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January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011

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CRI: Gong Li Promotes ‘Shanghai’ in South Korea (Sina-slide show)

Gong Li says all cultures connected

CRI: Tsui Hark Offers Service for 3-D Filmmaking

FBA: Don Quixote review (5/10)

Chinese comic version of Cervantes’ fool-hero lacks pathos and drama below its 3-D surface.

HK: If You Are the One 2 review

It’s billed as a romantic comedy, but both romance and comedy make mere cameos here.

GlobalTimes: Creativity weak link in China’s film industry

China’s Rise: The Kung Fu Film Version

Louis Koo and Sammi Cheng will team up again with Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai in March after the release of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Single Men and Women). The production will head to the high altitudes of Yunnan Province. Sammi plays an mainland truck driver and Louis, as in The Road Less Traveled, a van driver, in this touching romance. (Sina)

Poster for Underdog Knight 2

Liu Ye

The sequel, as in the original, is directed by Ding Sheng.

Underdog Knight is scheduled for a April 1 release. (Sina)

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible premiere press conference in Beijing (Jan. 24)

Louis Koo, Sandra Ng, Wen Zhang, Li Qin, Vincent Kok, Peter Chan

He Yunwei, Vincent Kok, Li Jing


CNA: Andy Lau’s art immitates life in “Shaolin”

Hong Kong’s ‘Heavenly King’ talks Zen, his cautious relationship with Fan Bingbing and warns about the age of the Internet as he promotes his latest film, ‘Shaolin Temple’

He may have missed out on making out with Cameron Diaz in his Hollywood debut, The Green Hornet, but Jay Chou doesn’t mind.

Still self-centered? No way!

CNNGo: Stanley Ho loses control of his empire

Family feud erupts over Macau casino king’s billions

Macau gambling king Stanley Ho has accused members of his family of robbing him of most of his multi-billion dollar fortune in a domestic feud that could complicate succession of the ailing tycoon’s vast empire.

CNNGo: China to create world’s largest city
A city twice the size of Wales and 26 times the size of London. In China it’s not just possible, it’s being planned

January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

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Bourree Lam: Hong Kong culture is not exportable (CNNGo)

From “Love in a Puff” to “Donald Tsang, Please Die,” only Hong Kongers really understand Hong Kong culture

FBA: If You Are the One II (7/10)

Sequel is more melancholy, but gets by with film technique and on-screen chemistry.

Du Yiheng, frequent double for Andy Lau, plays himself in Let the Bullets Fly (Sina)

Cheng Pei-Pei’s birthday

With director Frankie Chan

Cheng Pei-Pei celebrated her birthday in Nanjing with the cast of Lady Generals of the Yang Family. The crew has just returned from Inner Mongolia where they filmed in minus-20 degree weather.


CRI: ‘Eternal Moment’ Minimal Poster
CRI: China’s Film Watchdog Warns of Quality Issue
As China’s 2010 box office topped an unprecedented 10 billion yuan, the country’s filmmakers are urged to be on guard regarding various problems in the industry, including a lack of humanity and increasing vulgarity.

Photos from 3 computers stolen from Cecilia Cheung’s agent’s office began appearing on the internet recently. (Xinhua)

Vivian Chow

Vivian Chow has gone into the studio to shoot photos for the poster for her upcoming March concerts. (Xinhua)

CRI: Fan Bingbing on Cover of ‘ELLE’

MSN:  Andy Lau will not intervene in his niece’s scams again

MSN: Barbie Hsu denies she’s holding wedding this Chinese New Year

Andre Agassi and Lin Chi-ling at charity luncheon in Taipei (Jan.6)


MSN: Lin Chi-ling’s brother denies his sister is getting married

Lin Chiling denies claims that she will marry this year

January 6, 2011

January 6, 2011

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THR: If You Are the One 2

In the sequel, the romance feels a bit pallid and the story mirthless, possibly because the lovers still can’t reconcile love and marriage. A sense that there’s a dark lining to every silver cloud reigns.

