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August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009

John Woo and daughter
John Woo and Terence Chang to produce martial arts film costarring Woo’s daughter Angeles Fei-Shai Woo as a female killer

Shooting starts in Shanghai in October. Cast includes Jung Woo-sung, Michelle Yeoh, Barbie Hsu, Shawn Yue, Kelly Lin. Su Zhao-Bin will direct the film, literally ‘River and Lakes Swordwomen’. 30 year-old Angeles has studied martial arts in the US.

Ocean Paradise press conference with Jet Li, Kwai Lun-Mei, director/screenwriter Xue Xiaolu

Jet Li plays the father of an autistic child, due for a 2010 Spring Festival release

More Ocean Paradise cast photos

Wang Jing’s Invisible Killer opens August 28

Film about internet human flesh searches

Eternal Beloved opens September 3

Law Kar-Ying’s scenes in Kung Fu Cyborg mostly deleted

Edited for out pacing, Law quipped that if you yawn you’ll miss me.

Actress Tao Hong attends party for new movie “Death Dowry”

Ethan Ruan gets bashed up for his latest movie, Monga
Monga, depicts Taiwan in the 1980s when it was encroached with mafia and triad gangs.

Cast presents at premiere ceremony of new film “Gasp”

Comic Ge You goes serious for Gasp

Shanzhai! Stop me if you’ve seen this movie before…

Donnie Yen to retire from the big screen in 2013

Karena Lam and Ekin Cheng promote Claustrophobia in South Korea

Airport sighting of Andy and Carol all the rage

More celebs embroiled in Eason Chan marriage drama

Simon Yam
Simon Yam at Hong Kong Disneyland press conference for new Halloween show ‘The Deep Cold Universe’

Shu Qi in Beijing endorsing a watch brand

New Lin Chi-Ling fashion photos

August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009

Kungfu Cyborg designs - more

Movie opens August 20

Talks of Stephen Chow’s retirement dispelled

HK director offers mix of violence, creativity
Soi’s thriller ‘Accident’ nominated for Golden Lion at Venice

Movie aims to rein in China’s Online Mob
“Invisible Killer,” produced and co-written by Xie Xiaodong, is the first movie to broach the subject of Internet vigilantism and dramatize the pitfalls of having a mobilized and motivated online mob administering its own brand of justice.
Variety: Invisible Killer review

Zhang Ziyi, So Ji-Sub
Zhang Ziyi and So Ji-Sub promote Sophie’s Revenge in South Korea

Korean Actor So Ji-sub to Court Zhang Ziyi Onscreen

Ziyi: Break-up rumours are baseless

Zhou Xun

Maggie Cheung

Shu Qi
Zhou Xun, Maggie Cheung and Shu Qi featured in upcoming Vogue spread

Taiwanese tycoon’s 9 heirs duke it out in NJ court

June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009

Zhang Yimou
Xiao Shenyang
Zhang Yimou begins shooting Three Guns. Xiao Shenyang appears with a bandaged hand.

Popular Comedian Shows up in Zhang Yimou’s Filming Set

Hong Kong media reports that Carina Lau injured herself while practicing horse riding in Taiwan
She supposedly fell off a horse twice. Not hurt seriously, but her teacher urged Carina to careful lest she affect her ability to give birth. Carina is now headed to Shanghai to attend a press conference for ‘Detective Dee’
Li Bingbing, Andy Lau
Hengdian press conference, Tsui Hark compares Li Bingbing to Brigitte Lin’s Asia the Invincible

Invisible Killer
Wong Jing’s Invisible Killer premiering at Shanghai International Film Festival. Features Tang Yan, Feng Bo, Li Yixiang, Yin Xiaotian

Anthony Wong, Karena Lam

Starbucks opening

Kelly Chen, eight months pregnant, films her annual mooncake advert

A lengthy retrospective account of the hard year Brigitte Lin had in 1979
(Corrections and clarifications are welcome)
Highlights of the article, lowlights include newcomer Sibelle Hu subtly attacking her in the press. After her debut in Your Smiling Face, 20 year-old Hu an outstanding university student in political science was compared to Brigitte Lin. Said Hu, described as confident and smug, we have similarities but I am Sibelle Hu, you underestimate me. Later that year, Joan Lin won best actress over Brigitte and Sibelle Hu beat her out for the best newcomer award. In Singapore where the award ceremony was held, Brigitte Lin was missing from a banquet held for the Taiwan delegation. When someone observed that Brigitte was seen returning to her hotel room a search was begun. She was found unconscious in her hotel room. Chin Han called for an ambulance and accompanied her to the nearby hospital. (Chin Han was Brigitte’s rumored married lover at this time.) After getting out of danger, Brigitte attended a scheduled benefit performance against medical recommendation. Her absence was feared to cause an media uproar. Various following news report said that her illness was due to nervous melancholy, and weariness and overwork. But some analysts felt that it was a suicide attempt with sleeping pills, not only because of not winning awards or strife with Sibelle Hu but due to her love for Chin Han and his unwillingness to divorce for her.

Behind the Green Dam: User Reviews of Green Dam Software

“Green Dam - Youth Escort” cost the government more than 40 million yuan (HK$45.3 million) to buy from two domestic software companies for just one year of public use.

Acid attack `tough nut to crack’

All primary schools, kindergartens closed for two weeks due to cluster of swine flu infection cases

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