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November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009

Mulan opens November 27

Amazing Tales: Three Guns (Dec.10, earlier reported as Dec.11)

Ning Hao’s No Man Land/No Man’s Land (Dec.18)

Other release dates: The Robbers/Tang Dynasty Brothers, Panda Express (Nov.20), Bodyguards and Assassins (Dec.18), Still unconfirmed: Treasure Hunter,14 Blades, Little Big Soldier, Confucius. (

Stephen Chow

Spotted outside a Hong Kong Jockey Club event, Stephen Chow said he will begin shooting a film next year. A noted bicycling enthusiast often seen riding about the city, reporters suggested a Shaolin Bicycle film would be appropriate. Asked if he was taking advantage of the real estate market to make big money, Chow was evasive. (Sina)

Ann Hui has not decided whether a kissing scene between Vivian Chow and Chan Wei-Ting will be necessary. (Sina)

Aaron Kwok

Josie Ho

Josie, Aaron, Director Roy Chow, Christine To (writer)

Murderer aka Crime and Punishment promotion in Guangzhou. The ending was changed and the violence toned down in order to play in the Mainland. Josie Ho hoped that her Dream Homes would be accepted for screening with edits from director Pang Ho-Cheung. (Sina) (Xinhua)

CCTV: Remake of the classic “Mulan”

Actress Zhao Wei said, “I have dressed like a man before, but it was all about being funny. This time, I have to actually perform like a man. I’m not sure if the audience will think I’m really manly in this film. Director Ma has been devoted in sculpting my part and Chen Kun’s role. So the movie is going to be very romantic.”

CCTV: Stephen Fung’s Jump

Hong Kong actor, singer, model, writer and film director Stephen Fung’s third directorial effort “Jump” will come out soon to be screened for the year-end season. Fung has recently embarked on an intensive promotional campaign around China in hopes that it will help his movie “Jump” over some fierce box office competition…

THR: ‘Stool Pigeon’ starts filming in HK

‘Beast Stalker’ team returns with police story

[T]he first-ever recipient of the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress, is making a comeback with a new indie film called “At the End of Daybreak.”

‘Tuya’s Marriage’ director stands out at four-day market

Film production house now valued over $1.5 bil

November 1, 2009

Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction (Variety review)

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Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction
Jiqi xia

(China) A China Film Group release of a, Beijing Xiaoma Benteng Film & TV Culture Development, Xi’an Mei Ah Culture Communication, Shanghai Film Group, Xi’an Qujiang Film & TV Investment Group, Beijing Xin Ying Lian Film Co., Zhejiang Le Shi Zhenwei Film & TV production. (International sales: Infotainment China, Beijing.) Produced by Zhuo Shunguo. Executive producers, Jia Yueting, Li Ming, Li Kuo-hsing, Ren Zhonglun, Wu Tianming, Huang Qunfei. Directed by Jeff Lau. Screenplay, Kei On.

With: Hu Jun, Sun Li, Alex Fong, Gan Wei, Ronald Cheng, Wu Jing, Eric Tsang, Law Ka-ying.
(Mandarin dialogue)

Hong Kong genre-mulcher Jeff Lau (”A Chinese Tall Story,” “A Chinese Odyssey”) weighs in with a China-backed “Transformers” ripoff that will have hardcore action fans holding down the fast-forward button to get to the meat. Typically playing with auds’ expectations (juiced by the title and action-heavy trailer), “Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction” is more a quirky comic tale of robot love than a pedal-to-the-metal f/x feast, and viewed in that light, it’s thoroughly engaging, thanks to lead perfs by mainlanders Hu Jun and Sun Li. Pic hauled in a warm $7.5 million in China in August, but tanked in Hong Kong.

Xu Dachun (Hu), head cop in a picturesque small town in Zhejiang province, is asked by TN Research head Lin Xiang (Hong Kong’s Eric Tsang, gratingly unfunny) to road-test his latest android, K-1 (Alex Fong), by giving the droid a place on staff. K-1 promptly falls for cute female cop Zhou Sumei (Sun), for whom Xu has been carrying a torch ever since her late father asked him to look after her.

