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June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

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THR: Jiang Wenli wins SIFF new talent award

Chinese actress-turned-director Jiang Wenli and her debut film “Lan” won the Best Asian New Talent Film award at the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival on Friday.

Director Jung Ki-Hoon was named best director for the mother-daughter movie “Goodbye Mom.” The Jury prize went to the Korean film “The Executioner,” and “The Pawnshop,” from the Philippines, won the Students’ Choice award.

FBA: Bruce Lee biopic set to start

Jennifer Tse to play Bruce Lee’s girlfriend, Gong Mi, the Cecilia Cheung look-alike, is also cast.

FBA: Lan (我們天上見) (6/10)

Assured directing debut is an affecting, semi-autobiographical tale of a lonely teenager.

FBA: Vegetate (我是植物人) (7/10)

Whistle-blower drama, centred on a woman in the pharmaceuticals industry, is sustained by two fine central performances.

FBA: The Double Life (A面B面) (6/10)

This madcap comedy on modern-day “lunacy” marks a partial return to form by director Ning Ying.

FBA: Ocean Heaven tops Shanghai Media Award (June 19)

CCTV Movie Channel Media Awards 2010
Best Film: Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂)
Best Director: ZHANG Jiarui (章家瑞) for Distant Thunder (迷城)
Best Actor: Wen Zhang (文章) for Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂)
Best Actress: Lu Liping (呂麗萍) for City Monkey (玩酷青春)
Best Supporting Actor: Yip Chun (葉准) for The Legend is Born: Ip Man (葉問前傳)
Best Supporting Actress: Li Bin (李濱) for City Monkey (玩酷青春)
Best New Director: XUE Xiaolu (薛曉路) for Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂)
Best New Actor: Guo Xiaoran (郭曉然) for Distant Thunder (迷城)
Best New Actress: Na Zhiye (娜芝葉) for Deep in the Clouds (碧羅雪山)
Jury Prizes: Good Earth (大地), My Beloved China (可愛的中國), A Joyous Story Along the Yellow River (黃河喜事)
Media Award: Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting (80′后)

THR: Italy, China take top awards at SIFF (June 20)

Golden Goblet/Jin Jue Award winners:

Best Feature Film

“Kiss Me Again,” directed by Gabriele Muccino, Italy;

Jury Grand Prix

“Deep in the Clouds,” directed by Liu Jie, China;

Best Director

Liu Jie for “Deep in the Clouds,” China;

Best Actor

Christian Ulmen in “Wedding Fever in Campobello,” directed by Neele Leana Vollmar, Germany, Italy;

Best Actress

Vittoria Puccini in “Kiss Me Again,” directed by Gabriele Muccino, Italy;

Best Screenplay

Gabriele Muccino for “Kiss Me Again,” Italy;

Best Cinematography

Christopher Doyle for “Ondine,” Ireland;

Best Music

Giong Lim for “Deep in the Clouds,” China.

FBA: Italy and China share SIFF goblets

Christopher Doyle said that his trophy for best photography was the only award that he’d ever received in China. Doyle stated that he couldn’t have made Neil Jordan’s Ondine without the experience of having made so many Chinese films. On receiving the best director prize, Liu Jie said that it was the first time that he’d come on stage to receive an award in his homeland.

Zhao Wei at the SIFF closing ceremony red carpet

John Woo leads the jury onto the red carpet

Compared to the star-studded opening ceremony, the closing ceremony red carpet stars seem dim. Zhao Wei  was undoubtedly the star of the evening. (Sina)2

Ruby Lin - Driverless

Wang Luodan

Zhang Yang’s press conference for Driverless was peppered with questions about actress Li Xiaoran even though she was absent. Zhang parried the reporters and tried to steer the focus back to the film but ultimately he was unsuccessful. In the end, the photographers settled for an upskirt photo of Wang Luodan. (Xinhua)

In the wake of Li Xiaoran’s blog posting that director Yan Po’s true attackers had not been arrested, she now writes that director Lu Chuan has received threatening telephone calls. (Xinhua)

I Wish I Knew poster (21cn)

Jia Zhangke - I Wish I Knew

Jia Zhangke held a press conference in Shanghai for his oft-delayed documentary I Wish I Knew to announce a July 2 release. A June 14th conference and screening was planned during the SIFF but abruptly cancelled. He denied that the film had been banned because of controversial remarks by Han Han, a writer and rally car driver, rather a technical issue translating the Shanghai dialect into Chinese and English subtitles caused the delay and misunderstanding. The film will be 10 minutes shorter than the version screened at Cannes. Jia said he hoped to re-edit a TV version later. The film is based on historical recollections of Shanghai from 18 interviews out of an original 80 personal interviews. (Sina)234

Karen Mok turns 40 ahead of next week’s Golden Melody Awards


Huang Xiaoming

Yu Dan, Song Zuying, Huang Xiaoming receiving International Charitable Celebrity Awards. (Sina)

Tang Wei was lauded for being thrifty by taking home leftovers after late night dining.

