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June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011

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Donnie Yen: The Last Action Hero (WSJ)

WSJ: Zhang Ziyi’s Favorite Films

FBA: Rest on Your Shoulder review

Magical romantic fantasy is better suited for ingenuous youngsters than picky adults.

Variety: Mr. Tree review

A character study masquerades as social commentary without succeeding as either in Han Jie’s “Mr. Tree.”

Variety: Beginning of the Great Revival review

A Chinese propaganda film without the heavy dogma and dour treatment that would have been expected a generation ago, “Beginning of the Great Revival” is a slick and lavish historical epic charting the 1921 formation of the Chinese Communist Party.

A worthy history lesson on the founding of the Chinese Communist Party with only partially entertaining aspects.

EpochTimes: Propaganda Film Inspires China’s Youth to ‘Overthrow Dictatorship’

Epoch Times is pro-Falun Gong publication

Three lives clash in the Taiwanese crime thriller “Make Up”when a closeted music teacher takes her life, leaving a trail of unanswered questions for a make-up artist, a psychiatrist and a detective to follow.

The Pretending Lovers opens today (Sina)

Veteran actor Chen Kuan-Tai is working on a new martial arts film (lit. Assassin) now under production. The film is being described by director, Miao Shu, as a Warring States version of Infernal Affairs. Ricky Lau Koon-Wai is producing. The story involves rival kings sending assassins to each other.

Ricky Lau

Miao Shu, opening lens ceremony

Chen Kuan-Tai

Chen Kuan-Tai and director Miao Shu

Zhou Yichen

Jiang Chao

Jiang Chao

Leung Kar-Yan

Zhou Yichen, Dong Zhihua (Sina)23456

The actress, who is currently working in Germany, claimed that Nicholas is a frequent liar. She added that he was the person behind the attacks on her, in order not to transfer any properties to her.Cecilia Cheung breaks silence over marital woes

Cecilia Cheung has broken her silence on her marital woes, and in an explosive interview with Oriental Daily News, told her husband Nicholas Tse to stop pretending to be a good man, good husband and good father.

“Even up until yesterday, right before I got on the plane, he was still secretly ‘releasing’ information to the public. I truly couldn’t stand it anymore and felt that I needed to come out and say something.”

I’ve been married to him for 5 years and have known him since I was 18 years old – of course I know what type of person he is! All this time, he has always projected the image of being ‘cool’ and ‘suave’, wearing his sunglasses all the time and such. I once asked him why he always wears sunglasses, to which he replied that with the sunglasses on, people can’t tell whether he is lying or telling the truth! So him getting ‘Best Actor’ is truly ‘deserving’ then! (Q and A with Cecilia, translated)

Airport security guards for Ceci’s departure (Xinhua)

Beginning of the Great Revival (Variety review)

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A China Film Group, Huaxia Film Distribution Co. release of a China Film Group Corp., China Lion Distribution presentation of a China Film Group production. (International sales: China Film Promotion Intl., Beijing.) Produced by Han Sanping. Executive producers, Ma Zhengqiang, Gao Chengsheng. Directed by Han Sanping, Huang Jianxin. Screenplay, Dong Zhe, Guo Junli, Huang Xin.

With: Liu Ye, Feng Yuanzheng, Chow Yun-fat, Li Chen, Andy Lau, Li Qin, Chen Kun, Chang Chen, Ma Shaohua, Chen Daoming, Zhou Benshan, Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun, Huang Jue, Zhang Jiayi, Feng Gong, Zhou Xun, Wang Xueqi, Angelababy, Fan Bingbing, John Woo. (Mandarin, Japanese, English, French, Russian dialogue)

A Chinese propaganda film without the heavy dogma and dour treatment that would have been expected a generation ago, “Beginning of the Great Revival” is a slick and lavish historical epic charting the 1921 formation of the Chinese Communist Party. Like co-helmers Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin’s previous megahit, “The Founding of a Republic,” the pic packs the frame with famous faces attractive to younger auds. The tactic paid off handsomely, as the pic has reaped $17 million since its June 15 mainland bow, and should have a modest future offshore when it rolls out in Oz, New Zealand and the U.S.

One of no fewer than 28 films officially endorsed by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television to mark the CCP’s 90th year, pic bowed on more than 7,000 screens and 20 of China’s 24 Imax venues; it accounted for 3 million admissions and 57% of all B.O. biz in its first five days. Still, the film opened softer than “The Founding of a Republic,” and appears unlikely to best its predecessor’s whopping $61 million domestic gross.