With his superpowers, K-1 helps out Xu on one mission, but Xu is still leery of the android, who was never programmed to deal with love. Only at the halfway mark, when K-1 has to deal with a rogue cyborg, K-88 (mainland martial-arts star Wu Jing), and “saves” Xu’s life by turning him into a robot as well, does the real action kick in. K-1 ends up even more confused when he gets a lesson in robot’s rights from K-88.

Script is littered with jokes about Chinese movie stars and even references to Lau’s erstwhile filming partner, Wong Kar-wai — the film is set in, uh, 2046 — but at heart, it’s a genre riff on human-vs.-android feelings, and whether there’s much difference between the two. As K-88 notes, “God created Man and Man created machines. Man can question God, so why can’t machines question Man?”

Hu (”Red Cliff”) is looking increasingly relaxed in lighter roles, and here he’s nicely partnered with up-and-coming Sun (”Fearless,” “Painted Skin”), whose likable work in the central role keeps the pic interesting during down time. Fong, with an Elvis hairdo and a pasty android face, is too constrained by his emotionless role; Wu has more physical presence in his scattered appearances.

“Transformers”-like effects are smoothly done, and Edmond Fung’s widescreen lensing of the traditional-looking Ningbo locations are always well composed. Other credits are all quality. Chinese title simply means “Robot Hero.”

Camera (color, widescreen), Edmond Fung; editors, Angie Lam, Wong Wing-ming; music, Mark Lui, Ronald Cheng; production designer, Bill Lui; art director, Liu Jingping; costume designer, Zhao Zhiying, Zou Jianhua; sound (Dolby Digital); visual effects, Xian Tao Digital; visual effects supervisor, Ma Yongan; second unit camera, Choi Man-lung; assistant directors, Lau Wai-keung, Chan Ho-ming. Reviewed on DVD, London, Oct. 29, 2009. (Also in Tokyo Film Festival — Winds of Asia-Middle East.) Running time: 102 MIN.

August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009

Hu Jun
CCTV: Sci-fi film Kungfu Cyborg hit big screen

AAIFF 2009: Overview
This year’s New York Asian American International Film Festival included films such as Hong Kong’s Pastry, China’s Li Tong, and the Philippines’ Hubad.

APA Top Ten: Jay Chou Martial Arts Moments

Michael Tse
Laughing Gor to donate next Wednesday’s box office to Morakot diaster relief

Action star Jet Li helps Taiwan typhoon relief
Asian stars rally together for a good cause

National Geographic Entertainment picks up ‘City of Life and Death’
National Geographic picks up ‘Life & Death’
North American rights secured for Chinese epic

Screen Daily: She, A Chinese
Hollywood Reporter: She, a Chinese
Bottom Line: Intriguing tale of a young Chinese woman making her way to the U.K. falls a bit flat.
Variety: She, a Chinese
Xiaolu Guo’s She, A Chinese takes Locarno’s Golden Leopard
‘She’ wins Golden Leopard at Locarno

Taipei Times: A life worth living
Leon Dai’s second feature, ‘No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti,’ having won four prizes at this year’s Taipei Film Festival, including best film, best actor and best supporting actor, has been selected to compete in next year’s Best Foreign-Language Film Oscar category

Variety Review - Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai

Taipei Times: Baseball Boys - More about the boys than the game
Shen Ko-shang and Liao Ching-yao’s documentary about young baseball players is told in poetic fragments, unencumbered by commentary from its directors

Zhang Ziyi, Chen Kaige Get Nod for Film Honors

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing feuding?
‘Sophie’ a highlight reel for Zhang
“Sophie’s Revenge” is not really a film. It is a collection of montages designed to place Zhang Ziyi’s assets on display adorning a variety of fashionable clothes while showcasing her acting chops in situational comedy.
Would you like to see Zhang Ziyi in a comedy?
Zhang ZiyiOh yes, please notice my engagement ring
Zhang Ziyi acting silly in Chengdu while promoting Sophie’s Revenge

Displays ‘pigeon egg’ diamonds

Former Hong Kong actress Bobo Chan engaged

A-mei grieves for relatives

Is Ultraman Chinese?