WSJ: Feng Xiaogang Spreads His Magic West

“The [overseas Chinese] audience is so conditioned to seeing these pictures on the Internet or on pirated DVDs,” he says. “It will take a while to break the habit that has been around a long time. Nothing beats seeing these pictures on a big screen.”

CRI: Jet Li’s Look in “The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”

CRI: Jay Chou Showcases Kungfu in ‘Green Hornet’ Trailers

CRI: Johnnie To Presents ‘Single Men and Women’ (aka Don’t Go Breaking My Heart)

WSJ: Asia’s Most Notable Films of 2010

MSN: Aaron Kwok will not marry this year

MSN: Show Luo is ‘tired’ of STD rumours

December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010

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FBA: Disney High School Musical China (3/10)

Phoney cross-cultural concoction stripped of any plot and saddled with mostly lame musical numbers.

Variety: If You Are the One 2

“Let the Bullets Fly” scores big at box office

A new film from one of the bad boys of Chinese cinema, Jiang Wen — a scathing satire on power, greed and corruption — has critics cheering and movie-goers queuing up to make it a box office hit.

The leading Southern Daily newspaper praised Jiang and said the film’s message would not be lost in a society increasingly divided by a gaping rich-poor income gap.

Jiang had “exposed and satirised the weaknesses and shortcomings of Chinese society and its people”… “Dressed up in commercial wrappings, he has packaged a work greatly steeped in political meaning.” (AFP)

China Daily: Top 10 movies of 2010 in China - It’s the season of lists!

WSJ: The top five films in Asia this year

SG: Top 8 entertainment stories of 2010

CRI: Lu Chuan’s WWII Film to Head for N. America

CRI: ’The Green Hornet’ Releases New Posters

CRI: All-Star Film Brings New Year Laughs

Donnie Yen, Carina Lau - All’s Well Ends Well 2011

Louis Koo, Cecilia Cheung (Sina)

CRI: ’Mr. and Mrs. Incredible’ Releases New Year Trailer

THR: Salon Films Launches Filmmaker Training Program

Stills of the lead actors of Warring States, from the trailer

Sun Honglei

Kim Hee-Sun

Jing Tian

Francis Ng (Sina)

Poster for Derek Tsang and Jimmy Wan’s Lovers Discourse (Sina)

Eric and Derek Tsang

The Kidnap poster - Rooftop version (Sina)

Carina Lau interviewed by popular TV host Chen Lu Yu on “Date With Lu Yu”

Carina Lau

Lu Yu is the anorexic Chinese Oprah (Sina)

CRI: Faye Wong Adds 4 More Cities to Her Comeback Tour

CRI: Jacky Cheung Kicks off Concert Tour in Shanghai

Jacky Cheung kicked off his world concert tour on Thursday, December 30, 2010 in Shanghai with a short musical drama film starring himself and actress Shu Qi as a couple.

MSN: Carol Chu turns up at every Andy Lau concert

MSN: Gillian Chung hints she no longer hates Edison Chen

MSN: Edison Chen talks about photo scandal on talk show

Jordan Chan: “Why did us Chens produce such a shameless person?”

Dee Hsu, Edison Chen, Kevin Tsai


MSN: Barbie Hsu to marry Wang Xiaofei on March 20 next year

Joey Yung menaced by mysterious hotel room intruder

MSN: Joey Yung’s hotel room broken into

December 17, 2010

December 17, 2010

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APA: Interview with Freddie Wong (The Drunkard)

Critic-turned-programmer-turned-director Freddie Wong reflects on the road to directing The Drunkard, which had its world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Beijing premiere press conference for If You Are the One 2

Feng Xiaogang, Shu Qi, Ge You, Yao Chen

Ady An Yixuan, Shu Qi, Yao Chen with Ge You

Feng Xiaogang, Shu Qi, Ge You (Sina-gallery)

