the special effects in the film they are trying to create a unique look reminiscent of Chinese water-colored paintings. His intent is to combine traditional Chinese culture with the latest in special effects to create something visually fresh.

Yan Ni, director Gordon Chan

Xie Nan

Bao Beier

Liu Yan (Sina-slideshow)

Zhao Wei was named cultural ambassador for the 20th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival which will begin on October 19. It will be held in Hefei, Anhui Province this year. Zhao Wei wore sunglasses as she was suffering from allergies.

Zhao Wei

Flowers and letter of appointment (Sina)23

Donnie Yen has a daring rooftop run and jump in Peter Chan’s Wu Xia

Huang Bo dressed like ‘Brother Sharp’ in The Pretending Lovers

With Jiang Yiyan

Huang Bo and double (Sina)

Huang Yi and Nick Cheung filming Wong Jing’s Treasure Inn with camels


Nicholas Tse: I won’t allow her to come (MSN)

According to an insider, tension among the film crew rose, when they heard that Cecilia may be visiting with the children. However, Nicholas calmed them down by promising, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t allow her to come.”

CRI: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Getting back Together?

A1: Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung will not divorce after all

MSN: Aaron Kwok to marry before he turns 55

MSN: Wang Xiaofei rumoured to have cheated on Barbie Hsu before marriage

A1: Get ready for the real Jane Zhang

Pop star knows some fans might not approve of her new hard-edged album, but the former Supergirl star is determined to be true to herself

I noticed that some people were curious to see a closer up view of, French Open Women’s Singles winner, Li Na’s tattoo that peeped out at the Roland Garros final Saturday.

Li Na’s heart-shaped rose tattoo

Glam’d up in a fashion shoot (Sina-slideshow)


Li Na escapes the grip of Chinese authorities and the French Open is her reward

April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011

THR: Bieber Entertainment Enterprises Purchases Screen Rights to ‘Chinese General’

Two competing Two-Gun Cohen films in the works.

Last month, director Doug Liman and producers Rob Reiner and Alan Greisman joined forces with Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Production to produce a competing drama about Two-Gun Cohen

FBA: Second project shoots at Two Gun Cohen

“The Chinese General tells the dramatic and exciting story of how Morris Cohen’s career became interwoven in the lives of the most important players in the formation of modern-day China,” said Bieber and Duband. Cohen was also a close, trusted friend and protector of Sun’s wife Soong Ching Ling.

Variety: The Dragon Pearl review

An admirable attempt to blend Western blockbuster tropes with Chinese motifs, “The Dragon Pearl” lacks fire but is respectful enough not to camp it up despite its broad tone.

Let us begin with Vonnie Lui’s breasts: they are impressively huge, in 3D, and honoured with the kind of extreme close-up shot that was never offered the face of the semi-famous model/actress.

As hard as this might be to believe, sex is often best experienced in person. That, however, isn’t exactly stopping any Hongkonger from downloading Japanese porn, at will.

Hayama was shocked when he checked out 1991’s Sex and Zen as part of his professional due diligence.

After I watched the DVD, I thought to myself: I must say no [to the offer]!” he says, alternating between a boyish grin and embarrassed chuckle. “This is not a love story at all!” He exclaims. “This is totally a porno!”

CNNGo: Hiro Hayama: ‘I should have asked for more money’

You have to shave first, but the hair grows back within two days and it still hurts when you pull the tape off. In the end I just pulled the hairs out. It was so painful.

THR: No ‘Sex’ for Imax, but ‘3D Zen’ Film Eyes Sequel

The producers were eager to launch the 3D romp in Imax theatres when the film began production, but after a long negotiation, they found that it was not meant to be. “Imax has rejected our film because of the subject matter and content,” Shiu Jr. said, “but for our premiere in Taiwan, we will show the film in an Imax 3D theatre using their 3D screening equipment.”

