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March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CF: Most Anticipated Chinese Movies of 2012

CF: Dayyan Eng’s “Inseparable” Due to Hit the Big Screen

FBA: Youku kickstarts more micro movies

PR: New HK Film Archive exhibition highlights the cinematic legend of Wong Fei-hung

The HKFA’s new publication “Mastering Virtue: The Cinematic Legend of a Martial Artist”, with an English edition on CD-ROM, examines the cinema of Wong Fei-hung from a historical background and considers its various artistic characteristics and film genres.

Fourth generation student, Pang Chi-ming; Mok Kwai-lan, godson of Wong Fei-Hong’s wife; fifth generation student, Lau Ka-yung (

CF: Talented Actress Jiang Yiyan

In 2012, Derek Yee’s “Ghost Bullets” and Gordon Chan’s “The Four” will bring Jiang to the big screen again, and Jiang Yiyan recently finished her part in director Peng Shun’s “Conspirators”, which is expected to be released in October.


CF: Huang Yi: The Beauty in Hoh Xil

Huang Yi


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

CRI: Actress Hsu Chi Undaunted by Online Attacks

CF: Bullied actress’ Cold Shoulder to Weibo Prompts Reflection

“Frustration in life boosts aggression. So people’s discontent has been funneled into cyberspace, where they can act with little restraint,”

MSN: Netizens regret supporting Vincent Zhao after learning daughter has US passport

November 4, 2011

November 4, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

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Variety: Beijing Besieged by Waste

Photographer Wang Jiu-liang transfers his documentation of Beijing’s garbage dumps onto the bigscreen in this eye-opening docu.

NYTimes: Gang-Busting Cop Is One for the History Books in China

“We heard they wanted Johnnie To to direct it,” he said, referring to the Hong Kong crime movie director.

In fact, the leading contender now is Li Shaohong, the woman who made “Baober in Love” and a recent TV series of the classic Chinese novel “Dream of Red Mansions.”

CF: Three Male Award-winners to Team up with Actress Yang Mi in Derek Yee’s New Film

Three heavyweight award-winning actors Lau Ching Wan, Nicholas Tse and Liu Kai Chi will team up with mainland actress Yang Mi, who will play an important role in this testerone-fueled project. Producer Yee revealed Nicholas Tse and Yang Mi will fall in love with each other in the film.

Set in a Shanghai arms factory during the Republic of China period of Chinese history, the film revolves around a series of strange murders that occur in the factory. A detective, portrayed by Lau Ching Wan and an officer played by Nicholas Tse thus start their dangerous quest for the truth.

CF: Breathtaking Scenes in the First Trailer for “Cold Steel”

Action-packed scenes including street fighting, explosions, gun battles and air bombardments were presented in the first trailer for the sniper-themed film “Cold Steel,” which is due for release on the 2nd of December.

CF: ”The Last Supper” Wraps up Shooting

Famed director Lu Chuan was seen giving every member of his production team a hug as the group celebrated the completion of filming for Lu’s latest war epic, “The Last Supper” on November 1

Lu Chuan directs Chang Chen (Sina)2

Director Patrick Leung, scriptwriter and producer Chan Khan along with cast members Yang Mi, Chiu Man Cheuk, Fan Siu-Wong, To Yu-Hang and Wang Xiao attended the event.

Yang, who wore a costume by Oscar-winning Japanese designer Emi Wada, said she would play a role of a young woman from an exotic land with high-level martial arts in the film.

Director Daniel Lee’s latest historical epic movie “White Vengeance” released a batch of still photos featuring actors in the run up of its release in November. The film recalls the banquet of Hongmen, a well-known event in 206 B.C. where warring general Xiang Yu was motivated to assassinate his rival Liu Bang.(Sina-gallery)

FBA: Guillotines cuts fine figure at AFM

Jimmy Wang Yu (Wu Xia) and Chinese pop singer Li Yuchun (Bodyguards and Assassins) recently joined the cast

FBA: Inseparable review

Chemistry between Kevin Spacey and Daniel Wu helps sustain a rather uneven Mephistophelian comedy.

