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July 14, 2011

July 14, 2011

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Andy Lau Rescues Hit Kung Fu Film

Equal parts bone-cracking, sidesplitting and heartbreaking, Gallants is the sort of Hong Kong kung fu comedy you wish got made more often.

Best-selling novel-turned-movie to be released in cinemas

The Killer Who Never Kills

The movie follows the life of a contract killer who does not have the heart to kill anyone but uses deceit and trickery to give the appearance that he has killed his targets.

Produced by prolific Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang and directed by Taiwanese director Apple Lee, the movie stars Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao in the title role, while Taiwanese starlet Lin Chen-shi plays the female protagonist and love interest Hsiao Li.

CRI: ‘Winds of September’ Director Takes on New Film

“CJ7″ starlet Xu Jiao will portray the leading character, while Rene Liu and Harlem Yu are set to play her parents who are going through marital problems. (Sina)

A1: Tony Leung to play Lee Kuan Yew in upcoming ‘1965′ movie2

Heavyweights such as Maggie Cheung and Hollywood actress Julianne Moore are also slated to star in the movie, which will be directed by Hong Kong director, Peter Chan. [The Sina report cites Carina Lau's weibo, but I can't find the post.] (Sina)


Shu Qi and mainland TV actress Tong Liya have agreed to appear in the Stephen Chow-Derek Kwok Monkey King/Journey to the West film according to news reports. Shu Qi will play the White-Boned Demon and Tong Liya, the Spider Demon, and Wen Zhang, Tripitaka. The status of Show Luo is up in the air as he was originally cast as the Monkey King. Chow has quietly started filming at Hengdian. The film has a new Chinese title, “Journey to the West Legendary Demon Slayer”.  (Xinhua)(Sina)

The three different city backgrounds in the posters hint at clues to the story: Shenzhen for Daniel Wu, Shanghai for Louis Koo, Hong Kong for Lau Ching-Wan.

Combined edition poster(Sina-gallery)

New York premiere of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Nicole Kidman and Li Bingbing

“Tiger Mom” Amy Chua (in red) and her two daughters, Lucy Liu, Wendi Deng

With Ben Kingsley

Other guests included Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Ivanka Trump, Keith Urban, Gabourey Sidibe and Harvey Weinstein.

(Sina)234 (Sina-slideshow)

Peter Chan, Takeshi Kaneshiro

Peter Chan and Takeshi Kaneshiro met with People’s University students in Beijing. As a surprise gift, Chan brought previously unseen deleted fight scenes featuring Kaneshiro from Wu Xia. (Sina)

The two Hong Kong celebrities missed each other by 20 minutes

The Tse family had reportedly hired an ex-FBI agent to snoop on Cecilia after her in-flight meeting with Edison. They were rumoured to have acquired enough information to guarantee Nicholas a win during the custody battle.


Nicholas Tse looks set to head for a costly divorce settlement.

(July 14) Cecilia was in Shanghai for an event and looked especially thin.

Sammi Cheng, Zhou Dongyu, Guo Jingjing and other celebrities also attended the event


April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011

THR: ’3D Sex and Zen’ Beats Out ‘Avatar’ for One-Day Hong Kong Record

Producers had set aside “lady’s house” women-only screenings of the film on two screens, which proved popular as well and were sold out.

WSJ: ’3-D Sex and Zen’ Tops Weekend Box Office

The soft-porn movie “3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” pulled in 13.1 million Hong Kong dollars (US$1.7 million) on its opening weekend in Hong Kong, topping the box-office chart for the four-day period ending Sunday, according to the local Motion Picture Industry Association.

“3D Sex” sells!

Variety: 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy review

Auds get an eyeful of flesh, served with sadistic, spasmodic laughs, in “3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy,” an attempt to revive the 1990s Hong Kong softcore-comedy franchise.

GlobalTimes: Golden times for ‘Gallants’

A rollicking homage to Hong Kong kung fu movies in the 1970s, Andy Lau’s Gallants was the dark horse of the night, scooping Best Film, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Film Score.