Leni Lan Yan

Suo Yukiko

Vonnie Lui Hoi-Yan, Taiwan premiere (Apr.13) (Sina)2

FBA: Ecstasy enjoys explosive launch in HK, Taiwan

SG: “3D Sex” finally opens

AFP: ’World’s first 3D porn film’ opens in Hong Kong

College student Yan Shek, 21, was also among the first to see the movie in a morning screening. The 113-minute film has been rated Category III in Hong Kong, which bars anyone under 18 from watching it.

“We are very curious,” she said. “It is the first time to see an X-rated film in the cinema. It should be very interesting.”

Excited fan, Hong Kong

Leni Lan Yan, Jason Yiu Luk-Ming (Sina)

CF: ”Rest On Your Shoulder” Promotes in Beijing

CF: 13 Female Leads’ Images of “Nanjing Heroes”

CF: Kwon Sang Woo Ready for Chinese Romantic Film

South Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo will join hands with Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung for a Chinese romantic film, “All About Love”(”Zai Shuo Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni”), according to Yonhap News Agency. Cecilia is reportedly being paid 10 million yuan for her role. (Xinhua)

CF: ”Bladesman” Releases New Poster

Zhang Yuan has been quietly shooting a sequel to his Beijing Bastards, tentatively called “Youth”. The cast includes hot young actors, Duan Bowen (Law of Attraction), Lin Xinyun (Little Red Flowers, Dada’s Dance) and Lu Yu-Lai (Peacock).

Zhang Yuan (Sina)

The Warring States is no longer The Warring States (Sina)

The article from Chengdu notes: 1. Director Jin Chen, on the subversion of the classic Sun Bin (Sun Honglei), he says that there are only 180 words in the history book about Sun Bin, the rest is only speculation. Sun Bin was not a perfect person. Jin Chen decided that Sun Bin in real life was a silly character. 2. Sun Honglei’s portrayal has been accused of imitation Ge You in Let the Bullets Fly. Thus, his previous remarks about admitting to his poor performance. Sun Honglei has been suffering from kidney stones during the publicity tour for the film. 3. Francis Ng was asked why all his ‘northern’ i.e., mainland, films are lousy. Ng countered, did you think Wind Blast was bad? Maybe the choice of directors and cast did not meet the audience expectations. He only admits a horror movie was really bad. He dares not make anymore horror films. 4. 22 year-old Jing Tian’s prominence has viewers saying the film should be called “Jing Tian and The Story of Three Men”. It is suggested that her boyfriend, the son of a wealthy coal mine owner in Shanxi, has pressured the producers to highlight the actress. Jing Tian admitted as much saying she was unaware of it and apologized to the three male leads. However, she cleverly noted that actor Yu Shaoqun was an unknown among stars in Mei Lanfang/Forever Enthralled.

In addition, yesterday, rumours said that Sun Honglei and Francis Ng were given a 12 and 6 million yuan acting fee, respectively, by the boyfriend. (Sina)

New interpretations of a classic story

Sun Honglei (Sina)

Francis Ng, Sun Honglei and Jing Tian taped an appearance on the popular Hunan TV program Happy Camp earlier this month.

Happy Camp

Francis Ng, Jing Tian, Sun Honglei


Peter Chan is rushing to complete post-production in time for the Cannes Film Festival. Presenting it at Cannes leaves him two months less to work on the final cut. The rough cut has been finished but special effects, sound, etc is still incomplete.

Donnie Yen - Hidden

Tang Wei - Warm

Takeshi Kaneshiro - Secretive

Jimmy Wang Yu - Kill (Sina)

Liu Yifei

Louis Koo

The release of A Chinese Fairy Tale has been moved up 4 days to April 19. This announcement was made after the April 13 premiere in Beijing. Louis Koo’s rendition of the song “Dao” was recorded but ultimately deleted. (Sina)2

CF:”A Chinese Fairy Tale” to Hit Screen on Apr 22

Stills from The Detective 2 featuring Patrick Tam Yiu-Ming

Patrick Tam, Liu Kai-Chi

Shu Qi with Liu Ye’s son

Shu Qi went out to celebrate in Beijing after the premiere press conference for A Beautiful Life. Shu Qi’s birthday is April 16th so it was thought to be an early birthday party, too. Andrew Lau, Liu Ye and his wife, Ding Sheng, Tian Liang, Shawn Yue and others also attended.