Tang Wei (June 19)(Xinhua)

April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

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CRI: Wang Xiaoshuai’s Film Competes for Golden Palm

Wang Xiaoshuai has earned his second Golden Palm nomination for his latest film “Chongqing Blues” (aka Mosaic).

CRI: Release of ‘No Man’s Land’ Delayed Again

Release of Chinese director Ning Hao’s film, “No Man’s Land”, was delayed because of its controversial content.

The 2006 film “Crazy Stone” brought director Ning Hao great fame among movie-goers, but his latest film has been delayed several times since the end of last year. It has been criticized for having no sense of social responsibility because there are no heroic characters in it, only bad guys.

CRI: ‘The Double Life’ Premieres in Guangzhou

During the premiere, a full-on naked shot of lead actor Yuan Wenkang caused a sensation. At the press conference, when Yuan was asked whether he would do more nude scenes, director Ning said she believed Yuan is a good actor who realizes the value of nudity in art.

Karen Mok

Kay Tse, Kenny Bee and Karen Mok promote anti-drug awareness for Girl Scouts

Chrissie Chau is off to Monte Carlo to shoot her new photo album (Sina)

A-Mei whips the crowd into a rocking frenzy

Taiwanese pop diva A-Mei unleashed the raw power of her aboriginal rock-chick alter-ego, Amit, with her Amit First World Tour Live concert here yesterday night to thousands of screaming fans at the Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

The three-hour concert, titled after her aboriginal name, Gulilai Amit, sees the singer-songwriter clad in leather outfits, leopard-print skirts, complete with heavy Goth make-up…

To the delight of her fans, A-Mei brought along renowned American guitarist Marty Friedman, the former lead guitarist of trash metal group, Megadeth.

CRI: Richard Li to Be a Father Again Soon

Li’s girlfriend, Isabella Leong, was confirmed pregnant with his second child and has flown to Vancouver to prepare for the delivery. Hong Kong media say Leong is expected to give birth in November.

April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010

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The Double Life (A Side, B Side) posters

Release date, Apr.29


Ann Hui, a director who captures ordinary women’s lives

Heiward Mak

Hong Kong female directors speak out

Hong Kong’s hottest female directors, Ivy Ho, Clara Law and Heiward Mak, let us know what it’s like to be the talk of the entertainment industry’s old boys’ club

CRI: Hong Kong Film Awards Superlatives

The Hong Kong Film Awards have a history of more than 20 years. Looking back, the past two decades have seen many “The Most” records set in the awards and nominations tally.

Let the Bullets Fly - Jiang Wu adopts ‘Curly Lion King’ look

Jiang Wu (Xinhua)

Francis Ng avoided jailing

Francis Ng surrounded by media at the courthouse as he was leaving.

Francis had flown in from the Mainland where he is filming Warring States. To minimize court time, Francis pled guilty to a lesser charge of  ’wounding’. Mitigating circumstances were that his wife was being bullied and the victim did not suffer permanent damage, so Francis hoped for a lenient sentence. The magistrate fined him HK$10,000 and warned him to be less reckless. The other party wanted compensation damages but was referred to file a claim in civil court. (Sina)2

Francis Ng pleads guilty to ‘wounding’ charges, fined HK$10,000

CRI: Vicky Zhao Has A Baby Girl!

CRI: Chinese Version of World Cup Anthem Rocks Shenzhen (Jane Zhang Liangying)

Chow Yun-Fat set to buy $40m Bel-Air mansion

Plans to turn the late action star Bruce Lee’s former residence into his museum have prompted neighbours and the peace-loving pair of Chow Yun-Fat and wife Jasmine Tan to find another place to call home.

Mark Chao stands on principle

In director Doze Niu’s latest film “Monga”, Taiwan heartthrob Mark Chao plays Mosquito, a young man growing up in Taipei’s historic Monga district.

More pictures of Sammi’s “Cyclops” look in Taipei


March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010

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Gangster Rock stars Leon Jay Williams and Van Fan

The film will debut on April 23 in Taiwan.

CRI: Leon Williams Promotes Upcoming Film “Gangster Rock”

Ip Man 2 - Monkey Fist


CRI: ‘The Double Life’ Premieres on April 8th

This is Zhang Jingchu’s first attempt at comedy. In the film dealing with mental health, Zhang plays a glamorous model suffering from depression and her severe mental problem leads to a string of humorous episodes in the movie.

Movie “Warring States” launched in central China

China plans film to mark Communist Party birthday with The Founding of a Party

Glimmer - Kelly Chen (Sina)

Kelly Chen promotes new album in Beijing

TVB’s Stephen Chan’s corruption case sidelines close associates

The ICAC have also recently expanded the scope of their investigation on Chan’s alleged corruption to include a number of Hong Kong music labels that used to have close links with TVB, such as Amusic, Neway and EEG.

How TVB artists sucked up to management

Maybe it will fit you better

Overpay for boss’ used car

Fond memories of Momma’s designer bags (Sina) (2)

March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

Gigi Leung and Ronald Cheng - Just Another Pandora’s Box (aka Once Upon A Chinese Classic)

Ronald Cheng had to endure heat and discomfort to film the scene. (Sina)

Huang Bo

CRI: “Once Open A Chinese Classic”: A Different Story of Ancient China

The upcoming film to be released on March 18 has attracted many pop stars from both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. It centers on an idiot who embarks on an adventurous journey with the help of a magic box during the period of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China.