Yang Yuyu - Midnight Beating

Yang Yuyu, Francis Ng

Yang Yuyu (Sina)

Cecilia Cheung - Lady Generals of the Yang Family

Zhao Qianyu plays Cecilia’s daughter (Sina)

MSN: Chow Yun-Fat trapped on expressway due to snowstorm

The Chinese actor was left cold and starving for 20 hours


Elaine Ng and daughter, Etta at the opening of her solo painting exhibition in Shanghai

Etta is said to bear a remarkable resemblance to Jaycee Chan


MSN: Elaine Ng brings daughter to Shanghai for art exhibition

MSN: Show Luo is cleared of having STD

Show Luo releases medical report to quash STD rumours

MSN: Selina Jen asks for S$6 million in compensation

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Stella Huang, Jay Chou

[I thought I'd posted this one earlier but it turns out it was left in a draft post!]

GlobalTimes: Demystifying the diva: Faye Wong caught on film, Li still stands strong

Of course most of you know that Wong successfully held comeback concerts in Beijing and Shanghai last month, two of which I attended and enjoyed. What you surely do not know is that after one concert in Beijing, the diva continued on to share a passionate night with her drummer and was caught by the paparazzi. Her husband, local actor Li Yapeng, had to spend a few million yuan (half a million dollars) keeping the cheating couple’s photos out of the press.

December 16, 2010

December 16, 2010

Here’s a full list of the 668 Shaw Brothers titles available on the ZiiEagle mentioned yesterday. Trying to figure out which titles haven’t been released on DVD, was Best Hustler Wins released? Cunning Hustler? Dear Murderer? Queen Hustler? Murder on the Wedding Night? The Gambling Syndicate? Trapeze Girl? (ZiiEagle’s list of 668 films)

This list at Shaw Brothers Reloaded might correspond to some of the new titles.

Also, check out duriandave’s “Missing” Shaw Films Found in Creative’s ZiiEagle Movie Box

THR: Celestial Signs Deal for Shaw Digital Distribution in Singapore (Dec.2)

500 hours of TV next?

THR: ‘If You Are The One 2′ Gets US Day-and-Date Release

‘If You Are The One 2′ Gets Dec. 24 US Release

If You Are the One 2, by Aftershock director Feng Xiaogang will be the first Chinese film ever to release in North America on the same day as it premieres at home, marking a milestone in China’s push to raise its movie industry profile around the world.

On Christmas Eve, China Lion Film Distribution is set to release the second installment of the comedic on-again-off-again love saga starring Ge You and Shu Qi in 20 AMC and Cineplex Theatres in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa, all cities with significant Chinese populations.

GlobalTimes: Strap on the six-shooters

Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly, set in Southwest China in the 1900s, premiers nationwide Thursday, following on from hits like Korean director Kim Ji-Woon’s The Good, the Bad, and the Weird (2008).

At a preview screening in Beijing last week, laughter filled the theater. “I cannot recall what is the funniest part of the film, because there was a constant barrage of comedy,” 28-year-old white collar worker Tan Li told the Global Times.

Interview with Juno Mak on ‘Revenge: A Love Story’

His new film may be full of gross-out sex and violence, but it’s really all about love

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible held an opening ceremony and trailer release in Shenzhen’s IMAX theater on Dec. 15

Sandra Ng

Director Vincent Kok, producer Peter Chan and Sandra Ng attended the event

Miyazaki edition of the Mr. and Mrs. Incredible poster

Sandra Ng, Louis Koo

Opens January 31

(Sina-slide show)(Sina-gallery)

Here’s the Peter Chan-produced animated short film promoting Hong Kong Tourism (i.e., shopping) that was released earlier.

