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November 9, 2010

November 9, 2010

Color Me Love poster

Preview screenings in Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen have received positive reviews

Zhu Hong, model Lu Yan

iLook editor Hong Huang, Zhu Hong, Joan Chen

Zhu Hong (Sina)2

Jang Dong-Gun, Fan Bingbing, director Kang Je-Kyu

Best Actress Fan Bingbing was presented with flowers upon returning to the set of My Way in South Korea. (Xinhua)

Chrissie Chau

Jiang Luxia

Chrissie Chau, Jiang Luxia, DaDa Lo and A.Lin took to the streets to promote Vampire Warriors.

A.Lin, Dada, Chrissie Chau, Jiang Luxia

Massive crowds (Sina)23

Nicholas Tse plays a villain in Benny Chan’s New Shaolin Temple

Andy Lau plays a rival warlord who becomes a monk

He leads the monks in protecting the victims of war (Sina)2

CRI: Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse Seen in ‘Shaolin’

Still from Midnight Beating

Opens Dec. 24, a future Christmas classic! (Sina)

Josephine Siao Fong-Fong and husband

Fong Fong accompanied her husband who received an honorary doctorate’s degree. (Sina)

Cherrie Ying and Jordan Chan shot a series of light-hearted wedding pictures (Sina)

Closeups of Cecilia Cheung

Sure looks pregnant to me (HunanTV)

Law Kar-Ying and wife Liza Wang returned from Canada to Hong Kong (Sina)

Displeased that he’s being accused of using Lin Chi-ling to gain viewership for his new variety show, Mr. J Channel, Jay Chou slams media online

Barbie Hsu’s whirlwind romance brings out naysayers

November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

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Sacrifice poster

Huang Xiaoming (Sina)

CRI: ’Sacrifice’ to Be in Theaters Earlier

Chen Kaige’s history epic, “Sacrifice” will soon come to theaters on December 4, two weeks earlier than its original release date on December 18.

THR: AFM Sees Frenzy of Weekend Deals

Newly-formed distributor China Lion, a partnership between former Village Roadshow CEO Milt Barlow and AMC, North America’s No. 2 exhibitor, bought four films for day-and-date release.

For North America, Australia and New Zealand, Barlow bought What Women Want, the Poly Bona-CJ Entertainment co-production remake of the old Mel Gibson hit by Chen Daming, and, for the same territories, also picked up the March-April release of Bona’s Donnie Yen action film Guan Yun Chang. [Lost Bladesman]

We Distribution sold China Lion Peter Chan’s upcoming comedy Mr. & Mrs. Incredible and Wu Xia for Australia and New Zealand. China Lion also bought the Jackie Chan film 1911 for Australia and New Zealand from the actor’s film company.

CRI: ‘Hawthorn Tree’ Starlet to Play Mao Zedong’s Wife
Zhou Dongyu will portray Mao Zedong’s wife Yang Kaihui in her second film

FBA: Thomas Mao (小東西) (6/10)

Arty but entertaining vignette in which East and West briefly collide as an Odd Couple.

Twins rehearse for Saturday’s Macau concert

Gillian gives Charlene a massage (Xinhua)

Law Kar-Ying, Liza Wang

Law Kar-Ying is recovering from Bell’s Palsy in Canada according to a post on his Weibo. Bell’s Palsy is a paralysis of the facial muscles and 80 percent of patients typically recover in 4-6 weeks.


Linda Chung

Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting

Wang Yuanyuan

Linda Chung, Jennifer Tse, Wang Yuanyuan model home furnishings. (Xinhua-gallery)

January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010

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Francis Ng arrested for causing bodily harm

Wife injured


Injured male customer

Francis Ng was arrested New Year’s Day in an alteracation at a bakery. He was coming to his wife’s aid who got into an argument with a clerk. While shopping for bread, Francis’ wife told the clerk to to stop sweeping the floor since she was stirring up dust onto the bread. A foul-mouthed customer verbally abused her and when Francis entered the shop a chaotic melee ensued. (Sina) Additional photos (Thanks, to Fan for pointing out the story.)

Audience back to the cinema

Interview: Law Kar-Ying (HK Magazine)

The Treasure Hunter review (HK Magazine)

Chou’s lack of acting skills, however, is hardly the main reason this massive pile of crap masquerading as a film is a flop. This high-budget adventure-esque film by Taiwanese director Kevin Chu has gotta be one of the worst we have seen in a while.

New York, I Love You (HK Magazine)

Upcoming (HK Magazine)

Black Ransom
(Hong Kong) Cheung Bo-man, an elite police officer who sunk into depression after the murder of his wife, is sent to investigate the violent crimes of triad leaders. The triads can predict what the police will do, however, because the gang is formed with ex-policemen. Directed by Keung Kwok-man. Starring Simon Yam and Michael Miu. Opens Jan 7.

Forever Yam Kim-fai
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Cantonese opera icon Yam Kim-fai’s death, Hong Kong Film Archive is presenting a special program, screening twelve of her titles, including films where she played male roles. $30 from, 2734-9009. Through Jan 2, 2010. Cinema, Film Archive, 50 Lei King Rd., Sai Wan Ho,

The Eagle Knight and the Crimson Girl
(Hong Kong, 1960) Yam’s rare appearance in martial arts films, and an early example of the kung fu comedy that would later characterize the 1980s. Sat, Jan 2, 2:30pm.

Phoenix Terrace
(Hong Kong, 1961) This Chinese New Year release features Yam as a feeble son ill-treated by his mean stepmother. Yam embodies the suffering through both acting and singing. Sat, Jan 2, 5pm.

