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April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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Latest poster for Ning Hao’s “Guns N’ Roses”/”Guns and Roses”


A double nominee at the upcoming 31st Hong Kong Film Awards, veteran actor Sean Lau Ching Wan is glad that he has double the odds of winning the Best Actor trophy in the face of strong rivals like Andy Lau.

Some of the promotional photos of the nominees for the upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards released yesterday

Deanie Ip - Best Actress (A Simple Life)

Andy Lau - Best Actor (A Simple Life)

Lau Ching-Wan - Best Actor (Overheard 2, Life Without Principle)

Shu Qi - Best Actress (A Beautiful Life)

Tang Wei - Best Actress (Wu Xia)

Gao Yuanyuan - Best Actress (Don’t Go Breaking My Heart)

Zhou Xun - Best Actress (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate)

Ni Kuang - Lifetime Achievement Award

Deanie Ip, Karena Ng, Shiga Lin, Kenneth Tsang were among the guests for the press conference and photo releases

Deanie Ip (Sina)2

Shu Qi in Lan Kwai Fong


MSN: Shu Qi’s late night date with Stephen Fung

MSN: Did Jay Chou take advantage of his female assistant?

CNA: Jay Chou says he is no buttock pincher

Yahoo: Knicks star Jeremy Lin recovering after knee surgery

Jeremy Lin tweets photo of himself recovering in hospital bed

Also during the Q&A, Lin admitted to being “deathly afraid of needles,” joked that he wouldn’t commit any turnovers the next six weeks, said he was going to start rehab on Tuesday and broke the hearts of many young fans by informing them: “im sorry i cant go to any proms, i will still be rehabbing, practicing and at knicks games lol.”

February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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FBA: Bullets still flying at HK Film Awards

Bullets’ 13 nominations is only just ahead of Flying Swords, which boasts 12 nominations. In third place, with 11 nominations, is Peter Chan’s Wu Xia

CF: Mainland Box Office Chart in the 5th Week

Wong Jing’s workplace romantic comedy “Marry a Perfect Man” opens in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia simultaneously on March 16.

Ronald Cheng, Gigi Leung

Xie Na, Chapman To

Gong Xinliang, Chapman To, Meng Yao


More Crazy: Francis Ng directed the promotional MV for the upcoming “Crazy Stupid Thief” (Chinese title). The film opens March 1. Lam Suet, Francis Ng, Teddy Lin Wai-Kin and mainland comedians costar. The film comes from the creative team behind “Crazy Stone” and “Crazy Racer” but little details have been revealed about the film. The MV has been pulled from YouTube (why?) but it can be seen here (Video), or below.

Ying Er

Ying Er

From film’s weibo site

Poster markets film as 3rd in the “Crazy” series

Peng Bo, Francis Ng (Sina)23

CF: Huang Xiaoming Portrays Men’s Style on Elle Men Magazine

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Nicholas Tse, Jay Chou, Edison Chen, Jackie Chan

MSN: Are Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy married?

A photo of what seemed like the celebrity couple’s marriage certificate was leaked yesterday

MSN: Officer punished because of Ethan Ruan

A1: Taiwan’s military punishes two trainers for taking pictures with celebrity recruit

MSN: Vivian Chow’s childhood photos unveiled

Netizens complimented the Hong Kong actress, calling her the “goddess who doesn’t age”

Vivian Chow

February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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Variety: Flying Swords of Dragon Gate review

The 3D is terrific in “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate,” but helmer Tsui Hark’s costume actioner — the first Chinese-lingo movie shown in the stereoscopic Imax format — is let down by two-dimensional characters.

CF: Video Clip of Remastered “New Dragon Inn” Released

CF: ”Let the Bullets Fly” Gets North America Release

Shu Qi, Shawn Yue star in Carol Lai’s “The Second Woman”

Shu Qi plays duo roles as twin sisters in the romance-horror.


