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April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

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A1: Jackie Chan, Asian stars raise funds for Japan (CNA)

CRI: Chinese Film ‘Warring States’ to Open in N. America

Jing Tian in  battle (Sina)

CRI: Leon Lai, Zhang Hanyu Invited for ‘Banquet’ (White Vengeance)

Variety: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart review

A tightly plotted, frequently funny fantasy-world take on romantic rivalry.

Sacrifice review (HK)

The source material of “Sacrifice” is a true story that happened in ancient China, known to everybody in the country as “The Orphan of Zhao Family.” …To put it simply: any director who gets to make a film about this story had better hope not to screw it up. Alas, Palm d’Or-winning Chinese auteur Chen Kaige sort of did with his latest epic saga, which, after a majestic first half, degrades into an awkward, confusing soap opera in the end.

Variety: China Lion roars into North America

China Lion CEO Milt Barlow said: “The best of Chinese cinema will now be available to North American audiences — not only through day-and-date theatrical with our partners AMC, but also through new platforms including iTunes, Xbox, Netflix and cable VOD.”

Stills from crime scene in The Detective 2, opening April 29.


Patrick Tse, Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse recently hosted a housewarming party for his post-production company. (Sina)

Sister Jennifer posted some family photos on weibo

Jennifer Tse, Nicholas Tse

Nicholas and Jennifer

Lucas and Nicholas (Xinhua)

TV alert: Action director/actor Tiger Chen joins Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel for an episode on Chengdu cuisine. His mom, a former opera performer, shows off her skills in the kitchen. And the piece on Chef Yu’s Family Kitchen was pretty impressive, too. (TravelChannel)

Tiger Chen and stunt team (CelebrityTwitter)

CNA: Jackie Chan to donate entire fortune to charity, leaves nothing to son

Chan, who already willed half his fortune to charity, expressed Thursday that his son will get nothing after he passes away.

MSN: A-Mei says goodbye to old love with tattoo

The Taiwanese singer recently got some new inkMSN: Richard Chang said to have met drama director

Selina Jen’s fiancé requested a face-to-face apology

Her Apr 1 wedding was postponed due to an on-set accident

Qingming Festival: A fashionable send-off for Shanghai’s dead (CNNGo)

[iPad 2s are popular this year, too]

April 3, 2011

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Variety review)

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Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
A tightly plotted, frequently funny fantasy-world take on romantic rivalry.


A Media Asia Films (in Hong Kong) release of a Media Asia Films, China Film Media Asia presentation of a Milkyway Image production. (International sales: Media Asia Films, Hong Kong.) Produced by Wai Ka-fai, Johnnie To. Executive producer, John Chong. Directed by Johnnie To. Screenplay, Wai Ka-fai, Yau Nai-hoi, Rayker Chan, Jevons Au.

With: Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Gao Yuanyuan, Lam Suet, Terence Yin, Selena Li, J.J. Jia, Larysa Bakurova, Iva Law, Liu Yihong, Yan Jingtao. (Mandarin, Cantonese, English dialogue)

Two handsome Hong Kong men fight over the same mainland Chinese lass in the polished romantic comedy “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” from veteran helmer Johnnie To and scribe-producer Wai Ka-fai. Except for its weak denouement, this fantasy-world take on romantic rivalry is tightly plotted and frequently funny, with suave lead perfs and glossy production design and lensing further completing the package. Very different in tone from the duo’s hard-boiled action films (”Mad Detective,” “Vengeance”), this mainstream, mostly Mandarin-language pic is squarely aimed at mainland auds and will do midrange biz in the region, but won’t travel much elsewhere.

