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July 1, 2010

July 1, 2010

CRI: China’s First Mutated-Creature Film Due out Aug. 6 (City Under Siege)

In the film, Aaron Kwok plays a careless man who makes a living performing at a vaudeville theater. While he is performing in Malaysia, he and some of his associates travel into the remote mountains in search of treasure. During their trek they absorb a biochemical gas left behind by the Japanese army during WWII.

Donnie Yen, Felix Chong, Alan Mak (r) receive bronze statue of General Kwan (Sina)

CRI: Donnie Yen Promotes “The Lost Bladesman” in Beijing

In the film Yen plays Guan Yunchang, a legendary general of the Shu Kingdom in the novel “The Romance of Three Kingdoms,” one of the Four Classical Chinese Novels.

CRI: Peter Chan to Shoot a Remake of “One Armed Swordsman”

Chan got the idea from the film “One Armed Swordsman,” but he decided to create a new story which is more bloody and cruel. Takashi Kaneshiro will costar.

CRI: Jia Zhangke’s Shanghai Documentary Premieres

FBA: East Wind Rain (東風雨) (7/10)

Densely plotted, Shanghai-set spy tale, set around the time of Pearl Harbor, is loaded with meaty production design and performances.

If the characters in East Wind Rain and Shanghai had been real people, they couldn’t help but bump into each other. Set at the same time, in the same city (where it conveniently rains at moments of high drama), the two films are the flip-side of the same coin: Shanghai through western eyes, East Wind Rain through Chinese ones.

FBA: Echoes of the Rainbow (歲月神偷) (8/10)

Echoes of the Rainbow is one of a growing series of films (from Mr.Cinema to the recent (Gallants) in which Hong Kong filmmakers have begun to assert their separate Cantonese identity by looking back at “rosier” times as China gradually hijacks the territory’s film industry and future.

Jun Ji-Hyun (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan) at a recent Shanghai brand appearance. (Xinhua-gallery)

Lu Chuan was formally announced as the director of Banquet at Hongmen after rumors had him being possibly being replaced by Daniel Lee. The film now as a new Chinese title King’s Feast. The film will be a joint venture with Taiwan’s Central Motion Picture and a US company besides Mainland participation and is expected to start filming in October. In fact, there are potentially two films to come out of the project, one on the greater epic story and one focusing on just the banquet incident. (Sina)2 Previously reported on here: (12.12.2009)(3.27.2010)

Gillian’s appearance on TV censored

After reigning over the Mandopop scene for a decade there are signs that Jay Chou is coming to the end of his powers.

SG: Cecilia Cheung confirms her return to the silver screen

Gong Li and husband divorce

Rene Liu opens up about scandal

A Taiwanese daily reported that the Taiwan-born beauty was to blame for her singer friend Tarcy Su’s break-up with her long-time film director boyfriend Chen Kuo-Fu years ago.

March 25, 2010

March 22, 2010

Variety: Hong Kong festival kicks off

The 34th Hong Kong Film Festival kicked off Sunday with the twin bows of Ivy Ho’s comedy “Crossing Hennessy” and Clara Law’s “Like a Dream” at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

Screen Daily: Like A Dream

Clara Law’s beautifully absorbing fable is a lush and at times entrancing moody melodrama that is highlighted by the quite wonderful performance by the enchanting Yolanda Yuan who plays dual roles.

Screen Daily: Crossing Hennessy

Crossing Hennessy is an engagingly fresh and enjoyable dramatic comedy that makes great use of its Hong Kong locations as it delves into the romantic complications of modern urban life.

THR: Chinese presence fuels optimism in Hong Kong

Almost a fifth of this year’s exhibitors — more than 120 — hail from mainland China, as the growing strength and importance of that market continues to show itself.

Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong will produce a 30-part television series about Yuefei, one of China’s most heroic and controversial generals, now that they have secured long-sought Chinese government approval.

The series, “Yuefei,” is about the general of the Southern Song Dynasty in the 12th century A.D., who helped defend central China against invaders, but eventually was imprisoned and executed by the high court at age 39. Yuefei’s name was cleared posthumously and his story is told to Chinese children today to teach courage and tenacity.

Chow Yun-Fat - Let the Bullets Fly


CRI: Interest in ‘Bullets’ Runs High

CRI: Director Wang Quan’an’s New Project Not So New

CRI: Bazaar Releases ‘La La” Fashion !

