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August 7, 2013

The Rooftop (Hollywood Reporter review)

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The Rooftop

8/6/2013 by Clarence Tsui

The Bottom Line
An over-emphasis on style over substance results in a film trying to thrive on multiple genres and succeeding in none.

Taiwanese pop idol Jay Chou’s sophomore directorial effort revolves around a small town tough’s ill-advised pursuit of a starlet, channeled through a mix of musical numbers, martial arts moves and melodrama.

Usually it’s desperate, first-time directors who, for fear of not having a second stab at their dream job, proceed to stuff their debut with everything they want to say — usually involving a fantastical version of themselves as the protagonists — in every kind of aesthetic (and visual gimmickry) they want to dabble in. So it’s probably a surprise that Jay Chou would do exactly that with The Rooftop, given his experience (this is his second film) and his pedigree (he’s one of the biggest pop stars in Chinese-speaking markets, and boasts a stint in Hollywood courtesy of his turn as Kato in the misfired reboot of The Green Hornet).

Unfortunately, Chou’s artistic ambitions have proved to be misguided, as his genre-hopping mix of musical numbers, martial arts moves and melodrama only ended up glaringly incoherent, and lacking the subtlety and storytelling nous he attained with his surprisingly lyrical 2007 debut The Secret. By reaching for the stars, The Rooftop has caved in on itself, revealing a hollow core within its all-dancing, all-singing and gags-galore veneer.

Hardly setting the home front on fire — the film opened in mainland China and Taiwan early July before bowing in Hong Kong on August 1 — the film is highly unlikely to break out of Asian-themed festivals worldwide (such as the New York Asian Film Festival, where it made its international premiere last month before its Well Go-backed limited release in the U.S. on July 19).

Taking its cues from past genre benchmarks from West Side Story to Kung Fu Hustle, The Rooftop deploys sweeping, widescreen cinematic tropes to bring about the frustrations and dreams of the 20th century urban working-class, their earthiness and care for the collective good deployed as the starting-point of high drama to come. Set in a fictional Chinese-speaking city called Galilee — a place bearing the traits of 1930s Shanghai (with mobsters being the de facto rulers of the realm) and the U.S.-influenced Taipei in the 1960s (as suggested by the hairstyles and favorite haunts of the local street punks) — the film’s title alludes to the sky-high community from which its protagonists hail from, a quartet of young men led by Wax (played by Chou himself).

And the first quarter of the film certainly plays like the “martial arts musical” Chou has promised to deliver, as the Problematic Four attempt to break out of their humdrum life (as workers in a Chinese clinic which offers – what else? – thumping dance shows to help customers down their bitter medication) by getting into skirmishes with thugs as a way to pass the time and also to help one of the gang, the pretty-faced Tempura (Alan Ko), “collect rents” in the name of the local clansman Rango (mainland Chinese thesp Wang Xueqi).

But all these loud, retro-overkill visual antics are soon revealed to be merely the supporting elements to the tragic-romance trope which Chou has previously delivered with poise in Secret. And it’s here that The Rooftop morphs from its original rebellious-youth-flick guise into Notting Hill, as Wax falls in and then out of love with the model-turned-actress Starling (Li Xin’ai) — with the Richard Curtis film’s influence on Chou clearly shown by a sequence depicting the dismayed, heartbroken young man walking around town surrounded by umbrellas, billboards and all kinds of knick-knacks bearing his paramour’s visage.

It’s a scene which speaks volumes about The Rooftop’s flaws: seemingly obsessed with peppering his film with fantastical widescreen grandstanding, Chou has overlooked the need to inject characterization, context and convincing dialog into the proceedings.

Perhaps paying too much time in getting the visual pyrotechnics and mise-en-scene correct, the human element — that is, the acting — has fallen by the wayside too: with Chou letting his ego run wild by playing Wax as a poseur, and Li — who is making her acting debut here — not helping matters with her blank-faced, squeaky-voiced turn.