Though suffering from noticeable hiccups, Lin’s truthful adaptation is likely to satisfy both Liao’s loyal readers and regular moviegoers.

ChinaPost: Starry Starry Night review

The movie You Are the Apple of My Eye is a real hit. It has racked up more than HK$30 million at the box office in the two weeks since its release.

CF: Independents Day

Indie film like “Shattered” is pushing boundaries while offering commercial promise.

CIFF is the most important event on China’s indie film circuit, drawing buyers and festival programmers from the US and Europe. It is also one of the few opportunities for independent filmmakers to show to large audiences.

Only films that have received the “dragon seal” after clearing the State Administration of Radio Film and Television approval process can normally be shown in commercial theaters, sold or broadcast on television. The approval process is both cumbersome and often entails compromise.

Craig, Bardem star in new Bond thriller ‘Skyfall’ - no mentions of any Chinese actress in the cast

Craig will be joined by Spanish star Javier Bardem as Bond’s nemisis, while British actors Albert Finney, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw will play as-yet-undisclosed roles.

Judi Dench returns as spy chief M and the film introduces two new Bond girls — English actress Naomie Harris as a field agent named Eve and French performer Berenice Marlohe as “a glamorous, enigmatic character” named Severine.

MSN: Daniel Craig wants double Bond bed

Alongside the double bed, Daniel’s list of requirements also includes a coffee machine with South American beans, two bodyguards, a masseuse, a trainer and access to a gym.

CF: Li Bingbing Covers L’ OFFICIEL Magazine

MSN: Did Cammi Tse lose her virginity to Edison Chen?

MSN: Selina Jen once contemplated suicide(CNA)

At the press conference for his new book Yong Ai Shou Hou (Staying by with love) yesterday, Selina’s father let on that his daughter would not be able to become pregnant in the next three years.

Tinglan was described at the time as an actress but she is not listed on the film database IMDB and there are no traceable records of her participating in any television or film projects


October 19, 2011

October 19, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

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FBA: The Lady review

Bitty biopic of Aung San Suu Kyi is too much hagiography, too little big-screen drama.

Good-looking production values and noble intentions aren’t enough to makeThe Lady speak as either a human or political drama.

Variety: Inseparable review

Taiwanese-born, Stateside-reared, Beijing-based helmer Dayyan Eng makes a clear if uneven attempt to craft a pic that’s both China- and America-friendly with “Inseparable,” a comic examination of a man’s turning-30 crisis.

CF: Chen Kaige Takes on Online ‘Human Flesh Searches’

Chen said at the press conference that the reason for him to choose this subject was because there are few movie projects in China that focus on the problems that are accompanying the development of modern Chinese society.

CF: ”The Glory Days” Starts Filming

Set in the last years of Qing dynasty, the movie tells the tale of a court that is facing domestic strife and foreign aggression. In order to suppress the rebellion, a ton of gold is raised by the local government to purchase military supplies. Unexpectedly, the gold is stolen, so the court dispatches military forces to investigate. Thus two factions are formed, which are set to inevitably clash.

CF: ‘Loser’ Team of “Speechless Fashion”

Cast members of the inspirational comedy, “Speechless Fashion,” shoot a batch of new photos named “Loser” in the run up to its release on October 21

Joey Yung’s sacrifice

Hong Kong’s singer-actress Joey Yung was reportedly willing to turn down an eight figure job offer, so that she could take on a new challenge in Heiward Mak’s latest film, “Diva”.

Scary Market press event in Beijing yesterday

Cheung Tat-Ming

Theme song singer Tan Weiwei, Cheung Tat-Ming, Liao Jian (Sina)

Photos from the Shanghai premiere of “Love on Credit” today.

Lin Chi-Ling, Chen Kun

Li Bingbing posts a pic from her first day on the set of “Resident Evil 5″ (near Toronto?). She says that it very exciting with lots of gunfire and fight scenes.

Simon Yam recently bought a small island in Indonesia. He said he plans to build a two-story house that opens underground to the sea where the coral can be seen.