The Toppled Shanghai Building

August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009

Kungfu Cyborg designs - more

Movie opens August 20

Talks of Stephen Chow’s retirement dispelled

HK director offers mix of violence, creativity
Soi’s thriller ‘Accident’ nominated for Golden Lion at Venice

Movie aims to rein in China’s Online Mob
“Invisible Killer,” produced and co-written by Xie Xiaodong, is the first movie to broach the subject of Internet vigilantism and dramatize the pitfalls of having a mobilized and motivated online mob administering its own brand of justice.
Variety: Invisible Killer review

Zhang Ziyi, So Ji-Sub
Zhang Ziyi and So Ji-Sub promote Sophie’s Revenge in South Korea

Korean Actor So Ji-sub to Court Zhang Ziyi Onscreen

Ziyi: Break-up rumours are baseless

Zhou Xun

Maggie Cheung

Shu Qi
Zhou Xun, Maggie Cheung and Shu Qi featured in upcoming Vogue spread

Taiwanese tycoon’s 9 heirs duke it out in NJ court

August 13, 2009

August 13, 2009

Li Bingbing
Li Bingbing helps launch The Message’s official website

Huayi Brothers hope for RMB$200M box office

Sun Li
Eric Tsang, Hu Jun

Kungfu Cyborg Beijing premiere press conference

SCMP: Johnnie To has high hopes for HK film industry

Anthony Wong left out in the cold
He raged that the organizers did not arrange a seat for him and criticized, “Don’t arrange such things if you don’t know how to do it!”
Video of Anthony Wong leaving Laughing Gor premiere in a huff and the post-exit spin

Hollywood Reporter:Audience loud and clear for ‘Overheard’
Now that financial crime thriller “Overheard” has become the top Chinese-language film in China so far this summer, writer-director Alan Mak and Felix Chong are planning a follow-up that revolves around eavesdropping.

Hollywood Reporter: Weinsteins want autumn ‘Shanghai’ release
Film completed in 2008 but no release date yet set

Hollywood Reporter: Maggie Q cast in ‘Priest’
Joins adaptation starring Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet
Screen Daily: Maggie Q set to star with Bettany in Priest

Screen Daily: The Search film review

Ip Man 2 - Sequel to hit biopic about Bruce Lee’s kung fu master begins filming in China

Yang Qing: Young voice finds cinema success - One Night in Supermarket
One Night in Supermarket draws from Korean director Kim Sang-Jin’s Attack the Gas Station and Cashback by British director Sean Ellis. There are also hints of Ning Hao’s work whose Crazy Stone was the highest grossing Chinese film in the country in 2006, raking in more than 6 million yuan ($877,000) in less than two weeks.

Stephen Chow’s Spokesman Resigns

Korea Times: Gluttony for Beauty Takes Toll in ‘Yoga’
The intention of the horror movie-wannabe “Yoga” seems sound enough. Misled desire for eternal beauty and youth leads a group of already perfectly gorgeous women to a sinister place where they all end up screaming and running for their lives.

Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin recalls 3 triad encounters in latest column for Southern Weekend [apologies for the poor translation]

1. In 1981, she returned to Taiwan for three years where she shot 14 films many for triad bosses. Even if Brigitte did not want to, what could she say? One night a gangster delivered a bag full of cash to her worth NT$2.5M. After he left, Brigitte put the money in a small safe and deposited it the next day. At the time her family was living in America [for safety?] and she was alone in Taiwan.
2. Blackmail: On a film shoot, during a break in a dressing room a low level gangster asked her to lend him some money. She pretended not to understand him and cleverly turned to Derek Yee for help. The gangster then gave up.
3. Because of gang harassment, many film shoots employ ‘bodyguards’. The production crew was always ready for self-defense. The atmosphere was tense but fun recalls Brigitte. On one film her bodyguard had a knife scar. Brigitte’s nickname was Little Rose, so her bodyguard was called Little Knife Scar Rose. Filming a gun scene in front of a restaurant, Knife Scar Rose jumped out pointing his gun thinking that it was real.
Other related stories:
Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour 2, Jackie had to pay HK$500K ‘venue fee’ as protection money
Because Leslie Cheung refused to join [the gangs?] prints of Raymond Wong’s Alls Well End’s Well were stolen when gunmen stormed the production office.