Lin Chi-Ling sang the Treasure Hunter theme song at a TVBS sponsored New Year’s Eve party in Taipei. Rainie Yang and others also performed. HD slide show (Sina)

Chinese Floats to Make Debut on New Year’s Day Rose Parade


Top models walk out on top show due to over-the-top heels

August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009

John Woo and daughter
John Woo and Terence Chang to produce martial arts film costarring Woo’s daughter Angeles Fei-Shai Woo as a female killer

Shooting starts in Shanghai in October. Cast includes Jung Woo-sung, Michelle Yeoh, Barbie Hsu, Shawn Yue, Kelly Lin. Su Zhao-Bin will direct the film, literally ‘River and Lakes Swordwomen’. 30 year-old Angeles has studied martial arts in the US.

Ocean Paradise press conference with Jet Li, Kwai Lun-Mei, director/screenwriter Xue Xiaolu

Jet Li plays the father of an autistic child, due for a 2010 Spring Festival release

More Ocean Paradise cast photos

Wang Jing’s Invisible Killer opens August 28

Film about internet human flesh searches

Eternal Beloved opens September 3

Law Kar-Ying’s scenes in Kung Fu Cyborg mostly deleted

Edited for out pacing, Law quipped that if you yawn you’ll miss me.

Actress Tao Hong attends party for new movie “Death Dowry”

Ethan Ruan gets bashed up for his latest movie, Monga
Monga, depicts Taiwan in the 1980s when it was encroached with mafia and triad gangs.

Cast presents at premiere ceremony of new film “Gasp”

Comic Ge You goes serious for Gasp

Shanzhai! Stop me if you’ve seen this movie before…

Donnie Yen to retire from the big screen in 2013

Karena Lam and Ekin Cheng promote Claustrophobia in South Korea

Airport sighting of Andy and Carol all the rage

More celebs embroiled in Eason Chan marriage drama

Simon Yam
Simon Yam at Hong Kong Disneyland press conference for new Halloween show ‘The Deep Cold Universe’

Shu Qi in Beijing endorsing a watch brand

New Lin Chi-Ling fashion photos

May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009

Anthony Wong and Tracy Ip
Laughing Gor cast update

Sammo Hung

Sammo Hung on set of Detective Dee

Zhao Wei and Donnie Yen
Zhao Wei and Donnie Yen (from Founding of a Nation)

Edison's father
Tracing Edison's moves this year
Edison Chen reportedly sneaks into Hong Kong

Family finances in dour state: father is bankrupt, sister has little work modelling, competition from Juno Mak’s clothing line, Edison’s band FAMA only source of income

Michelle Reis
Michelle Reis reportedly moved back to her mother’s home

Liza Wang and Law Kar-Ying
Guests include Carol Cheng, Teresa Mo, Deborah Li
Liza Wang and Law Kar-Ying hold banquet for friends to celebrate wedding

So, you’ve seen Chungking Express. You’ve visited Chungking Mansions, you’ve found Midnight Express (and discovered it’s now a 7-11) and you’ve rode the escalators by Christopher Doyle’s apartment. But you’ve haven’t landed a jet a Kai Tak Airport. Now, here’s your chance:

(No guarantees that Valerie Chow will be your flight attendant, though) :(

May 14, 2009

May 14, 2009

Poster for Peter Chan’s JungKu - The Man From 18th Hell

Dante Lam’s The Flying Guillotines
Queen's Road Ripper
Queen’s Road Ripper
The God of Wealth
The God of Wealth
Cinema Popular posters
Peter Chan Brings Demon-Slayer to Life

‘Spring’ has sprung for Lou Ye
Chinese director delivers another controversial pic with Spring Fever

Q&A: Park Chan-wook

Anthony Wong - Sleeveless in Seatte?
Laughing Gor’s Anthony Wong

Louis KooSandra Ng

Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog - Louis Koo, Sandra Ng

Law Kar-Ying
Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog - Law Kar-Ying

Shu Qi
Shu Qi - Opening Ceremony at Cannes

Cannes judging panel press conference

Cannes Film Festival Opens

Tsai Ming-liang: Ang Lee is my strongest competitor!

Korea Times - ‘Know’: Hong’s Realm of Comic Realism
New in local theaters and currently showing in the out-of-competition section of the Cannes Film Festival is Hong Sang-soo’s latest feature “Like You Know It All.”

Opinion: Ambitious Lu Chuan Succeeds
Since “The city of life and death”, a historical epic movie also known as “Nanking, Nanking,” made its debut on April 23rd, a heated debate provoked by the film has ensued. The most controversial topic is the way Lu Chuan, the movie’s director, represents the massacre of Nanking.

Huang Xiaoming, Zhou XunHuang XiaomingLi Bingbing, Zhang HanyuAlec So
The Message - photo gallery

Wang ZhiwenAlec So
The Message

Simon Yam attending first screening of Ann Hui’s Night and Fog

Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei at 14 Blades press conference

Nic and parents
Cecilia couldn't attend but sent Nic a gift
Nic and Patrick Tse promote new CD and MV

Faye Wong’s new shampoo ad

Faye Wong’s Comeback Ad Released

Gillian was expecting Hello Kitty!
Gillian Chung was a guest on a Sina’s TV program

Vivan Chow, Ni Kuang
Filial daughter Vivian Chow on Mother’s Day with Ni Kuang (father-in-law)

Edison Chen Sex-Pix Thief Gets Prison

Nina Wang eyed the Nobel Peace Prize

China, Hong Kong confirm influenza cases
Passengers flew from Canada, San Francisco

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