Kicking off with the Wuchang Uprising of October 1911 that triggered the Qing Dynasty’s downfall, the narrative initially focuses on Sun Yat-sen (Ma Shaohua), pioneering revolutionary and leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), ) and fellow anti-imperial agitator Chen Duxiu (Feng Yuanzheng). After the establishment of the first republic in January 1912, provisional president Sun is edged aside by Yuan Shikai (Chow Yun-fat), a Qing warlord who takes the title of Emperor of the Great Chinese Empire.

One of the few sections given any significant breathing space is Yuan’s downfall at the hands of former Yunnan governor Cai E (Andy Lau) and his severely outnumbered Republic Protection Campaign forces. Handed a juicy role by young scripters Dong Zhe, Guo Junli and Huang Xin, Chow brings gravitas to a figure whose legacy remains hotly debated.

While viewers who’ve studied the history should be able to follow the proceedings, others may find it difficult keep up with the complex machinations inside the many arms of the pro-Republican movement. Though understanding the finer details can be challenging, the script ensures the big issues and events driving the cause are easy to grasp.

Little more than a bit player for the first 40 minutes, Mao Zedong (mainland heartthrob Liu Ye, “Curse of the Golden Flower”) comes more prominently into the picture following the raw deal China received as a victor nation at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Script strongly enforces the sense of betrayal and belittlement felt by the country at the hands of foreign powers as a factor inspiring Mao to leave Hunan for the hotbed of activism at Peking U. Surely the handsomest actor to portray Mao, Liu impresses, whether rallying students into action or sharing a number of sweet romantic moments with future wife and co-revolutionary Yang Kaihui (Li Qin).

The undoubted highlight of the pic’s second half is the staging of the May 4 Movement in 1919 and the protests that followed in its wake. Marshalling all the resources of grand epic filmmaking, Han and Huang capture the necessary exhilaration and excitement of the moments in which Mao and comrades Chen, Li Dazhao (Zhang Jiayi), Hu Shi (Daniel Wu) and Li Da (Huang Jue) realized their dreams had the mass support to become reality.

Gorgeously lensed in widescreen by Zhao Xiaoshi (”Wheat”) and decorated to the hilt, pic’s every frame is a pleasure. CGI reconstructions of old Peking and other locations are tops, and visual enhancements create a genuinely breathtaking sequence set on a boat in Shanghai’s South Lake. The lush orchestral score by Shu Nan and Ma Shangyou is on the money most of the way, with just a few dips into overkill. All other technical aspects are first-class.

Co-helmer Han has announced plans to make a biopic of Mao to complete the “Red Film Trilogy.”

Camera (color/B&W, widescreen), Zhao Xiaoshi; editor, Xu Hongyu; music, Shu Nan, Ma Shangyou; production designers, Yi Zhenzhou, Wang Wenxun; costume designers, Wang Qiuping, Zhang Ling; sound (Dolby Digital), Wang Danrong; associate directors, Li Shaohong, Shen Dong, Lu Chuan. Reviewed at Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney, June 23, 2011. Running time: 130 MIN.

June 15, 2011

June 15, 2011

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THR: Hello Mr. Tree review

The Bottom Line - A satire that bridges the personal and political with fantasy and black humor.

FBA: Beginning of the Great Revival review

Cameo-studded blockbuster is a notch down on Republic but still a savvy big-screen experience.

Directed by Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin, the film was made conventionally and converted into IMAX, where it now plays on 20 of the 24 commercial screens in China.

Tang Wei reportedly can be spotted very briefly in a crowd scene as Mao gives a speech. (Xinhua)2

CRI: Cast and Crew Promote “Piano in a Factory” in Shanghai

Despite the sizzling public anticipation, it has not yet been settled as to when “Piano in a Factory” will hit cinemas. The release date was initially planned for early July.

CRI: ”Coming Back” to Meet Audience on July 15

Producers of the treasure-hunting comedy, “Coming Back,” held a press conference during the ongoing Shanghai International Film Festival on Tuesday.

The story is set on a wonderland-like isle, and features talking insects. Director Jacob Cheung has filled more than half of the film with computer-generated scenes.

Gigi Leung, Guei Lun-Mei, Jiang Yiyan

Guei Lun-Mei

Jiang Yiyan

Gigi Leung (Sina)23

Gigi Leung is wearing a dress by Ralph Lauren

And 5-inch heels

Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi attended a yacht party for the movie “White Snake” on Monday in Shanghai, during the ongoing Shanghai International Film Festival.