Hong Kong magazine reports that 57 year old Sammo Hung had emergency heart surgery last week

According to this report, Sammo was diagnosed with blocked arteries and secretly admitted to the hopsital. He acknowledged the surgery when contacted by the media by phone. Sammo is home now and rapidly recovering and hopes to return to Mainland to continue working on Detective Dee.

Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei models new ‘owl’ look

Song Hye-kyo Teams up with Chinese stars for New Ad

Song Hye-kyo was the Korean actress/model slated to star John Woo’s cancellled ‘1949′

August 6, 2009

August 6, 2009

Warners offers Bruce Lee role to Rain
Korean singer-actor still mulling remake of ‘Enter the Dragon’

Jaycee Chan Comedy novice in Tracing Shadow

Johnnie To: Johnny Hallyday wasn’t prima donna on ‘Vengeance’ set

‘Chengdu, I Love You’
“Chengdu, I Love You” may not be shown in its entirety as its premiere closes the 66th Venice International Film Festival.

“Empire of Silver” Generates Its Own Fortune in Taiwan

Kungfu Cyborg - Eric Tsang, Law Gar-Ying photos
Opens August 20 simultaneously in Hong Kong and Mainland

Barbie Hsu, Wong JingLouis Koo
Meng YaoJing girl - Liu Yang
On His Majesty’s Secret Service premiere - photo gallery

Maggie Siu, Simon Yam
Michelle YeAnthony Wong

Vengeance premiere photos

Opening ceremony at Hong Kong Summer International Film Festival

Mao Mao
Mao Mao - Zhang Yimou’s Amazing Tales - Three Guns

Jet Li: Never Heard about ‘Shaolin’ Remake

Gillian Chung scenes deleted from Jeff Lau’s Light-Transcending Pandora’s Box for fear of Mainland objection

Mars Baby photo gallery

Charlene Choi: Twins will not be disbanding

Zhang Ziyi and Vivi Nevo separated
Recently, Zhang has been staying in Beijing to help her brother take care of his children and promoting her new film. Supposedly, the real reason is that the two have parted company.

New Faye Wong advert photo found on her Facebook page

Karena Lam
Karena Lam promoting cosmetics

Zhang Pimin promoted to deputy director of China’s SARFT

July 30, 2009

July 30, 2009

New Sophie’s Revenge poster

Zhang Ziyi

More stills - Sophie’s Revenge

Tracing Shadow poster

Recent posts from Bey Logan’s blog
Bey Logan: Chow on Fire
Fat Gor tries to change a flat tire/tyre

Bey Logan: Coffee with Gong Li
Gong dominated Chinese cinema to such an extent that, when she proved unavailable for the project, Chen Kaige begrudgingly began his film Temptress Moon with another actress, Iron Monkey’s Jean Wang, before summarily dismissing her when Gong Li did become available (and then, rather unkindly, criticizing Wang in the press.)

Bey Logan: The Man With The Deadly Pen
Ngai Hong (AKA Ni Kuang) (and Vivian Chow’s father-in-law)

Guardian: Can Kung Fu Cyborg kick Transformers’ arse?

