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June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

Murderer featuring Aaron Kwok, Josie Ho opens in July

Searching for Jackie Chan

Sandra Ng

Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog photos

Jia Zhangke has started production on a two-hour documentary, Shanghai Legend (working title), which will be the official film of the Shanghai World Expo 2010.
Besides the documentary, Jia is also preparing his first commercial period drama which is set to start shooting immediately after the documentary. The film will revolve around intellectuals in Shanxi Province in the late Qing dynasty.

Feng Xiaogang follows hit with ‘Aftershocks’ (Tangshan Earthquake)
Chinese director readies earthquake drama

Huang Yi
China’s Star Fighter Jet Leads New Film

Full time acting on Eason’s mind

Kwai Lun-Mei
Kwai Lun-Mei magazine photos

Edison, praying for a second chance?Edison's back

WestEast Magazine photos

CNN interview
Reportedly will apologize to Cecilia Cheung on CNN Talk Asia interview

Excerpts from Talk Asia interview:
On why he chose to speak to CNN:
“Now legally I’m allowed to speak about it because the trial’s finally over and honestly there’s been a lot of talk through the past year and a half about this or that, and a lot of rumors, a lot of hearsay. I have a lot to say and I think I’m only gonna say it once so I think that it would be best to say it here with you.

On being in hiding:
“I was afraid to go anywhere. I was traveling around when I was still in Hong Kong in trunks of taxis, literally, just to get to places. I had to be in the trunk for 15 minutes. I didn’t even know if I had enough oxygen to be honest with you”

“Even when I had left Asia and I had went to Canada and America, it took me 3 months to really get out of the shell that I had put myself in. I mean, I was in darkness for 5 days. I had my drapes closed and I didn’t even want to go anywhere”

On Cecilia Cheung’s accusation and his public apology to her:
“I don’t really want to have a back and forth with her, which is why I didn’t really comment on what she had said before…I wasn’t allowed to talk to her in the initial because of the police request and they were investigating me, which already had troubled me a lot…I really do feel sorry. I really am sorry to her.”

On how many pictures were taken and consent:
Edison admits that there were more than 1300 pictures taken and all of them were taken with the women’s consent: “Everything was mutual. It was all consensual… if I have a camera in front of your face and there’s a flash, do you know that I’m taking a photo of you? That’s as simple as it is.”

Yes, we know the whole debacle is so over. But for those of you still interested in the fallen star, he’ll be appearing on CNN’s ‘Talk Asia’ in an interview conducted by Anjali Rao on Wednesday, June 2 at 8:30pm.

Edison Chen returns secretly to Hong Kong

Leon Lai plays two hours of tennis every day to prepare for Hong Kong concerts

May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

Lin Chi-Ling
Liu Keng-Hung
Ci Ling/Treasure Hunter photo gallery

Sammo Hung
Sammo Hung

Vanness Wu
Kungfu Chef opens June 12

Costars: Fan Siu-Wong, Lam Tze-Chung, Bruce Leung

Gao Yuanyuan
Lu Chuan
City of Life and Death cast returns to Beijing after 18 city tour

Barbie Hsu
Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog - Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu photo gallery

Cecilia Cheung?
A healthier Cecilia Cheung lookalike Gong Mi

Kelly Chen, March
Kelly Chen advert shoot - photo gallery

Japan launches digital archive on director Akira Kurosawa

Arclight looks to ‘Future X-Cops’ (formerly Future Cop)
Sci-fi action movie stars Andy Lau

Ruby Yang film captures Chinatown ‘Moment’ - A Moment in Time
Academy Award-winner Ruby Yang has unveiled her latest documentary, about the growth, evolution and eventual demise of five ethnic cinemas in San Francisco’s Chinatown and their role in bridging the gap between China and the United States.
Much of it [the film's budget], Yang said, was spent on licensing rights to archival film clips from outfits such as Celestial Pictures in Hong Kong, which charged up to $8,000 per minute.

Tonight on PBS: A look at Hollywood’s China syndrome

Ziyi Gives Lowdown on Her Landmark Role

Aaron Kwok
Aaron gets Achy-Breaky
Aaron Kwok for Longines

BoC, OMB seize P300M worth of replicating machines
Bootlegging operations moved from Hong Kong to Philappines.
12 containers of optical media manufacturing equipment and materials that arrived in two batches of six forty footers last May 15 and 24 at the Manila International Container Port.

May 14, 2009

May 14, 2009

Poster for Peter Chan’s JungKu - The Man From 18th Hell

Dante Lam’s The Flying Guillotines
Queen's Road Ripper
Queen’s Road Ripper
The God of Wealth
The God of Wealth
Cinema Popular posters
Peter Chan Brings Demon-Slayer to Life

‘Spring’ has sprung for Lou Ye
Chinese director delivers another controversial pic with Spring Fever

Q&A: Park Chan-wook

Anthony Wong - Sleeveless in Seatte?
Laughing Gor’s Anthony Wong

Louis KooSandra Ng

Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog - Louis Koo, Sandra Ng

Law Kar-Ying
Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog - Law Kar-Ying

Shu Qi
Shu Qi - Opening Ceremony at Cannes

Cannes judging panel press conference

Cannes Film Festival Opens

Tsai Ming-liang: Ang Lee is my strongest competitor!

Korea Times - ‘Know’: Hong’s Realm of Comic Realism
New in local theaters and currently showing in the out-of-competition section of the Cannes Film Festival is Hong Sang-soo’s latest feature “Like You Know It All.”

Opinion: Ambitious Lu Chuan Succeeds
Since “The city of life and death”, a historical epic movie also known as “Nanking, Nanking,” made its debut on April 23rd, a heated debate provoked by the film has ensued. The most controversial topic is the way Lu Chuan, the movie’s director, represents the massacre of Nanking.

Huang Xiaoming, Zhou XunHuang XiaomingLi Bingbing, Zhang HanyuAlec So
The Message - photo gallery

Wang ZhiwenAlec So
The Message

Simon Yam attending first screening of Ann Hui’s Night and Fog

Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei at 14 Blades press conference

Nic and parents
Cecilia couldn't attend but sent Nic a gift
Nic and Patrick Tse promote new CD and MV

Faye Wong’s new shampoo ad

Faye Wong’s Comeback Ad Released

Gillian was expecting Hello Kitty!
Gillian Chung was a guest on a Sina’s TV program

Vivan Chow, Ni Kuang
Filial daughter Vivian Chow on Mother’s Day with Ni Kuang (father-in-law)

Edison Chen Sex-Pix Thief Gets Prison

Nina Wang eyed the Nobel Peace Prize

China, Hong Kong confirm influenza cases
Passengers flew from Canada, San Francisco

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