Bazaar releases a special issue of its magazine to coincide with ‘Go Lala Go!’ that includes more golden rules of office survival.

Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yu hope Cat.3 rating won’t affect box office for Love in a Puff


Asian Film Awards Jury President Tony Leung Kai-Fai suffering from eye irritation.

Awards to be announced Monday. (Sina)

Tang Wei at HKIFF

Paw Hee-Ching, Ivy Ho, Tang Wei (Sina)

Stanley Huang and Karen Mok in Go Lala Go! (Du Lala’s Promotion)

Three “Jing girls” in Wong Jing’s Future X-Cops

Zhang Li

Tang Yifei

Natalie Meng Yao (HunanTV)

(Re)Inventing China’s “Seventeen Years” on Film at the 2009 New York Film Festival

Mainland Chinese works of art from this “Seventeen Years” period have been routinely dismissed as propaganda by the same Western scholars and critics who periodically “discover” and celebrate masterpieces of Chinese cinema from the preceding Republican era or the later post-Mao era.

Mao-era Chinese films are univocal, tedious, and thematically homogeneous.

This rarely questioned truism could only be asserted by the ill-informed, and its widespread acceptance reveals how common is the ignorance of this period of Chinese film history. The cinema of this period includes comedies, musicals, dramas, animation, war epics, historical sagas, traditional operas, children’s films, and spy thrillers…

Mao-era Chinese films are excessively ideological and oppressively obvious, bludgeoning the viewer with blatant political propaganda…

THR: Echoes of the Rainbow

Bottom Line: A nostalgic and unabashedly sentimental family picture.

THR: 14 Blades

Bottom Line: A traditional martial arts thriller beefed up by gimmicky weaponry.

THR: Crossing Hennessy

Bottom Line: A rom-com that is more comical than romantic.

THR: Like a Dream

Bottom Line: Little thematic and less narrative sense make for difficult viewing that often tests the patience.

THR: Amphetamine

Bottom Line: Aesthetic aspirations killed the camp.

Bottom Line: Evidence that the digital revolution isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Bottom Line: A teasingly original idea from a new filmmaker wrapped up in the familiar.

THR: Wong Jing tackles 3D comedy

‘King of Jesters’ to be produced by Mega-Vision

Wong also returns to familiar grounds with “Naked Soldiers”, the US$4 million three-quel to his sex and crime series “Naked Weapon” and “Naked Killer,” which raised to cult status in Europe with their main draw of T&A and guns. Next, Mega-Vision will also begin production of the 30 million yuan (US$4.4 million) action adventure “Aladdina,” starring Louis Koo and the Hong Kong pop group Twins.

THR: Filmko on a quest to make 3D ‘Quixote’

First Chinese stereoscopic 3D period drama, helmed by Chinese director Agan

…starring Karena Lam (”Claustrophobia”) and Liu Ye (”City of Life and Death”), the film was produced with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, utilizing the academy’s stereoscopic 3D camera, the first in China. The film also hired a group of 3D experts from Germany as consultants during the shoots.

The company is now developing its next 3D epic, “The Monkey King,” a 180 million yuan retelling of the Chinese mythical literature “Journey to the West” with a script written by “Ip Man” writer Edmond Wong. Filming is scheduled for October with a 2011 release date.

Fresh from his win at the Berlin International Film Festival for his romantic comedy “Au Revoir Taipei,” Chinese-American director Arvin Chen is at this week’s Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum to meet with potential investors for his new movie,“Nan Jing East Road.”

East Wind Rain poster

Half a century on, ‘Suzie Wong’ still a star in Hong Kong

Actress Nancy Kwan walks into Hong Kong’s Luk Kwok Hotel, the first time she has ever visited the backdrop to her classic 1960 film “The World of Suzie Wong”.

Jacky Cheung concert tour embroiled in fraud case

Stanley Ho’s daughter, Pansy Ho

Asian casino magnate Stanley Ho denied Thursday that he has ties to Chinese organized crime gangs.

Casino VIP rooms opened door to gangsters in Macau, report says

Vivian Hsu was surprised with a birthday cake on the set of Seediq Bale

Director Wei Te-Sheng, Vivian Hsu 

March 19, 2010

March 19, 2010

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Today, Mar.19, is Vivian Hsu’s birthday (35th) and marks her 20th year in show business.