Pic is prolific To’s first directorial outing since 2009’s “Vengeance,” which was also written and produced by Milkyway Image partner Wai Ka-fai. Though To has a much higher profile than Wai in the West, the partners are considered major filmmakers locally, as a duo as well as separately. Wai was named Filmmaker in Focus at this year’s Hong Kong fest, which opened with “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

Pic opens in 2008, with pretty financial analyst Zixin (mainland actress Gao Yuanyuan) meeting her ex-b.f., Owen (Terence Yin), on a bus. Owen’s new g.f. (Selena Li) goes nuts when she sees the pair talking, and when Zixin hurriedly gets off the bus, she’s barely saved from an oncoming car by a drunken tramp, Fang Qihong (Daniel Wu). A disillusioned former architect behind his unkempt appearance, Fang helps Zixin get rid of all of Owen’s stuff, including a pet frog that quickly becomes Fang’s sounding board and friend.

From her desk at work, Zixin has a view of the office of the handsome CEO of another financial firm, Cheung Shen-ran (Louis Koo). In one of the pic’s smartest visual ideas, the two start flirting with each other from behind the windows of their respective offices, using their hands, bodies and colored Post-Its to communicate. Romantic and funny complications ensue when an impossibly busty secretary (Larysa Bakurova) one floor down from Zixin thinks the hunk is communicating with her instead.

Pic ties its storylines neatly together at a series of dates scheduled for the same evening, which sheds some light on the immutable character traits of Cheung, a charming cad, and Fang, a hopeless romantic. After examining the fallout of this night, pic jumps to the present, where the two men vie for her affections.

Though the 2008 Lehman Brothers bankruptcy is part of the plot, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is strictly set in a fantasy world where an architect can decide to become an alcoholic vagrant but still keep a neat apartment, and where financial/romantic ruin or success can come at the flick of a switch, whenever the plot requires it. Still, in typical Wai fashion, the story is high-concept, solidly structured and often amusing — if never uproarious — with several leitmotifs recurring throughout.

Only letdowns are Zixin’s sketchily introduced family from Suzhou (Yan Jingtao, Liu Yihong), who are given nary a thing to do, despite the fact that the pic is clearly aimed at the more lucrative mainland market rather than Hong Kong, and the finale in which Zixin chooses her man, which lacks any motivation and thus feels arbitrary.

This is Wu’s first collaboration with To, though he’s worked several times with co-star Koo (a longtime To collaborator), including on the 2010 drama “Triple Tap,” in which they also played rivals; their hostile chemistry convinces here. Gao (”City of Life and Death”) is appropriately fizzy, even if her undecided Zixin is the least well-drawn of the leads.

Tech package, including Cheng Siu-keung’s gliding widescreen cinematography, is solid.

Camera (color, widescreen), Cheng Siu-keung; editors, David Richardson, Allen Leung; music, Xavier Jamaux; production designer, Bruce Yu; art directors, Raymond Chan, Fion Li; costume designer, Stephanie Wong; sound (Dolby Digital), Steve Chan, Mak Chi-on, Martin Chappell; visual effects, Law Wai-ho; line producer, Elaine Chu. Reviewed at the Grand Cinema, Hong Kong, March 31, 2011. (In Hong Kong Film Festival — opener.) Running time: 115 MIN.

March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

MSN: Alan Tang dies in his sleep

Actor and director Alan Tang, who’s often known as one of the “big brothers” in Hong Kong showbiz, passed away yesterday, after suffering a stroke in the middle of the night.

Alan Tang (Sina)

HKStandard: Entertainment giant Tang found dead at home

Tang rose to fame after starring in the Cantonese movie Student Prince in 1963, after which he went on to make 63 films. (Sina)(Xinhua)

Eery, as it comes on the heels of yesterday’s Twitter hoax about Jackie Chan’s death by heart attack.] (Sina)

Death report a hoax (Sina)

THR: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart review

The Bottom Line

A calculated female wish-fulfillment romance with a touch of “Rear Window” irony.

AP: Oscar winner Ruby Yang sees boom in Chinese documentaries

Yang, who edited the feature films “Xiu Xiu, The Sent Down Girl” and “Autumn in New York,” both directed by actress Joan Chen, said she next plans to make short films about Chinese activists and also hopes to direct a feature film.

The film uses four separate stories to explore different aspects of love. It will be released on April 8.