Do not think this guy is a tennis master, he is the one that ‘Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011′ production crew can not live without ~ ~ mosquito Ambassador! Karen Mok posted this photo of Jaycee Chan wielding a bug zapper.

Michelle Ye and Huang Yi at Bona Night earlier this week in Shanghai

Huang Yi was seen practicing at a dance studio after midnight in Guangzhou where she is filming Jeff Lau’s Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011. Working with her dance teacher, Huang Yi reportedly did not leave until 3a.m. She frequently blogs after midnight causing her fans to be concerned for her health. Besides Overheard 2, and Treasure Inn, Huang Yi has two other films on her schedule to promote this year, the NBA-related Amazing, and Qiu Jin.

Huang Yi


May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011

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China Lion pursues America: AMC Entertainment courts Chinese moviegoers with monthly imports

Looking ahead a few months, China Lion will deliver to AMC its first 3D concert film, which features world-music star Cui Jian, also considered the father of rock ’n’ roll in China. Says Barlow, “He’s like the Springsteen of China and the film catches him in concerts in Beijing. The film is in post now and will come out sometime between late July and September. We’re hoping it may even be a crossover.”

CF: June Debut for ‘The Devil Inside Me’

CRI: Jet Li Promotes 3-D ‘Flying Swords’

CRI: ’Rest on Your Shoulder’ Trailer Released

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing portrays the Empress Dowager in Founding of a Party

Myolie Wu’s role was reduced to just one second and only due to an intervention by Chow Yun-Fat. (Xinhua)2

CF: Michele Reis Covers “Elle” Magazine

CNNGo: Pop ‘Twins’ to market Queensland to Chinese

Avoiding stereotypical campaigns, North Queensland Tourism picks Canto-pop stars to promote the region’s beauty to Australia’s fastest-growing tourist market

CNA: Cherie Chung doesn’t need romance to be happy

CNA: Zhang Ziyi named ScreenSingapore 2011 event ambassador

MSN: Michelle Reis’ never-ending family feud

MSN: Fan Bingbing to wed 65-year-old actor?

Fan also responded to the rumour in public, and said, “Brainless while making up stories…If there’s anything, take it out on me directly, and stop involving [my] seniors

Gillian Chung vs. Shao Xiaoshan

Gillian Chung had recently engaged in an online battle with mainland actress Shao Xiaoshan on the Twitter-like networking site Weibo

Annie Yi Nengjing: ”Not me in the video!”CNA: Annie Yi lashes out at tabloid over explicit article

May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011

THR: China Lion to Release Chinese Communist Party Epic in North America, Australia, New Zealand

This June, China Lion Film Distribution will release the drama celebrating Chinese communism once known as The Founding Of A Party but renamed Beginning of the Great Revival for overseas English-language markets including North America, Australia and New Zealand, the start-up partnered with US theater chain AMC told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday.

CF: Latest Photos of “The Founding of A Party”

Shawn Dou, a Chinese-Canadian acting newcomer who is favorably called “Mou boy” for his acting mentor Zhang Yimou, takes a supporting role as a soldier in “Nanjing Heroes”.

CF: ’The Last Supper’ Finds Int’l Distributor

CF: ”Rock Paper Scissors” Boots in Beijing

Poster for Backstroke starring Simon Yam released in Cannes

The comedy is set in the world of the high fashion perfume industry. Super girl winner Shang Wenjie, Cheng Pei Pei and Annie Yi Nengjing are among the cast members. A July release is planned


Gan Wei, Jordan Chan, Koji Yano

A new “Crazy” film from Crazy Racer writer Zhou Zhiyong booted up yesterday in Guangdong. The cast includes Jordan Chan, Gan Wei, Lee Kin-yin and Koji Yano. Unlike the previous Crazy films the new film adds a female component and love triangle to the story. The Chinese title translates as “Crazy GPS”. (Sina)2

Stills from The Pretending Lovers featuring Huang Bo and Jiang Yiyan. Huang Bo’s character has the ability to change shapes, below as table tennis player and dancer.


Kelly Lin appearing in Beijing at the press conference for The Devil Inside Me. (Sina)

And also Fan Bingbing (Sina)2

Jayden’s expensive full moon

MSN: Cecilia Cheung denies taking the same flight as Edison Chen

Edison & Cecilia make up?