To mark the event she [updated] offered a ‘gift’ via her international web site ( to her fans (a copy of her new CD to her first 319 fans and one autographed by herself to a lucky fan).

(Sina) (NowNews)

Director/actor Liu Yunlong, Fan Bingbing


During World War II, Japan allegedly prearranged coded weather forecasts to alert its diplomats overseas of ensuing attacks on a foreign country. “North wind, cloudy” would mean the Soviet Union; “West wind, clear” Britain; “East wind, rain” the United States, or more specifically, Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

“East Wind, Rain” also stars Fan Bingbing, Yu Rongguang, Li Xiaoran, and Wang Baoqiang. (Opens Apr.22)

Ning Caishen, the film’s screenwriter, said Yan Ni will still star as the manager of the Tong Fu hotel in the film, even though it had previously been reported that she would not appear in the movie because she was not satisfied with the salary on offer.


Yang’s “One Night in Supermarket,” a stylish and quirky low-budget laffer, has captured the imagination of China’s growing army of young cinemagoers, with boffo B.O. to boot. The 28-year-old from Chongqing in southwestern China wrote “One Night” in 2006 and shot it in just 29 days on a budget of $3.65 million. Yang won best scriptwriter at the Media Awards of the 12th Shanghai Intl. Film Festival in 2009.


The Boston-born director of “Au Revoir Taipei” cut his teeth working as an assistant in Taipei to the late, great Taiwanese director Edward Yang, and has also impressed Wim Wenders, who executive produced and gave behind-the-scenes support for “Au Revoir Taipei,” Chen’s feature debut. “Au Revoir Taipei” has delighted crix and won the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) prize at the Berlin Intl. Film Festival in February. Chen had previously won a Silver Bear at Berlin for his short “Mei” in 2007.


The Chinese-American filmmaker generated an interesting first last year: with her Zhang Ziyi starrer “Sophie’s Revenge,” she become the first female Chinese director to make more than 100 million yuan ($14.65 million) at the B.O. She also sold the English-language remake rights of the film, which she wrote. An early sign of her talent was when her short film “The 17th Man” won an Emmy Award for university students.

As the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival kicks off Sunday, the local movie industry is re-evaluating its role in Chinese-language cinema.

‘Suzie Wong’ star, Nancy Kwan, shocked at destruction of old Hong Kong

“Hong Kong was really very charming in those days,” she told AFP in an interview ahead of the screening of a documentary about her life at the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market forum on Monday.

The documentary, entitled “To Whom it May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey”, a reference to Kwan’s Chinese name, traces the ups and downs of her career and life, including the death of her only son in 1996 at age 33.

A reformer and pioneer of Hong Kong cinema, director Patrick Lung Kong vowed to change the face of Cantonese cinema and was ahead of his time in farsighted portrayals of sensitive social issues like the plague in “Yesterday Today Tomorrow” and the anti-nuclear film “Hiroshima 28″. He was keen to explore new ways of storytelling and experimented with different editing and pacing techniques. His films are impressive viewing, even today.

Kim Hee-Sun

Warring States: Why Kim Hee-Sun?

And how he got the interview

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Two nights ago, Kelly Chen, Gigi Leung, Hacken Lee and Edmond Leung performed at a Lion’s Club charity concert

Gigi Leung


Jun Ji-Hyun and Leon Lai attended the grand opening of the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai

The pair met 12 years ago while working on an advert


Jaycee Chan - Taiwan

Jaycee Chan shooting MV for his new single


Edison Chen, in his own words:

Guess Who’s Back

with two words MICHAEL JORDAN shook a nation

with no words LEVI’s of CHINA/TAIWAN/HONG KONG spoke loudly for me

yes i’m back and probably more focused and more determined than ever

alot is in the mix for ya boi EDC

people been talking alot, saying that and this and that

i dun need to speak back to the haters and nay-sayers cuz my actions will destroy

laugh all u want and ridicule all u want

my mom told me the world is mine

so i am here to take it back

YEAH take it back not just take it


like jigga man said it best ……… IM ALREADY HOME


Edison Chen and Jolin Tsai avoid each other at fashion show

TVB’s Stephen Chan stays calm in storm

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