[Carina] Lau, wife to Hong Kong actor Tony Leung, has had six such nominations over the past 22 years. Though her performance in Detective Dee is generally regarded as not as convincing as her past roles, she beat fellow contenders Miriam Yeung, Fiona Sit, Tang Wei, and Josie Ho, daughter of Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho.

“Counting acting alone, I would choose Yeung or Sit,” critics Wei revealed to the Global Times, “but Lau has too many failed experiences and the judges felt they owed her the award. She won due to her long professional career and tradition-respecting in the Hong Kong film circle.”

Ed’s Favorite Hong Kong actresses gives his take on the actresses and their dresses seen on the red carpet at the HKFA awards on Sunday night.

MSN: Carina Lau crowned Best Actress after 25 years

Best Actor, 1994 for The Untold Story

After receiving the award, Anthony Wong was distressed over receiving nothing but offers for trashy roles, so he threw the trophy into the trash but his mother later retrieved it. (Xinhua)

THR: ’Love Letter’ Director to Head New Talent Jury at Shanghai Int’l FIlm Fest

Shunji Iwai is best known in China for his 1995 teen romance film. (CF)

FBA: Beijing Screenings highlights trends

CF: Latest Photos of “The Founding of a Party”

The production company of “The Founding of a Party” released new photos featured Chen Kun as Zhou Enlai, Chang Chen as Chiang Kai-shek, Yu Shaoqun as Mei Lanfang and Ma Shaohua as Sun Yat-sen.

CF: Poster Out for Thriller “Case Sensitive”

The film is a Sino-American co-production, with American director Gil Kofman taking the helm.

It revolves around Luo Xiaoni, played by Ady Ang, a web celebrity who pretends to be kidnapped to gain more exposure.

Gu Changwei enrolled three famous directors for surprise guest roles in his new film Till Death Do Us Part/Life is a Miracle which opens in May.

Feng Xiaogang

Lu Chuan

Gu Changwei, Jiang Wen

Pu Cunxin, Feng Xiaogang


Jiang Wu

War of Words: Jiang Wu in dispute with Warring States director Jin Chen, had his scene deleted. Jin Chen charged that of a 30 day contract, Jiang Wu only showed up for 7 days at a time. Jiang Wu responded that he completed his required shots and will leave for the audience to judge. Jin Chen said some of the dross can be deleted and that if he deleted the essence of the film and left the dross in, it would foolish [oh, snap]. Jiang Wu, for his part, said that the shoot was chaotic and the script changed 5 times. Jin Chen said that Jiang Wu’s schedule broken into 5 visits to the set disrupted the other actors and because Jiang was absent some of his scenes could not be shot. (Sina)23

Gong Xinliang plays the Demon Green Snake in A Chinese Fairy Tale


CRI: Karen Mok Stars in Micro Movie

Filming is currently on the way on the famed US Route 66, which is known as the shooting location of many road films.

Its prequel, 90-second-long micro movie, “Explosive,” featuring Daniel Wu, was released at the end of last year.

MSN: Is Barbie Hsu pregnant?

The Taiwanese actress left a message on her microblog, saying that “something good” has happened

Change of plans for Late Autumn actor

The airline has ordered its 23 new cabin crew to master wing chun — a form of kung fu practiced by martial arts legends Bruce Lee and Ip Man — which is characterized by sharp movements and close-range combat.

Origins of Jin Ping Mei discovered? [Jing Ping Mei is the inspirational source of many a Cat. III HK films]

The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks (2008)

And have you heard of this model called Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang?

Chinese model hits celebrity status after photos leak

January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

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Glamorous exhibition and archival films to celebrate Hong Kong Film Archive 10th Anniversary

  • The HKFA now plans to embark on the restoration of the films “Colourful Youth” (1966), starring Connie Chan Po-chu, Josephine Siao Fong-fong and Woo Fung, and “The Arch” (1970), directed by Tong Shu-shuen. These restored archival treasures will then be introduced to local and overseas educational and cultural organisations.
  • In addition, a “star cards gift box” containing some of the finest photos of the featured film stars will be on sale at $88 at the HKFA.
  • Other thematic exhibitions and screenings to be held later this year include a retrospective of the Union Film Company, Movies on Railways, and the films of director and martial arts choreographer Lau Ka-leung.
  • A HKFA 10th Anniversary souvenir booklet is also being published.