The 140-minute film features A-list actors fleshing out a long list of historical figures, among them Chow Yun-Fat (as Yuan Shikai), Chen Kun (as Zhou Enlai), Chang Chen (as Chiang Kai-shek), Dong Jie (as Soong Ching-ling), Andy Lau (as Cai E), and Tang Wei (as Tao Yi).

Compared to the film “The Founding of a Republic”, Han’s 2009 extravaganza which also featured a similar cast scale, the co-director said that the new film would be “much better” in terms of plots and scenes.

Carina Lau, Kate Moss and Vivian Chow appeared for a ribbon-cutting event for French brand Longchamp in Hong Kong.

Kate Moss left after ten minutes and did not stay for the champagne toasting ceremony

Meanwhile, Vivian Chow’s husband raised eyebrows when he was spotted dining with a young woman that was a Charlene Choi look-a-like. (Sina)(Xinhua-gallery)

He elaborated that he often walked around dressed in a singlet and shorts in his house, and because of this his parents found it hard to invite friends over. His parents have told him more than once that they would like to have “space” away from him. (RazorTV video)

Kelly Lin, Chris Young

While Shu Qi did not say much, her wedding card spoke volumes of her thoughts on her best friend’s nuptials.

“I really can’t bear to let you spend the rest of your life with another person.

“You must know that I am holding back tears and putting up with the pain to leave you in the hands of someone who loves you even more,” wrote the actress, who took three flights from her filming location just to attend Lin’s wedding.

Before flying back to Shenzhen, Shu Qi reminded the groom of “wives rules”, to help wash Lei-Lei’s (Kelly) underwear, sweep, mop, cook, to greet her every morning; and if Lei-Lei is cold at night, to keep her warm. Chris replied, Yes, sir! But isn’t underwear machine washable? (Sina)

“881 The Musical” sees Tan playing Yan Yan, the loud Papaya Sister who is a bit of a delinquent, with co-star Dong taking on the role of Min Min, the gentler of the two.

March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

FBA: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart review (6/10)

An entertaining but shallow rom-com from Johnnie To that doesn’t really engage the emotions.

Movie preview: ‘3D Sex and Zen’ is all about abstinence (CNNGo)

Soft porn in 3D leaves us with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The wholesome kind

It’s all naughty good fun and there isn’t a single boring scene. From the moment the first pair of jiggly 3D breasts appears — prompting the male audience members to collectively gasp — through to the fight scenes with 3D daggers thrown at the audience, this is 3D movie magic at its low-brow erotic best.

Feng Xiaogang is in Chongqing to prepare for his upcoming film (Wen Gu 1942). Shu Qi, Betty Sun Li and Jiang Wenli are expected to be joining the cast. Feng visited the General Stillwell Museum, the general’s war time residence in Chongqing. He also inspected the Botanical Gardens and the many old foreign embassy buildings. (Sina)

Training Day’ Director to Tell Chinese Love Story

Ancient Chinese beauty Yang Guifei will be the protagonist of American director Antoine Fuqua’s new film.

New Deadly Will poster

Guo Tao, Han Xue camp horror comedy resembles a Republican era Sherlock Holmes story involving a bizarre murder. (Sina)23

Simon Yam’s latest film is generating online controversy. With the release of The Man Behind the Courtyard House, netizens are posting opinions such as this one, “[The film] tests the water is too bold for the first time, many areas are not in line with the habit of domestic films, including the shooting style, narrative structure of these macro aspects people have to try to figure out viewing the process of reasoning. And although the plot of the film, after carefully pondering the idea is reasonable, but somewhat incompatible with the logic of ordinary people.”

However, there are opposite views too, “the film has a lot of innovation, whether temporarily or not mature, this spirit to be encouraged. And the innovative effects of the film did not live up to the expectations of the audience, the kind of shock is very enjoyable audio-visual stimulation. especially the large-scale plot is very hot, they can bring the audience’s emotions. and the film itself is able to mobilize the audience thinking, along with the advancement of all branches of the film appears interwoven stories, characters relations are complicated, the vital need for the audience slowly into the role of scrutiny, is a test of logical reasoning ability is also a kind of exercise. you can say [Courtyard] is the rare movie IQ. “ (Sina)

More than a hundred Hong Kong celebrities will come together on 1 April at a Jackie Chan-organised charity concert in a bid to raise donations for the earthquake, tsunami and radiation relief efforts in Japan, according to Chinese media reports.

