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August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011

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FBA: I Love Hong Kong review

Enjoyable Chinese New Year comedy, packed with well-known faces and plenty of retro nostalgia.

CF: ”1911″ Chosen as Opening Film of Tokyo International Film Festival

CF: Film ‘The Sorcerer and the White Snake’ Launches Official Website

THR: Qiu Xiaolong’s ‘Chief Inspector Chen’ Books to be Adapted into Seven Feature Films

Films will be made as Australian-Chinese co-productions

Titles include Red Mandarin Dress, Death of a Red Heroine and When Red is Black.

Daniel Wu

… When I was watching that scene, I thought: ‘Holy fuck! Daniel Wu has even managed to get girls giggling in a Chinese communist propaganda movie!’

My second sister [Greta Wu] got her MBA but ended up becoming a novelist. And then my older sister [Gloria Wu] got her marketing degree and ended up being a TV host.

Interview: Overheard 2 (TimeOutHK)

Alan Mak and Felix Chong

MSN: Aarif Lee grows up through Bruce Lee

MSN: Nicholas Tse wants producers to cut away son’s scenes

“Nicholas is unhappy with what Cecilia did and does not want his son to enter showbiz at such an early age. He did not like how Cecilia was using Lucas to make money. Nicholas was already upset when she brought Lucas along during the promotions of Stephen Chow’s CJ7: The Cartoon,” he wrote.

MSN: Deborah Li meets grandchildren after three months

Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun


MSN: Zhou Xun and Vicki Zhao fight over a chair

In other related news, Zhou Xun was rumoured to star in Taiwanese director Doze Niu’s upcoming movie Love. However, she rejected the role after learning that Vicki would be in the movie too. Her role was subsequently awarded to Shu Qi.

February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011

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THR: What Women Want

Asian box office luminaries Andy Lau and Gong Li add some spice to this shiny but uninspired Chinese remake.

Opening Feb. 3 (Sina)

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible poster

Under the Influence poster

The film is a comedy about social problems and features Chen Peisi, Vivian Wu and Kristy Yang. Zhu Shimao directs and plays the lead. [I've seen some older 90's era Chen Peisi films so it's good to see him back again.]


Quick Take: I Love Hong Kong

FBA: Rose War of Nana (6/10)

Local but likable rom-com is a good vehicle for TV host-actress Xie Na.

FBA: HKIFF readies trio of tributes

Jia Zhangke, Abbas Kiarostami, Kwai Chh-Hung featured in retrospectives

Sex and Zen at the market

CNNGo: So-bad-they’re-good items at the Chinese New Year market

From blow-up boobs to Angry Birds, finding craptacular products at the annual Victoria Park market is one way to ensure your year can only get better.

January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

ScreenDaily: What Women Want

This Chinese production features palpable chemistry between stars Andy Lau and Gong Li, but director Chen Daming’s film, like the original, is a great commercial hook in search of an equally clever story. (hkmdbnews)

“Ip Man 2″: China’s anti-Western kung fu phenomenon (Salon)

Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster” is now playing in New York and Los Angeles, with wider North American release to follow.

FBA: Fantôme, où es-tu? (2/10)

Lame ghost-cum-gender mish-mash that squanders its potential.

Check out Valerie’s My Ever-Changing Moods: Francis Ng 2010 In Review on beyondasiaphilia

2010 was a busy year for Francis Ng…

Much influenced by American sitcom-classic Friends, which had a huge fan base in China, My Own Swordsman centers on six characters whose relationships intertwine through friendship, family and romance, and is set in a hostel being managed in ancient China. With the same cast, director and screenwriter, the film version continues the initial’s stories, while injecting today’s social including house purchase and relocation, family finances and the “marriage crisis.”

GlobalTimes: First trailer of Buddha Mountain lives up to advance hype

With winter vacation meaning there’s a nation of children who need entertaining, three Chinese animation films are filling in this traditionally peak-time for box-office family fun: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (January 21), Old Master Q and Little Ocean Tiger (January 27) and Little Big Panda (February 3) are all scheduled for cinemas over the next four weeks.