New fan-made Midnight Beating poster (Sina)

Apparently when the photos originally circulated on the internet netizens thought that they were real personal  photos of Francis Ng and an unknown girl. A statement had to be issued to confirm that they were publicity photos for Midnight Beating. The phrase, hoisted by their own petard, comes to mind. (Sina) (Thanks, V)

Four prospective ‘Mou girls’ training in Nanjing for Zhang Yimou’s 13 Women of Jinling/Thirteen Girls in Jinling were expelled after they were caught micro-blogging. The four unfortunates admitted their error but were cast out nevertheless thus ruining the future hopes of stardom. (Photos) (Sina)2

Mavis Fan - deleted scene

Mavis Fan’s love scene will be deleted from the theatrical version of Derek Tsang’s Lover’s Discourse. The scene will be included in the DVD. (Sina)

Huang Yi and Louis Koo in an emotional scene from The Road Less Traveled (Sina)

MSN: Vivian Hsu announces she is single

A few days ago, when Vivian received the Yahoo! Most Searched Chinese Actress award on stage, the actress however strongly expressed that she is single and does not have a boyfriend. Her strong attitude and self-contradictions created speculations of a split.

Vivian Hsu

Stephen Fung and Vivian Hsu in Japan this August. (Xinhua)

Fortune teller claims that Teresa Teng died of black magic

Lydia Sum once experimented with drugs

Joyce was speaking at an anti-drug event with MC Jin (Xinhua)

No kids for Joey Yung

December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010

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CRI: ‘Shaolin’ Releases First Trailer

The new film was set in the 1920s, during which time the warlords in China were fighting with each other. Besides showcasing the Shaolin kung-fu style, the film will show many modern war scenes as well. Director Benny Chan explained that “The usage of modern weapons is in a conflict with traditional kung fu. It’s a terrible thing to many kung-fu masters.”

CRI: ’The Founding of a Party’ to Film at Kremlin

CRI: Final Trailer of ‘If You Are the One 2′ Unveiled

Many long-anticipated scenes were included, such as the married life of Ge You and Shu Qi since they decide to start a trial marriage, and a “divorce ceremony” for Yao Chen and Sun Honglei.

Shu Qi, Ge You

Sun Honglei, Ge You, Yao Chen (Sina)(Sina-gallery)

Three new posters for The Kidnap

Chapman To stars in the black comedy about the ‘hidden rules’ of show business industry.

Red Shoes version

A mysterious maimed hand on the right

Conference edition with more hands (Sina)

Stills from Midnight Beating, opens Dec. 24.

Yao Di, Francis Ng


The Cantopop singer has plans to split the wedding into two days, Dec 20 and Dec 24. Family members and relatives will attend the function on Dec 20 and friends from the entertainment industry will attend the 24th event.

MSN: Elaine Ng talks about former relationship with Jackie Chan

Jackie’s daughter: “Where’s my father?”


Bloomberg: China’s `City Jade Men’ Indulge in Dead-Sea Mud Masks, L’Oreal Skin Creams

Men who use cosmetics are called “Du Shi Yu Nan” or City Jade Men, the local language term that translates to “metrosexuals.”

Liang Guang, a 29-year-old architect for a property company in Beijing, began buying cosmetics after seeing a television commercial for L’Oreal men’s products featuring Hong Kong action star Daniel Wu.

November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

CRI: ’When Love Comes’ Wins Golden Horse for Best Film

“When Love Comes”, a drama about a teenage girl dealing with an unexpected pregnancy and her chaotic family life, claimed the best film trophy at the 47th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards on Saturday, November 20, 2010.

FBA: Taiwan films divide prizes at Golden Horse

Among the biggest surprises of the evening was a best actor win for Ethan Ruan for “making the translation from idol to actor in a performance with depth” in Monga…The most competitive award of the evening was in the best actress category, with the jury vote split nine-to-eight in favour of China’s Lü Liping forCity Monkey. Taiwan’s Sylvia Chang lost the vote because of her less-central role in Buddha Mountain.

