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August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009

Michael Tse, Fala ChanJaime Chik, Michael Miu
Charmaine Sheh, Bobby AuyeungShirley Yeung
Bernice Liu, Lam FungFrancis Ng
Laughing Gor opening ceremony

Donnie Yen and Lynn XiongWith Huang Xiaoming
Ip Man 2 launch ceremony in Foshan

Bruce Lee introduced
Jiang Daiyan
Bruce Lee selected - more photos

Tang Wei rumored to have a guest role in Founding of the Nation

Angie Chiu
Angie Chiu will appear in Stanley Kwan’s Dancing With The Heart/Energy Behind the Heart as a mysterious Russian

Shu Qi and Aaron Kwok shooting stunt scene for City Under Siege

Olympic girl Lin Miao-Ke appearing in TV drama

Hollywood Reporter: Zhang Ziyi stars in novice director’s ‘Revenge’

Jack Neo’s latest ‘offering’ brings horror to another dimension
Neo has departed from the norm with “Where Got Ghost” to look at the departed.

Korea selects Mother as foreign-language Oscar entry

Zhang Zi-yi - the actress with a foul mouth

“Everything is All Right” about Zhang Ziyi and Fiance

Jet Li Launches Gym Training Program

July 22, 2009

July 22, 2009

Aaron Kwok, Shu Qi
Aaron cools down
Aaron Kwok, Shu Qi film City Under Siege

Louis Koo gains 14kg for ‘uncle’ role in Overheard

Remind you of anyone?
Li Bingbing back to Tang Dynasty in Detective Dee

Looking for Kung Fu Girls for Andy Lau’s New Film ‘Unshakeable Military Orders’
Based on Yang Family saga

Stanley Kwan, Christopher Doyle Chase Solar Eclipse for New Film “Energy Behind the Heart”

My Interview with Francoise Yip

One of our readers, scores an interview with Francoise Yip.
She speaks to Glenn on a range of topics: working with Anthony Wong, her impressions of Anita Mui and her new film Motherland.
Motherland is directed by Doris Yeung starring Francoise Yip, Kenneth Tsang and Byron Mann.

Jeff Yang: The rise and fall — and rise? — of Hong Kong cinema

Bruce Lee Legend Remains Strong in H.K. 36 Yrs after His Death
Bruce Lee’s family OKs biopics
J.A. Media plans at least three films

Singapore’s Boku Films to co-produce The Host sequel

Chengtian reaps Golden Harvest
Name change completes takeover

Photos from opening ceremony of Lydia Shum exhibition

Vivian Chow arrived in Shanghai to view the solar eclipse - more photos

Where’s Joe?

Leon Didn’t Announce Wedding at ‘Dream Wedding” Concert

Unsuccessful Graduate Zhao Wei to Halt Career for School
Vicki Zhao delays graduation for ‘Mulan’

Denise Ho out of the Closet?
HK singer Denise Ho comes out of the closet

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