Simon Yam and Qi Qi last night at store opening event

Simon recently shot an underwater advert for Omega as celebrity ambassador to protect marine ecosystem.


MSN: Did Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan get married in Europe?


MSN: Faye Wong dismisses pregnancy rumour on microblog

MSN: Cecilia Cheung’s mother criticises Deborah Li

Cecilia’s mother (Sina)

October 12, 2011

October 12, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

THR: Inseparable review [and barely a word about anyone except Kevin Spacey]

A black comedy with conflicting urges toward satire on one hand and fantasy on the other.

CF: Posters of “What’s under the Bed” Released

CF: Official Website of “Love is not Blind” Launched

The film is set to be screened nationwide on November 8, hitting cinemas just in time for Single’s Day, which falls every year on November 11.

CF: Ariel Lin is “Love Sick”

The film is about a girl who decides not to fall in love again due to her past troubles.

CF: “Legendary Amazons” to Set Release Date

Reportedly, actress Cecilia Cheung is said to be very cooperative this time round, and is expected to make her appearance at the premier ceremony of the film. :D

MSN: Zhou Xun and Zhang Ziyi vie for role in Keanu Reeves’ movie

Previously [12.13.2010], Tiger Chen w/Andrew Zimmern  [4.4.2011]

Michelle Yeoh at today’s press conference in Busan for Luc Besson’s “The Lady”

Michelle Yeoh, Luc Besson (Sina-gallery)2

Lin Chi-Ling experiences many “firsts” in “Love on Credit”: first one-night stand, first “understanding” of sex, first time as mistress, etc.

Francis Ng in A Nian’s “Love Never Dies” (aka Blocked/Traffic Jam). This is the first time he has dubbed his own voice in Mandarin. Opens Oct. 14.

Francis Ng

A few days ago, Liu Yifei was announced as joining the cast of “Bronze Sparrow Terrace” opposite of Chow Yun-Fat. She also revealed that she recently turned down a role in Resident Evil.

Milla Jovovich revealed in a Tweet that Li Bingbing has joined the cast in Resident Evil 5. (Thanks to SpyMonkey)


Li Bingbing Cast as Ada Wong in Resident Evil: Retribution

Mystery-thriller Lost in Panic Cruise, the sequel to Lost in Panic Room, opens Oct.27

Wu Chun celebrates his 32nd birthday yesterday with cast members, including Ekin Cheng, on the set of Ronny Yu’s “Saving General Yang”.

Wu Chun


Spend Thanksgiving Day with Ekin Cheng - Atlantic City concert poster

Jessica C. leaving police station (Sina-slideshow)

Jessica C. at the airport (Sina)

Jessica C. modelling lingerie earlier this month


Feng Xiaogang, Yao Ming and Andy Lau in Ningbo for an awards event last night


October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

THR: China-Korea-Japan Ready ‘Yang Gui Fei’ for November Shoot

Yang Gui Fei tells the story of a Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) imperial consort who was the favorite of the Emperor Xuanzong. Despite her legendary beauty and relationship with the emperor, she was ultimately killed by the emperor’s guards after her family was blamed for a rebellion against the monarch.

THR: Asian Filmmaker of the Year: Tsui Hark

Filmmaker Tsui Hark expects bright future for 3D movies

CNA: Asia’s movie makers embrace 3D revolution

A 3D horror movie set in a public toilet block is part of a revolution underway in the Asian film industry as low-budget 3D productions take on the big studios at their own game.

CF: ”Starry Starry Night” Releases Six Hand Painted Posters by Jimmy

THR: Lin Pins Hopes on ‘Starry Night’

CF: ”Inseparable” Premieres at the Busan International Film Festival

“Inseparable” tells the tale of the things that happened between two men after their encounter, one is a mysterious American guy played by Kevin Spacey, and the other is a young engineer played by Daniel Wu, who has troubles both in his life and career. After experiencing constant accidents and intense danger, they both embark upon a totally unexpected journey which threatens to spiral out of their control.