MSN: Christy Chung’s husband is wrongfully accused

May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011

Variety: Operation Tatar review

Ramshackle charm and a Mongolian “khan”-do attitude make “Operation Tatar” a diverting if bloody contempo comedy crimer.

Variety: Wu Xia review

Satisfyingly sinewy fusion of martial-arts actioner and brain-tickling noir from busy producer-director Peter Ho-sun Chan.

THR: Wu Xia review

The Bottom Line: An exhilarating martial arts entertainment that modernizes the genre while re-emphasizing its strong points.

Latest posters for Tony Ching Siu-Tung’s The Sorcerer and The White Snake unveiled at Cannes.

CRI:  Starry Trailers Released for ‘Founding of a Party’

Four new posters for The Founding of a Party

Poster for the Bona Film Group sponsored beach party at Cannes. Celebrity chef Martin Yan created two signature dishes personally named by Tsui Hark: Tai Chi Luk Chicken and Seven Star Tornado Blade(?).

Johnnie To, Tsui Hark

Shi Nansun, Tsui Hark

Martin Yan, center (Sina)2

Fan Bingbing has joined the cast of Joe Ma’s The Lion Roars 2 (Sina)

CF: Fan Bingbing Lands Role in “The Lion Roars 2″

Zhao Ming and Monica Mok (Mo Xiaoqi) are featured in an upcoming horror film with the literal title of “Crying Game”. It’s described as Saw-like. Hu Bing and Li Lingyu are also in the cast. Stills from a media set visit.

Zhao Ming

Monica Mok

Li Lingyu, Zhao Ming, Hu Bing


From the Tree of Life premiere (May 16)

Li Bingbing

Zhang Zilin


MSN: Lin Chi-ling to perform in Japanese musical

Sealing the deal yesterday, Chi-ling will set off for Tokyo in August to reprise her role as Xiao Qiao in the Japanese musical remake of The Red Cliff.

MSN: Takeshi Kaneshiro: Still single and waiting for love

MSN: Chyi Chin announces that he got married last year

CBS: Chemical-infused watermelons explode in China

Overdoses of growth chemicals create “land mines” in farm fiasco (Thanks, to Joyce)

May 4, 2011

May 4, 2011

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Variety: The Lost Bladesman review

CF: New Take on Legend

Director lauds Christian Bale for China film work (AP)

“Nanjing Heroes,” a $90 million production, is scheduled to finish shooting in June and will be released in China on Dec. 16. CF: Christian Bale Finishes Shooting “Nanjing Heroes”

Nanjing Heroes

Dou Xiao

Huang Haibo

Tong Dawei (Sina)

AP: Dancer-turned-actor Kwok is focus in 2 May movies

The dancer-turned-singer-turned-actor stars in two of the month’s major releases — Gu Changwei’s romance “Love for Life,” and Oxide Pang’s crime thriller “The Detective 2″ — and has earned rave reviews from both directors.

CF: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” Goes to Cannes

Just a few days before, actress Fan Bingbing revealed that she would join Korean director Kang Je-gyu and actor Jang Dong-gun to promote her new movie “My Way” at Cannes.

Green Snake (1993) will be released alongside It’s Love later this year; The Soong Sisters (1997) will be showing with new film 1911; New Dragon Inn (1992) with the original Dragon Inn, and King of Western Chu (1994) with The Last Supper.

First poster for My Kingdom

My Kingdom will screen at Cannes

Four years in the making, MY KINGDOM is a sweeping story of love, honor and revenge set against the backdrop of Chinese opera during its heyday in 1920s Shanghai. Written by Zou Jingzhi, one of China’s most popular writers, the story centers around two sworn brothers and their quest to regain their master’s honor. Their relentless quest leads them to fame and love, but also to their own downfall.

Bringing this epic tale to life is director Gao Xiaosong, one of a new wave of young Chinese directors defining the next evolution of Chinese cinema. Although Chinese opera performers have been the subject of iconic films before, Gao wants audiences to see a different side of this art form, one filled with strength, honor and deadly duels. Playing the lead roles are three of today’s hottest young idols in Asia: Wu Chun, Han Geng and Barbie Hsu. Each actor trained for over three months to hone their martial arts skills in order to perform the duels in the film. (FBA) [Sammo Hung provides the action choreography] (Sina)

Till Death Do Us Part premieres in Beijing May 5, with a full release May 10.

Zhang Ziyi, Aaron Kwok

The Founding of a Party - following the tradition of The Founding of a Republic, Huang Jianxin selected Lu Chuan to help co-direct a key scene in the new film. The production also released an NG trailer to thanks all the big name guest stars in the film.