Andrew Lau, Liu Ye and wife Anais Martane, Qin Hong (Stellar Media Group CEO) (Sina)(Sina-gallery)

Yoyo Mung and Ekin Cheng in Europe.

The article notes Yoyo’s double chin but Ekin’s not looking too sharp himself. Media speculation has Yoyo and Ekin getting secretly married.

Earlier this month, they celebrated Andrew Lau’s 51st birthday (Xinhua-gallery)2

CNNGo: Edison Chen: ‘I want to succeed’

MSN: Raymond Lam pleads for Pan Shuang Shuang to stop

“Mavis Pan should back off!”

Tavia Yeung Yi has joined the Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang-bashing, as the ugly drama of her photo sex scandal with Raymond escalates.

Online buzz indicate that the Raymond-Mavis saga has overshadowed Isabella Leong and Richard Li’s split under intense public scrutiny, not to mention the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards(HKFA) which will take place this Sunday, 17 April 2011.MSN: Charmaine Sheh rumoured to sign contract with Huayi Brothers

CNA: Taiwan b-list actress blows whistle on prostitution ring

According to a police officer, the authorities had discovered detailed records of the website’s transactions during their raid.

The records showed that ‘Zhang’ had a clientèle of over 30,000 men and women, including some prominent figures in business, politics and the entertainment industry. (Sina)

Newlywed Kelly Lin is reportedly 3 months pregnant according to Taiwan media reports. The couple reportedly bought a love nest recently in Taiwan.

Chinese food comes to China?

Panda Express eyes the mainland Chinese market, but are local palates ready for American Chinese food

CNNGo: Why do Chinese hate kung pao chicken (and foreigners love it)?

A plate of cultural difference lies behind one of China’s most popular dishes

November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010

Variety: The Star and the Sea review 2

A well-appointed if very old-fashioned meller charting the impoverished childhood of early 20th-century Chinese composer Xiang Xinghai.

CRI: Zhao Benshan Brings Comedy to New Year’s Screens

Zhao Benshan, one of China’s most popular comedians, will bring laughs to moviegoers this New Year’s season with the action-comedy film “Just Call Me Nobody”.

Xiao Shenyang (Xinhua)

An exclusive deal between AMC Entertainment and China Lion Film Distribution will bring up to 15 Chinese films per year to American cinemas to be released on the same dates in both countries, “The Washington Times” reports.

Tang Wei in Peter Chan’s Wu Xia

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Donnie Yen

Jimmy Wang Yu, returns to the screen after a 17 year break


Andy Lau is busy rehearsing for his December concerts

(Sina-slide show)

MSN: Edison Chen’s business woes in Hong Kong

MSN: Selina Jen plagued by nightmares

MSN: Andy Lau dismisses surrogate birth issue

Chrissie Chau - Hong Kong model rejects expensive dinner

“I am not Mrs Cheng, I am Ms Choi,” says HK’s Charlene Choi

Luxury brands Oakley, Calvin Klein, and Gucci offer sunglasses that double as 3D viewing glasses

Oakley ($150), Calvin Klein ($180)

Gucci ($275)

At better retailers everywhere (Sina)

September 1, 2010

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen (Hollywood Reporter review)

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Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen
By Natasha Senjanovic

Bottom Line: The Fist is back, and he’s furious in Andrew Lau’s formulaic but fun foray into kung fu.

VENICE — Although one expects more from producer Gordon Chan and the director Andrew Lau of the “Infernal Affairs” trilogy — which Martin Scorsese remade into “The Departed” — “Legend of the Fist” still is good fun, a popcorn movie of epic proportions for kung fu fans.
The film feels tailored to Western palates — sure there’s violence, but it’s toned down by Hong Kong standards, and even the fighting is cut back.

Chinese and Hong Kong audiences might be critical of this take on an iconic cultural hero, but star Donnie Yen is a household name in Asia. With an all-star cast and the director’s following, the film is practically a guaranteed megahit at the local box office.