WSJ: Spacey’s ‘Inseparable’ Opens at Busan

THR: Inseparable’ Culture Clash Story Stars Kevin Spacey

Diverse background of director Dayyan Eng leads to a first in the Chinese film sector.

Eng has two upcoming projects set for 2012: a heist gone wrong film that will likely shoot in Hong Kong next spring, backed by China Film Group and a Hong Kong partner. The other is the birth of his first child, due in January.

CF: Trailer out for ‘White Vengeance’

CF: ’Let the Bullets Fly 3′ Postponed for Jiang Wen’s New Project

Actress Fan Bingbing glitters in Busan

“My Way” centers around two men set in the Battle of Normandy during World War II. Even though it’s a war film, the movie mainly portrays a drama of true humanity that transcends border and nationality.

Fan plays a Chinese woman with astonishing sniper skills, who seeks revenge for the Japanese army’s murder of her family.

THR: Korean WWII Film Promises Big Action, Bigger Drama

“We aimed to provide visual effects that haven’t been seen before in a war movie, but My Way is essentially a dramaa bout humanist values,” said director Kang Je-kyu, who ends a seven-year hiatus since helming Taegukgi, a Korean War flick that became one of the highest-grossing films in local box office history.

The new film has been making headlines for bringing together three of Asia’s hottest superstars, including Jang, Odagiri and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

The film is slated to open in Korea in December and in Japan on Jan. 14, 2012. Discussions are underway for distribution dates in China and the United States, which are expected to fall sometime around mid-January next year.

Fan Bingbing at the Busan press conference for My Way

Jang Dong-gun, Fan Bingbing, Joe Odagiri and, presumably, their translators


The film tells a story about a couple of childhood sweethearts who are involved in two uninvestigated yet questionable murders.

Fan Bingbing, Li Yu

Kong Wei (Sina)23

Laughing Gor - I’m back

Francis Ng - I’m bad

Turning Point Extreme, a new Laughing Gor film based on the TVB series Lives of Omission,  is set to begin shooting on October 20. The cast includes Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Francis Ng and MC Jin. Francis Ng will play the villain. Fala Chen will not return, the female lead will be Rebecca Zhu, Miss Hong Kong 2011.(Sina)

Lost in Panic Cruise poster

The film is the follow up to Lost in Panic Room, also starring Alec Su.

Based on positive response to a preview in Hong Kong, Barbara Wong’s The Allure of Tears, besides a Mainland release, now will also open in Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia on December 24. (Sina)

Tentative Lunar Holiday schedule (Mainland) released, a partial listing: White Vengeance (Nov.24), Happy Magic (Dec.1), The Flowers of War (Dec.16), The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (Dec.18), The Grandmasters (Dec.22), The Allure of Tears (Dec.24).


Gigi Leung’s other wedding day dress, a traditional cheongsam in Spanish colors

March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

People saying stupid things, or, “I apologize if anyone may have been offended”:

Tokyo governor apologizes for calling quake divine retribution

UCLA Student Who Posted Racist Rant Online Receives Death Threats

Pondexter apologizes for tweet about Japan

I’m not even going to mention Gilbert “Aflac!” Gottfried, unless I do.

Vivian Hsu, who launched her career in Japan, has donated NT$1 million to disaster relief for Japan

100 Taiwan artists are participating in a telephone fundraising concert effort Friday night. (Xinhua)2

Donate to American Red Cross and select the International Relief Fund option.


February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011

THR: Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City

A fun superhero film that makes black-and-white look “colorful.”

THR: Chinese New Year Welcomes Slew of Comedy Releases

John Woo’s ‘The Killer’ remake now has a promo poster

CRI: Zhao Wei Lends Her Voice to “Eternal Moment”

CRI: Stars Shine at “Eternal Moment” Premiere (Sina-slide show)

Faye Wong and others dressed as Young Pioneers in signature red scarves

Faye Wong

Faye Wong

When one phone isn’t enough (Sina)

Husband and wife, Wang Xuebing, Sun Ning (Xinhua)


FBA: We sharpens Flying Guillotines

Hong Kong and Chinese production group We Pictures has given the green light to The Flying Guillotines

Screen Daily: Bodyguards team throws Flying Guillotines with We Distribution

The Flying Guillotine team is an elite crime-fighting unit in the emperor’s court, trained to use flying blades to decapitate people in their search-and-destroy operations.