Gillian Chung

Eric Tsang

Just Another Pandora’s Box opens Mar.18 (HunanTV)

Zhang Jingchu - The Double Life (A Side, B Side)

Zhang Jingchu’s first attempt at comedy, she plays a glamorous model suffering from depression. The crew jokingly dubbed her ‘NG Queen’ due to her numerous NGs, i.e., bad takes. (Sina)

THR: Cheng meets Tsang in ‘Girl Meets Boy’

Hong Kong acting veterans Cheng Pei-pei and Kenneth Tsang joined the cast of New Zealand romantic comedy “Girl Meets Boy,” the feature debut of director Roseanne Liang for South Pacific Pictures.

First-time director Roseanne Liang’s coming-of-age story is about a New Zealand-born Chinese overachiever who defies her parents’ wishes and falls for a European New Zealander.

Martial arts legend [Cheng] Pei Pei plays the girl’s mother and Tsang her strict father, whose traditional values make it hard for him to accept that his youngest daughter would choose film school over medical school and want to marry a European.

A young cast of New Zealand actors includes Michelle Ang as the headstrong protagonist, Matthew Whelan as her love interest, and Katlyn Wong and Celeste Wong.

CRI: Go Lala Go! (formerly Du Lala’s Promotion)

The film stars director Xu Jinglei herself as Du Lala, as well as Stanley Huang, Karen Mok, Li Ai, and Pace Wu.

Dante Lam - Beijing

Richie Jen, Leon Lai in Beijing promoting Fire of Conscience (Sina)

Eason Chan cover shoot for new album (Sina)

Fan Bingbing - Paris

Fan Bingbing attending the Jean Paul Gaultier Paris fashion show (Mar.6)

(Xinhua) (Zimbio)

Louisa So Yuk-Wa and Wu Fung at a recent promotion activity (Sina)

March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

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The Double Life (A Side, B Side)

Ning Ying’s film about men’s mental health opens Apr.8


Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster opens Apr.29


Jackie Chan

Lin Peng (HunanTV)

CRI: “Little Big Soldier” Cast Members Hold a Banquet in Taiwan

CRI: “Let The Bullets Fly” Finish Shooting in Beijing

CRI: “Monga” OST Celebration Party Held in Taiwan

CRI: Zhang Yimou: China Needs More Cinemas

WSJ: Over the Rainbow

Filmmakers Alex Law and Mabel Cheung on Hong Kong’s cinema

Seattle gets a leading role in Korean film ‘Late Autumn’

Sam Hui performing last night in concert at The Venetian in Macau

Brother Ricky and his two sons joined him. Attendance was only 80 percent capacity. (Sina)

CRI: Gigi Lai Five Month Pregnant with Twins

CRI: Michelle Reis in New Jewelry Ads

Acid fiend strikes again

March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

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A Side, B Side/Side A, Side B (The Double Life)

Ning Ying’s black comedy starring Zhang Jingchu is scheduled for a Apr.8 release. It is set in a mental hospital. (Sina) (Xinhua)

Stephen Chow aims for film empire

Stephen Chow Sing-chi is aiming to build a Chinese version of Time Warner in the mainland after being appointed executive director of Emcom International, reports Sing Tao Daily

A Comeback for ‘Lust, Caution’ Actress Tang Wei


CRI: Huang Xiaoming in Upcoming Kung-Fu Biopic Ip Man 2

Jackie Chan

Yu Shaoqun (

Jackie Chan plays a cooking monk in New Shaolin Temple.

A $10M yuan replica Shaolin Temple was built to avoid tourists and because the real temple has been modernized.

Andy Lau plays a warlord hiding out at Shaolin Temple

(Sina) (Xinhua)

CRI: New Shaolin Temple, Literally

Future X-Cops

China Film Group officially announced a release date of Mar.30 (Sina)

(Feb.27) Hong Kong premiere of Echoes of the Rainbow

Simon Yam, Sandra Ng


Vicki Zhao, now seven months pregnant with a baby boy, will return to acting soon after delivery because property magnate husband Huang You Long reneged on promises to fund her planned wine-related enterprise, said Hong Kong media.

Huang reneged on his promises once he found out that Zhao was pregnant. The 31-year-old reportedly even denied Zhao the right to openly call herself his wife.
Zhao was said to have become worried and spread the word that she will be returning to showbiz soon after giving birth, as a fallback plan if things with Huang do not work out.


AngelaBaby met with fans to celebrate her 21st birthday

The theme was ‘Back To School Birthday Party’

(Sina) (Xinhua)

After a two year break Twins sing together at the EEG dinner in Macau (Feb.27) (Sina)

CRI: Twins Highlight EEG Spring Dinner

Sammi Cheng’s concert DVD has surpassed 150,000 and a second edition is being issued.


Fan furore that Yao Ming’s baby could be American

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