“Fist” is all about Yen, who has the requisite acting and kung fu chops to play a suave, sensitive and serious badass. The martial-arts superstar slips back into the legendary role of Chen Zhen, who has had countless incarnations, the most memorable by Bruce Lee in “Fist of Fury.” Yen actually played Zhen in a popular 1995 TV series, and the years have left him no worse for wear.

The film opens in 1917 France, where Third World recruits — including countless Chinese — were brought to Europe by the French and British to help with the war effort. Most of them died on the front, a fate the noble Zhen promises to spare his friends. Just when you think you’ve seen every battle scene imaginable, Yen, who also served as action master on “Fist,” delivers the film’s best and most breathtaking fight sequence. Bayonets and bullets are nothing against Zhen’s superhuman skills.

Eight years later, Zhen resurfaces, disguised (in, ahem, only a tiny mustache) as a piano player working in Casablanca, Shanghai’s hottest nightclub. He befriends the owner (Anthony Wong, always a joy to watch) and falls for hostess-siren-singer Kiki (the impossibly beautiful Shu Qi) as he secretly leads the Resistance against the Japanese occupation of China, led in Shanghai by a ruthless Japanese general (Kohata Ryuichi).

Zhen also dons a black suit and mask and starts fighting the Japanese single-handedly as the Masked Avenger. He hovers over the city like Batman, which adds to the film’s comic-strip feel, along with the stylized sets placed in a CGI Shanghai.

Lau is a rare breed of director: He has lensed almost all of his own films, and his trademark visual pizzazz is there, if not the gritty intensity of his other work.

There is nice, taut chemistry between Yen and Qi, whose alcoholic and vulnerable character hides terrible secrets of her own. The actress has made a mind-boggling 45 films in the past six years but still delivers one of the film’s best performances. The music is properly grandiose, and the cast has a blast playing heroes and bad guys.

Venue: Venice International Film Festival (Out of Competition)
Production: Media Asia Films, Enlight Pictures, Shanghai Film Media Asia
Cast: Donnie Yen, Shu Qi, Anthony Wong, Huang Bo, Kohata Ryuichi, Huo Si Yan, Zhou Yang
Director: Andrew Lau
Screenwriters: Cheung Chi Sing, Gordon Chan, Lui Koon Nam, Frankie Tam
Producers: Chan, Lau
Directors of photography: Lau, Ng Man Ching
Production designer: Eric Lam
Music: Chan Kwong Wing
Costume designer: Dora Ng
Editor: Azrael Chung
No rating, 105 minutes
Sales: Media Asia Distribution

August 4, 2010

August 4, 2010

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THR: Celebrities film ads to boost China’s global image

Ads due on BBC, CNN in September

Basketball star Yao Ming, movie director John Woo and piano prodigy Lang Lang are among dozens of celebrities who will appear in television commercials later this year in a bid by China to boost its image abroad.

CRI: Ah Niu Promotes Directorial Debut in Taipei

The cast of “Ice Kacang Puppy Love” including Angelica Lee, Fish Leong, Victor Wong and Gary Cao attended the press conference. They are all well-known entertainers among the Chinese-speaking community.

AP: Donnie Yen emerges from shadow of Chan, Li

For years, Donnie Yen worked in the shadow of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Having fought both on-screen, the 47-year-old actor was considered a worthy opponent but not necessarily a leading man in his own right.

Stills from What Women Want shooting in Beijing

Andy Lau

Andy Lau, Gong Li

At the movies

CRI: Chinese Film ‘What Women Want’ in Production

CRI: Movie Guide: ‘City under Siege’

A circus clown named Sunny (Aaron Kwok) goes on a hiking trip with a few colleagues to explore the mountains of Malaysia. The group finds a cave where they accidentally inhale a type of gas which turns out to be a biological weapon leftover by the Japanese from World War II.

The new actress selected for Jay Chou’s sequel to The Secret is Man Qi. Man Qi is an actress-model previously known as ‘little Lin Chi-Ling’. The film will employ 3D to create a Hollywood-style musical love story. The Chinese title is Beyond Time and Space.


Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s “Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival 2010″

Johnnie To, Gao Yuanyuan

Lau Ching-Wan

Gao Yuanyuan

Alan Mak, Felix Chong, Herman Yau, Dante Lam, Soi Cheong Pou-Soi also attended. (Aug.3) (Xinhua)

More photos of Fan Bingbing bedding advert.

(Sina-slide show)

Miriam Yeung announced a series of Hong Kong concerts to be held in October at the Coliseum, also her official wedding banquet will be held December 20.

Miriam Yeung


Gigi Leung attended an event promoting ceramics making for the mentally disabled.

Gigi Leung

Zhou Xun in Shanghai to endorse orange juice brand Tropicana

Zhou Xun


Cecilia Cheung, in 20 years?

A US website,, allows users to upload their photo and see what they look like in 20, 30 years. Recently, fans uploaded pictures of popular Chinese stars. You can see the results for Zhang Ziyi, Fan Bingbing, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhao Wei, Jay Chou and Liu Yifei. The site also offers a drug addict parameter, but mostly it Westernizes the Chinese faces. (Xinhua)

Cherie Chung in France

Hong Kong’s East Week found Cherie Chung in France recently living a leisurely life in a series of spy photos. (Xinhua)

CRI: Wang Luodan Poses for Photo Shoot

The actress received a career boost playing the popular Du Lala in a TV adaptation of the hit novel “Du Lala’s Promotion”

She and her on-screen lover in “Du Lala”, Li Guangjie, have been approached to continue their romance in the upcoming TV adaptation of Zhang Yimou’s film, “The Love of the Hawthorn Tree”.

Wang also appeared as a lovesick mute girl in Zhang Yang’s urban drama film “Driverless”.

SG: Andy Hui splits from girlfriend of three years

SG: Gigi Lai: I am now an ordinary mother

Faye turns on the charm(China Daily)

HKStandard: Avid toy buff grabs more than his fair share

The 12th Animation Comic-Game Hong Kong fair ended last night much to the disappointment of toy buff Lee Chi-wah, who was present every single day and spent HK$60,000 snapping up models and games.

Foxconn Group Installs Anti-Jump Nets at Hebei Facility, Xinhua Reports

Foxconn, which makes Apple Inc. iPads and Sony Corp. games machines, began putting up nets after at least 10 workers committed suicide this year…Foxconn Group employs more than 400,000 workers in Shenzhen, southern China, and has around 800,000 employees in the country.

July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010

Poster for HK Summer International Film Festival AnD

City Under Siege poster

A grand premiere in Beijing is scheduled for Aug.1. Benny Chan’s pal Jackie Chan is reportedly going to appear to help support the film. Then, it will be on to Shanghai and Guangzhou to launch the film before a national release. (Sina)

WSJ: Critics Say ‘Aftershock’ Whitewashes China’s Past

CRI: The Stool Pigeon’ Unveils New Posters

CRI: Chinese Film ‘Detective Dee’ among Golden Lion Candidates

Tsui Hark’s martial-arts thriller “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame” will be the only Chinese-language film to compete for the top honor at this year’s Venice International Film Festival, organizers have announced.

Zhang Ziyi to produce and star in 3D Mulan film

Zhang was said to have been planning this film since last year, but the project got shelved due to funding problems after she became embroiled in a string of high-profile scandals.

Jo Hisaishi

Producer Ma Ke, Joe Hisaishi and Jiang Wen

Jo Hisaishi will be producing the soundtrack for Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly. Jiang Wen has just returned from discussions in Tokyo to go over the film score. The two have previously collaborated on The Sun Also Rises. (Sina)

The Monkey King poster

Donnie Yen celebrates birthday and gets plastered

Donnie Yen works with SFX team from ‘300′ to prepare for the official October start of the 3D Monkey King tale of wreaking Havoc in Heaven


CRI: Coming up: Monkey King’ in IMAX 3-D

Jess Shum

Macy Chan Mei-Si, Christine Kuo, Jess Shum Cheuk-Ying, Cilla Kung

JJ Jia Xiao-chen, Macy Chan Mei-Si, Christine Kuo, Jess Shum Cheuk-Ying, Cilla Kung, Sherry Chen Shuang