THR: ‘Let The Bullets Fly’ Now China’s All-Time No. 3 Film

Shaolin poster, film opens Jan. 19 (21cn)

Michelle Yeoh is secretly filming The Lady in Paris to avoid affecting the safety of Aung San Suu Kyi who could be rearrested by the Burmese government at any time. A fall UK release is planned. (Sina)

Rosamund Kwan joins Andy Lau onstage.

Fellow Five Tigers Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Ken Tong also joined Andy to sing As Time Goes By. (The other, 5th Tiger, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai was not there.)


Carina Lau (Sina)

(1) Liza Wang, (4) Idy Chan (Kwongwah)

Godmother Deanie Ip, according to one report, got embarrassingly drunk at the concert celebration party.

(ifeng) (tom)

MSN: Carina Lau wants Andy Lau to thank Carol Chu for her sacrifices

Andy’s guests for the night included Idy Chan, who acted with him in The Return of the Condor Hero as Little Dragon Maiden. Both of them shared a duet, ‘The Courageous Chinese’.

Desperately seeking publicity?

Carina Lau marks her 45th birthday with a sultry calendar shoot, but critics say it’s a desperate attempt to boost her sagging popularity.

July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010

Curse of the Deserted poster

Directed by Law Chi-Leung (Lo Chi-Leung)

Kitty Zhang Yuqi

Shawn Yue


Curse of the Deserted - Gossip Edition poster

Shawn Yue


Zhang Yimou

“I can not wait for you one year and one month, and I can not wait until you are 20 years old, but I will wait for you forever … …” (from the opening page of the novel)

Yesterday’s announcement that Love of the Hawthorne Tree would be released in September and not during the Spring Festival was an unexpected surprise. Did Zhang Yimou blink against the competion of Chen Kaige’s  Zhao’s Orphan, Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly, Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grand Master, and Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One 2? Still, he will have to face Detective Dee, Fist of Legend: Return of Chen Zhen and Reign of Assassins in the fall. In comparison, the arts and letters Hawthorne looks weak in comparison. (Xinhua) (Sina-April stealth set photos)

A TV version of Love of the Hawthorne Tree begins shooting in August. (Sina)2

Variety: Gallants

Two over-the-hill kung fu fighters sitting around a teahouse, waiting for their master to awaken from a 30-year coma, hardly sounds like the stuff of side-splitting comedy. But the pair in question, charismatic ’70s Hong Kong martial-arts legends Bruce Leung and Chen Kuan-tai, keep the drollery bubbling nicely in “Gallants!,” bestirring their arthritic joints to kick younger, nastier ass. The sudden awakening of their diminutive, dictatorial master, unaware of the passage of time, ups the antics exponentially as Teddy Robin happily steals the show.

Au Revoir Taipei: Delightful romp

Director Arvin Chen has delivered one enjoyable feature debut. With smart, economical dialogue and snappy editing, this movie has just the right amount of empathy for all the players in this ensemble flick.

More “Restored Treasures” to screen at HK Film Archive

The HKFA will continue to screen a restored film on the first Sunday of every month, featuring a mix of works from Hong Kong and abroad. Chor Yuen’s “Cold Blade” is a film of great importance as it marks the turning point in the career of the great director. Chor had enjoyed a successful career in Cantonese cinema.

THR: Records tumble on ‘Aftershock’ opening weekend

FBA: Giant screen BO for Aftershock

IMAX screens in China clocked up an exceptional $640,000 over the weekend with their screenings of Feng Xiaogang’s Aftershock.

Sheng Wenjie

Aftershock MV, theme song, ‘23 seconds, 32 years’ sung by Sheng Wenjie. (Xinhua)

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei appearing at health drink endorsement event in Beijing.