CRI: A Dream of Red Mansions

CRI’s Tom McGregor reviews “A Dream of Red Mansions” (”Hong Lou Meng”), a masterpiece in Chinese literature

A netizen allegedly witnessed the heated exchange

Chen Chao Yang, CEO of, who is currently being sued by Barbie and Xiaofei for the live broadcast of their wedding, was also present at the wedding.

CNA: Barbie Hsu warns errant wedding guest, Chinese CEO refuses to apologise

Wang Xiao Fei: I really regret inviting Mr Zhang to my wedding

Taiwan media in particular criticised Hsu for her perceived favouritism towards the Chinese media and even speculated that she had been bribed, resulting in a call among Taiwan media outlets to shut her out of the Taiwan media completely.

MSN: Kelly Lin to wed today at the Maldives

Kelly Lin’s guests water house (Sina)2(Xinhua)

Shu Qi

Kelly’s good friend, Shu Qi, posted photos from the Malidives on her weibo (Xinhua)

MSN: Pan Shuang Shuang’s past exposed

MSN; Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng teased by good friends

When the reporters told Sammi, netizens are calling Andy ‘Pig Trotter On’, she replied: “Am I Ox Tongue Man then?”

A1: Wang Lee Hom wins 6 Astro awards

March 25, 2011

March 25, 2011

Please consider making a donation

ICRC (Red Cross)IFRC (Red Cross/Red Crescent)

CRI: HK Entertainers to Raise Fund for Quake Victims

It’s been confirmed that Hong Kong artists will hold a three-hour charity concert titled “311 Love beyond Borders” to raise funds for victims of Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami.

THR: Jackie Chan, Hong Kong Stars Set Japan Charity Concert

The group has recorded the song “Succmb Not to Sorrow” which is based on a Japanese poem and serves as the theme for the concert. (Xinhua)


Japan live blog: More than 27,000 dead, missing (CNN)

Breach suspected at troubled Japanese power plant (Yahoo)


March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

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WSJ: HK Film Industry Reaches Out to Japan

FBA: HK festival gets underway

CRI: 35th HK Int’l Film Festival Opens

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart cast

Larisa, Daniel Wu, Gao Yuanyuan, Wa Ka-Fai, Louis Koo, JJ Jia

Festival Ambassador Miriam Yeung

Kara Hui (Xinhua-gallery)

Gao Yuanyuan (Sina)

KoreaTimes: Hong Kong’s urban exoticism caught on film

Moreover, the movie [Don't Go Breaking My Heart] offers an incisive look into the unique cityscape of Hong Kong and the people who inhabit it, which pave the way for more universal themes of love and the nature of modern-day relationships.

Bourne Identity director Doug Liman and producers Rob Reiner and Alan Greisman are joining forces with Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Production for a 1920s drama about Two-Gun Cohen, the British bodyguard to Sun Yat-sen, leader of the overthrow of China’s last imperial dynasty.

Law of Attraction explores four stages of love

Director Zhang states, “No one needs another shallow love story between impossible people. There are already far too many of these instantly forgettable movies on mainland cinema screens.”

Emperor is also launching The Beast Stalker director Dante Lam’s The Viral Factor, a US$17 million action thriller about a super virus that takes place around the world. Starring Jay Chou (Green Hornet), Nicholas Tse (Bodyguards and Assassins) and Andy On (True Legend), the project is in preproduction with location shooting planned in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Jordan.

Los Angeles-based distributor and producer Ko Mori and LA-based film producer Tim Kwok have launched Cinema Asia Releasing, a North American distributor dedicated to films from Asia.

Each of the films is distinctive and challenging with each offering a fresh and thoughtful view of modern-day Hong Kong.