The Jade and The Pearl press conference (July 28)

(Sina-slide show)

Chrissie Chau and Jessica C with the Xbox 360 Kinect


In related news, Google reported that in the first six months of the year, Chrissie Chau and Angelababy came in 5th and 9th most searched for of the pseudo-models. Jessica C. (actually, a real model) came in 10th. No1. and No.2 were Carol and Dada (Chen Jing). Probably, their popularity is proportionate to their bust sizes. (Sina)

Hong Kong media reports that a grateful husband gave Gigi Lai a French yacht valued 15 million yuan in appreciation for risking birth at her advanced age (39). The luxury yacht is named Bon-heur, or Happiness. (Xinhua)

Gigi Lai (Sina)234(Xinhua)

Gigi Lai discharged from hospital

SG: New mom Gigi Lai doing well

Dodo Cheng

Dodo Cheng was among those who attended an event and received free limited edition iPhone 4s. Dodo, who rarely goes out in the evenings, was willing to suffer to get her hands on the iPhone 4 as she is a fan of the product since the first generation was introduced.

Rosemary, Mandy Lieu

Cherrie Ying


Gigi Leung and host Tony Hung in Mexico for HK travel TV program

Gigi Leung in Mexico (Xinhua)

SG: Daniel Wu sings to Lisa S. every day

Daniel Wu to take break from showbiz, plans for children

In order to accommodate the couple’s numerous friends and associates in Hong Kong who were left out of their first wedding celebration, and avoid disturbing other restaurant guests, Wu decided to hire two event halls for the ‘make up’ wedding.

The couple donated all the gifts they received at the wedding to charity and gave a nod to conservation by dropping shark fin soup from the menu in favour of chicken soup.



SG: Quintus Tse’s grand day out

HKStandard: Hong Kong police work’s no so glamourous side,

Pt. 2 - Operation Longhair

Pt 3 - Operation BaskavillePt 4 (To be continued?)

JS Lam served with Hong Kong police - `Asia’s Finest’ - for 32 years, reaching the rank of senior superintendent before retiring in 1996.

July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010

CRI: Zhang Yimou’s ‘Hawthorn Tree’ Due out Sept. 16

Zhang Yimou’s new film “The Love of the Hawthorn Tree” will open in Chinese cinemas on September 16, the director’s producing partner Zhang Weiping has announced.

CRI: Stills Released for John Woo’s ‘Reign of Assassins’

The film will premiere at the 67th Venice International Film Festival which will open on September 1. Theatrical release is set for September 28.

CRI: Zhang Ziyi Turns into 3D “Mulan”

On top of playing the main character, Zhang will also serve as the producer of the film. The lead actor has been confirmed as Taiwan pop singer Lee-Hom Wang, who speaks fluent English.

Variety reports that Isaac Julien’s Ten Thousand Waves featuring Maggie Cheung and Zhao Tao is short-listed for screening at the Venice International Film Festival. [Maggie Cheung is a Goddess]

2 classics return to former glory

The Hong Kong Film Archive will present restored classics Cold Blade (1970) and The Story of Wong Fei-hung (Part I) (1949) in August and September as part of the Restored Treasures series.

Long-shelved Gillian Chung vehicle is an out-there HK “island movie” mixing the tender, silly and fantastical.

Aftershock has brought in 180 million yuan at the box office after 4 days. The original 500 million yuan goal is quite reasonable now. (Sina) Based on Sina comments and reviewers, Aftershock has a 85.9 /100 rating. 85.7 is the average rating, with 70 the lowest since the panel’s inception in early 2009. An accompanying chart shows ratings for various films. (Sina)

You can’t get these at the San Diego Comic-Con

12″ action figure of Donnie Yen

Limited Edition action figures of Donnie Yen will go on sale at the Hong Kong Book Fair to coincide with Donnie Yen’s birthday, July 27. Yen himself has ordered 10 sets to give away as gifts. It was announced today (July 27) that Fist of Legend: The Return of Chen Zhen will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival, and for the Venice Film Festival, Shu Qi will take 4 days off from shooting Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One 2 in order to attend the Venice premiere. A Mainland and Hong Kong release is scheduled Sept. 21 during the Mid-Autumn Festival (Sina)

CRI: Donnie Yen’s Action Film to Show at 35th TIFF

The music video of the title track “Baby” was just released on July 27.