She would not confirm working on Painted Skin 2 or signing with Polybona, a switch from Huayi Brothers. Zhao Wei only said that she would resume filmmaking in two months. (Xinhua-slide show)

CRI: Zhao Wei Announces New Film, Not ‘Painted Skin 2′

CRI: Latest Stills of “All about Love” (Ann Hui)

“All About Love” featuring Vivian Chow, Sandra Ng and William Chan tells a cradle-snatcher’s love story.

John Woo will play Lin Sen

Lin Sen

CRI: John Woo Signs on to Act in CPC Anniversary Film

CRI: Horror Film “The Island” Holds Press Conference

The film tells a story of a billionaire who sets up a deadly game on an island in Southeast Asia in an attempt to save his son who is in need of a heart transplant. He picks up 7 Asians from different areas, but only one of them can survive. The seven people have to go through five obstacles testing their bravery and wisdom in order to survive.

CRI: 7 Scenes from Film “Reign of Assassins” Released

A short article speculates that Faye Wong’s 10 concert 100 million yuan payday is to fix her husband’s cash flow problem with his 3D online game venture. (Xinhua)

Tang Wei: “a good foundation, skin a bit dry”

Photo essay: This photo gallery inspects, up close, up the nose, the pores of your favorite celebrities and makes random snarky remarks: Tang Wei, Sandra Ng, A-Mei, Lin Chi-Ling, Wang Lee Hom, Richie Jen, Jane Zhang, Liu Yifei, Faye Wong, et al. (Xinhua-slide show)

Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam): Before/after photos to ‘prove’ boob-job speculation. (Xinhua)

Li Bingbing and Tony Blair

Li Bingbing

Tony Blair, founder of The Climate Group met with Li Bingbing, UN Environmental Ambassador in Shanghai. (Xinhua)

CRI: Tony Blair and Li Bingbing Promote Million Forest Campaign

Allowed at ACGHK

Transformers (seibertron)

Not allowed

Jessica C.

Jessica C.

Chrissie Chau


Chrissie Chau

from Weibo (microblog)

(It’s an app!) (No, it’s a growth stock!)

HKStandard: `No comic capers’ warning as teen models draw another ban

The ban on so-called teen models holding sexy promotions at the Book Fair has been extended to the annual Animation- Comic-Games Festival which begins on Friday.

Organizers have told pseudo-models Chrissie Chow Sau-na and Jessica C they will not be able to take part in a Microsoft promotion, though they will be allowed to enter the event as visitors…

According to one report, Chow and Jessica C were informed on Monday they would not be allowed to take part in a Microsoft online sports game promotion on the first day of the fair…

The models are allowed to attend as visitors, the spokeswoman said, adding: “If they cause chaos they will be asked to leave.”

Latest book sales tallies (Sina)

Angelababy has replaced Namie Amuro in Japan as Sassoon’s spokesperson

(Ooh, la la, Sassoon!)


Wearing one-of-a-kind Christian Louboutin red crystal red high heels (Xinhua)

SG: Lee Hom raises a storm

However, due to the sheer number of people at the event and the lack of space, two reporters had a tussle over standing positions and stage crew had to allocate extra space to alleviate the tension…The troubles did not end there.

Southern Entertainment Weekly cover with Carina Lau (Xinhua)

Carina Lau more than friends with property magnate?

In one of the photos, Lau was resting her chin on Jing’s shoulder while the 39-year-old billionaire had his hand on her thigh, sparking rumours that Lau, 44, and Jing, who is reportedly a married man, were more than friends.

The actress was even reported to have eschewed spending time with husband, Hong Kong actor Tony Leung on their second wedding anniversary on July 21, to be with Jing in Beijing.

HKStandard: Fair attendance one for the books

The weeklong Hong Kong Book Fair closed yesterday with a record 920,000 visitors but with mixed fortunes at the cash register for exhibitors.

Hong Kong’s most infamous tour guide Li Hau-chun broke down in tears yesterday as she apologized for bringing the tourist trade into disrepute with a seven- minute rant at a group of mainland tourists that was secretly filmed and went viral on the internet and TV.