Wang Bo-Chieh plays a patriotic student

Wang Lee-Hom

Liu Ye as Mao Zedong (Sina)

Jackie Chan and Tan Jing ;D opened the torch relay at Tsinghua University in Beijing for the 26th Shenzhen Universiade

Tan Jing

Tan Jing and Jackie performing at the recent 100th anniversary celebration of Tsinghua University (Apr.24) (Sina)

Tan Jing singing the theme song at The Lost Bladesman premiere (Apr.18)

(Sina-slidshow)23, (Xinhua)Shenzhen Universiade flame lit at Tsinghua University

Hong Kong soap actor Law Lok Sam who is making headlines for dying so often on TV shows.

CNA: Shawn Yue denies romancing Shu Qi: “I’m not so lucky”

He exchanges intimate micro blog posts with Shu Qi, was spotted chatting her up on a few occasions and described the 35-year-old Taiwan actress as “very charismatic” and “a good girl” when he met the Taiwan media on Sunday.

Shawn will be singing the theme song in Shu Qi’s A Beautiful Life directed by Andrew Lau who also accompanied Shawn on guitar.  (Sina)

Angelababy gets apology

Hong Kong-based publication Three Weekly has issued a statement apologising for its untruthful reports about Angelababy’s facelifts, in the latest development to frequent media speculation about the Chinese beauty.

March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

MSN: Alan Tang dies in his sleep

Actor and director Alan Tang, who’s often known as one of the “big brothers” in Hong Kong showbiz, passed away yesterday, after suffering a stroke in the middle of the night.

Alan Tang (Sina)

HKStandard: Entertainment giant Tang found dead at home

Tang rose to fame after starring in the Cantonese movie Student Prince in 1963, after which he went on to make 63 films. (Sina)(Xinhua)

Eery, as it comes on the heels of yesterday’s Twitter hoax about Jackie Chan’s death by heart attack.] (Sina)

Death report a hoax (Sina)

THR: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart review

The Bottom Line

A calculated female wish-fulfillment romance with a touch of “Rear Window” irony.

AP: Oscar winner Ruby Yang sees boom in Chinese documentaries

Yang, who edited the feature films “Xiu Xiu, The Sent Down Girl” and “Autumn in New York,” both directed by actress Joan Chen, said she next plans to make short films about Chinese activists and also hopes to direct a feature film.

The film uses four separate stories to explore different aspects of love. It will be released on April 8.

The 140-minute film features A-list actors fleshing out a long list of historical figures, among them Chow Yun-Fat (as Yuan Shikai), Chen Kun (as Zhou Enlai), Chang Chen (as Chiang Kai-shek), Dong Jie (as Soong Ching-ling), Andy Lau (as Cai E), and Tang Wei (as Tao Yi).

Compared to the film “The Founding of a Republic”, Han’s 2009 extravaganza which also featured a similar cast scale, the co-director said that the new film would be “much better” in terms of plots and scenes.

Carina Lau, Kate Moss and Vivian Chow appeared for a ribbon-cutting event for French brand Longchamp in Hong Kong.

Kate Moss left after ten minutes and did not stay for the champagne toasting ceremony

Meanwhile, Vivian Chow’s husband raised eyebrows when he was spotted dining with a young woman that was a Charlene Choi look-a-like. (Sina)(Xinhua-gallery)

He elaborated that he often walked around dressed in a singlet and shorts in his house, and because of this his parents found it hard to invite friends over. His parents have told him more than once that they would like to have “space” away from him. (RazorTV video)

Kelly Lin, Chris Young

While Shu Qi did not say much, her wedding card spoke volumes of her thoughts on her best friend’s nuptials.

“I really can’t bear to let you spend the rest of your life with another person.

“You must know that I am holding back tears and putting up with the pain to leave you in the hands of someone who loves you even more,” wrote the actress, who took three flights from her filming location just to attend Lin’s wedding.

Before flying back to Shenzhen, Shu Qi reminded the groom of “wives rules”, to help wash Lei-Lei’s (Kelly) underwear, sweep, mop, cook, to greet her every morning; and if Lei-Lei is cold at night, to keep her warm. Chris replied, Yes, sir! But isn’t underwear machine washable? (Sina)

“881 The Musical” sees Tan playing Yan Yan, the loud Papaya Sister who is a bit of a delinquent, with co-star Dong taking on the role of Min Min, the gentler of the two.