Jane Zhang publicity photo for concert tour for I Believe CD that begins in Shanghai, Aug. 14


Zhou Xun - collection of magazine covers over the years (Xinhua)

Zhao Wei - on her way to shoot print adverts in Beijing (Xinhua)

Carina Lau - spotted in late-night outing with mystery man in Beijing (Xinhua)(Sina)

Gigi Lai could earn up to seven figures if she decided to make a comeback and endorse commercial products according to one appliance PR spokeswoman. Faye Wong and Michelle Reis earn roughly that much for their endorsements. However, the wife and new mother is unlikely to return to work. (Xinhua)

SG: A rift between Cecilia Cheung and mother-in-law?

Photos from yesterday show a happy family gathering (Xinhua-gallery)

Lucas and Cecilia Cheung

Quintus and Deborah


Lin Chiling and ‘Toilet Bowl Prince’ a couple?

Liu Qian, the Miracle Man

The 34-year-old magician became an international celebrity after an exceptional performance at the CCTV New Year’s Gala 2009 in China.

ChinaHush: Girl enters model contest to chase pop star Andy Lau

HKStandard: ‘Tentacle of lies’

Octopus Cards stands accused of having lied to 1.97 million cardholders.

January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010

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The Future of Hong Kong Cinema: a round table discussion (III)

I wrote an article in 2007 in which I discussed how there was probably a misreading of Stephen Chow’s film culture. Why is he so popular on the mainland? Because none of you [mainlanders] have seen Michael Hui’s movies. You had no awareness, no experience of the filmmakers of his generation, so when you suddenly saw Stephen Chow, it was like discovering a new continent, you felt it was very special, very innovative. His influence in Hong Kong has not been as strong as it has been on the mainland, but he didn’t create this effect, it was because the earlier work of Michael Hui was inconceivable to them…

The current decline of Hong Kong movies is also related to this, an indistinct sense of identity.

The Future of Hong Kong Cinema: a round table discussion (IV)

Many Hong Kong directors are making movies of inferior quality in order to accomodate the current mainland market. Take Wang Jing for example. He’s really a very interesting director, but if he wanted to make money on the mainland he would have to make what they wanted there, and his original style would be lost completely. His work has a delightful and comic sort of ribaldry, but how do you play this sort of comedy on the mainland? You can’t…

Go north, or you’re road kill…

Tsui Hark has become a synonym for lousy movies…

many Hong Kong directors went north. but there were also Hong Kong directors who opposed CEPA, such as Herman Yau, Johnnie To and Pang Ho-cheung. Herman Yau may be the most home-grown Hong Kong director.

CRI: Ge You and Huang Xiaoming to Star in “Zhao’s Orphan”

Zhang Ziyi, Li Bingbing

Zhang Ziyi drops out from English movie Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Three new possible cast lineups considered: Fan Bingbing and Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing and Shu Qi, Li Bingbing and Shu Qi. The first is unlikely as the two ‘ices’ are quite rivals. Li Bingbing is Huayi’s top female actress, Fan Bingbing left Huayi early and has been producing her own projects. She is also currently working on New Shaolin Temple. Previously, Shu Qi had turned down an offer to costar in the film. (Xinhua)

Li Bingbing, reported by Hong Kong media, replacing Zhang Ziyi who is too busy with Wong Kar-Wai’s Grand Master according to Zhang’s manager. Hugh Jackman has been invited to join the cast. (HunanTV)

Jay Chou’s Pandaman TV series draws low ratings. Guangzhou TV reported a .06 rating on its third episode. This is the equivalent of 5000 viewers. (Xinhua)