Background: HKStandard: There’ll be hell to payWSJ: Hong Kong: Don’t Shop? Don’t Come

Gallants! (Variety review)

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Da lui toi

(Hong Kong) A Focus Films, Sil-Metropole Organization, Zhejiang Bona Film & TV Prod. Co. production. (International sales: Golden Network, Hong Kong.) Produced by Lam Ka-tung. Executive producers, Andy Lau, Song Dai, Yu Dong. Co-producers, Cheung Hong-tai, Jeffrey Chan. Directed, written by Derek Kwok, Clement Cheng. Screenplay, Kwok, Cheng, Frankie Tam.

With: Bruce Leung, Chen Kuan-tai, Teddy Robin, J.J. Jia, Chan Wai-man, Susan Shaw, Wong You-nam, MC Jin. (Cantonese dialogue)

Two over-the-hill kung fu fighters sitting around a teahouse, waiting for their master to awaken from a 30-year coma, hardly sounds like the stuff of side-splitting comedy. But the pair in question, charismatic ’70s Hong Kong martial-arts legends Bruce Leung and Chen Kuan-tai, keep the drollery bubbling nicely in “Gallants!,” bestirring their arthritic joints to kick younger, nastier ass. The sudden awakening of their diminutive, dictatorial master, unaware of the passage of time, ups the antics exponentially as Teddy Robin happily steals the show. Unfortunately, without current marquee names, pic may not snare the distribution it deserves.

With their beloved Master Law (Robin) comatose, Dragon (Chen) and Tiger (Leung, “Kung Fu Hustle”) are reduced to massaging the maestro’s limbs and waiting tables in his converted school, now a teahouse. When the eatery becomes the target of a shady real estate development scheme, the duo almost relishes the break in the boredom and the opportunity to confront Master Pong (former gangster and kickboxing champion Chan Wai-man), spokesman for an upscale, compromised version of the martial arts.

Caught in the middle is the pic’s putative young hero, office-boy Cheung (Wong You-nam), a quivering 97-pound weakling and abuse magnet. Sent to the boondocks to work for the real estate goons, he secretly desires to learn kung fu from Tiger, who rescues him from local bullies.

Initial strong-arm tactics result in Pong’s minions dropping Master Law on his head, awakening him from his long snooze. The master then picks up exactly where he left off, carousing and flinging orders while his entourage flutters anxiously around him, feeling obliged to maintain the illusion that no time has passed. In a hilarious, unsentimental literalization of nostalgia as a byproduct of amnesia, Tiger and Dragon must pretend to be unknown amateurs, while the skinny, underdeveloped Cheung is somehow cast as both Dragon and Tiger in the master’s mind. This comedy conceit plays out effortlessly in the hands of the geriatric thesp trio as Law’s resurrection forces Pong to reshape his power play as a martial-arts contest.

Seasoned pros combine with hotshot newcomers behind the camera as well. Hong Kong star Andy Lau exec produced, while Robin, a noted producer and mainstay of Chinese rock ‘n’ roll, also wrote the score. Young helmers Derek Kwok (”Pye Dog,” “The Moss”) and writer-turned-director Clement Cheng pay dynamic homage to the Shaw Brothers tradition without undue slavishness. Longtime action choreographer Yuen Tak eschews both wirework and CGI; the wonder of the excellent kung fu sequences can be attributed to Chen’s and particularly Leung’s miraculous transcendence of age and injury.

Camera (color), O Sing-pui; editor, Hui Wai-kit; music, Teddy Robin; production designer/costume designer, Silver Cheung; sound (Dolby Digital), Bernard Chen; sound designer/re-recording mixer, Lam Siu-yu; action director, Yuen Tak; visual effects, Henri Wong. Reviewed at New York Asian Film Festival, July 8, 2010. Running time: 97 MIN.

May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010

Variety: Poetry (Sourth Korea) Latest film from Lee Chang-Dong

A woman takes up writing poems as a means of coping with her difficult grandson and the onset of Alzheimer’s — a description that conveys little hint of the subtle intelligence at work in Lee Chang-dong’s quietly haunting new picture. Calmer and less shattering than his masterly psychodrama “Secret Sunshine” (2007), “Poetry” is a deceptively gentle tale with a tender ache at its center, as well as a performance from Yun Jung-hee that lingers long in the memory.