With Wang and Xu Fan — who plays the four ruffian’s sisterly neighbor Jasmine — getting limited screen time and the two Hong Kong veterans Eric Tsang and Kenny Bee constricted by roles which are more a digression (for Tsang, who plays the cocky herbalist Wax works for) or a type (for Bee, as Starling’s protective father), opportunities for a substantial supporting player to salvage the situation are rendered very thin.

Stripping bare of the bombast, The Rooftop could have served as a competent (if a bit much-revisited) sepia-tinged romantic drama about the hopes and fantasies of a young man who has bitten off much more than he can chew, and is left to reflect on the consequences of his overreaching acts. As it stands now, Chou is actually left to ponder exactly the conundrum his on-screen alter-ego confronts.

Opened in the North American on July 19
Production Companies: Chuang Ying Pictures Entertainment, presented by Evergrande Films, Talent Television Film and Edko Films
Cast: Jay Chou, Alan Ko, Li Xin’ai, Eric Tsang, Wang Xueqi, Kenny Bee, Xu Fan
Director: Jay Chou
Screenwriters: Jay Chou
Producers: Jimmy Huang, Will Liu
Executive producers: Wu Xuedan, Wu Hongliang, J.R. Yang, Bill Kong
Director of photography: Mark Lee Ping-bin
Production designer: Yoshihito Akatsuka
Costume designer: Dora Ng
Editor: Wenders Li
Music: Huang Yu-hsun and Jay Chou
U.S. Distributor: Well Go USA
International Sales: Edko Films
PG, 117 minutes


March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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THR: Top China Film Executive Touring Hollywood Studios, Meeting With Bruce Willis

Han Sanping, chairman of the powerful China Film Group Corporation, quietly arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday with a delegation from the country.

TaipeiTimes: A Simple Life review

Ann Hui’s latest film explores the subject of old age through one man’s relationship with his servant

CF: ”Repeat I Love You” Poster Unveiled

SGYahoo: Charlene Choi and Ekin Cheng reunite in Australia

Charlene Choi and Hong Kong heartthrob Ekin Cheng will take on roles in the sequel of “My Wife Is 18″, which will be shot in Queensland, Australia

Retro-styled posters of “Crazy Stupid Thief” were released recently


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Lin Chi-Ling, Ethan Ruan, Jay Chou

MSN: Carol Chu goes shopping with bodyguards

The heavily pregnant Carol Chu was spotted shopping at North Point Market with her bodyguards

March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011

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AP: Hong Kong film festival opens, mood subdued because of Japanese disasters

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is part of [Johnnie] To’s recent push into the mainland Chinese market with blander fare than his signature crime thrillers, which are often too violent or gritty to pass mainland censorship. But the movie’s story of a playboy Hong Kong trader and an earnest Canadian-Chinese architect pulling all stops to win the heart of a mainland Chinese financial analyst reads like political commentary on China’s growing geopolitical clout.

To didn’t attend Sunday’s opening ceremony, but his co-director denied any political overtones in the movie.

ScreenDaily: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart review2

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is a delight to sit through.

Gao Yuanyuan - HKIFF Opening Ceremony

Johnnie To delayed filming and waited 5 months for Gao Yuanyuan because her mother was ill. (Sina)

THR: ’Factory Girls’ to Get Feature Treatement

Chinese migrant worker story optioned by Hong Kong-Dutch director.

Reel China: Targets an elusive film fan — the Chinese American (LATimes)

October’s “Aftershock,” about a devastating 1976 earthquake, was one of the highest-grossing films ever in mainland China but brought in just $61,000 in limited North American release. In December, “If You Are the One 2″ grossed a respectable $427,000, while the Chinese remake of “What Women Want” sold about $130,000 of tickets in February. The movies all premiered in about two dozen theaters.

THR: 5 Films Not to Miss at the Hong Kong International Film Festival

Hi, Fidelity

Making its world premiere at HKIFF is Hong Kong filmmaker Poon Yuen-leung’s Hi, Fidelity, which follows the sexual exploits of three spurned Hong Kong housewives who cross the border to China, only to discover they’ve all fallen for the same gigolo. The film will likely be a big draw because it marks the comeback of iconic Hong Kong actress Patricia Ha (An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty), who makes her first appearance onscreen in eight years.THR: Everything You Need to Know to Survive Filmart

THR’s guide to Asia’s largest film market

3D Sex and Zen

3D doesn’t get more rousing than 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, a stereoscopic reinterpretation of an erotic Chinese novel, repped by One Dollar Distribution. The film occupies its own booth at Filmart 2011, with an invitation-only market screening of the full 3D version off-site on March 22.