Hong Kong pop legend Jacky Cheung feels liberated by jazz album

Besides the CD, Jacky has 3 new films: Crossing Hennessy, Hot Summer Days, 72 Tenants of Prosperity.

plus the already released Bodyguards and Assassins. In addition, he will appear on a mainland TV variety show for the first time. (Xinhua)

The Great Rescue

Danny Chan

Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan has spent a month shooting the TV series The Great Rescue in Yunnan. The story is about the rescue of the Flying Tigers pilots captured by the Japanese and features an international cast and crew. (Sina) (2) alivenotdead pictures


Former Andy Lau girlfriend, Yu Ke-Hsin, announced that she had quietly married Andy Lau double Du Yiheng in a small ceremony. Sources have reported that Yu is pregnant and living in Beijing. Andy’s stunt and body double, Du Yiheng who is currently working on Let The Bullets Fly, was vague and noncommittal when questioned. Stay tuned. (Xinhua)

Donnie Yen’s turn: Did he or didn’t he?

Plastic surgery on eyelids, straightend teeth scrutinized (HunanTV)

CRI: Barbie Hsu: Powered by Tofu!

Francis Ng charged with assault (2)

The 48-year-old will stand trial in Kowloon on 9 Feb. If convicted, the actor could be jailed for up to 3 years.

Cherie Chung denies dating Singaporean

Hong Kong - Cherie Chung has denied talk that she plans to marry a Singaporean businessman.

The former actress, whose husband Mike Chu died two years ago, was quoted as telling Apple Daily there was no new man in her life.

‘There is no such person. I haven’t thought about remarriage. I am not dating. This report could not be more false,’ she said.

Her friend, actress Sylvia Chang, also said there was no truth in the report and it was not possible that Chung would wed next year.

January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

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14 Blades poster

Wu Zun - more beautiful?

Donnie Yen - more MAN(ly)?

Media preview screening was held in Shanghai yesterday. Women journalists swooned at the sight of Donnie Yen’s chest and Wu Zun’s abdominal muscles.  (Sina) (2) (3)

God of Wealth Arrives poster

Stills featuring Kitty Zhang Yuqi and Chang Chen (8)(Sina)

Guangdong, Jan.18, Zhou Xun, Chow Yun-Fat


Confucius - Guangzhou opening ceremony HD(24)(Sina)

Confucius fails to impress critics

The film has aroused several controversies since it was launched in early 2008, from casting Chow Yun-Fat as Confucius, to trailers that revealed action scenes during which Confucius exhibits Chinese martial arts and a love affair with Nan Zi (played by Zhou Xun) unfolds. Carrying high expectations, the final-cut of the film was disappointing with the much-anticipated action scenes deleted and most of the controversy removed.

True Legend - fight scene in 30M well HD slide show (15)(Sina)

CRI: Tang Wei Renews Her Image in New Film

CRI: Feng Xiaogang’s IMAX Film “Aftershocks” to Hit N. America Cinemas

Director Feng Xiaogang’s upcoming film “Aftershocks”, scheduled for release on July 28 across Asia, will be shown in North America simultaneously, reports the Oriental Morning Post.

Cheung Tat-Ming to direct If I Had 3 Million

Following a stellar career spanning more than 80 movies, Cheung Tat-Ming, one of Hong Kong’s brightest comedy stars, will make his directorial debut in If I Had 3 Million, a Mandarin language motion picture aimed at redefining a new standard in mainland comedy filmmaking and set for production in May 2010…

Jordan Chan cried non-stop when he proposed to girlfriend Cherrie Ying

Nick Cheung forks out HK$200,000 in bid to get male heir

THR: ‘Avatar’ now No. 1 all-time in China

Exhibitors discounted Internet rumors that the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television would pull all “Avatar” prints from theaters on Jan. 23 to open more screens for the China Film Group’s feature “Confucius,” about the 6th Century BC Chinese philosopher…there are now 800 “Avatar” 3D prints in China.

UK: China censors to pull Avatar from screens

CRI: Avatar Paves the Way for Boomtime at Chinese Cinemas

ESWN: MTR Subway Pole Dancer

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