CRI:Movie Guide: ‘Gallants’

Although the story is set in present-day Hong Kong, the film’s trailer easily conjures up the Shaw Brothers movies of the 1970s and ’80s. The background music is familiar, and text in old-school fonts is deliberately printed from right to left. A cast of ’80s stars also adds to the retro feeling.

“Gallants” will open on the Chinese mainland on June 4 without a Mandarin version, unlike most Hong Kong movies, which usually are released in an additional Mandarin version to cater to mainland audiences.

CRI: Chinese Crime Thriller ‘Wind Blast’ Unveils Trailer, Poster (Previously, Fierce West Wind here)

September 2 release date.

Lam Suet, Huang Yi - Legend is Born

To Yu-Hang - Legend is Born

CRI: ‘The Legend Is Born - Ip Man’ Set for Release in June

CRI: Jet Li’s Father-Son Film Competes in Shanghai

Jet Li’s first non-action drama, “Ocean Heaven” [Ocean Paradise], is among the 16 films competing for the top Golden Goblet award at this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival, the organizer announced Thursday.

Guei Lun-Mei’s pole dance scene was, regrettably, deleted

Wen Zhang, Guei Lun-Mei - Ocean Paradise (HunanTV)

(May 18) Jeff Lau’s Fantastic Water Babes began its publicity tour in Changsha, Hunan. A July 9 release is planned.

Jeff Lau, Alex Fong Lik-Sun, Gillian Choi, Stephen Fung

Gillian Chung

Jeff Lau

Stephen Fung, Alex Fong (HunanTV)

Jiang Wen is busy in Cannes promoting Let the Bullets Fly (Xinhua)

CNNGo: Complete guide to the best Hong Kong movie experiences

[I'm guessing the Fanling Theatre is the one that's often seen in the old Connie Chan films.]

THR: Bangkok cinemas burned by rioters

Multiplexes, classic theater destroyed by arsonists

The classic Siam Theater nearby was gutted by fire. The 1,000-seat, single-screen cinema opened in the 1960s, and was considered a Bangkok landmark, especially among film fans.

The fires were sure to slow the boxoffice of Tony Jaa’s newest martial arts release, “Ong Bak 3,” released May 5.

Wang Xueqi

Wang Xueqi, lead actor in Chongqing Blues, missed the Cannes red carpet due to problems obtaining a visa. He is hoping to join the rest of the cast and crew before the closing ceremony and also get in some sightseeing. In 1998, he won the Special Grand Jury Prize at the Montreal Film Festival for Sun Bird a film that he co-directed. It’s also reported that the crew has been asked to stay in Cannes, a hint and usual indicator that the film may collect a prize or two. (HunanTV)2

Andy On Chi-Kit’s birthday

Andy On, Donnie Yen

Cast and crew conspired to surprise Andy On with two large birthday cakes on the set of Felix Chong’s and Andy Mak’s Guan Yun Chang (Lost Bladesman) (Sina)

Sammi Cheng gets a (temporary) tattoo for a cause

July 7 (7.7) is MSF (Doctors Without Borders) 2010 Day

Sammi is donating part of her album royalties as Action Ambassador for MSF (Sina)

Fan Bingbing, Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele of Chopard

Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele is the co-president of luxury watch and jewelry brand Chopard. Chopard redesigned Cannes’ highest award the Golden Palm (Palme d’Or) in 1998. (Sina)

May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010

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Jadin Wong

Jadin Wong - pioneering Asian performer - dies

Variety: Ip Man 2

Hot Docs Review: ‘Disorder’

“Disorder” is a montage of 20 short videos filmed at a Chinese seaport metropolis depicting the daily life of urban China in 2008.

THR: Rough times for Hong Kong indies

THR: China’s booming boxoffice buoys HK biz

Zhang Yimou sued over opera copyright

CRI: Andy Lau Presents ‘Gallants(Sina)

CRI: Zhang Yang’s ‘Unmanned’ Stills

Zhang Yang’s new romantic film “Unmanned” (”Wu Ren Jia Shi”) is set for release on July 2.

