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March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

People saying stupid things, or, “I apologize if anyone may have been offended”:

Tokyo governor apologizes for calling quake divine retribution

UCLA Student Who Posted Racist Rant Online Receives Death Threats

Pondexter apologizes for tweet about Japan

I’m not even going to mention Gilbert “Aflac!” Gottfried, unless I do.

Vivian Hsu, who launched her career in Japan, has donated NT$1 million to disaster relief for Japan

100 Taiwan artists are participating in a telephone fundraising concert effort Friday night. (Xinhua)2

Donate to American Red Cross and select the International Relief Fund option.


February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011

THR: Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City

A fun superhero film that makes black-and-white look “colorful.”

THR: Chinese New Year Welcomes Slew of Comedy Releases

John Woo’s ‘The Killer’ remake now has a promo poster

CRI: Zhao Wei Lends Her Voice to “Eternal Moment”

CRI: Stars Shine at “Eternal Moment” Premiere (Sina-slide show)

Faye Wong and others dressed as Young Pioneers in signature red scarves

Faye Wong

Faye Wong

When one phone isn’t enough (Sina)

Husband and wife, Wang Xuebing, Sun Ning (Xinhua)


FBA: We sharpens Flying Guillotines

Hong Kong and Chinese production group We Pictures has given the green light to The Flying Guillotines

Screen Daily: Bodyguards team throws Flying Guillotines with We Distribution

The Flying Guillotine team is an elite crime-fighting unit in the emperor’s court, trained to use flying blades to decapitate people in their search-and-destroy operations.

FBA: Wang works with genius

Hong Kong-born director Wayne Wang (王穎) is to go ahead with Einstein, a biopic of the physics genius

Hong Kong-based sales outfit takes $25m-budgeted The Sorcerer And The White Snake. (Screen Daily)

Distribution Workshop has picked up international sales rights to the Jet Li film The Sorcerer And The White Snake. Hong Kong action choreographer and film director/producer Tony Ching Siu-tung is directing the film.

Eva Huang (Kung Fu Hustle) stars as the White Snake of the title, who transforms into a beautiful woman to rescue and live with the man she falls in love with – an herbal physician played by Raymond Lam. When their town is plagued by a mysterious disease, she sacrifices her supernatural power and energy to help him save people but is found out to be a serpent when the Sorceror played by Jet Li arrives. Charlene Choi of The Twins Effect series also stars as Green Snake who helps the white one.

Venus Keung (One Nite In Mongkok) is director of photography while William Chang (2046) is costume director.

Patrick Kong’s (Yip Lin-Sum) Mr. and Mrs. Single has been quietly dropped from the Valentine’s Day slot and rescheduled for an April release. Rene Liu and Eason Chan star in the comedy.

Buddha Mountain starring Fan Bingbing is about to be released on Mar. 4

Sylvia Chang and Fan Bingbing (Sina)(Sina-gallery)

Dayyan Eng’s Inseparable, starring Kevin Spacey and Daniel Wu, debuts in Berlin. (Sina)

Ady was initially described as their matchmaker. However, she was later said to have an unrequited crush on Xiaofei, which led to fallout between Ady and Barbie.

Model Rosemary Vandenbroucke is likely to escape jail time after a prosecutor in Nevada decided to reduce the drug charge against her to one of possession.

January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010

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Fang Ying

Former Shaw actress and art director Fang Ying passed away yesterday at age 63 after battling pancreatic cancer. (Sina)

Anita Yuen (Xinhua)

Director Eric Tsang and actors Anita Yuen and Bosco Wong Chung Chak came together for a press conference in Beijing Wednesday to promote the Shaw Brothers’ comeback comedy extravaganza, “72 Tenants of Prosperity.”

Zhou Xun and Chow Yun-Fat share a hug at the opening night Beijing press conference for Confucius (Sina)

A media preview of Confucius drew mixed reviews. Chow Yun-Fat has done a credible job despite initial sceptical reactions when his casting was announced. Zhou Xun’s role is very brief. Set during the turbulent Spring and Autumn period four big battles scenes are impressive if not lengthy. The first part of the film is more taut and highly dramatic while the second half is said to be relatively a bit boring. (Xinhua)

Faye’s back after five-year hiatus

Screen Daily: Kevin Spacey joins Chinese black comedy Inseparable

Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu and Chinese actress Beibi Gong are already attached to the project

THR: ‘Avatar’ now No. 2 film in Hong Kong

Only ‘Titanic’ remains to beat for new Cameron film

Kenny Bee

Eloise Belle Bee

Congratulations: Kenny Bee became a father for the fourth time yesterday. His girlfriend delivered a baby girl, their second. Kenny, now 56, also has two children by his marriage to ex-wife Teresa Cheung (Xinhua)

Acid arrests

Two men were in custody last night in connection with last month’s acid attack in Causeway Bay.

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