Kung Fu Panda 2, which adds the voice of Pan-Asian superstar Michelle Yeoh to a cast that brings back Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu, is all but certain to be released in China on May 26, simultaneous with its North American debut.

Chinese shingle Huayi Brothers has announced a long-term co-operation deal with Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung’s Hong Kong-based indie production house Diversion Pictures.

Jay Chou is in Jordan shooting Dante Lam’s new film (lit.Against War).

Jay Chou

With a fan (Sina)2

Shibuya Tenma (Ip Man, Cow) is the latest actor to join the cast of Nanjing Heroes (Sina)

Deadly Will a comedy, thriller opens April 7.

Guo Tao plays a detective

Cecilia Han Xue


Chen Kun

Chen Kun at the recent launch ceremony for Qian Xuesen (Sina)

Huang Yi, Chen Kun and Dong Jie

Montblanc opening in Shenyang

Huang Yi (Sina-slideshow)

Zhao Wei in short skirt at Beijing Versace store event

Zhao Wei


Andrew Lin on the Catwalk


February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

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CRI: Jet Li to Show Tai-Chi, but Not with Feng Xiaogang (Sina)

THR: Huang Zumo, Director of China’s Longest-Running Film, Dies at 90

‘Romance on Lushan Mountain’ still playing after 31 years.

FBA: Love In Space blasts off

Production got underway today on Love In Space the sequel to last year’s hit ensemble comedy Hot Summer Days

Love in Space - Wing Shya, Eason Chan, Angelababy, Guei Lun-Mei, Aaron Kwok, Tony Chan Kwok-Fai


An enterprising journalist armed with pliers cut through barbed wire and managed to breach the high security guarding the set of Zhang Yimou’s ruined city of Nanjing for his film 13 Flowers of Nanjing/Thirteen Girls in Jinling.


Wilson Yip’s upcoming Chinese Fairy Tale boasts 1200 computer-generated shots. Art director Kenneth Mak Kwok-Keung strove to create a fantasy world that blends realistic and the impressionistic.


Mr. and Mrs. Incredible will compete at the 13th Asian International Film Festival in Deauville, France

Vincent Kok will attend the festival which begins in mid-March. (Sina)

“Youth editon” of Buddha Mountain poster

A second MV has also been released making the pair ‘his and her’ versions. (Sina)

Youth Film Guide announced the winners of the final round for the 2010 Golden Broom Awards.

Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One 2 won for both 2nd Most Disappointing Film and Most Disappointing Director. His film Aftershock was also awarded Most Disappointing Product Placement Film Award. Confucius  garnered both Most Disappointing Film and Director awards. Lee Lik-Chi’s Flirting Scholar 2 won the awards for Most Disappointing Sequel and Most Disappointing Actor (Zhou Libo). Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu won the Most Disappointing Actress award for 3 films, Future X-Cops, Reign of Assassins and Adventure of the King beating out Xie Na who received the 2nd Most Disappointing Actress. Organizers said that the prize was a wedding gift for the bride-to-be. :D

The first round was pared to a short list by film critics, media people, academics, netizens, filmmakers and others.

The jury also recognized as high-quality films: Let the Bullets Fly, Buddha Mountain, Monga, Echoes of the Rainbow, The Fourth Painting, Taipei Exchanges, Love in a Puff and Chongqing Blues. Documentaries I Wish I Knew and KJ: Music and Life were also awarded. Jia Zhangke, Pang Ho-Cheung, Wang Xiaoshuai and others attended the event to receive their prize. (Sina)

Jay Chou and Kobe Bryant

The pair were shooting an advert for a beverage brand Sprite in Los Angeles


Maggie Cheung attending the Burberry show for London Fashion Week (Feb.21)

I love the necklace. (Xinhua)

January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

CRI: Different Looks of Gong Li in ‘What Women Want’

CRI: Mr. and Mrs. Incredible’: the Actual Trailer


CRI: Chinese Animated Film Competes for Oscar

“The Dreams of Jinsha”, a Chinese animated film, is in the running for an Oscar.