November 18, 2010

November 18, 2010

Variety: Ge You emerging as China’s most bankable thesp

FBA: Bona files for stock market listing

THR: China’s Bona Film Group Files IPO

  • Bona, which no longer is connected to China’s military, counts among its private competitors Huayi Brothers Media, which raised $176 million on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October 2009 and Enlight Media, a Beijing based TV company turned movie studio.
  • Bona, in fact, has government ties of its own, having merged in November 2003 with the China Poly Group, a business wing of the People’s Liberation Army, to form PolyBona Film Distribution, the company’s former English name
  • Bona’s U.S. IPO filing follows close on the heels of the filings for U.S. public listings by China’s two largest online video sharing web sites, Youku with the New York Stock Exchange and Tudou on the Nasdaq.

CRI: ’My Own Swordsman’ Trailer Available

Director Shang Jing has reunited the original cast to continue his parody of social issues through the stories of everyday life in a small inn.

Andy Lau and Gong Li attend the trailer premiere event for What Women Want in Beijing (Nov. 18)

Director Chen Daming (Sina)2

(Nov.17) Peter Chan, Sandra Ng and Vincent Kok of Mr. and Mrs Incredible collaborated with the Hong Kong Tourism Board to promote winter holiday tourism and  shopping. A 3D animated short film featured characters named ‘Hong-Hong’ and ‘Kong-Kong’. Peter Chan, jokingly, announced the release date for Mr. and Mrs. Incredible as January 32, 2011, meaning the day after January 31st.

Peter Chan

Director Vincent Kok

Sandra Ng, Peter Chan, Vincent Kok

Sandra Ng, Peter Chan (Sina)

Li Qin (Dream of the Red Mansions) plays Blue Phoenix in Mr.and Mrs. Incredible


Let the Bullet posters outlining the characters and relationships

Jiang Wen

Chow Yun-Fat

Ge You (Sina)

Wang Xueqi in Chen Kaige’s Sacrifice (Sina)

Founding of a Party

Wang Leehom

Daniel Wu

Qin Lan, Bai Bing (Sina)

The Taiwanese actress and her millionaire boyfriend registered their marriage in Beijing on Tuesday, and will hold their wedding in March. [Rumors of her pregnancy _may_ prove to be unfounded. :D]

Hsu may have called Wang her “husband” in her statement, however, due to regulations governing cross–strait marriages; they are not legally husband and wife yet.

Netizens are gleefully flaming the 34-year-old, calling her everything from “evil woman” and “gold-digger” to “more disgusting than a rat” and “Big quot; (a play on Hsu’s official nickname Big S). The cause of such outrage?


October 19, 2010

October 19, 2010

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Variety: My Ex-Wife’s Wedding review

Love fades but won’t let go in “My Ex-Wife’s Wedding,” a glossy but only partially successful Pan-Asian take on the post-divorce romantic-comedy subgenre.

CRI: Cantonese Trailer for ‘Bruce Lee’ Released

FBA:  Huayi sets date for One 2

Huayi Brothers has announced that the sequel to Feng Xiaogang’s romantic comedy If You are the One will open in China on 22 Dec. Lead actor Ge You also starring in Chen Kaige’s Sacrifice and Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly.

Chow Yun-Fat, Li Jing - The Founding of a Party

He Yunwei plays a French translator

Li Jing plays Chow Yun-Fat’s son (Sina)

CRI: Zhou Xun Poses for ‘i-D’

Mainland singer-actress Zhou Xun was featured in a photoshot for a special 30th-anniversary issue of fashion magazine “i-D”. Zhou dresses up in black lace and imitates a rock singer displaying her wild charm.

Faye Wong concert crashes Taiwan ticket system

Hong Kong media also reports rumor of an April concert in Hong Kong. Faye supposedly would perform for only 45 minutes and the remainder would be filled by video games. At a 2500 yuan price, that works out to 55 yuan per minute for the shortest concert in the history of Hong Kong. (Xinhua)

Netizens claim Zhang Ziyi wore knock-off dress at awards ceremony (Xinhua-photos)

Francis Ng and 2 year-old son spotted out shopping last week (Sina)

Karen Mok in Singapore


The Hong Kong actress is mad about co-star stealing her lead role and getting double her pay in Lunar New Year flick.

Cecilia Cheung - You wanna beef with this? (Xinhua)

MSN: Tony Leung and Donnie Yen are worth $5m each (HK$30M)

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