Final poster for “Romancing in Thin Air”  (Sina)

Lau Ching-Wan and Nicholas Tse attended the announcement of the HKFA nominations


‘Let the Bullets Fly’ and ‘Dragon Gate’ top HKFA’s shortlist

MSN: Nicholas Tse’s eldest son Lucas hospitalised for high fever

MSN: Choi Min-Sik afraid of Cecilia Cheung

The actress made news in South Korea recently when veteran actor Choi Min-Sik revealed an unhappy working experience with the former 11 years ago on the movie Falian.

Cecilia’s father, Zhang Ren Yong, was said to have powerful connections to the triads and stirred much fear within the production team of movie Falian.

Ceclia Cheung and father (Sina)

A1: Lollipop F’s Owodog avoids tweeting Gillian Chung

Rumours started flying last September when the two were seen tweeting each other on Weibo frequently.

Gillian was also seen attending a gathering at Owodog’s home, and catching You Are The Apple of My Eye with him in Taipei.

CNet: Ethical iPhone 5 petitions to be delivered to Apple stores

In a statement today, watchdog group SumOfUs said that it plans to deliver its own petition, along with one from, to a number of Apple’s retail stores around the world. That includes New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, London, Sydney, and Bangalore.

Mike Daisey was a self-described “worshipper in the cult of Mac.” Then he saw some photos from a new iPhone, taken by workers at the factory where it was made. Mike wondered: Who makes all my crap? He traveled to China to find out.

April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011

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CRI: ’Detective Dee’ Sweeps HK Film Awards

FBA: Gallants and Dee split HK Film Awards

Carina Lau: “It doesn’t compare to Tony”

Carina arrives in Versace

Carina Lau’s mother at the awards

The young grandmaster posted by Carina on her weibo (Xinhua)

[Photos] The 30th Hong Kong Film Awards (CRI)

CF: Movie Stars Shine 30th HKFAA1-slideshow

A1: List of winners from the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards

CF: Ancient Beauty of “The Last Supper” on the Way

Lu said in his interview that “I can only tell you the actress is a new face. And she will appear at Xiangshan with the cast too. I just haven’t figured out how to introduce her yet.”

WSJ: Bullets, Love and Beijing’s Heavy Hand

On the 35th HKIFF, Jia Zhangke and Jiang Wen. [Nice article and I especially like the poem at the end.]

When I was young I did not understand melancholy.
I just wanted to climb, higher and higher.
Nowadays I understand the taste of melancholy.
I want to talk about it, but I give up even before I try.


New stills of Liu Ye and Shu Qi in a drunk scene from A Beautiful Life released

CRI:  [Special] The 1st Beijing Int’l Film Festival

CF: ’Looper’ Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Shanghai

AP: After ‘Inception’ success, Gordon-Levitt tackles new sci-fi film set in China


FBA: Sex and Zen opens strongly in HK, Taiwan

CF: ”Nanjing Heroes” Eyes a Box Office of One Billion

Zhang Yimou’s new epic war film “Nanjing Heroes” will finish its shooting process in June. Producer Zhang Weiping agreed to an interview with Beijing Evening News on Apr 12 to talk about his expectation of this film, saying, “‘Nanjing Heroes’ will at least gain one billion RMB in China.”

CF:Final Poster Released for “The Lost Bladesman”

This film will open in theaters on April 26.

Two concept posters for One Wrong Step (lit. Bottomless Pit), a suspense comedy film, directed by first time director Jiang Tao.


Aaron Kwok kicks off his 2011 Reel World Concert Tour in Shanghai.

Actress Zhang Yuqi admitted Friday, she has gotten engaged to Berlinale-winning director Wang Quan’an.

July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010

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ATV hands over treasured films to Hong Kong Film Archive

This valuable collection includes Cantonese, Mandarin and Chaozhou dialect films from the 1940s to the 1990s, with classics such as The Judge Goes to Pieces (1948), A Star of Mischief is Born (1951), How Wong Fei-hung Set Fire to Dashatou (1956), She Married an Overseas Chinese (1957), Three Trials of the Number One Scholars Wife (1958), My Intimate Partners (1960), He is a Rare and Passionate Lover (1962), The Dragon and the Phoenix (1963), The Young Swordsman Lung Kim Fei (1964), The Flag of Death (1965), Dragon Inn (1967) and Incredible Rumour (1968).