FBA: Production underway on Zhang’s Flowers

Production is now underway on 13 Flowers of Nanjing the new Christian Bale-starring movie by leading Chinese director Zhang Yimou.

Poster for Wilson Yip’s A Chinese Fairy Tale (aka A Chinese Ghost Story)

The film stars Liu Yifei and is currently in post-production in South Korea for special effects. (Sina)

Four new posters for Shaolin featuring the lead actors

Nicholas Tse edition

Andy Lau edition

Jackie Chan edition

Fan Bingbing edition


CRI: Jet Li’s One Foundation Goes Public

CRI: Jay Chou Attends ‘Hornet’ Premiere with Rumored Girlfriend


MSN: Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung rumoured to be engaged

MSN: Faye Wong sang theme song for husband’s movie

November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010

The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman poster

Kitty Zhang Yuqi edition

Ando Masanobu edition


FBA: Wong’s Grandmasters joins Wild Bunch

It has been tentatively positioned for release at Chinese New Year in late-Jan or early-Feb 2011. However, other recent press reports suggest that shooting will continue in early 2011.

Adjusting to pace of Wong Kar-Wai

Tony Leung goes jogging

Song Hye-Kyo plays badmington

Song Hye-Kyo, Zhang Ziyi

Lunar New Year release deemed optimistic (Xinhua)(Sina)

Alexi Tan’s Color Me Love features work of contemporary artist

Song Jia and Francis Ng play a couple in Love Island

(Xinhua)(Sina-slide show)

Jaycee Chan

Jaycee Chan in The 1911 Revolution (Xinhai Revolution) (Xinhua)

Angelababy fashion shoot for an Italian brand


Simon Yam and wife, Qi Qi


FBA: Three charges against Stephen Chan are dropped

MSN: Rumours rife on Wang Xiaofei’s past

The Chinese millionaire who is engaged to Taiwanese actress, Barbie Hsu, is alleged of being a wife-beater who deserted his wife and kids

Viewers complained that Chou did very little hosting in the first episode of show, with most of the work being done by his guest, fellow Taiwan singer and experienced television host Show Luo.

March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010

Great Star theater preparing to rise again

SFIAAFF 2010 Review: Talentime

TVB General Manager and Show Host Arrested For Graft

Stephen Chan, 51, allegedly controlled the shell company which accepted production contracts from TVB and then outsourced the work to other production houses, according to a source.

This allegedly allowed the shell company to accumulate as much as HK$10 million over the years. Some of TVB’s top artists such as Bernice Liu, Moses Chan Ho, Raymond Lam Fung, Bosco Wong Chung-Chak, Tavia Yeung Yi and Charmaine Sheh Sze-man had been forced to perform in major shows and other functions, and even ribbon-cutting ceremonies, for free or at very low pay. [Chan was the host of Be My Guest that interviewed the teary Gillian Chung last year, you may recall.]

HK Magazine: There Goes the Neighborhood

The filmmakers of “Echoes of the Rainbow,” which is set in 1960s Hong Kong, found themselves in trouble when they initially couldn’t find the right location for their film. Alex Law Kai-yui and Mabel Cheung originally went to Sham Shui Po to scout for locations, only to find that most of the streets in even this old neighborhood have changed quite a bit, with no street having all the tong laus intact. In the end, they found Wing Lee Street. “If this street is torn down too, Hong Kong will lose yet another street full of characters,” producer Mabel Cheung says after returning to Hong Kong from Berlin. “This is the only street retaining the 1960’s Hong Kong.”

Cheung also mentions that, before finding Wing Lee Street, they considered shooting the film in Malaysia or Guangzhou instead. “It’d be preposterous to shoot a film about Hong Kong in another city,” Cheung says.