Poster for Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Opening Feb. 3

Louis Koo, Sandra Ng (Sina)

I Love Hong Kong poster

Opening Jan. 31

Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Sandra Ng

Eric Tsang, Aarif Lee (Sina)2 3 4

Eva Jin Yimeng (Sophie’s Revenge) is preparing for multiple Hollywood projects. (Sina)

Charlene Choi at the Harbour City chocolate exhibition


Chrissie Chau taped a song for ATV’s Spring Festival broadcast. Other guests include George Lam, Kay Tse and Hins Cheung. (Sina)

GlobalTimes: Publishing tycoon books divorce in New Year season

Yao Chen’s divorce a case of Julia Roberts-Benjamin Bratt?

Yao Chen, Ling Xiaosu (Sina)

CNA: Cecilia Cheung saves woman from committing suicide

All’s well ends well, indeed

CNA: Charlene Choi on her divorce: “This is not something to celebrate.”

“I may not make enough to eat delicacies ever day, but I can earn enough for three square meals every day”.

MSN: Mark Chao dropped from ‘Black and White’ promotional trail in Japan

Recently, the director’s cut of Black & White DVD was released in Hong Kong. Every single copy was snapped up in a mere four minutes.

China red-faced after footage of new fighter ‘was from Top Gun’

The footage showcasing the J-10 fighter, which showed an air-to-air missile destroying another jet, was aired last week during the main evening broadcast of the state-sponsored channel China Central Television.

Oldham said Ho had been coerced into reconciling with family members on live television on Wednesday, with the wheelchair-bound Ho struggling to read a giant cue card.

January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

CRI: Fan Bingbing Likely to Land Role in Co-Production (First Love)

Set in 1950 near the China-Vietnam border, the story centers on the romance between a French soldier and a Chinese girl that ends up in tragedy.

HK Film Archive’s newly restored treasure “Colourful Youth” to be screened at HK Cultural Centre

“Colourful Youth” (1966), the only “contemporary” film starring Connie Chan Po-chu and Josephine Siao Fong-fong, was a huge hit on its first release and re-releases in the 1960s. As part of its 10th anniversary celebration activities, the Hong Kong Film Archive (HKFA) will screen the restored song-and-dance classic at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre next month.

CRI: Gong Li and Andy Lau Promote New Movie in Beijing

“What Women Want” is a remake of the Hollywood box office hit of the same title. The story is about an advertising agency manager who suddenly finds he can read women’s minds.

CRI: Eric Tsang Presents New Year Film ‘I Love Hong Kong’ on Jan. 31

The story centers on a family of three members, starring Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Sandra Ng and Aarif Lee. Due to financial difficulties, they must move back to public housing, where the city’s lower-income people inhabit. They have some unhappy experiences with neighbors at the beginning; however they are gradually moved by them after living in there for some time.

Aarif Lee, Fala Chen - I Love Hong Kong

Bosco Wong, Wong Cho-Lam


Chapman To and Lynn Hung (Lynn Xiong) settle differences in All’s Well Ends Well 2011


Ning invited people like Hong Kong’s Jim Chim - a veteran theater and film actor and stand-up comedian - to be one of the trainers. His teaching involves a lot of games that call for much imagination and improvisation.

The students may join the cast of Ning’s next film, a period comedy, which filming will begin in March. [Meanwhile, his film No Man's Land is still in limbo with state censors for over a year now.]

The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival has announced the results of its survey of the “100 Greatest Chinese-Language Films”.

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible Guangzhou premiere


Qin Lan plays a surrogate mother

To Alex Fong Chung-Sun’s baby’s daddy in Mu Yu (lit. Mother Tongue)

Wu Ma plays Alex’s father

Mu Yu is directed by Yu Zhong (Roots and Branches, Far From Home) (Sina)

Separately, Yao and her husband Ling Xiaosu issued a statement on Friday to announce the end of their seven-year marriage.