HKStandard: Thanks for the memories

The collection includes classic Cantonese films from as early as the 1940s such as The Judge Goes to Pieces (1948), starring the renowned Cantonese opera singer and actor Sun Ma Sze Tsang, and the famous wuxia genre director King Hu’s Dragon Inn (1967).

CRI:Ge You’s Three Films Anticipate US$150 Million in Revenue

Ge You’s three films “Zhao’s Orphan,” “Let the Bullets Fly” and “If You Are the One 2″ will open in China by the end of 2010

Fantastic Water Babes

Mainland audiences are reportedly clamoring for the Cantonese version of the film. Recent Hong Kong films Love in a Puff and Crossing Hennessy were well received in their Cantonese forms. Younger viewers appreciate the nonsense comedy, idioms and slang, and feel it’s best reflected in the original. After pre-release screenings, audiences from all 31 provinces including the far northeast and southwest are requesting the Cantonese version. Those seeing the non-Cantonese version have expressed dissatifaction. (Sina)

Johnnie To’s Single Men and Women on a hot summer day

Daniel Wu looking sharp, Brother Sharp, in Central

Johnnie To, Louis Koo

Ukrainian model, Larisa (formerly Larisa Angela)

JJ Jia Xiao-Chen (l) (Xinhua)

Wang Ziwen - Aftershock

Wang Ziwen’s debut film was Post-Modern Life of My Aunt (Sina)

Homecoming queen Gong Li takes charge

No awkward questions, please.


CRI: Poster Unveiled for Faye Wong’s Concert Comeback

CRI:  Rebellious Taiwan Star Shows Ocean of Creativity - Richie Jen

SG: Cecilia Cheung denies signing no-pregnancy contract

SG: Wu Chun has not dated for 14 years?!

Danwei: Annoying fake accents on Chinese TV

Film and TV critic Meng Jing writes for Xinmin Weekly about actors adopting dodgy accents for regional TV dramas.

April 19, 2009

April 19, 2009

Josephine Siao Fong Fong - Lifetime Achievement Award

Josephine Siao Fong Fong - Lifetime Achievement Award

Raymond Wong - Best Picture (Ip Man)Ann Hui - Best Director (The Way We Are)

Nick Cheung - Best Actor (Beast Stalker)Liu Kai-Chi - Best Supporting Actor (Beast Stalker)

Chun Lai Wan - Best Supporting Actress (The Way We Are)Xu Jiao - Best New Performer (CJ7)
 Sammo Hung - Best Action Choreography (Ip Man)Paw Hee-Ching - Best Actress (The Way We Are)

28th Hong Kong Film Awards
Xinhuanet: Red carpet and awards presentation - photo gallery - photo gallery

‘Yasukuni’ hangs in limbo

Feature films get China release while documentary waits

Variety: Fish Story (Japan)

A playful Japanese sci-fi shaggy-dog story
Hollywood Reporter
Bottom Line: Light entertainment that will thrill J-pop lovers.

Variety: 20th Century Boys: Chapter 2 (Japan)

Variety: Building an epic ‘Journey’ out West
Zhang Jizhong plans Monkey King trilogy

SCMP Video Interviews
SCMP: Karena Lam breaks free in Claustrophobia (video in English)
SCMP: Jackie Chan on Shinjuku Incident (video w/subtitles)

SCMP: Nansun Shi reflects 25 years on (video w/subtitles)
SCMP: Film Workshop’s 25-year memory lane (video - Tsui Hark in English)
SCMP: Yuen Wah on playing a cook in ‘Australia’ with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman (video w/subtitles)
SCMP: Ip Chun Vanguard of Wing Chun (video w/subtitles) 

Eric still can’t find his Rose
Time’s running out for movie director Eric Khoo to find actress to play Rose Chan

I spy: Cherie Chung

Reportedly inherited HK$52M from her late husband, Cherie Chung was spotted dining with Peter Chan Ho-San

Zhang ZiyiGillian Chung

Zhang Ziyi, Gillian Chung
Odd pairing: Zhang Ziyi and Gillian Chung appear in Beijing for a cellphone handset

Gillian Chung snatches Ziyi Zhang’s limelight

Jackie Chan: Chinese people need to be controlled
Action star Jackie Chan said Saturday he’s not sure if a free society is a good thing for China and that he’s starting to think “we Chinese need to be controlled.”