Variety: Almost Perfect review2 (Kelly Hu, Edison Chen)

“Almost Perfect” starts out as a romantic comedy, then gradually wends its way toward a more serious treatment of family dysfunction.

Deng Chao is featured in a photo spread in Harper’s Bazaar

Yao Chen has admitted she is in a new relationship with cinematographer Cao Yu following her divorce with ex-husband and fellow actor Ling Xiaosu. (Xinhua)

Jane Zhang performed at the CBA All-Star Game in Beijing (Mar.20) (Xinhua)

MSN: Barbie Hsu’s wedding shrouded in secrecy

Barbie Hsu’s charter flight to Sanya, Hainan arrived with family and wedding guests. (Xinhua-gallery)

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s wedding photos revealed

Cecilia’s manager believed that the photos were uploaded to Facebook by the Filipino wedding photographer, before they got reposted to other online sites. The manager also criticised the photographer for lacking professionalism and that they are considering legal action against him.

MSN: Raymond Lam likes taking photos of ex?

The Hong Kong actor’s ex-girlfriend hinted so when interviewed recently

March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011

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AP: Hong Kong film festival opens, mood subdued because of Japanese disasters

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is part of [Johnnie] To’s recent push into the mainland Chinese market with blander fare than his signature crime thrillers, which are often too violent or gritty to pass mainland censorship. But the movie’s story of a playboy Hong Kong trader and an earnest Canadian-Chinese architect pulling all stops to win the heart of a mainland Chinese financial analyst reads like political commentary on China’s growing geopolitical clout.

To didn’t attend Sunday’s opening ceremony, but his co-director denied any political overtones in the movie.

ScreenDaily: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart review2

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is a delight to sit through.

Gao Yuanyuan - HKIFF Opening Ceremony

Johnnie To delayed filming and waited 5 months for Gao Yuanyuan because her mother was ill. (Sina)

THR: ’Factory Girls’ to Get Feature Treatement

Chinese migrant worker story optioned by Hong Kong-Dutch director.

Reel China: Targets an elusive film fan — the Chinese American (LATimes)

October’s “Aftershock,” about a devastating 1976 earthquake, was one of the highest-grossing films ever in mainland China but brought in just $61,000 in limited North American release. In December, “If You Are the One 2″ grossed a respectable $427,000, while the Chinese remake of “What Women Want” sold about $130,000 of tickets in February. The movies all premiered in about two dozen theaters.

THR: 5 Films Not to Miss at the Hong Kong International Film Festival

Hi, Fidelity

Making its world premiere at HKIFF is Hong Kong filmmaker Poon Yuen-leung’s Hi, Fidelity, which follows the sexual exploits of three spurned Hong Kong housewives who cross the border to China, only to discover they’ve all fallen for the same gigolo. The film will likely be a big draw because it marks the comeback of iconic Hong Kong actress Patricia Ha (An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty), who makes her first appearance onscreen in eight years.THR: Everything You Need to Know to Survive Filmart

THR’s guide to Asia’s largest film market

3D Sex and Zen

3D doesn’t get more rousing than 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, a stereoscopic reinterpretation of an erotic Chinese novel, repped by One Dollar Distribution. The film occupies its own booth at Filmart 2011, with an invitation-only market screening of the full 3D version off-site on March 22.

Kung Fu Panda 2, which adds the voice of Pan-Asian superstar Michelle Yeoh to a cast that brings back Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu, is all but certain to be released in China on May 26, simultaneous with its North American debut.

Chinese shingle Huayi Brothers has announced a long-term co-operation deal with Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung’s Hong Kong-based indie production house Diversion Pictures.

Jay Chou is in Jordan shooting Dante Lam’s new film (lit.Against War).

Jay Chou

With a fan (Sina)2

Shibuya Tenma (Ip Man, Cow) is the latest actor to join the cast of Nanjing Heroes (Sina)

Deadly Will a comedy, thriller opens April 7.