Happier times (Xinhua)

China White Rabbit sweets hop into Lunar New Year

Zhao Wei

One pill makes you larger / And one pill makes you small / And the ones that mother gives you / Don’t do anything at all.

MSN: Eric Tsang’s father cremated in Taiwan

MSN: Barbie Hsu rumoured to hold wedding dinner tomorrow

MSN: Selina Jen has five endorsement invitations

The singer is expected to make her comeback with either a fruit juice or a slimming programme commercial in June, while other endorsements would be subjected to the state of her physical health.

THR: ‘Joy Luck Club’ Producers See Movie Promise in Tiger Mom Controversy

Amy Chua’s memoir on parenting has captured the nation’s attention, but can ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’ recreate the movie success of the 1989 film?

January 27, 2011

January 27, 2011

FBA: Shaw to sell stake in TVB

FBA: Seven Days in Heaven (6/10)

Original, low-key black comedy set during the week-long Taoist mourning process for an average small-town father.

‘Mr. & Mrs. Incredible’ and Sandra Ng (WSJ)

All’s Well Ends Well 2011: A Lunar New Year Laugh-in (WSJ)

Fiona Law, who teaches a class on Hong Kong cinema at the University of Hong Kong and has done extensive research on the phenomenon of the Chinese New Year movie, says the first known example was “Bloom and Prosper,” a 1937 comedy from mainland director Tang Xiaodan. No copy is believed to survive, but Dr. Law says it involves a familiar theme for the genre: winning the lottery and easy fortune.

Tsang and Leung lead CNY movie pack in I Love Hong Kong

I Love Hong Kong poster

The film features over 100 HK stars (Sina)

Posters for The Lost Bladesman

Various aspects of General Guan Yu depicted

Alan Mak and Felix Chong direct Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen in the costume epic.(Sina)2

PETA ad targets Gong Li (Xinhua)

MSN: Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi given probationary divorce

December 2, 2010

December 2, 2010

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Variety: The Dreams of Jinsha

“The Dreams of Jinsha” marks mainland China’s stride into bigtime animation.

A lightly subversive rom-com about a female stalker, with a fine lead performance from newcomer Joanna Dong.

Best feature film, best performance by actor; Last Train Home best documentary feature film

CRI: Christopher Doyle Works with Cui Jian for New Film, Blue Bone

Latest poster for If You Are the One 2 (Sina)

I Love Hong Kong’s Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng, Tony Leung Ka-Fai

Aarif Lee, Fala Chen

Aarif Lee reportedly replaced Raymond Lam Fung in the cast because of  Lam’s poor acting. The addition of Aarif Lee was dubbed a ‘reunion’ with mother (Sandra Ng, Echoes of the Rainbow) and father (Tony Leung, Bruce Lee, My Brother). (Sina)2(Xinhua)

Producer Ng See-Yuen, Kara Hui and Bai Jing promote Kung Fu Wing Chun at a Taipei press conference. The film opens in Taiwan December 10.

Kara Hui

Bai Jing, Kara Hui

Bai Jing, Ng See-Yuen, Kara Hui (Xinhua)

Wang Quan’an (right) deployed over 2,000 extras to shoot crowd scenes for White Plain Deer in the old city of Yuci, Shanxi. White Plain Deer stars Zhang Fengyi, Zhang Yuqi and Duan Yihong.


Photos posted on Weibo of both Chen Kun and Zhou Xun wearing black hats led to speculations that the two are a couple.

Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Doze Niu, Mavis Fan

Zhou Xun, Mavis Fan (Sina)

Zhao Wei as a spokesperson for a jewelry brand (Sina)

This being her first media conference after her comeback, the press was subjected to many rules and regulations. They were requested to not ask questions that are not related to the movie and that the star would only reply questions in Mandarin. The actress also later requested to have photos taken with co-star Louis Koo only, ignoring other cast members like Raymond Wong, Yan Ni, Chapman To and Lynn Hung.