Shu Qi performing action stunts on City Under Siege - slide show

Fruit Chan
Chengdu, I Love You
Fruit Chan’s Chengdu, I Love You to close Venice Film Festival

Xiao Shenyang
Sun Honglei
Zhang Yimou’s Three Guns

Li Bingbing was admitted to the hospital with heat stroke and hospitalized for two days but has now returned to the set of Detective Dee

Chow Yun-Fat possibly joining the cast of Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly

The woman who changes one man’s destiny - Michelle Reis
“If a woman can change a man’s whole life, that’s an attractive story to me,” the 39-year-old says. “My role encourages a beggar to stand up to hardship and live with dignity and confidence. She makes me believe in love.”

Qin Hailu

Qin Hailu to star in Sun Zhou’s 1949 war drama set in Guangzhou

Kelly Chen

Hong Kong media is reporting that Kelly Chen is not getting along with her mother-in-law

Supposedly clashing over cooking and child care

Zhao Wei releasing new album on digital platform via China Mobile (a la Karen Mok) in August

Rumor: Zhao Wei has registered for marriage in Singapore to a businessman
She was spotted with a wealthy merchant outside a marriage registration office in Singapore. To register in Singapore one must be a Singaporean or a permanent resident of Singapore.
If so, can a change in citizenship be far behind? :)

Liu Ye promoting auto brand

First public appearance since marriage

Pace Wu

Pace Wu in Taipei promoting cosmetics - gallery

Paris Hilton dons a Hello Kitty dress

Group wants to stub out film smoke
Chinese anti-smoking group call for a ban on smoking scenes

Hong Kong gang convicted for piracy
Leader sentenced to 74 months; $1.1 mil in assets seized

July 25, 2009

July 25, 2009

Hu Jun
Hu Jun featured in this Kungfu Cyborg poster
Sun Li
Sun Li

Wu Jing

Gan Wei

Gan Wei, Jeff Lau, Sun Li

Gan WeiSun Li
New Kungfu Cyborg posters released at Beijing press conference

Andy Lau
Rain causes delay on set of Detective Dee at Hengdian

Chinese director Jia Zhangke to make 1st big budget film
He is currently filming a documentary about the history of Shanghai, but his next project will be a kung fu epic set in early 20th century China called “In the Qing Dynasty.”

Chinese govt called director over Australian film boycott
China’s Opposition Boosts Rebiya Movie

News from KOFIC
Long Awaited Tsunami Movie Haeundai about to Hit Korea
For what maybe the longest possible wait for an internationally released movie to hit its own shores, Haeundae is about to be released in Korea. Back in April the film sold to a number of territories at the Hong Kong Film Mart. The CJ released film then went on to repeat its success at Cannes. Given its star pull and its sizable success overseas, there is much anticipation for the film here in Korea.

The film headed by director Youn J.K. is set in the southern tip of South Korea in the city of Pusan. The city which is the name sake of Asia’s largest international film festival also boasts the seaside resort of ‘Haeundae’ a beach which can attracts a million people a day at the height of summer. This sets the scene for gigantic tidal wave that is about to engulf the city at just this time – Summer, as it is in Korea now. Ironically the film, which was filmed partly in California, is a more human story focusing on Man-sik, a local who runs a small seafood restaurant. After losing a friend to the sea a year before he can never go back. Later, while running into a stream of complications he is forced to confront his fear in the shape of a 500 mph wall of water.

Haeundae stars SUL Kyung-gu (Public Enemy, Voice of a Murderer) as the title character and HA Ji-won of BABO fame. It is set for release July 23.

JANG Dong-kun for president
Star director JANG Jin got Korea’s leading man JANG Dong-kun to try his hand at comedy for the first time. JANG is set to play a young charismatic president in the upcoming KnJ Entertainment production Good Morning President. The explosive combination of JANG Jin and JANG Dong-kun turns it into a highly anticipated fall release.

HAN Chae-young has been cast in the female lead role. The story will be about three persons who get to meet the president. With JANG Jin at the helm, the film will be spiced up with JANG Jin’s characteristic peculiar humour. JANG Dong-kun told reporters that except the young age of the president, the film has no similarities to current U.S. President Obama’s story. Good Morning President is scheduled for an October release in cinemas.