Guo Tao plays a detective

Cecilia Han Xue


Chen Kun

Chen Kun at the recent launch ceremony for Qian Xuesen (Sina)

Huang Yi, Chen Kun and Dong Jie

Montblanc opening in Shenyang

Huang Yi (Sina-slideshow)

Zhao Wei in short skirt at Beijing Versace store event

Zhao Wei


Andrew Lin on the Catwalk


March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

THR: Neil Gaiman Journeys East to Pen ‘Monkey King’ Movies in China

The “Sandman” and “Coraline” scribe signs with producer Zhang Jizhong.

Assessing the challenge of distilling one of the four great epics of Chinese literature for the big screen, Gaiman hesitated: “To the West, there’s nothing inherently not interesting aboutJourney to the West. It has the best bad guys. That’s absolutely universal.” (Sina)

Li Yu’s drama Buddha Mountain starring Sylvia Chang, Fan Bingbing and Berlin Chen opened second place at the Chinese box office at the weekend.

My Wedding and Other Secrets is the second time she has told her true love story of how a Chinese girl falls for a white boy and dares not tell her conservative Hong Kong immigrant parents (Kenneth Tsang and Cheng Pei Pei). New Zealand Film To Be Released In Chinese Version

“Punished,” which is scheduled to make its world premiere at the upcoming Hong Kong International Film Festival on April 4, features veteran Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong as a ruthless property tycoon who uses intimidation tactics to confiscate land from local villagers only to be humbled after his rebellious daughter is kidnapped and murdered.

More pictures from boot ceremony for Lu Chuan’s King’s Feast held yesterday in Beijing

Qin Lan, Yang Mi

Liu Ye, Stellar Media chairman, Han Sanping (China Film Group chairman), Lu Chuan (Sina)

Alex Fong Chung-Sun

Newly released photos of Alex Fong from The Lost Bladesman (Sina)

Michelle Ye, director Calvin Poon

Michelle Ye

Carrie Ng, Michelle Ye

Front: Berlin Chen Bo-Lin, Carrie Ng, Michelle Ye, Pat Ha Man-Jik, Calvin Poon

Calvin Poon and the cast of Hi, Fidelity (lit.Derailed Women) promote the film at a press conference for the HKIFF which will premiere on the 20th. (Sina)

Gao Yuanyuan - Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Daniel Wu

Louis Koo

Johnnie To’s Don’t Go Breaking My Heart will have a preview screening in Shanghai on the 11th. Reaction to the premiere in Beijing on March 2 has been positive.


Huang Yi - Sky Fighters


CRI: Carina Lau Visited Drought-struck Village

Gong Li

Fan Bingbing

(Sina-slide show)

Also, check out ewaffle’s take on Fan Bingbing’s adventure in Paris: Fan Bingbing in Paris for Dior

The Hong Kong actress and her husband is also planning to set up a foundation to help other children

Furthermore, Hallyu star Jang Dong-gun’s wife Ko So-young was also rumoured to be a victim as she was once under the same management as Ja-yeon. CNA: Jang Ja-yeon’s death may be re-investigated after sordid letters

March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

FBA: Lau and Ip reunite for Sister Peach

AP: HK star Andy Lau channels China earnings to local films

Lau said he was barely spending any time in Hong Kong these days, instead busy belting out his hits for mainland fans and capitalizing on his stardom among entertainment-hungry Chinese audiences that accounted for a total box office of $1.55 billion last year. Lau has been the front man for most Chinese blockbusters in recent years, most recently a remake of the kung fu classic “Shaolin” and the fantasy-mystery “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame.”

Ann Hui is one of the local directors who has sort of fallen by the wayside amid the rise of big-budget Chinese productions. She excels in Hong Kong-set family and domestic dramas that win critical acclaim, but struggles to find viewers on the mainland.

Latest poster for the J-10 film, now called Sky Fighters

As Lock Destination, last month

Whatever it’s called, it’s Huang Yi in a flight suit! Take that, Kelly McGillis. (Sina)2

Sky Fighters costar Li Guangjie and Huang Yi attend the Beijing premiere of Johnnie To/Wai Ka-Fai’s Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.