Chan’s comments drew applause from a predominantly Chinese audience of business leaders in China’s southern island province of Hainan.

The 55-year-old Hong Kong actor was participating in a panel at the annual Boao Forum when he was asked to discuss censorship and restrictions on filmmakers in China. He expanded his comments to include society.

“I’m not sure if it’s good to have freedom or not,” Chan said. “I’m really confused now. If you’re too free, you’re like the way Hong Kong is now. It’s very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic.”

Chan added: “I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.”

The kung fu star has not been a vocal supporter of the pro-democracy movement in his hometown of Hong Kong. Since the former British colony returned to Chinese rule in 1997, voters have not been allowed to directly elect their leader. Several massive street protests have been held to demand full democracy, but Beijing has repeatedly said Hong Kong isn’t ready for it.

The theme at Saturday’s panel discussion was “Tapping into Asia’s Creative Industry Potential,” and Chan had several opinions about innovation in China.

He said that early in his career, he lived in the shadow of the late martial arts star Bruce Lee. He said that during his first foray into Hollywood, he struggled to establish his own identity, so he returned to Hong Kong. After spending 15 years building his reputation in Asia, Chan finally got rediscovered by Hollywood, he said.

Chan said the problem with Chinese youth is that “they like other people’s things. They don’t like their own things.” Young people need to spend more time developing their own style, he added.

The action hero complained that Chinese goods still have too many quality problems. He became emotional when discussing contaminated milk powder that sickened tens of thousands of Chinese babies in the past year.

Speaking fast with his voice rising, Chan said, “If I need to buy a TV, I’ll definitely buy a Japanese TV. A Chinese TV might explode.”

Huang Yi - photo gallery

Korea Times: 5 Face Punishment Over Actress’ Suicide

April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009

HKFA Movie Kings - Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Simon YamHKFA Movie Queens - Barbie Hsu, Paw Hee Ching, Karena Lam, Zhou Xun

Directors - Benny Chan, Ann Hui, Wilson Yip, John Woo
Johnnie To, as usual, declines to participate

The Newcomers - Zhang Yuqi, Lin Chi-ling, Xu Jiao, Monica Mok, and Juno Leung
Josephine Siao Fong Fong
HKFA nominees group photos released
Lifetime Achievement Award - Josephine Siao Fong Fong
Professionalism Award - Ding Yu
Group photos
Nominees Promote HK Film Awards
Four classic films remade as short for HKFA presentation ceremony
“A better Tomorrow”, “Days of Being Wild”, “The Eye” and “Internal Affairs” were remade as short film.

Film on Tibet starring Charlie Yeung to start shooting

Yang’s ‘Breathless’ Is Breathtaking (South Korea)

First Cambodian lesbian film is a hit

The Musician - Feature film on Xian Xinghai to be shot in Macau
Cast includes Vivian Hsu, Chen Kun and Ng Man-Tat. Li Qiankuan director
Cherie Chung
Cherie Chung mentally and physically preparing for return

Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu in John Rabe - movie clip, stills

Karen Mok

John Legend
John Legend and Karen Mok perform in Shanghai

Fan Bingbing
Another case of actresses getting groped at guest appearances

This time old photos of Fan Bingbing, Gong Li recapped. (The bearded man is actor Zhang Jizhong.)

Edison Chen

I spy: Edison Chen at Beijing International Airport with two assistants

Slide show

HK Techie Denies He Stole Edison Chen’s Pics
Edison pics seen year before
BBC: Film star sex photos trial begins

HK pop star Jill Vidal faces Tokyo trial

Controversial Release of Eileen Chang Novel

Wild boar attacks pensioner in Tai Po

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