HK Magazine: Aarif Lee Interview

CRI: Du Lala’s Bikini Scene

Lead actress Xu Jinlei dons a bikini for a scene in her directorial production “Go Lala Go!”, formerly called “Du Lala’s Promotion”, an urban romance film co-starring Stanley Huang, Karen Mok, Li Ai and Pace Wu.

South Korean actress Kim Hee-sun will star in Warring States (tentative title), a war epic set in China more than 2,000 years ago. It will also have mainland actor Sun Honglei.

Just Another Pandora’s Box (Once Upon a Chinese Classic)

The movie boasts 58 stars and premieres in Beijing Mar.15 with a staggered roll out across the Mainland, 16th in Shanghai. 17th in Chengdu, 18th in Guangzhou, 19th in Shenyang. (Sina)

Vivian Hsu - The Musician

Vivian Hsu has created her own season this spring with four movies: Hot Summer Love, Fire of Conscience, The Musician (April release),  Seediq Bale (in production) and a new album. (Sina)

Crossing Hennessy - Jacky Cheung has a one-night stand with Maggie Cheung Ho-Yi


Lu Chuan

Lu Chuan’s Feast at Hongmen is being delayed due to need for additional financing. In addition, potential cast members Ge You and Feng Xiaogang are still working on Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly. To fill his time, Lu Chuan will shoot a short film about the “hidden rules” of the business based on Tang Wei’s banning incident. (Sina)

Takeshi Kaneshiro rumoured to be trying for baby in Japan

Widely speculated for hiding his marriage - a la a certain Andy Lau - after a blog claimed that the Asian superstar secretly got hitched, another blogger has quoted reliable sources saying Takeshi, who is currently based in Japan, is trying for a baby.

A celebrity blogger exposed the actor for marrying a Japanese woman last December, a piece of news which was denied by his management. On Tuesday, another blogger alleged that the Japanese-Taiwanese actor and his wife are currently located in Japan as part of their plans to have kids.

Ti Lung

Li Yapeng (Faye Wong’s husband)

Ti Lung, Li Yapeng and other cast members help launch an upcoming CCTV series. (Xinhua)

Donnie Yen will soon be enshrined in wax at the Hong Kong Madame Tussauds



Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Jay Chou’s Batmobile, Ethan Ruan’s ‘long-haired hottie’ and more

The next time you think you have a tough commute: (China Hush)

February 4, 2010

February 4, 2010

CRI: Song Hye-kyo To Appear in “Zhao’s Orphan”

Also Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grand Master

CRI: “Confucius” Cast Members Visit Taipei

Chow Yun-Fat and wife arrive in Taipei for the Taiwan premiere of Confucius


Asked again about his mother’s wish for a grandchild, Chow said that, Now that he had the heart, he didn’t have the strength to raise a child. (Sina)


Jackie Chan

Wang LeeHom

New Seven(?) Little Fortunes

Jackie Chan, Wang LeeHom, Lin Peng

Little Big Soldier promotion event in Beijing (Sina)

Jay Chou

User created cartoons

At a recent press event, Jay Chou revealed that if there is investor interest he would like to direct a film based on his True Legend character, the God of Martial Arts.  (Sina)

Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yue

Love In A Puff directed by Pang Ho Cheung is scheduled for a Mar.25 release

The film is currently rated a Cat. III because of language. The romantic comedy is about love that blooms when Hong Kong’s smoking ban forces the two to smoke outside around a trash can.

(Taihainet) (5)(Sina)

Legend of Chen Zhen - Andrew Lau, Huo Siyan

Gordon Chan, Huo Siyan

Shu Qi

Director Andrew Lau and producer Gordon Chan praised mainland actress Huo Siyan and gave her high marks in this first collaboration with Huo. Shu Qi and Huo play opponents and collide against each other. (HunanTV)

Edison Chen

Edison Chen, Josie Ho

Edison Chen helped out Josie Ho by filming a promo video for her film Dream Home (Xinhua)

Johnnie To

Richie Ren, Lau Ching Wan

Denise Ho, Richie Ren

Death of a Hostage opening lens ceremony (HunanTV)