MSN: Ethan Ruan wins Best Actor award at Golden Horse Awards

Taiwan’s arthouse films win top honours at Golden Horse Awards

FBA: Chen orbits Atom

Director and producer Chen Kuo-fu [The Message] has reportedly bought a personal 35% stake in Taiwan distribution, production and sales company Atom Cinema…Chen is currently head of production at China’s Huayi Brothers, where he produced recent blockbusters Aftershock and Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame.

CRI: More Still Photos of ‘If You Are the One 2′ Released

Shu Qi - If You Are the One 2


Andy Lau and Wu Jing sparring in New Shaolin Temple


Gong Mi version of My Brother Bruce Lee poster

Gong Mi


Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Aarif Lee (Sina)

John Woo returned to Hong Kong from the US to receive the Silver Bauhinia Star Award. The awards replaced the old British honours system, e.g., Order of the British Empire, after 1997.

Stanley Ho

Stanley Ho received Hong Kong’s highest award, the Grand Bauhinia Medal. (Xinhua)(Sina-slide show) (Sina)

Faye Wong - Shanghai concert

Faye Wong closed the show with the Heart Sutra dedicated to the victims of the recent Shanghai apartment building fire. Speaking to her fans, Faye only said ‘thank you’ four times during her concert. This was two more words than she spoke in Beijing.

Besides their three wedding receptions in Beijing, Hainan Island and Taipei, Xiaofei would be bringing his bride to France for a fourth wedding.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi’s manager has denied rumours that the star had reunited with old flame Huo Qi Shan [Eric Kok Fai-Shan], and revealed that she is currently not dating anyone,

August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

CRI: ’If You Are the One 2′ Starts Filming

The sequel features the same cast as the original, and has new additions Sun Honglei and Yao Chen, who have collaborated on the hit TV series “Lurk” (”Qian Fu”).

Sun Honglei, Yao Chen in Lurk (Sina)

CRI: New ‘Romance on Lushan Mountain’ Photo Stills

Starring Qin Lan, Alex Fong Chung-Sun and Li Chen, the sequel depicts a love triangle involving the children of the characters from the original film.

CRI: ’City Under Siege’ Premieres in Beijing

CRI: Liu Ye Stars in ‘The Underdog Knight 2′

FBA: Ex (前度) (7/10)

Gillian Chung shines in a charming relationships movie directed with a light touch by writer Heiward Mak.

HKStandard: ATV shareholder mystery deepens

John Woo’s favorite weapon

John Woo discussed the various weapons in the film Reign of Assassins


Reign of Assassins weaponry

(Sina-slide show)

Tang Wei has been invited by director Wang Quan’an to join the cast for White Deer Plain. As there are passionate scenes, Tang Wei may require a stand-in.

So far, the cast includes Zhang Fengyi, Wu Gang and Liu Wei. Sun Honglei is thought to be cast in an important lead role but it’s not been fully confirmed.

Liu Wei, Zhang Fengyi


Danwei:Actress Tang Wei to appear in White Deer Plain?

Huang Yi in Shanghai to receive an award from Jessica magazine

(Sina-slide show)

Rose Chan visited the ACGHK (comic-con)

She said it was her first time at the fair. Rose also said that there was a possibility that she would go to Taiwan and film an idol series. Asked whom she would most like to co-star with, Rose said, Ethan Ruan. (Sina)

CRI: Lin Chi-Ling on Life as a Graceful Woman

. “The graceful woman is a life attitude, distributing charm out from the inside,” she said.

Ming Na: I’ve never strived to be super famous

Now on Syfy’s Stargate Universe

[I've recently seen her co-hosting Sunday infomercials for Wen Hair Care products by Chaz Dean.]

SG: Gong Li tried to salvage her marriage

Andy Hui splits from model girlfriend Michelle Yu

Sparks rumours of reconciliation with Sammi Cheng

SG: Gigi Lai shed tears of joy

At a tender age of 14, she was already trying to earn a living in showbiz.

Gigi Lai does not want kids to enter showbiz

Garbage islands threaten China’s Three Gorges Dam

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