Tony Ching Siu-Tung, Tsui Hark with Johnnie To, Wai Ka-Fai

Tony Ching Siu-Tung, Tsui Hark with Johnnie To, Wai Ka-Fai

Guests Huang Xiaolei, Zhang Guoli (center) (Sina)2

The Warring States starring Sun Honglei, Kim Hee-Sun and Francis Ng opens April 15, the official web site launch is today. (Sina)

Zhang Ziyi, Aaron Kwok

Appearing in Beijing with a “marriage certificate” Life is a Miracle announced a new Chinese title (lit. Favorites) for the Gu Changwei film openinng May 10.


New poster for diaster film Together starring Ni Dahong, Daniel Chan (Chen Xiaodong) and Li Feier

Ni Dahong, Yan Ran, Li Feier

Director Yan Ran has another film Sweet Journey being released at the same time

Zhang Hanyu and Yu Na star


Chen Hong, wife of Chen Kaige, has a guest role in The Lost Bladesman.

She plays the wife of Alex Fong Chung-Sun’s character. (Sina)

Gao Yuanyuan poses for Darizi (Big Wedding Day) magazine (Sina-slide show)

Zhao Wei in Dubai photo shoot for Voyage magazine

(Sina-slide show)

MSN: Lin Chi-ling: We’re more than friends

The Taiwanese model was talking about her relationship with businessman Qiu Shi Kai

Aiiya, check out the underarm stains! (Sina-slide show)

February 24, 2011

February 24, 2011

A truth that’s stranger than fiction - Jiang Wen

“Let The Bullet Fly” boosts tourism in S China watchtowers

35th Hong Kong Int’l Film Festival to open in March

AP: Johnnie To romance, short films to open HK fest

Poster for March 1 Beijing University screening of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Wai Ka-Fai and Johnnie To will meet students and answer questions. (Sina)

Gao Yuanyuan - Don’t Go Breaking My Heart


SF International Asian American Film Festival Takes Place March 10-20

Li Yapeng: ‘Love is not something you can preserve’ (CNNGo)

First-time producer Li Yapeng talks about the challenges of product placement in his new movie, “Eternal Moment,” Faye Wong and their “Six One” clique

GlobalTimes: Onward, Christian actors

Lu Liping and Sun Haiying are a rare mainland couple

Underdog Knight 2 - Liu Ye, Liu Hailong

Vincent Chiao

Steve Yoo Seung-Jun

Underdog Knight 2 opens April 1 (Sina)

Seediq Bale poster

Director Wei Te-Sheng (dayoo)

Seediq Bale director Wei Te-Sheng has secured additional funding from investors to complete his epic film. Part 1 is scheduled to be released on September 9 with part 2 to be released on September 30.. (Sina)

The first part, scheduled to be shown on Sept. 9, will center on the portrayal of the major characters and the atmosphere of the distinctive era. The second part, to be released on Sept. 30, would revolve around the uprising of the Seediq tribe and its suppression by the Japanese army. (Taipei Times)

Posters for The Law of Attraction (lit. Gravity or Gravitation)

Starring Karen Mok, Leon Dai, Zhang Jingchu and Guo Tao, the film is a series of interlocking love stories.

Guo Tao, Zhang Jingchu (Sina)2

Ann Hui, Andy Lau and Deanie Ip - Miss Peach (Peach Sister)

Bona Pictures boss Don Yu Dong flew to Hong Kong to visit the set and lend support (Sina-gallery)

CRI: Andy Lau and Deanie Yip Rejoin in ‘Tao Jie’

CRI: First Stills from ‘Mr. and Mrs. Single’

CRI: Liu Yifei Cites ‘Up’ as Her Influence for New Film

MSN: Kelly Lin rumoured to wed on Mar 20

MSN: Selina Jen’s injuries take a turn for the worse

The helpless singer ended her entry with the sentence, “Can I be a girl who is not brave and cries a lot tonight?” S.H.E’s Selina Jen laments fresh blisters on injured legs

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