Jordan Chan’s Valentine’s Day wedding possibly a shotgun

Stills from MV with Gillian Chung and Chan Wai-Ting


Lin Chi-Ling demonstrates the Wii Fit Plus (Xinhua)

Fake Donations-Gate Updates, a very complicated affair: The promised deadline for a full accounting of Zhang Ziyi’s foundation account have come and passed. Zhang’s agent, normally responsive, has not been returning text messages inquiring about an explanation…Reportedly, initial donations of US$2M to Zhang Ziyi’s foundation were funnelled to her private account..Other celebrity names have been drawn into the fake donations net, Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei, etc…An online Chinese Red Cross search of contributions show Zhou Xun contributed only 300 yuan. This was attributed to being a contribution made by a similar name.. In Zhang’s favor, a citizen reported to anewspaper hotline that he knew where the individual contributions went. Several stars among them Chen Kun, Zhang Ziyi and Zhao Wei helped rebuild a collapsed school for the deaf, but after a records search the total donated by Zhang Ziyi only accounted for 840,000 yuan. Today, Zhou Xun’s agent announced that Zhou Xun as UN Goodwill Ambassador had made an undisclosed contribution to a UN designated account for Haitian disaster relief. This has been dubbed a ‘fraud tax’. (Xinhua) (2)

January 1, 2010

January 1, 2010

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LATimes: RZA’s new rap: filmmaker

With no small amount of backup from a cadre of top-flight filmmakers — including independent cinema luminary Jarmusch and Hong Kong action movie ace John Woo, but most significantly, Tarantino — the RZA-rector, as he is sometimes known, is now in final preparations for his debut as a writer-director, “The Man With the Iron Fist.”

‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ Director, Zhang Yibai, Netted for Drug Use

Feces thrown at Edison at Xmas party

New Year’s Eve photos of Edison in Hong Kong HD slide show (11) (Sina)

Sammi Cheng’s New Year’s Eve concert HD slide show (27)(Sina)

Fan Bingbing bedding adverts (Xinhua)

Yan Ni

Yan Ni (Cow, Three Guns) (Xinhua)

Zhang Ziyi 1996

An advert with Zhang Ziyi shot in 1996 to promote mustard plants. Zhang only appears for a few seconds. It was first broadcast across the country in 1997. The article says that the advert is still being shown on television. (Xinhua)

Faye Wong attended Na Ying’s New Year’s Eve concert in Beijing (Sina)

SCMP: See an interview with Taiwanese star Jay Chou, the star in the new film release “The Treasure Hunter”

SCMP: Cosmopolitan’s January 2010 cover with Malay-Chinese beauty Angelica Lee

December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

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HK Magazine: Bodyguards and Assassins

Malaysia premiere with Peter Chan, Teddy Chen, Fan Bingbing, and Tony Leung Kar-Fai, slide show (Sina)

Francis Ng

Yu Nan embraces Charlie Yeung

Four Marshals/Fierce West Wind has been shooting under blizzard conditions in the Gobi Desert. Filming has been extended due to delays caused by the weather. After two and half months the cast and crew morale is still high. (Xinhua) (Thanks, to Valerie!)

HD slide show (Sina)


Jay Chou promotes Treasure Hunter in Shanghai, slide show (Sina)

Karena Lam in her first costume film Don Quixote (HunanTV)

Andy Lau becomes ‘monk’ for three days

Vivian Chow

Vivian Chow celebrated the close of filming Ann Hui’s ‘Leisurely Fried Rice’ and exchanged Christmas gifts with other cast and crew at a Hong Kong seafood restaurant last night (Sina)

Fan Bingbing praises Fann Wong for “grace and elegance”

Huang Yi

Zhang Jingchu

Angelica Lee

CRI: Elle Fashion Time!

Every public appearance by a celebrity can be subject to fashion critics. Stars usually choose their outfits in a highly cautious manner. So, what are they going to choose for a major fashion event?

Kelly Chen attends a ribbon cutting ceremony in Monkok. (Sina)

Still from latest Faye Wong advert (Sina)

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Asian groups outraged over Toby Keith’s ‘racist’ gesture during performance

Add him to the list with Miley Cyrus and the Spanish Olympic Basketball Team

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