JANG Dong-kun has been absent from the big screen for four years, since he appeared in 2005’s Typhoon. He’s best known for the films Friend and Tae-guk-gi. JANG Dong-kun returns this year with two films. Besides Good Morning President, his English language film debut The Warrior’s Way – alongside Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush – is also set for a 2009 release.

Update: Yasmin Ahmad has died
Yasmin Will Be Remembered For Her Quality Works

Yasmin still critical, says brother

Zhou Xun
Zhou Xun helps open a boutique in Shanghai

Tien Niu
Actress Tien Niu helps launch a fashion program in Beijing

Race Wong
Show me the money!
Race Wong sold 7000 photo album books at the Hong Kong Book Fair

Kobe Bryant hoops it up in Hong Kong

July 17, 2009

July 17, 2009

Ronald Cheng
Kungfu Cyborg poster features comedy aspect

McDull Wudang poster

Battle Film “Wheat” to Be Released in September

Jaycee Chan
Jaycee Chan in Hua Mulan

Tough Tony
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai photos

Gao YuanyuanYu Feihong director,actress
Gao Yuanyuan supports Eternal Beloved’s first time director Yu Feihong

August release scheduled

Epic of the East
John Woo’s Red Cliff

Copy of ‘Tracing Shadow’ donated to museum

Karen Mok promoting new CD
Karen Mok’s new CD made in cooperation with China Mobile

Race WongRace WongTi Na
Ti Na speaks out against photo albums that show too much skin

Warns young women against seeking quick fame and fortune. The upcoming Hong Kong Book Fair features a large number of photo album books such as Race Wong’s.

Charlie Yeung
Charlie Yeung visits cancer patients

Maggie Q and The O.C.'s Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland)
Maggie Q attending LA Vogue anniversary party

Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung promotes beer in Malaysia

Ruby Lin cosmetic surgery?

Netizens note change in appearance
Ruby Lin swarmed with plastic surgery rumours

Shu Qi seen in Stephen Fung’s house

Paulyn Sun in the news
Wealthy ex walks free after model punch rap

Hong Kong filmmakers visit China
Delegation announces promo plan, new projects

Edison Chen re-engaged as jeans endorsee

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Carol Cheng - too much plastic surgery

July 11, 2009

July 11, 2009

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Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg poster

Chaw to be Unleashed July 16
Known for its innovative and daring use of genre combinations, Korean cinema breaks new ground yet again with Chaw, a black comedy thriller about a killer pig wreaking havoc on a small mountain town.

Directed by SHIN Jeong-won (To Catch a Virgin Ghost), the film stars popular actors EOM Tae-woong, JEONG Yu-mi and YOON Jae-moon. While the posters may lead one to think Chaw is a chilling horror and gore flick, the film blends and subverts the monster genre into a witty, suspenseful black comedy.

The story is set in the peaceful mountain town of Sameri where plans are underway to develop the area. Soon mutilated bodies are found at the development site, and panic spreads across the community, as it is discovered that a huge wild boar is on the rampage.

Comparison to Korea’s all time box office champ The Host, are inevitable, and box office expectations are high. Chaw was shot in Seoul and San Francisco, and has been picked up by Hollywood’s Variety Fine Cut for release in the United States later this year. (KOFIC)

Gillian Chung promotes winter fashion line - gallery

Taiwan media reports liken Carol Cheng to Michael Jackson

Cites damage from acid skin peels, gaunt facial features, weight loss, etc after breaking up with long time boyfriend Liu Fong
Slide show

Joey Wong: No, I did not become a nun

Bobo Chen
Sam Lee, Edison Chen

Edison Chen quietly returned to Hong Kong two days ago to support a show 6Wing/Luk Wing of Fama. Reporters asked whether Edison planned to go and apologize to her but he avoided answering. This caused grief for Bobo Chen as her nail salon is nearby the theatre. Bobo also had to close up her shop to avoid photographers and reporters

Bobo Chen closes up shop

Rachel Chan, another Sexy Photo Gate victim, now runs a flower shop

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