FBA: Wang works with genius

Hong Kong-born director Wayne Wang (王穎) is to go ahead with Einstein, a biopic of the physics genius

Hong Kong-based sales outfit takes $25m-budgeted The Sorcerer And The White Snake. (Screen Daily)

Distribution Workshop has picked up international sales rights to the Jet Li film The Sorcerer And The White Snake. Hong Kong action choreographer and film director/producer Tony Ching Siu-tung is directing the film.

Eva Huang (Kung Fu Hustle) stars as the White Snake of the title, who transforms into a beautiful woman to rescue and live with the man she falls in love with – an herbal physician played by Raymond Lam. When their town is plagued by a mysterious disease, she sacrifices her supernatural power and energy to help him save people but is found out to be a serpent when the Sorceror played by Jet Li arrives. Charlene Choi of The Twins Effect series also stars as Green Snake who helps the white one.

Venus Keung (One Nite In Mongkok) is director of photography while William Chang (2046) is costume director.

Patrick Kong’s (Yip Lin-Sum) Mr. and Mrs. Single has been quietly dropped from the Valentine’s Day slot and rescheduled for an April release. Rene Liu and Eason Chan star in the comedy.

Buddha Mountain starring Fan Bingbing is about to be released on Mar. 4

Sylvia Chang and Fan Bingbing (Sina)(Sina-gallery)

Dayyan Eng’s Inseparable, starring Kevin Spacey and Daniel Wu, debuts in Berlin. (Sina)

Ady was initially described as their matchmaker. However, she was later said to have an unrequited crush on Xiaofei, which led to fallout between Ady and Barbie.

Model Rosemary Vandenbroucke is likely to escape jail time after a prosecutor in Nevada decided to reduce the drug charge against her to one of possession.

March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

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HK Magazine: Patrick Lung Kong interview

Beauty on Duty will open on Apr.1 as scheduled - no truth to rumor of a delay.

Wong Jing expects to do well at the box office. (Sina)

Future X-Cops publicty tour arrives in Chengdu (Mar.27) (cri)

Gao Qunshu

After participating in the HKIFF press conference for Manhunt, director Gao Qunshu spent his days in Hong Kong scouting for an old-style teahouse to conclude filming of his “Fierce West Wind”. He visited Wan Chai, Kowloon, Stanley and the New Territories. Besides searching in Hong Kong, he visited Macau and may go to Guangzhou and Shenzhen next according to an assistant. (HunanTV)

Beijing - Leon Lai

Wang Baoqiang, Richie Jen, Dante Lam, Leon Lai, Tan Kai

Fire of Conscience - Beijing premiere (Sina)

After 18 years (since Justice, My Foot), Johnnie To and Stephen Chow buried the hatchet. Last year, Manfred Wong and Wong Jing severely criticized Chow. Only Danny Lee supported him. Chow was seen bringing two bottles of wine to a French restaurant where Johnnie To was earlier entered. Is a future collaboration in the works? [Both Johnnie To and Pang Ho-Cheung had expressed interest on making a Brother Sharp film. Stephen Chow would make a fine Brother Sharp, don't you think?] (HunanTV)

CRI: Actress-turned-director Jiang Wenli’s Debut Premieres

[Previously reviewed as "Lan", so I wonder if "San" is correct or new?]

CF:Actor Daniel Wu Had Fun in Acting “Inseparable”

CF: The Founding of the Party” to be Shot in Summer


Edison Chen still a favourite with youths

CRI: Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng Plan to Divorcemore

Choi commented further on their arrangement at an interview during a Twins meet-the-fans session on Sunday.

“I can afford my own lifestyle and he can afford his”, said Choi. “I can take care of myself.”