Golden Horse best actor Liu Ye, as well as actresses Gao Yuanyuan, Li Xiaoran and Wang Luodan star in the film.

Director Zhang says that this movie is an updated version of his 1997 film “Spicy Love Soup”, and it presents love stories set in our current “material era.”

CRI: Bruce Lee Biopic to Be Shot in June

CRI: ‘The Emerald and the Pearl’ Premieres in Beijing

Director John Woo to head Shanghai film fest jury

Detective Dee trailer

Legend of the Fist trailer

Despite heavy security on site, a photo of Zhang Yimou’s Hawthorne Tree Forever lead actress, playing Jingqiu/Quiet Autumn, has leaked out. (Xinhua)

Simon Yam appearing on a Taiwan TV talk show to promote Echoes of the Rainbow

Simon Yam and TV host

Simon talked about how he first met wife Qi Qi in Vienna. Also, because his father died when he was 11 years-old, Simon helped earn money by making plastic flowers, stringing plastic beads, ironing, sewing, make shoes and other household crafts. As he liked to make shoes, the film’s producers gave him set of handmade shoemaking tools. Simon promised to make the host a pair of leather shoes. (Sina)

Peter Ho Yun-Tung and Zhang Jingchu


3Gs - Miriam Yeung with mother and grandmother

Photo from micro-blog

Miriam with grandmother on Mother’s Day

Miriam denied rumors that she had had an abortion after fans read a recent despondent post on her micro-blog. A subsequent post told her fans not to worry, she had never been pregnant so cannot have an abortion. Miriam said the rumors scared her family and told the malicious to reflect and make up for what they write. (Sina)

Did Lucas learn an obscene hand gesture (see Germany, Japan, Korea) from mommy or daddy? (Sina)

Lucas and Nicholas Tse returning to the hospital

Nicholas has been feeding the over 100 media reporters with boxes of egg tarts the past few days while they have staking out their home and hospital. (Sina)

Vicki Zhao in no rush to start work

Sandy Lam is Kim Robinson’s muse

Kim Robinson, has temporarily shelved aside his trusty scissors in favour of canvases and paintbrushes

May 7, 2010

May 7, 2010

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The martial arts comedy The Gallants opens in Hong Kong and the mainland June 4. It is produced by Andy Lau as part of his new directors program. Stars include Chen Kwun-Tai, Teddy Robin, Michale Chan Wai-Man and Bruce Liang Siu-Lung. (Sina)

Taipei Times: Pinoy Sunday

Hidden in plain sight

‘Pinoy Sunday’ will most likely not be playing at a theater near you because its subject is Taiwan’s migrant workers — a topic most cinemas think will be of little interest to mainstream audiences.

WSJ: 2010 Cannes Film Festival: Asian Films Come on Strong

WSJ: Asia in Cannes

Gong Li, John Cusack in Shanghai

Chow Yun-Fat, underworld godfather, resembling a mature version of his Hui Man-Keung character in The Bund (Xinhua)

Dream Home vomit bag (Sina)

Zhang Yimou will begin shooting 13 Women of Jinling (Nanjing) in October. Besides a 15 year-old newcomer from Nanjing Foreign Language School, a Hollywood actress is expected to be cast. 13 Women is based on an internet novel about 13 sex workers who volunteer to replace university students as ‘comfort women’ for the Japanese in 1937. (Sina)

Vivian Hsu

Launch ceremony (Source)

Vivian Hsu has begun filming ‘Juliet’ in Taiwan. She plays a woman with polio who enters into a taboo relationship with a younger man played by Wang Po-Chieh. Hou Chi-Jan directs. (Sina)2

CRI: Jackie Chan Advocates Protecting the Earth

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

CRI: Daniel Wu on Cover of Comfort

Cecilia Yip admits she drank and drove


HK celebs stripped for a good cause

CRI: Xidan Angel to Become Superstar

Subway singer was internet sensation

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