MSN: Selina Jen hopes to return home this Chinese New Year

After her skin grafting surgery, the singer began pronunciation and vital capacity exercises under instruction of the doctor

After Hou’s announced September wedding date lapsed without any wedding bells, and was later pushed back twice for various reasons, rumours were rife that the bride-to-be had gotten cold feet as 34-year-old Huang, a bank officer, earned far less than she did.

October 28, 2010

October 28, 2010

“Heart” edition of Midnight Beating poster

Finally, an official English title. Of course, my orignal translations Midnight Pulse/Midnight Heartbeat didn’t prove out!

Simon Yam, Yang Yuyu

Li Nian, producer Ding Wei-Min, Francis Ng


THR: Huang Bo Joins ‘Black & White: Episode 1′

FBA: Monkey King gets 3-D IMAX treatment

Female leads include Faye Wong, Cecilia Cheung, Kelly Chen and Gigi Leung.

CRI: Angelababy Stars in CPC Anniversary Film

CRI: ’Lost in Panic Room’ Photo Stills

The film tells the story of a puzzling series of murders in a mountain villa. Writer Liu Yunfei (Alec Su), who is famed for writing detective stories, is accidentally involved in the case. His detective skills finally help him discover the real murderer.

Pre-screenings have triggered comments that director Gao Qunshu has copied Hollywood’s Western movies. Gao responded in an interview with China Daily, “I am not copying Hollywood. I am learning from it and using it in my own way.”

Ship captain Lin Quanhai (Wang Xueqi) abandoned his wife and their son when the boy was only 10. They never saw each other again. One day, Lin is informed that his son has been shot dead by the police for stabbing and taking a hostage in a shopping mall in Chongqing. Lin decides to come to Chongqing to search for the life and memories of his son after he left him.

Newcomer Aarif Lee Plays Young Kung Fu Legend

The production was based on input from Lee’s younger brother Robert and his two older sisters. Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee and widow Linda Lee Cadwell, however, were not involved and there have been suggestions of interfamily controversy.

IFC will release the film theatrically and on video-on-demand in early 2011.

In the tradition of Hong Kong cinematic storytelling, Perfect Wedding recounts how Xin (Miriam Yeung), a wedding planner who despite always arranges amazing wedding for others, is left at the altar by her fiancé. Still heartbroken years later, she continues in wedding planning yet no longer believes in love.

The film stars Wang Qianyuan, who earned a nomination for best actor at TIIF. Born and raised in northeastern China, Wang said he is very familiar with characters like Chen, “Chen is a typical northeasterner, very relaxed and optimistic, he always finds the fun in life,” Wang told the Global Times.

Sandra Ng and Tony Leung Ka-Fai, will costar in Eric Tsang’s Lunar New Year film I Love Hong Kong. Wong Cho-Nam and Bosco Wong will play younger versions of Eric and Tony in the happier version of the Echoes of the Rainbow-like nostalgic comedy. (Xinhua)

Donnie Yen deleted earlier comments from his weibo complaining that The Legend of the Fist was not very good and had too much of the story deleted. He said that the box office would have been better and matched rival film Detective Dee otherwise. The posts attracted much media attention and Donnie said they were deleted so as not to be misunderstood. (Xinhua)2

Late Autumn stills (Xinhua-gallery)

CRI: Karen Mok Graces Fashion Magazine(Xinhua)

Huang Yi, Karen Mok (qq)

Found the MV for the theme song for Derek Chiu’s Road Less Travelled sung by Karen Mok. It’s an old Lowell Lo hit from 1986. Searching the interwebs, the film looks to have been filmed way back in 2009(!).

It plays fairly smoothly: (Tudou-MV)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung is not invited to Jordan Chan’s wedding

Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying are not inviting their rumoured exes Cecilia Cheung and Eric Suen to their wedding bash.

Rumour has it that the actress has offered a high remuneration for Carina Lau’s assistant, Siqi, as the latter is well-connected and familiar with China’s film market.

“When I studied at the teaching college in China, my teacher told me ‘Zhao Wei, you should change your profession.’

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