Actress Nancy Kwan puts her life on film

`Suzie’ shows how to age gracefully

CRI: A Slower Legacy for Bruce Lee in Chinese Ancestral Town

CRI: Jackie Chan, ‘Karate Kid’ Appear at Choice Awards

February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010

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Zhang Jingchu

CRI: “Flirting Scholar II” Unveils Romantic Scene in the Rain (12 HD Sina)

CRI: “14 Blades” Premieres in Hong Kong

CRI: Zhang Yuqi Looks Flamboyant in New Film

CRI: Jackie Chan Attends the Preview of “Little Big Soldier” in Beijing

It was also revealed at the screening that the Jackie Chan Theater will help the new generation of Chinese directors and screenwriters show their movies in the theater at a low cost.

CRI: Jackie Chan Launches Cinema Chain

Lisa Lu, Wang Quan’an

CRI: Wang Quan’an Keeps Calm before Berlinale

“Apart Together” tells the story of a retired Kuomintang veteran who returns to Shanghai in search of his wife, from whom he had been separated for decades after he fled to Taiwan in 1949. His plans to take his wife back to Taiwan are disrupted when he finds she has already established another family.

Kevin Spacey, Daniel Wu, Gong Beibi

Beauty on Duty - Sandra Ng, Xie Na, Charlene Choi

Wong Jing’s comedy is scheduled for a April Fool’s Day release (HunanTV)

Zhang did not pocket the money she raised from a donation drive at Cannes Film Festival, her manager Ji Lingling said at an exclusive interview with China’sGuangzhou Daily on Sunday.

Today is Zhang Ziyi’s 31st birthday.

Zhao Wei, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Chen Kun release donation receipts. (Sina)

Francis Ng (Sina)


Francis Ng arrived in court with his lawyer for a hearing and pled not guilty to the assault charges in the New Year’s Day bakery incident. The judge adjourned the trial until Apr.1 and the actor posted a $5000 bond. Francis said his lawyer claimed no closed circuit video showed him beating anyone. (15) (Sina) (HunanTV)

Ekin Cheng at the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn premiere

“I’ve considered marriage too, but first let’s look at how Jordan is doing,” he laughed. “I think it’s time to think about it. Yoyo hasn’t rushed me, as we’re both busy.”

Perfect Boyfriend and Girlfriend

“I want my boyfriend to be diligent, ambitious and talented. Looks is not so important for me, as long as he looks neat and tidy and not overly hideous.”

The usually cool Charmaine Sheh abruptly stormed off midway during an interview, when questioned about the love triangle involving her and rumoured lovebirds Moses Chan and Bernice Liu..

January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010

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Fang Ying

Former Shaw actress and art director Fang Ying passed away yesterday at age 63 after battling pancreatic cancer. (Sina)

Anita Yuen (Xinhua)

Director Eric Tsang and actors Anita Yuen and Bosco Wong Chung Chak came together for a press conference in Beijing Wednesday to promote the Shaw Brothers’ comeback comedy extravaganza, “72 Tenants of Prosperity.”

Zhou Xun and Chow Yun-Fat share a hug at the opening night Beijing press conference for Confucius (Sina)

A media preview of Confucius drew mixed reviews. Chow Yun-Fat has done a credible job despite initial sceptical reactions when his casting was announced. Zhou Xun’s role is very brief. Set during the turbulent Spring and Autumn period four big battles scenes are impressive if not lengthy. The first part of the film is more taut and highly dramatic while the second half is said to be relatively a bit boring. (Xinhua)

Faye’s back after five-year hiatus

Screen Daily: Kevin Spacey joins Chinese black comedy Inseparable

Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu and Chinese actress Beibi Gong are already attached to the project

THR: ‘Avatar’ now No. 2 film in Hong Kong

Only ‘Titanic’ remains to beat for new Cameron film

Kenny Bee

Eloise Belle Bee

Congratulations: Kenny Bee became a father for the fourth time yesterday. His girlfriend delivered a baby girl, their second. Kenny, now 56, also has two children by his marriage to ex-wife Teresa Cheung (Xinhua)

Acid arrests

Two men were in custody last night in connection with last month’s acid attack in Causeway Bay.

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